The War Against Nitrogen Fertilizer is More Than You Realize

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Dec 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: As an ex-soldier, whilst reading your posts regarding the Right to bear arms, Nitrogen fertilizer, and Diesel fuel I suddenly got a brain warp to the past. In Rhodesia with sanctions on us, we developed a bomb using Nitrogen fertilizer, blue soap, and diesaline. It was similar to napalm. When the change came to Zimbabwe all our weapons were taken away from us and locked up. We also had to reapply for licenses for any private weapons. This shows that when you have an informed and prepared public the government is at a disadvantage. The current attack on fertilizer, auto fuels, and guns shows just how scared the WEF and their one world order are desperate to control these three commodities. WHY?

REPLY: I think you bring up a very good point that is often overlooked. Nitrogen fertilizer can be used to make bombs. They are doing their best to try to outlaw all guns. It seems they want more crazy people shooting up schools and then they demand the end to guns every time. There is no question that those in power KNOW the monetary system is collapsing. They have put forth Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI), NOT because they care about the people, they ONLY care about retaining power over the people. The EU has wiped out most pension funds with negative interest rates since 2014 and decrees that they must have government bonds between 70% and 90%. Scandinavia is outside of the EU.

The GBI is to prevent millions of people from storming the Parliament with pitchforks when they wake up and their pensions are gone. Eliminating guns and even Nitrogen fertilizers are part of the effort to disarm the people. What is taking place in the Netherlands and this insane demand to end Nitrogen fertilizers under the pretense of Climate Change is more suited for a B-Rated SciFi movie with green lizard aliens coming to eat all humanity. They are using Climate Change for Political Change.

The West Simply Wants War With Russia

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Dec 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

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If you dare suggest peace, you suddenly are painted as a Putin Supporter. The West simply wants war and this is really about Climate Change. Even the propaganda pretending this is all Putin and if somehow he was removed, the world would be better is utter nonsense. We may see the reality of that come April/May 2023. The West is perfectly fine with sacrificing the Ukrainian people for their agenda. They are just collateral damage that they are willing to sacrifice until the last Ukrainian dies.

There are people who know Russia as I do. The press will not air their views or question the narrative they have been instructed to push because it goes against their desired agenda. Former Commander of US Army General Ben Hodges admitted that Putin’s successor will be “much worse.” Hodges said. “We see the North Caucasus and (Chechen leader Ramzan) Kadyrov, who is anticipating Russia’s possible collapse and is trying to protect himself somehow. I absolutely don’t call for regime change in Russia – this is the choice for the Russian people to make, but we must understand that whoever comes after Putin will be much worse.”

What the Western news is presenting is worse than propaganda – it is a deliberate lie. The West is really waging war for Climate Change. This is why not a single Western leader is calling for any peace or negotiation. My mentor in geopolitical analysis has been Henry Kissinger. Henry has publicly stated that EVERY president has always invited him to the White House but not Biden.

On the other side of the world, the US has been supplying military equipment to Taiwan since 1979 under the Taiwan Relations Act. Before Biden, the US has agreed to acknowledge the One China policy that states Taiwan is under Chinese rule. “A direct confrontation should be avoided and Taiwan cannot be the core of the negotiations because it is between China and the United States,” Kissinger stated, going as far as to say neutrality is crucial to “overall peace.”

In pledging to defend Taiwan from any Chinese attack, the president has made war with China much more likely. He has openly reverse policy with China since the days of Nixon. The Climate Change people in his administration driven by the insane Progressive Green Movement, has done everything possible to create World War III with no regard for humanity because the planet takes top priority. I suppose a bunch of nukes flying around is good for the planet if it removes more of we – the new plague of vermin.

Comments from the Netherlands

Armstrong Economics Blog/European Union Re-Posted Nov 30, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT #1: The “Dutch Farming Crisis” crack-down in Netherlands says it all.
As a former UK citizen repatriated to The Netherlands, life in Holland has been ideal, plenty on the super market shelves with a strong export market of food to rest of Europe.
Food growing science at it’s finest. Economical, productive and effective for all.

The recent crack down on farmers to curb use of Nitrogen base fertilizer (Nitrogen being the most abundant gas on the planet!!!) has come as an unexpected and unjustified shock, to Netherlands and the good of all. Within the time frame of one year, we have gone from a land of plenty to a land of maybe. Not wasting one once of food, meanwhile stocking up on goods in case the supplies are no longer there tomorrow. It’s not how I envisioned bringing up my two boys, but reflects strongly on the tales my parents told me of their experiences surviving the second world war.

Klaus and his rotten army have done what they set out to do. To bear hardship on the population.
But my parents survived and lived to see a better world, I too strive to follow in their footsteps.
PS. incidentally, Ammonia is a by-product of burning water as a fuel.


COMMENT #2: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Your article about the Dutch farmers is all true. But this story goes deeper. Is not about them stopping theirs farms because of these insane climate policies. All eyes are on the farmers while the big industries and airports aren’t even part of the discussion.
All this of course knowing that nitrogen is just another fake crisis.

What they really want is the land of the farmers. They claim they need it to build houses. There is an enormous shortage of affordable houses. Partly because these insane politicians claim houses can’t be build because of the nitrogen problems. All the while the same politicians are welcoming ten of thousands of refugees and immigrants. This while our own young people can’t even get or afford a house.

So in the end the farmers need to be removed of their company and property because our corrupt leaders are flooding our country with immigrants. Immigrants that are here because of the free money. They don’t share our values, they don’t want to work. They just want their free lunch.

It’s all part of their Great Reset.

Keep up the good work!

REPLY: I have spoken with scientists in the field and this entire agenda is just so outrageous. I suppose this is our fault for electing people with ZERO experience to public office who just real the cue cards that are written for them. This only adds to the chaos our computer projected for 2023 which we first published back in 2019. I an stunned myself to witness how everything is unfolding as our computer forecast well in advance.

I have said before, I had the mandate from Hong King to negotiate with Australia to try to buy land for them to move before the hand-over back to China in 1998. I met with former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Nothing I proposed was acceptable. I finally asked – Is this racist? He said no! They are fleeing communism and would vote conservative. He was the Labour Government. Australia would not let Hong Kong move because it would have changed their politics.

All of this overwhelming hoard of refugees into Europe and what Biden is doing in the United States, is all about trying to shift the balance of power to the left assuming all of these people who have nothing will vote for them and shake ever last penny from those who have made our countries what they are today.

Between the Climate Change nonsense and this mass invasion of the have-nots, they are destroying our very way of life all to simply retain power.

Queensland Senator Demands National Security Alert over WEF Global Domination

Armstrong Economics Blog/WEF Re-Posted Nov 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Klaus Schwab has publicly boasted about infiltrating government cabinets around the world. His plans for the Great Reset are public information that anyone can access. The World Economic Forum (WEF) molds its Young Leaders as they see fit and strategically places them in positions of power throughout every global agency and government. The agenda has never been a mystery, as Schwab states his intentions on his website, in books, and in every interview. His ideas seem so outlandish to the average person that they have been dismissed as merely a conspiracy, with Schwab being seen as an eccentric billionaire who wants to better the world.

Senator Malcolm Roberts from Queensland is now demanding answers. Schwab’s growing infiltration of government should have triggered a National Security Alert, Roberts said. No one voted for Schwab or the WEF to lead them. “Parliament belongs to no one but the Australian people,” Roberts firmly stated.

Roberts has been speaking out against the WEF for some time. If the Great Reset is a conspiracy theory, why are governments following the WEF’s policies? “The Global Identity Project is designed to shift the global economy away from private ownership and into what the WEF calls an “access model” where you own nothing but rent goods and services from the world’s billionaires and billionaire corporations,” Roberts explained earlier in the year. He warned that they are using “sustainability” as a lie to turn the public into slaves who have no power over their government and will create a closed-loop economy.

Schwab and his WEF are indeed a threat to national security across the globe. Who are they paying, and how has he successfully infiltrated governments across the world? Leaders like Trudeau, who blatantly follow Schwab’s advice, are not fit to lead and should be investigated for their part in destroying the world economy to Build [it] Back Better.


Soros Confessed to Confiscating Holocaust Victims’ Assets Without Remorse

Armstrong Economics Blog/Human Rights Re-Posted Nov 28, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

George Soros’ father was a successful lawyer in Budapest during World War II. As Hungarian Jews, the Soros family was able to evade capture by siding with the Nazis. In this 1998 “60 Minutes” interview, Soros proudly admits that he helped to confiscate all the worldly belongings of the Jews and other holocaust victims while pretending to be an adopted Christian boy.

“I had no sense of guilt,” Soros said after admitting he does not believe in God. He repeatedly tells the reporter that he is simply amoral and feels absolutely no remorse for the horrible acts he has committed. Soros coldly described confiscating assets from his fellow Jews as akin to trading the markets. The assets would have been confiscated regardless, he said, and it did not matter if he was the one carrying out orders from the Third Reich.

Soros made it clear to the interviewer that he identifies as an amoral man and would never apologize for his actions as he does not believe he did anything wrong. Soros was able to sort through the belongings of innocent families and process his actions as simply a revenue generator for the government. He appears amused that he was able to outsmart the Nazis and escape persecution and execution, unlike the others who are beneath him, like us, the Great Unwashed. This is a glimpse into the mind of the people at the top who call for regulations and will gladly sit back and watch the world burn if it benefits them in the slightest.