An Essay on Moral Philosophy in Western Civilization, written in 2018

From the Introduction

The study of the behavior of humans, their ethics, and how they structure their society and their government is a field of study that goes back to the very roots of our recorded history. Originally it was called philosophy, then moral philosophy, then ethics, and now the subject is split into so many unrelated branches that the original purpose may well have been totally lost. Today I would say that there are five basic original sources for the study of human behavior. Although there are many sub classes and other beliefs, they can all be safely ignored as they don’t represent significant portions of the world’s present population.

1) Classical Greek
2) Indian
3) Asian: Chinese and Japanese
4) Islamic
5) Atheist (the only view that rejects God)

This paper will be focusing on the Classical Greek views and how the Classical Greek view transitioned into Contemporary Philosophy and the Progressive Atheist belief structure starting just before the change from the 19th century to the 20th century. This was, of course, when Marxism took hold of (pseudo) intellectual thought. Those two, Contemporary and Progressive Atheist, belief systems currently make up most of what we call Western Civilization. The first tree Chapters are very important and all else is derived from what is presented there. If you can not at minimum agree that my proposition is possible then there would be little advantage to read the rest of the book. Western Civilization is in a period that will either end it or transform it into something unknown; these these kinds transition rarely go without major conflicts. According to reliably sources I know we will be though this period by mid century. Below is an motif image I created representing the universe we live in, its explained in detail in chapter two of the book.

The link below will allow you to download the paper, if you want, and at no cost.

Essay on Moral Philosophy

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