On Constitution Day, “We the People” Must Keep Fighting for a More Perfect Union!

Fight for the U.S. Constitution and remember Constitution Day

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On Constitution Day, We the People Must Keep Fighting for a More Perfect Union!

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Today is Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day. Yet, those good citizens who diligently obey the law and seek for an orderly and civil society are the ones who seem to be lost in the polarization and extreme divisiveness of the two major political parties. The flagrant violation of the rule of law is seen in the rise of anarchism on America’s city streets. What might be the stimulus behind that increase of young people marching or committing acts of violence against innocent civilians? Could it be an election year, and one intent of one Party is to bully and scare people to act against the goodness of their consciences—Or to do nothing in the face of danger.

By the time of Constitution Day in 2020, citizens have witnessed in awe, the violation of the Constitution on a regular basis as Democrat leaders in cities and the Democrat state governors have violated the First Amendment rights of the citizens in their regions via the COVID-based lockdown orders. In hindsight, the draconian lockdowns may have helped limit the spread of the China virus initially, but scientific evidence revealed the virus is not as deadly as first feared. The false data collected by hospitals and medical authorities that led to false reporting of the death rate due to the China virus is appalling and has generated inaccurate public perceptions of danger.

By Constitution Day in 2020, citizens have witnessed the violation of the Constitution, as “protestors” and violent rioters rampaged through various Democrat-run cities (without any masks), yet the intolerance of religious gatherings became evident as with Pastor John MacArthur’s church in Southern California. Additionally, intolerance was on clear display recently in Seattle, Washington as a worship gathering was denied entrance to assemble peacefully in a public park.
Who pays the taxes to provide the upkeep of the park? It is those good citizens who diligently obey the law and yearn for an orderly and civil society?  Who pays the taxes to provide the salaries of the city officials who denied the people to peaceably assemble in the park they pay the taxes to care for the park?

By Constitution Day in 2020, citizens have witnessed the violation of the Constitution as violent rioters rampaged through Democrat-run cities destroying private property without serious enforcement of the law. Taxpayers have every right to trust that public servants, whom they employ in their cities and states, would enforce the laws and maintain order and a civil society. Yet, such expectations can no longer be taken for granted under the Democrat leadership who pursue a different political agenda than genuine allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. Socialism is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution, and to the documents of the founding of this nation—especially the Declaration of Independence, which asserts the very basis of our God-given rights.

If intelligent people stand back to look in a more objective way at what the “Democratic” Party has morphed into, they would be forced to admit that this political party represents the interests of only their Party above the interests of the general public. What was that phrase in the Preamble?—To promote the general Welfare?  To Democrats it translates into putting as many people on welfare as possible to ensure their dependence upon the government, which is the government using the money of the taxpayers to help the people who prefer to be dependent upon “the government,” which is actually “We the People,” those good citizens who diligently obey the law and strive for an orderly and civil society.

If intelligent people take a serious look at the current “Democratic” Party, they will see a political party that has morphed into a full socialist political party, which means that each and every aspect of the Preamble to the U.S. The Constitution is contorted into what such a Party has determined it to mean only from their political perspective. It is of no wonder that there are men who prefer to “identify” as women, and then expect those of the nation who are sane to accept their subjective reality. The Party is filled with these type of people. But, when applied to the Law of the Land, the Constitution is relative as well, just as the general welfare has been jammed into a very narrow set of parameters.

The efforts to insure domestic Tranquility, or to provide for the common defence, are also efforts that have been re-defined per the narrow definitions that Democrats have fabricated. Can the mayors of cities like Seattle, Portland, Chicago, or Washington, D.C. maintained “domestic tranquility” by permitting violent and destructive rioting in their cities, and with some individuals calling such reality a myth. The common defense has a direct bearing on protecting the citizens under their jurisdictions—all their citizens. From 2016, when Donald Trump’s supporters rallied for his candidacy, common defense only referred to the police protection or non-interference with the rioters who were trying to harm the non-Democrats. Truly this is a flagrant violation of the spirit of the Preamble.

It is evident that the key phrase the Democrats focus on is the point to establish Justice. But, for the Democrats, it is a question of Justice for whom? Time and again the justice they are advocating to provide is not for the entire community of people—Democrats in recent decades are much more focused on only justice for specific groups that will offer their allegiance to the Democrat leadership. The social justice warrior phenomenon has grown amongst the millennials, yet their intolerance of individuals who do not share their political ideology of socialism speaks volumes regarding the sheer hypocrisy of such views and behavior. Socialist societies in order to ensure justice for the believers, will serve plenty of injustice to those “non-believers” of socialist thought.

There is little possibility that socialism can secure the Blessings of Liberty to anyone, as it is practiced in an “infant” form, or the monstrous form of totalitarian communism. Such is the sad reality of socialism because all these variants are really good at would be in propagating propaganda and spewing empty utopian promises. As human beings strain to be free, socialism has to resort to force to coerce people to accept the precepts of socialism, which can be any number of variations on a Marxist inspired theme. The irony with the Democrats, or Socialists, or Communists is that force, or coercion, is usually the only recourse to enforce people to follow the general or specific will of the Party.

The purpose behind the Constitution is expressed in the beginning of the Preamble: “in Order to form a more perfect Union…” Democrats, Socialists, or Communists will talk about a better form of government, yet freedom would not be ensured because the authority in a socialist system is concentrated in the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” and freedom is just another word to entice useful idiots to do what the Party wills. Not much critical thought is needed.

A good example can be seen in people who call themselves “freedom fighters” who have romanticized their “revolutions;” and yet, who create a centralized authoritarian political system over the dupes who have little clue as to what was happening to their countries. The pattern has been repeated over and over again in one country after another: China, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to name current communist systems. The little freedom that exists is dependent upon whatever form the centralization of authority takes. But, where people had been free before, freedom had to be replaced by force. Unfortunately, where freedom is abused, force becomes necessary.

Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are the total inversion and subversion of a free society. They are all variants of political systems created through a false ideology that will never be compatible with America’s very existence based upon citizen’s God-given rights. The mere thought of such a thing is repulsive to atheistic systems based upon Marx’s ideology. Yet, without God-given rights, the Declaration is meaningless, and without the Declaration of Independence, there is no moral foundation for the U.S. Constitution. And, without the Constitution, there will be no U.S.A. And, without the U.S.A., there will no longer be a Free World. Those are a few good reasons for citizens to fight for the U.S. Constitution and remember Constitution Day.

We Wish You a Very Happy Labor Day!

Turn off the news and spend some time outdoors- good for the mind and good for the soul!

A special summer Montana moment- Mountain hideaway!

The GrrrTeam

National Prayer March With Franklin Graham – Washington DC, Saturday September 26th – Noon

Franklin Graham is organizing a national prayer march in Washington DC on Saturday September 26th.  The prayer march begins at the Lincoln Memorial at Noon and travels to the Capitol Building.


We All Act in Our Self-Interest

Dear Martin and Socrates,
I have been following you two for many years, often with a byrds eye view. What happens here on earth is in conformity with never failing cosmic laws. Things MUST happen even if we don’t like it. Dark,evil times must come wherefrom good prosperous times can emerge and thus push evolution forward – only to be followed by darker times and then even better and more prosperous times than before that, and so it goes on and on in never ending, never failing cycles. Understanding this can make us live WITH inescapable, inevitable changes we must face, not AGAINST them.
Socrates is telling us what has happened and he tells us what will happen so we can act accordingly, even giving precise dates. Never a harsh word, never favoring anyone, never keeping secrets to himself he just informs us. He’s there for everybody: traders, dealers, bankers, real estaters, climatists, farmers, governments, ordinary folks for whatever reason.
He is a guiding beacon. His motives are only for the best of mankind. He speaks nothing but the truth. This is very thoughtful and kind. Isn’t this the most humane one can do?
Of course Socrates is nothing without his maker. What has been said above is about Martin Armstrong. He is the beacon. He is the one who is thoughtful and kind. He must care immensly for next door neighbor and humankind. (Isn’t this the greatest of all commands?)
A very humane human indeed!
Thank you, guys!

REPLY: Thank you very much for your comment. Keep in mind that we all act out of our own self-interest. We are all in this together. Many people see this as evil. But by acting in our own self-interest, we make the entire system work.

The famous speech that “Greed is Good” delivered by Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” has a lot of truth to it, for it is not just greed with respect to money. Greed to make money is also the mother of all invention. Communism failed because it removed all creation from the individual and centralized that in government, which is removed from the people. Watch the movie “Mr. Jones.” Stalin’s communism failed. They went from a productive society to collapse. To hide that truth, he stole the food from Ukraine and killed more than 7 million people. Stalin’s self-interest was to cover-up the failure of Communism. Countless people died to pretend communism worked.

My personal self-interest is the desire to live in peace and to have a nice future for my family. What I do, I am compelled to do. It is not for money, or I would be selling advertising on the sites or go back to funds management. I have been fortunate enough not to need the money, and that has given me the freedom to explore what I envisioned. This is what governments cannot do despite believing they are all-powerful. They cannot use imagination to create something new since they have no actual mind.

Consequently, we are always confronted by the left, which insists upon controlling everything. In the process, they destroy the best of humanity — our imagination and creativity. They pursue unrealistic goals that always denigrate human individuality. This is why I do not see how a one-world government is even feasible because no matter what body of people you bring together, there is always a division who sees the glass half-full or half-empty. This is what drives the left mad. They demand conformity.

What motivates me, I would say, boils down to two aspects. First, my desire for freedom and to be left alone. Second, I have witnessed the markets do not move on actual fundamental news as much as they move on perception and anticipation. It was the lack of news that led to the 1987 Crash when nobody could understand what was happening and wild rumors emerged that Europe was invaded by Russia to rumors that the president was shot with a bullet dipped in poison. It was simply capital flows, and people feared the dollar would fall another 40%.


I have always been interested in Artificial Intelligence and have witnessed countless times how governments make decisions without researching if those actions have been successful in the past. I wanted to create Socrates to offer us guidance that was totally unbiased and would provide a road map for the future. Perhaps if we listened to such a system, we would not be creating madness and chaos, which will only lead to the inevitable crash. We cannot alter the cycles, but I believe we can help smooth out the extreme moves and seek a new age of better management for all. This is in my self-interest, for my family and their future, long after I am gone.

Part Six of “X”, Supporting the “1776 Unites Campaign”…

As we enter the crucial 2020 campaign stretch, CTH will endeavor to draw attention to groups and liberty inspired resources who are assembled to make a difference.  Today we introduce the “1776 Unites” campaign.  [Main Page Link]

“1776” is an assembly of independent voices who uphold our country’s authentic founding virtues and values and challenge those who assert America is forever defined by its past failures, such as slavery. We seek to offer alternative perspectives that celebrate the progress America has made on delivering its promise of equality and opportunity and highlight the resilience of its people. Our focus is on solving problems.

We do this in the spirit of 1776, the date of America’s true founding.”

~Robert L Woodson Sr.

Liberty is Inherent – The Removal of Liberty Requires Consent…

..”If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them.”..  ~Sam Adams

The power of government comes from the people; or as we say in the U.S. “from the consent of the governed.” When people lead, the politicians are forced to follow. Without implied consent the municipal or state government has no power. None.

The power of the local, regional or state authority comes from the expressed consent of the people. As soon as the majority of people deny that consent, those officials and state authoritarians lose all of their power.  Yes, it really is that simple.

Those who construct the systems of control need to weaponize fear. Fear of arrest; fear of losing a business; fear of losing liberty or financial security. Local, regional and state officials rely on fear. As soon as We The People are no longer fearful, the control ends.

The overwhelming majority of dictates around COVID-19 mitigation are not laws. There was no debate; no input from representative government; and no option for the public to weigh-in on the decisions.

All unilateral rules are arbitrary, and despite many proclamations to the contrary, they rely upon voluntary compliance. As soon as citizens no longer voluntarily comply, the term of the rules has expired.  Liberty is inherent. The removal of liberty requires consent.

REMINDER – When I share the message “live your best life”, it is not without purpose. Every moment that we allow the COVID and leftist onslaught to deter us from living our dreams, is a moment those who oppose our nation view as us taking a knee.

Do not allow this effort to succeed.

You might ask yourself how can I, one person, a flea looking into a furnace, retain an optimistic disposition while all around me seems chaotic and mad.

That’s the point; it ‘seems’ chaotic and mad because it has been created to appear that way. There are more of us than them; they just control the systems that allow us to connect, share messages, and recognize the scale of our assembly.


Every second that you live your life with thankfulness for the abundance within it; every moment that we CHOOSE to engage with fellowship; every day that we accept guidance from God – however you define him to be; and every moment we cherish this time to be a beacon of optimism; is a moment that we withstand that barrage and hold the flag in place. It is a genuinely patriotic position not to succumb to the attack.

If you allow yourself to be drawn into crisis and despair, you allow them to win. If your center of normal is based around this overwhelming onslaught, you will eventually concede liberty in favor of peace. Once we stop living in liberty, we no longer have peace.

It took me a while to fully understand just how damaging empty streets, soulless eyes, the lack of smiles, shuttered businesses, and the absence of joy would become. But as I travel around trying to deliver a very specific message to a very specific audience, I recognize just how much damage is being done; not just to our nation as a whole, but also to every individual within it – personally.

We must shake this mindset. We must withstand this onslaught and rally to the origin of our true national spirit. We must rally to a standard of Americanism and accept this is not that. In essence, we must individually take a stand. Purposefully, deliberately and with forethought, we must engage those around us to get rid of this sense of foreboding.

This approach is how we win the larger battle.

All around us, in every tribe and region, there are people who need you to show them the strength that you have. Strength of spirit. Strength of fellowship that you will not relent from expressing. No matter what noise is shouting from the loudspeakers, we must withstand it; we must make eye contact and remain joyful. We cannot allow despair to be the status quo.

Our nation needs more people like you, right now. Don’t wait… engage life, get optimistic, however you need to do it. Then, let that part of you shine right now… This is how we fight. Hold up that flag; give the starter smile… rally to the standard you create and spread fellowship again. God knows we need it.

Lift your spirits.  I cannot tell you how much of a difference it makes right now; not only to this internet community, but to our nation as a whole.   Choose to be optimistic. Live your best life, RIGHT NOW, there are people working furiously and with great purpose. Remember, this is the only life we have – so seize this day, and then the next, and then keep going.

We live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We are the people of that nation, with boundless opportunities most of the world can only dream of.  Our opposition has nothing but false witness, fear and lies.  Push on them, they are weak and shallow.

We are Americans…. Those who are working against our interests thrive in an atmosphere of despair and disenfranchisement – do not give it to them.  Carry an optimistic spirit, regardless of how challenging. I cannot explain it, but that makes success more certain.

Do not fuel our opposition with the power of fear.  Be strong right now; be happy right now; demand action, you are worth it. Do not give evil elements an inch of space within your heart.   Expect and demand accountability.  Do not worry about being perceived as an a**hole about it.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

Quit listening to those who say “can’t” and “won’t”…

If some feel comfortable sitting in their socially distant box and bitching about all things that are not right, or might be not be right…. Or, if they prefer to allow themselves to be overcome with dark imaginings simply because what cannot be done is more comfortable than the effort to oversee what needs to be done…. well, that’s okay.

They can do that.

And when they are done doing that, they’ll still be in the same place.  However, you can choose to be positive and take action.

Rally your spirits to a standard of worthiness; because you are worth so much more. We are on the right side of history.  We are being guided. It is rather remarkable.

Again, thanks for your support.  Every prayer is felt, and I really believe those prayers are making a difference.  I’m seriously humbled.  Prayerfully so…  But remember, failure has never been in our national lexicon.  Life is good…. now, get to livin’ it.

Hopefully, I’ll see you soon…

“Walk Toward The Fire”…

Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you. All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks. But if you keep going, you’re sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you. The message is that they can do it, too.”

Andrew Breitbart

Now Or Never: Yorktown Campaign of 1781

George Washington Reads The Declaration of Independence

Inflection Points….

I have long felt that life is like a series of links in a chain. You might be driving down the road and you hear a song on the radio, or see a picture, and you feel a memory…. Something that reminds you of a different time and place than where you are right now.

You reflect.

The memories remind you of a totally different time in your life. Perhaps you lived in a different place. Perhaps you were surrounded by different people. Perhaps a different job or completely different friends.

Our reflection recognizes those memories like frozen moments in time. They become individual links in the chain in our life.

We never actually realize, in the immediate moment, when one link closes and another link begins. But when we look back, we can clearly see distinct points where things changed, the link closed, and a new link began. The links are only visible in reflection.

As we reflect we find parts of the chain in our life where each link closes and connects with the other. Yes, a beginning and an end.

At the point where the links are joined we carry parts of the previous link forward to the next. For many people those connections are bonded by family, or very strong life long relationships. Connections which continue beyond our geographic moments, jobs or temporary acquaintances.

But for everyone, the primary bonding agent brought forward from one link to the next is ourselves, our center, our values and core principles. Our beliefs.

The strength of the steel which comprises the links of our life is determined by forging in the fire of adversity, weakness, challenge, pain, loss, and painful growth. The steel is then cooled with the tears of triumph, hurdles overcome and resolve.

The forging makes the steel stronger and able to withstand the pressures that accompany the additional length. Slowly the chain becomes wiser as it lengthens. Able to reach further, form more significant benefits and become more useful.

Hope replaces fear. Love replaces loneliness. Success replaces adversity. These are successful links began and finished while contributing to the whole.

At times we may manipulate the links with avoidance. We hide from -or choose to avoid- an issue in our effort to begin a new link before the old one was naturally, and spiritually, prepared to be closed. Eventually as life continues, and the chain lengthens, the weak link can fracture and we are forced to revisit/repair what we originally chose to avoid.

You see, in life we cannot control the universal laws that guide us. So if we manipulate circumstances to avoid confronting our own weakness, we cannot fully strengthen our life of links. Eventually, the weakness of our past will impact our future.

So what do we carry from link to link? What core values and beliefs stay with us throughout the journey of our lives? The answers to these questions are what makes us human spiritual beings.

We possess freewill able to make choices about what we do, and how we define our individual humanity; but can we then define ’right’ and ‘wrong’ according to our individual principles? Or are there principles that exceed our influence and definition?

Are there natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, that cannot be subjected to the determination of man? These are the bigger questions, perhaps the more important questions, and yet perhaps the ones we reflect upon the least.

Consider the example of the ‘Law of the Farm’ vs. the ‘Law of the School’. Natural principles vs. those made by man.

A student can skip class, take few notes, pay only half attention, then stay up all night cramming for a test and manage a decent grade. It depends on the students goal: grades or learning.

The student can choose to manipulate the education by avoiding the learning and capturing the grade. This is possible in the ‘Law of the School’.

However, a farmer cannot take short cuts. A farmer cannot avoid tending to the soil, preparing the seed, fertilizing and nurturing the crop, and still gain benefit of an abundant harvest.  The farmer must necessarily do all of the appropriate work in order to benefit from it. Such is the ‘Law of the Farm’, the natural law.

When one considers the weakness remaining within a poorly constructed and manipulated link, perhaps established by selfish choices and driven by avoidance and fear, one can be faithfully be assured those who have dealt dishonestly with us will have to visit the issues of their association again. Conversely, no amount of manipulation or avoidance on our own behalf is going to improve the frailty of any link without first resolving the lack of character which created the weakness.

So we have choices in our lives. Decisions we each make regarding how we interact, and participate in the lives and links of others; as well as how we choose to construct the links that compromise our own lives. Do we base our sense of purpose around natural principles? Principles based on natural laws of right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lies.

Do we forge strong links based on following our heart, our values? If we can interact with others absent of a prideful self-driven agenda, or manipulative intent, we can then apply such principles and strength to our endeavors.

If we protect the integrity of the soil upon which we build the foundation of our lives, we can live without regret.

If we fertilize and cherish our crop, and the crop of our neighbor, with honesty and sincere appreciation for the souls we meet along our chosen path, we will live a life of abundance.

If we tend carefully to the consideration of everyone, yet holding true to our values and principles, we can strengthen ourselves amid the face of adversity and disenchantment.

If we do not hide from, nor ignore, our individual and collective faults, we can build the chain of our life with strength, humility, and purpose.

I wish for each of you the very best of life.  A long chain of bold, strong, beautiful links, polished with the reflective brilliance of Love.

~ Sundance

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost (1874 – 1963)