Is Joe Biden in a Witness Protection Program?

C’mon Joe, emerge from your bunker and the witness protection program, and talk to the citizens of the country, if your political handlers will let you

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesApril 6, 2020

Is Joe Biden in a Witness Protection Program?Where’s Joe Biden? That’s the question going around in most political circles.  We realize that during this Coronavirus epidemic, it is difficult to get any attention on T.V. or in the press, but in the few instances where Joe Biden has tried to send out a message, he has totally “bombed” out with a jumbled, mumbled, and garbled message. It is actually pitiful to watch a man that looks like he is in the throes of a cognitive decline.  When will some compassionate individual close to him tell him that he should “pack it in” and go quietly into retirement?  His PhD. wife should be able see that his mannerisms and demeanor are not up to speed, and any sane unbiased person can see that his mental decline is quite obvious.
The Democrats and their fawning media don’t want to admit that Joe Biden is having “mental moments”.  He has been touted, for the past year, as the one person who could beat President Trump in the presidential election.  The closer the election gets, the more the Democrat establishment has reservations about Biden’s ability to bring the presidency back to the Democrat fold.

The hatred toward President Trump must have clouded the minds of the Democrats and the mainstream media as they keep on making excuses and by overlooking the obvious mental decline of Joe Biden. I think it is only a matter of time, before the Democrat convention in August, that the powers-to-be in the Democrat Party will try to get a viable substitute candidate to run against President Trump.

The COVID-19 virus, that is ravaging our country, has put the Democrat Party behind the 8-Ball as the daily public reports by the President, Vice-President, and his team of medical experts and scientists,  have monopolized the airwaves.  Most people have given them high marks for their transparency and worthwhile information.  In fact, the Gallup poll has given President Trump an approval rating of over 60%.  This high approval rating has driven the Democrats crazy along with the “fake news” media, that is why CNN and MSNBC have curtailed their airing of Trump’s daily news conferences.  As usual, politics takes precedence over what’s right for the American people.  This Chinese instituted virus, is not a Democrat or Republican disease, it is a human disease that should bring people of good faith together to fight it, rather than driving people apart.

If Joe Biden wants to be president, (the Las Vegas odds makers say that Trump will be a shoo-in), he must emerge from hiding to address the policies he would pursue as president, but then again, the gaffe-prone Biden will have a problem in trying to show the voters that he is presidential materiel.

C’mon Joe, emerge from your bunker and the witness protection program, and talk to the citizens of the country, if your political handlers will let you.

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