Piers Morgan Departs ITV Good Morning Britain, Following Criticism of Meghan Markle

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 9, 2021 | Sundance | 281 Comments

British pundit Piers Morgan has always been skeptical of Meghan Markle based on his identified history of divisive relationships that seemed to circle her orbit.  The latest hit against the British crown by Ms. Markle and her simp Prince Harry has created division amid the British that is exactly the history Piers Morgan has previously described.

This morning the issues surrounding Ms. Markle’s purposeful attack against the crown were hotly debated amid the show Good Morning Britain; and now it appears ITV News and Piers Morgan have parted ways.  “Following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey, today’s Good Morning Britain shared the reaction to the revelations, including those about Meghan’s suicidal thoughts and allegations of racism within the Royal family.”

Considering the Oprah angle; and considering Oprah is one of the primary conduits, advance agents and protectors of all things related to President Obama; it would not be surprising to discover that Obama’s team of Chicago provocateurs are in the close-background of the Markle network.  Useful division based on advancement of racist accusations is a classic Maoist approach to achieve modern Marxist outcomes.

The 2009 Christmas Tree ornament of Mao in the Obama White House is a small reference point with larger implications.

The international media are leftists by indoctrinated disposition, it is in their DNA to advance the ideology of far-left causes.  Division is a downstream consequence from the allied media supporting any cause cèlébre in alignment with the progressive left.  Piers Morgan has been on the cusp of the cancel culture for several years as he eventually supported the Brexit outcome and pushed-back against the extreme elements of his own tribe of leftists.

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