Whatfinger News: Leading the Battle To Save America From Socialism

Drudge and the Fake News industry,seems intent on destroying the GREATEST President of our lifetime. We all know the battle that is ahead…. It’s fight time… Let us all fight with our keyboards and spread the word.

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 20, 2020

Whatfinger News: Leading the Battle To Save America From SocialismIn the midst of gruelling Election Campaign Blues where the majority of mainstream and social media seem to be backing the Democrat transformation of America over to a complete misery-causing Socialist State, comes great News: Whatfinger News is gaining significantly on the Fake News disseminated daily by the once Conservative-leaning Drudge Report.

That’s the kind of WOO-HOO NEWS that has passionate lovers of America, including Canada Free Press (CFP) over the moon!

‘Whatfinger News Is Now Larger Than Almost All Aggregates Under Us Combined! ONLY Drudge is larger’… Sgt. Pat, Whatfinger, Sept. 20, 2020.

WhatFinger and the fight to save America from soul-killing socialism

This is the true story about how two veterans—who not only love their country, but served it—rose up from the bottom of the pile climbing up to the top of the hill, throwing everything they had into the fight to save America from soul-killing socialism.

“As of September 19, 2020, Whatfinger News is now approximately 25.3% of the size of the Drudge Report… making us larger than almost all aggregates below us combined.”-Sgt. Pat.

This is how Sgts. Pat and Mike did it (Whatfinger, Sept. 20, 2020)

When it comes to saving America, no one’s home any more over at Drudge.  Matt Drudge, who rode to fame on the hem of Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress, doesn’t seem to be there any more.

Even President Donald Trump is aware that Drudge has fled the Save America Arena:

“President Trump is right…. Drudge is declining and Whatfinger is taking up the slack. If our President gave us such a note on his Twitter…. We would grow far far faster, which would help him greatly as we are his greatest friends in the news industry…”, notes Sgt. Pat.

“To Our readers: THANK YOU for voting the way you did. Letting us show the world our true size. Together now, we can take on Drudge and help educate as many people as possible, and just maybe help Trump win even more states come November. Please spread the word, and every time you see some site claiming to be a ‘Drudge killer’ knowing now that you can add up all other’ Drudge Killers’ and still they do not match Whatfinger News in page views, please let them know. Help us spread the world. We’re fighting for this nation to stay free, and up against the leftist media, this is a fight for survival so spread the word…. be a keyboard warrior and help us help our nation and President Trump…

“Below is Google Stats, which Similarweb bases their own stats ons in page views:

Google Stats

Whatfinger is now not only the number 2 aggregate after Drudge

“What this now means… Whatfinger is now not only the number 2 aggregate after Drudge, but our monthly rate as well as daily rate bests the combination of all aggregates below us. ALL OF THEM…

“Drudge Report: 63 million Page views per month.

“Whatfinger News is now at 16 million Page views plus per month…
CFP is at 6.019 million pages
Bongino is at 3.37 million pageviews per month
The Lib. Daily is at 3.228 million pageviews per month
Rantingly is at 851,000 per month
Revolver is at 352,000 per month
Total for all sites below Whatfinger News is 12,820,000 pageviews per month.”

“What this means is Whatfinger News is at present the ONLY true competition for Drudge.”

Way to go, Whatfinger!

Says Sgt. Pat: “All of those clicks you all do on our advertisers we’ll be putting to good use to grow faster so we can be a force against The Drudge Report, and the rest of the fake news industry, which seems intent on destroying the GREATEST President of our lifetime. We all know the battle that is ahead…. It’s fight time… Let us all fight with our keyboards and spread the word. Refute the lies of the fake news media and help Whatfinger grow… Together we will help save this nation so that we never need to witness a real revolution, something the left wants to try. Once they try gun confiscation in a Biden Administration, all bets are off and America will see that Second American Revolution. So we MUST do everything we can to stop them.”

Semper Fi!  God Bless America.

Fox News Harris Faulkner and Crew Have Meltdown When Newt Gingrich Accurately Points Out George Soros Funding of Radical District Attorneys…

CTH has previously mentioned the not-so-subtle agenda carried by several FOX news hosts including the generously dissonant Harris Faulkner. However, today the effort to pretend not to know was on full display as the FOX crew awkwardly shut down Newt Gingrich for calling out George Soros. WATCH:


It is a demonstrable fact that George Soros has been attempting to manipulate law and order by funding radical left-wing ideologues to run for district attorney offices. St Louis’ Kimberly Gardner is one such example.  The selective prosecution, and lack thereof, is a decision leading to increased crime and violence within the communities.

In an era when truth-telling is filtered by politics the background agenda of all news hosts is becoming increasingly clear.

On a related note the Minneapolis city council is shocked at the stunning increases in crime since they defunded their police department and removed $1 million:


(NYPost) Minneapolis City Council members, who just two months ago moved to eliminate the police department, sounded the alarm during a Wednesday meeting about a surge in crime seen by their constituents.

Council members pressed police Chief Medaria Arradondo about the uptick in crimes that included daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults, shootings and street racing.

“Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police?’” said Council Member Jamal Osman, noting that constituents’ calls to the Minneapolis Police Department have gone unanswered. “That is the only public safety option they have at the moment. MPD. They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s crime data shows a rise in assaults, robberies and homicides, as well as property crimes and arson, according to Minnesota Public Radio. More people have been killed in the city in the first nine months of 2020 than those slain in all of last year.

Arradondo said about 100 officers have left the department or have taken a leave of absence since the start of the year, which is more than double the typical number of officers who either step down from the department or are inactive that year, MPR reported.

In July, the council took several steps toward dismantling the city’s police department, including approving an amendment to remove $1 million from the police department and reallocate it toward the health department to hire “violence interrupters” who are intended to defuse potentially violent situations. (read more)

Recently Released FISA Court Response to DOJ Reveals Direction of Durham Probe – DOJ Requested FISC Approvals…

A very interesting release by ODNI John Ratcliffe [LINK] highlights a June 25, 2020 response from the FISA court to the DOJ.  There are five issues queried by the DOJ seeking guidance from the FISC.  Each issue points to a specific path being taken by the DOJ in general… and the John Durham probe specifically.

Today, the ODNI, in consultation with the Department of Justice, releases a June 25, 2020, opinion by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) evaluating and approving limited circumstances under which the Government may temporarily retain, use, or disclose information that was unlawfully acquired pursuant to a FISC order. (more)

Important note:  We are looking at this in hindsight.  The response from the FISC was dated June 25, 2020, so the request for opinion from the court was before June 25th.

The court opinion tells us for the first time, the DOJ is admitting/stating that ALL FOUR of the Carter Page FISA applications were corrupt upon origination.   This is a big deal. In previous filing with the court (January 2020) DOJ only refuted the predication for the second and third renewal.

Within the FISC reply we see the DOJ stating all four submissions contained material omissions and violations of “the duty of candor” (ie. lying)  by the FBI investigative unit and the DOJ team that assembled the application(s).

As we look closely at the response we see some very specific language that tells a story.


Apparently the DOJ asked the FISA court for guidance on five very specific issues centering around the Carter Page FISA application.  The DOJ is asking for legal guidance to assist them in disclosing information in the FISA file & evidence attached to the FISA file.

The five issues all circle around the FBI/DOJ use of the Carter Page FISA application; and, more importantly, the underlying evidence that is attached to the FISA application.  The five topics are very interesting:

  1.  DOJ requests guidance for distribution of material due to FOIA demands.  FISC gives legal opinion.
  2.  DOJ requests guidance for distribution of material due to ongoing and anticipated civil litigation.  The FISC gives legal opinion and expands to criminal litigation.
  3.  DOJ requests guidance for distribution of material to internal investigative units from the FBI inspectors division (INSD).  FISC gives opinion and advice.
  4.  DOJ requests guidance for distribution of non-minimized information, and/or, minimized information as part of the ongoing Office of Inspector General oversight.  FISC gives opinion and guidance.
  5.  DOJ requests guidance for distribution of material to John Durham probe, both for criminal prosecution and possible evidence gathering attached to other ongoing investigative needs.  FISC gives opinion and guidance.

The opinion from the FISC is only 20 pages long [direct pdf here], and if you skip the citations it’s a pretty straight forward answer from Judge Boasberg to review.  I would strongly urge everyone to take a few minutes and read it… carefully…. to see what John Durham was asking.

Pages #6 and #7 talk specifically about the different requirements for retention and distribution and outlines a cautious approach toward distribution.  One of the disconcerting parts of this segment seems to be the FISA court subtly guiding the DOJ away from using non-minimized raw FISA material in prosecution of intentional malfeasance.   On this issue the court says allowing a target to escape prosecution is part of the penalty upon the DOJ for wrongful assembly.

The court does not consider the DOJ is targeting the “assemblers” for their criminal conduct.  Rather the response is general toward criminals who were targets of a FISA application assembled with corrupt intent. A little weird.

Pages #11 and #12 hit the topic of FOIA production.  The court says “some” FOIA requests might warrant document distribution, but not all.   However, on the topic of Carter Page getting his FOIA fulfilled, the court supports expansive distribution to Mr. Page.

I find the arguments and issues in/around page #14 to be especially noteworthy.  In this segment the court is responding to the underlying raw evidence that would normally be used to assemble a “woods file”.  The court notes the FBI Sentinel system would contain the minimized outcomes (redacted evidence) and this points to a bigger issue.  READ:

Note the woods file would be what is in the Sentinel system.  The government (Durham Probe) needs “access to the case file” beyond what is in the Sentinel system.  Durham wants to see the raw data, the underlying raw intelligence.


It looks like Durham investigators were already on the trail of the special counsel creating a Woods file…. and/or wants to see if the Steele Dossier is the original substantive documentation that underpins the Woods file.   Notice how INSD previously received “hard copies” of documentation that is presumed to be the Woods file.

Regardless of motive or investigative suspicion, someone wants to compare the raw intel to the intel that made it into the FBI/DOJ Sentinel system.

In response to this inquiry Judge Boasberg notes FBI investigators would have access to the minimized information within the Sentinel system; however, insofar as there was additional inquiry into the raw and non-minimized intelligence, a review and distribution would be permissible so long as there was a strong filter team in place to ensure statutes surrounding FISA security were not violated.

Overall, Boasberg gives permission and approval for all six aspects requested.  However, he does so with several legal qualifiers and distinctions which the DOJ must observe.

Here’s the full reply and opinion.  Strongly suggest the time to review:



Jim Jordan Discusses Senate Homeland Security Committee Effort to Subpoena Key “Spygate” Officials…

Ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Jim Jordan, discusses the effort by Senator Ron Johnson to subpoena a list of key names from the ‘spygate’ scandal.

Additionally, Jordan discusses the effort by Adam Schiff to create another fake whistle-blower scandal this time using Brian Murphy from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Jordan clarifies some common misinformation.


The NEW NORM Where Nobody Knows the Truth

We are witnessing serious civil unrest which is rising in the Blue states that have been the most Draconian. In Oregon, it is even rising to the point that people are looking to form a militia to overthrow the government. This is being widely talked about on social media. The theory is that the militant BLM and ANTIFA have boasted that they started fires to burn out whites in the southern part of the state. But claims that the FBI have arrested ANTIFA members for starting fires have been denied by the FBI. More than ONE MILLION Oregon residents have had to evacuate as fires burned them out of their homes. The problem which has emerged is nobody believes the government no less Facebook which censors even doctors on COVID. When Facebook and Youtube censor simply doctors, why would anyone believe their claims about ANTIFA are false? This is the entire problem with Fake News – you distrust everything.

This reminds me of the French Revolution. It became commonly believed that Marie Antoinette said of the starving French peasants, “Let them eat Cake” which is the crust on the pan, not “cake” as we know it. There is no evidence that she ever said such a thing. Nevertheless, it was the battle cry to start the French Revolution and it was commonly believed by everyone. This is my point. It really does not matter if ANTIFA started fires or did not. Their desire to create such chaos support that belief regardless of the veracity of the allegation. Neither Facebook nor the FBI can win the day for neither has any credibility anymore. The FBI is neck-deep in corruption and YouTube along with Facebook cannot be trusted. Neither can all the leftist press that holds themselves out to be fact-checkers.

Welcome to the NEW NORM where the press and social media have just lost all credibility so whatever the truth may be, we just live in a world where nothing can be trusted anymore.

Ric Grenell Explains “The Big Ugly” – Outsider Trump is an Existential Threat…

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard “Ric” Grenell explained last night why DC hates President Donald Trump and the stakes in the 2020 election.  WATCH: 


Blazing Sunlight – Senate Intel Committee Refuses to Give GOP Senators Documents From Russia Investigation…

Of all the *tells* that have surfaced in the past four years, this is the biggest.  This is the one that reveals just how corrupt and duplicitous the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence really is.   Do not pass over this information without pausing and evaluating just how explosive this refusal is amid the largest, most corrupt scheme in political history.

The republican led Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) is refusing to provide documents to republican senators from their Russia investigation.  Citing archaic justification within senate parliamentary rules current Chairman Marco Rubio (R) and Vice-Chairman Mark Warner are refusing to allow Senator Johnson and Senator Grassley to review the evidence the SSCI assembled to create their report on Russian election interference.

The reason and motives for the denial are simple, yet the majority of Americans have no idea…. The SSCI was the legislative entity, both republicans and democrats, who participated in the unlawful effort to remove President Trump from office.  The risk of exposure is exactly why Mitch McConnell put Senator Marco Rubio on the committee as chairman to replace Richard Burr.  The Senate was participating in the soft-coup.

WASHINGTON DC –  The Republican and Democratic leaders on the Senate Intelligence Committee rejected a broad request from two Republican Senate leaders seeking access to the panel’s records to assist in their investigation into the Trump-Russia investigators.

Acting Chairman Marco Rubio of Florida and Vice Chairman Mark Warner of Virginia rejected a late August letter from Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who said that they “respect the authority” of the Senate Intelligence Committee to protect its interests, adding that “ultimately, we have the right as United States Senators” to access the records.

“We note that your request of the Committee is made pursuant to Senate Rule 26, but fails to account for the unique authorities and obligations invested in this Committee through Senate Resolution 400 and respected over decades of Senate and Committee practice,” Rubio and Warner responded. “Accordingly, we must reject the absolutist interpretation of Rule 26 that you propose. If this Committee elects to share materials that it has collected and generated in the course of its investigation into Russia’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, it will do so pursuant to these long-standing Committee rules, and specifically, the joint agreement of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman.”

Rubio and Warner added: “Independent of whether that agreement is forthcoming, our position on this matter obviously does not preclude you from pursuing your own investigation, using your own authorities, as you see fit, within the confines of your committees’ jurisdictions.”  (read more)

I cannot overemphasize the importance of this sunlight avoidance enough.

Back on March 17, 2017, the SSCI secretly received the FISA application used on Carter Page from FBI supervisory special agent Brian Dugan.   The ‘review and return’ application was delivered to Senate Security Director James Wolfe, who then placed it in the senate scif to be reviewed by Vice-Chairman Mark Warner (and possibly Chairman Richard Burr).  It appears no other senators were informed of this production.

James Wolfe then leaked the FISA application to reporter Ali Watkins.  All indications are that Wolfe leaked the application to Watkins as directed by Warner, possibly with Burr’s full knowledge.

FBI Agent Brian Dugan then completed a nine-month leak investigation resulting in James Wolfe admitting to the leak.  The leak was Dugan’s FBI equity.  Due to the severity of the leak; and specifically because the leak encompassed the FISA application; in/around mid-January 2018 the special counsel in Main Justice was notified of Dugan’s findings and the investigative file was shared with the Weissmann team.

The Weissman team then took apart the investigative file and began running cover for the corrupt background story that included the participation by Senator Mark Warner.  Part of that file surfaced when the text messages between Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer Adam Waldman were made public on Feb 9, 2018.

In a pre-planned operation, as soon as the explosive Warner/Waldman texts were released Senator Marco Rubio rushed to the microphones to fraudulently state that Warner had informed the committee during his early spring (2017) contacts with Waldman and Chris Steele.  This claim by Rubio was a lie.  Rubio was running cover for Warner as part of his own affiliation with the origin of the Fusion-GPS opposition research and the subsequent transfer of information to the Clinton campaign and ultimately through Chris Steele to the corrupt FBI investigative unit.  [Later to the Weissmann/Mueller crew]

Rubio’s motive to downplay the ramifications of the Warner effort, and the subsequent Wolfe leak, directly ties to his own involvement with the Fusion-GPS effort.   Remember, at the time of this obfuscation (late ’17 and early ’18) no-one yet knew the Fusion-GPS fraudulent story (which became the Steele dossier) was originally funded by the Super-PAC funding the Rubio campaign.

Go look at when the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel deleted their iPhone records and history.  The scrubbing took place mid-January 2018 as soon as they realized the previously unknown leak investigation by Washington Field Office FBI agent Brian Dugan had bumped into the special counsel operation that was coordinating with the SSCI.

The special counsel warned Warner; took action to remove specific evidence assembled by Dugan (which included the Warner/Waldman text messages); created a fictitious cover story for the SSCI to use; extracted the Dugan version of the FISA application he used to catch Wolfe (which they later released under the guise of FOIA); then sent a deconstructed (now useless) investigative file back to DC USAO Jessie Liu who had nothing left except to present a DC grand jury with James Wolfe lying to investigators.

That corrupt, unlawful and coordinated cover-up effort lies at the heart of why the SSCI will not share any information with GOP senators today.

Senators Johnson and Grassley were asking for the FISA application in 2018, not knowing the original and first renewal were previously provided to the SSCI on March 17, 2017.

When congress (House Intel, House Judiciary, Senate Judiciary and Senate Homeland Security) were writing to FISA Court presiding judge Rosemary Collyer seeking a copy of the FISA application from the court they had no idea one early copy was already provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Chairman Burr and Vice-Chair Warner kept their review and use secret; but the information about their reception came out because James Wolfe leaked it and FBI agent Brian Dugan was awaiting that leak.

FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer never told any of the chairmen about the March 2017 copy of the application that was provided to Brian Dugan to deliver to the SSCI.

Throughout the attempt to remove President Trump from office, which included the impeachment effort, the SSCI was participating and assisting; now they are in cover-up mode.  That’s the reason why Mitch McConnell put Marco Rubio in charge of that committee.

There’s a reason why senior staff from Senator Ron Johnson’s committee and senior staff from Chuck Grassley’s committee are asking for SSCI documents.  It might not come out before the election, but it will come out…

BACKSTORY:  (Read Here – and All Citations)

The sequence is critical:

1.  Adam Waldman text messages. (release date Feb 9, 2018)


2. Justice Dept. Letter to journalist Ali Watkins (release date Feb 13, 2018)


3.  James Wolfe indictment (release date June 8, 2018)


4.  FISC / Senate Judiciary Letter (public release April, 2020 – event date July 12, 2018) The letter from DOJ-NSD (Mueller Special Proseuctors) to the FISC is important.


5.  Carter Page FISA application (release date July 21, 2018)  Only need the first application section. 83 pages of original application.


6.  Government Sentencing Wolfe Case memo and recommendation for upward departure and/or variance. Filed December 11, 2018


7.  Govt. Reply to Defendant (Wolfe) sentencing memo (date Dec 14, 2018)  Govt. Exhibit #13 (two page attestation is critical).



July 27, 2018,  – Wall Street Journal  – Wolfe lawyers threaten SSCI subpoenas.


Dec 11, 2018 – Politico – Senators seek Leniency:



Journalists are Less Trusted than Police

COMMENT: Way back when channels 2, 4, and 7 were real choice and the trusted lockstep words of Peter, Walter, and Chet reading the scripted 6 oclock news was mostly taken as truth – Those who control the media control the public – ah, the good old days.
A bit more complicated and confusing now a days, but if one just lives by the idiom “if it’s on tv and in the ‘news’, it ain’t the truth”, that simplifies things.
There should be significant legal and financial liabilities placed on the news outlets to encourage truth over propaganda, balanced stories rather than one-sided hit pieces. If they can’t back up their reporting with provable facts when challenged in court, it’ll cost them big. Get convicted in court of spreading propaganda, loose your broadcast license. Not perfect but lots better than what we have now.


REPLY: I fully agree. These people are destroying our future but like Duranty of the New York Times who was a Communist sympathizer, we have the very same crisis once again. This is no longer the “free press” for they interpret that as being free to twist the truth to what they want you to believe. Journalists are even less trusted than police according to Gallup. This is certainly not a career you should encourage your children to pursue. Journalists rise to the top 5 to be hanged in a revolution. Throughout history, these are certainly the people many hunt down for destroying society. Both Hitler and Lenin targeted the journalists who opposed them.

Way Beyond Bias

A majority of what ails America is a direct result of the lies and manipulation of the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party and the propaganda media machine

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 12, 2020

Media, Way Beyond Bias

When we think of the last four years of political chaos and civil unrest, is there one particular entity that seems to stand out as the cause?

For many, the list of prime suspects might include BLM, KKK, the far-right, the far-left, illegal aliens, ANTIFA, and maybe a few Congress members.

For America to have experienced this level of turmoil, this fast with anarchy reaching nearly every aspect of daily life, it should come as no surprise that it would take a lot of power and influence to be accountable for all of it.

Media bias is more than just being one-sided, untruthful, or unfair

Who or what could be so influential they could manipulate all of the riots currently burning down American cities or intensify inner-city conflicts resulting in hundreds of black men being murdered by other black men? Who has the power to do all of that?

There is only one entity on the planet that can wield such power as to be able to influence the perception of the American people, Wall Street, and PresidentIal elections, and that’s the media.

The Founding Fathers knew the importance of having an independent and free press. They granted the media with certain powers, such as reporting news or circulating opinions without government censorship.  Freedom of the press is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and because of this, it is supposed to be above politics.

But when the media loses its vocation, as is the case in The United States, and becomes biased in its reporting, it must inherit all of the destruction and harm that it has sown.

But Media bias is more than just being one-sided, untruthful, or unfair to certain groups; it has real life and death consequences and creates instability in society.

Democrat propaganda media machine

The media has far-reaching control, which is why it is used every day by advertisers to influence sales. It’s also used by politicians to influence votes because it has the power to persuade and to change the way people act.

We don’t immediately think of CNN, MSNBC, or The New York Times when it comes to contributing to the murder rate, riots, or impeachment process, but we should.

For several months, many Americans were unaware that the country was experiencing explosive rioting.  Instead, because of media bias, they believed what was occurring was peaceful protests.

The Democrat propaganda media machine did not cover the catastrophic reality of average Americans or police officers being attacked. It was a political decision that had deadly consequences.

Because the media ignored these violent incidents, they were allowed to continue and escalate under Democrat mayors and governors. It translated into more buildings being torched, more police being injured, and more Americans being beaten and killed.

America not having an ethical and honest media

Even with the occasional video surfacing that showed innocent citizens being beaten and robbed and establishments being ransacked and looted,
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Democrat Jerry Nadler didn’t just downplay the violence; he called it a “myth.”  And the biased media, through its silence, showed its support of that absurd statement.

For days, many Americans had no idea that six blocks of an American city was violently overtaken by a mob and renamed CHAZ, “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

Besides the biased media remaining silent, Seattle’s’ Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan denied the reality that citizens were being beaten and held against their will. She also said that CHAZ had a “block party atmosphere” and was experiencing the “Summer of Love.”

She knew she would get away with such nonsensical rhetoric because being a Democrat; the propaganda media machine would step in and back her up. Which of course it did, and more Americans died because of it.

Nadler and Durkan’s insane response to the carnage is understandable because, as soulless members of the left, lies are just part of an overall strategy to hold power.

All of the homes and businesses lost to fire, all of the injuries to the innocent, and the indiscriminate killings are not a consequence of America not having an ethical and honest media. They result from America having an unethical and dishonest propaganda media machine that caters to the Democrat Party.

Mainstream media looked the other way regarding the riots in CHAZ

According to Media Research Center news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro, the mainstream media looked the other way regarding the riots in CHAZ. “It has been days since this nonsense had started and the broadcast networks—ABC, CBS, and NBC—have kept it off the air,” Fondacaro wrote.

And when the President offered assistance to the charred and broken Democratically-run cities, his recommendations were met with hostility. Durkan ridiculed and rebuked the President for saying he was considering sending help and told him to stay away.

With the expansion of social media, even the deceitfully powerful mainstream media couldn’t keep many Americans in the dark. Eventually, many video clips emerged, clearly showing explicit images of smashing windows, burning cars, and rioters running through the streets with bats.

It forced the propaganda media machine to consider the political fallout when Americans realized the riots’ existence. No longer could the riots be reported by the media as peaceful protests.

And without missing a beat, the propaganda machine pivoted, and along with finally acknowledging the riots’ existence, it started blaming them on the President. And why not? Propaganda works.

The reality of the existence of the riots didn’t change. What changed was the propaganda narrative.

Fight ELITIST SUPPRESSION—Make CFP Your Go-To Home Page!

Lies and manipulation of the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party and the propaganda media machine

In only a few short weeks, Americans who believed the media propaganda that the riots didn’t exist now unquestioningly accepted the medias’ propaganda position that the riots not only existed but were caused by President Trump.

It is disturbing to think about how so many Americans were so easily manipulated. But what these Americans should be asking themselves now is how did it all change so fast.  How has it come to be that all of the media’s early reports that the protests were peaceful suddenly took a 180-degree turn and were now seen as riots?

And how could the media pin the blame of the riots on a Republican President when 100% of the riots occurred in decades-old Democrat city strongholds, where all the mayors and governors are Democrats?

Americans need to see the abundantly clear evidence that the mainstream media was shoveling out propaganda myths for the Democrat Party and to see that there are no innocent lies with a bias media. In the case of the recent riots, the dishonesty went far beyond politics and became very deadly.

Look at any one of the dozens of wholesale crimes by Democrats over the past four years, and you will be able to trace the promotion, escalation, and coverup directly to the fraudulent propaganda media.

Americans should know by now that if investigated, a majority of what ails America is a direct result of the lies and manipulation of the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party and the propaganda media machine.

FAKE News Has Been Around for Thousands of Years

Many people claim that fake news is just something that Trump made up. They fail to realize that fake news has been a major political tool for thousands of years. The New York Times celebrated Joeseph Stalin as the future and cure for the Great Depression. Their top journalist Duranty even convinced Roosevelt to recognize Russia.

The press has always been a major tool to create revolutions. They were used by the Communists to pull off both the Russian and Chinese Revolutions. The Obama administration appears to have begun this decline in American journalism by not only selling Utopian Economics (Marxism) to the media, but they actively targeted journalists who they viewed as anti-Democratic. There is a pair of 2015 memos from the former Attorney General Eric Holder that reveal how the government used court orders under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to monitor the communications of journalists and news organizations. These memos have surfaced (the documents) but most of the press never made it a major story. Holder’s memos laid out the circumstances for processing FISA applications that target “known media entities” or “known members of the media.” You would think even the New York Times would be screaming – but as long as it applied to the non-liberal press, they were perfectly OK with that.


The New York Times journalist Walter Duranty on March 31, 1933, denounced reports of a famine. They were so pro-Communism for they saw Marxism as the way to a new future. It was Duranty who met with Roosevelt to convince him that Communism was working and to encourage his New Deal. The mainstream press in the 1930s were very much touting the Communists. They wanted to hear of Utopia and so reported only what they wanted to believe as they are doing once again.

Perhaps the greatest of all fake news reporters was none other than Cicero (104-43 BC). He was an Optimat and thus was against Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) who was a member of the Populares — the people rather than the Oligarchs. The leader of the Optimates was none other than Cato. It was Plutarch who reported that when a friend of Cicero remarked that the constellation of Lybra was due to rise next day, Cicero snapped – “Yes, by edict.” This is merely an example that the Optimates were constantly complaining about every reform Caesar would make. Because of the fake news of Cicero, even Shakespeare bought into it and painted Julius Caesar as a ruthless dictator. However, when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the cities all cheered and opened their gates. The Optimates had no support of the people for they were exploiting the Republic since they were the Oligarchs. It was Cato who instigated the Civil War.

Cicero paid not just with his life, but they cut off his hands and nailed his head on the Rostra in the Forum Romanum according to the tradition. According to Cassius Dio, Marc Antony’s wife Fulvia took Cicero’s head, pulled out his tongue, and jabbed it repeatedly with her hairpin in an act of final revenge against Cicero’s power of speech.