WWII Who Bombed Cities First?

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May I ask your indulgence? Am trying to come to terms with my own ignorance of real history and figured that if someone as smart as you made the same error as I, wouldn’t feel as bad (good company and all that).
The German Blitz, the bombing of London, is a classic historical reference to the evil Hitler and the stoic peaceful Brits. Some claim that Churchill ordered the bombing of German cities first, and Hitler retaliated.
So here goes (no peeking):
Which of Great Britain or Germany was the first to bomb the cities/civilians of the other country during WWII?
Now, you may infer the answer b/c of the setup, but did you know that? I sure didn’t. Feeling a bit gaslit.
How about you?
All the best,

ANSWER: Yes. History is written by the victor – not the loser. It is not politically correct, to tell the truth. The only way to confirm the truth is to resort to contemporary reports before history is assembled. As I have explained, governments will engage in physiological warfare and this goes back to ancient times.

Augustus’ confrontation with Mark Antony was sold to the people that Antony was under some spell of the evil Cleopatra. He was actually telling the truth, for Cleopatra funded Mark Antony and pushed for civil war so that Egypt would thus conquer Rome. When Augustus (Octavian) defeated Antony at the Battle of Actium and invaded Egypt, he issued a coin announcing his victory. Look closely. It simply displays a crocodile on the reverse announcing Egypt is captured – not that he defeated a fellow Roman. Emperor Claudius was born to Drusus, brother of Emperor Tiberius, and Antonia Minor, the daughter of Mark Antony.

Perhaps the most daming confirmation of Cleopatra’s plot was that she struck Roman denarii with her and Antony’s portrait. These were certainly not struck in Rome or by any official Roman mint. They were part of her campaign to conquer Rome just as the West has always been seeking to conquer Russia which had the largest gold reserves of any nation up until the Communist Revolution of 1917.

We must always look closely at war for indeed the first casualty is always the truth. There was a gentlemen’s agreement that all sides would only bomb military targets and not cities at the start of WWII. Yes, Hitler also agreed. Modern history portrays Hitler as just evil in every respect. There were rules to warfare that everyone adhered to at the beginning of the war.

The first air raid on the German capital city of Berlin was actually carried out at night by an antiquated French bomber which had been a cargo plane converted for bombing. As it approached Berlin at midnight on June 7th, 1940, the city was fully illuminated thanks to the gentlemen’s agreement. The pilot, Henri Yonnet, pretended to act as though they were landing at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. As they neared the field, they overflew and headed at a very low altitude to the real target – the Siemens factory. It was a daring maneuver for the plane was vulnerable and could even be impacted by the blast at such a low altitude.

On August 17th, 1940, the German Luftwaffe dropped bombs on a factory in Southwestern London which was unfortunately in a residential neighborhood. On August 25th, 1940, the British RAF launched its first raid on Berlin in retaliation for the German bombing of London apparently using the excuse that some residential properties were hit. The gentlemen’s agreement was null-and-void. Hitler responded by unleashing the Blitz, (September 7th, 1940–May 11th, 1941), with a relentless intense bombing campaign of London. For eight months the Luftwaffe dropped bombs on London and other strategic cities across Britain. The attacks were authorized by Germany’s chancellor, Adolf Hitler after the British carried out a nighttime air raid on Berlin. The offensive came to be called the Blitz after the German word blitzkrieg (“lightning war”).

Is Zelensky Concerned About a Coup?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted May 20, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

DNIPRO, UKRAINE - JANUARY 15: Emergency workers search the remains of a residential building that was struck by a Russian missile yesterday on January 15, 2023 in Dnipro, Ukraine. At least 20 people were reported dead after a missile hit the apartment building on Saturday, part of fresh wave of missiles launched by Russia. The Ukrainian president said his forces shot down 20 of 30 missiles fired by Russia on Saturday. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

There are quiet whispers inside various EU governments that Zelensky should resign. Inside Ukraine, it was highly suspicious that in January, conveniently, Ukraine’s leading officials in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (similar to our FBI) charged with protecting the state and the people against illegal actions by those in power all died in a crash together. There were some who had concerns starting to question Zelensky’s ethical position with respect to the people.

This helicopter carrying the leadership team of Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs crashed in the Kyiv region killing at least 14 people, including all nine people on board, according to officials. A further 25 people were injured on the ground including 11 children. Fourteen bodies were found at the crash site, including one child and all nine people who were on board the helicopter – six ministry officials and three crew members, all died according to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES).

Ukrainian National Police confirmed that Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Monastyrsky, First Deputy Minister Yevheniy Yenin, and State Secretary Yuriy Lubkovychis were among the dead. Monastyrsky actually had replaced the previous Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov following his unexpected resignation.  Avakov was a political heavyweight. Avakov was considered by many to be one of the most powerful people in the country after Zelenskey and his chief of staff, Andriy Yermak. He oversaw about 300,000 law enforcement officials and a significant share of Ukraine’s annual budget expenditures.

There emerged a conflict between Zelensky and Avakov and it was widely assumed that Zelensky was preparing to fire Mr Avakov who was investigating internal corruption. His removal allowed Zelensky to seize more power and control any investigation into his personal dealings. This was no different than Biden telling the IRS to stop investigating his son Hunter.

Based on information and belief, Zelensky is very concerned about the “traitors” he defines as simply against him, not the people or the country. The rumors are that there are many beginning to question Zelensky’s true patriotism and his willingness to have all of Ukraine destroyed for his deal with Blackrock rather than show the slightest concern about the people of Ukraine. Avakov had served as head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continuously since 2014. During that time, he oversaw the activities of the police and the National Guard. His removal was to cement Zelensky as a virtual dictator.

This has raised questions about the helicopter crash that eliminated Zelensky’s hand-selected Ministry of Internal Affairs who had his back.

When we look at the ECM calculated from the move of Russia to protect the Donbas from the Ukrainians in the civil war instigated by the United States Neocons, it does not appear that Zelensky’s grand scheme to make Ukraine the greatest European investment of all time with Blackrock will succeed. Why the Ukrainian people are willing to sacrifice their country all for the Donbas is insane. They had a country for the first time. The computer is suggesting it is highly doubtful that Ukraine will even survive post-2026. On top of that, we are headed into world war post-2024.

Romania & Moldavia

Armstrong Economics Blog/Foreign Exchange Re-Posted May 19, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Can you add Romania and Moldavia currencies to Socrates? I greatly appreciate your response to Gold.


ANSWER: Yes, we will add them. I hope I translated your question correctly. If there are other currencies people want to add, drop a request.

Do Some Ukrainians Realize They Are Pawns of the Neocons?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Ukraine Re-Posted May 19, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do the Ukrainian people understand that they are the pawns of the Neocons? Can you confirm that Ukraine shot down Russia’s hypersonic missile? They are sacrificing innocent people on both sides in this quest to destroy Russia and take all its resources.


ANSWER: This is the former adviser to Zelensky, Alexey Arestovich, who quit in protest after he told the truth that a Russian missile that hit a building in Dnipro, killing 44 people, was shot down by Kyiv and was not directed at an apartment building. He has publicly stated that

“The West deceived Russia. They promised not to push NATO to the east, and they did. They turned Ukraine into a huge anti-Russian country. If I was in Russia’s shoes, I would have done the exact same thing.”

I have spoken to some Ukrainians who are fully aware that they have been used as cannon fodder. They are starting to wake up that they are losing everything for someone else’s geopolitical game. Had the government honored the Minsk Agreement, there would have been no civil war.

Back in 1999, it was the Neocons who were linked with the bankers in their attempt to take over Russia. I was asked to invest $10 billion into their Hermitage Capital Management organization and I refused.  In this second edition, I have added the info on the Neocons and their antics. This book was written using all the declassified documents from the Clinton Administration so it is not my opinion.

As I have said, we had two Ukrainian employees, one from Donstk and the other from Kyiv and they could not be in the same room together. This is well entrenched the same as the Irish v the Protestants in Ireland or the Suni v Shite in the Middle East.

As far as actually shooting down a hypersonic missile, we will have to see if this is true or not. My fear is that if this is correct, then removing Putin will open the door to Russia using nuclear weapons if they have no other defense. The computer has been targeting June/July on many levels.

Zelensky: Ukraine Will Win War before 2024 US Elections

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted May 16, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

I have said it countless times – the only way they will keep Biden in power is to enter the war. The US and all NATO nations have already unofficially entered the war by supplying soldiers and a blank check to Ukraine and attempting to nuke Russia’s economy by removing it from SWIFT and placing outrageous sanctions on individual citizens. Now, Zelensky is saying he believes Ukraine will achieve victory before the 2024 US Presidential Elections.

No one is going to “win” this war. Neither side can back down now without a full-scale global conflict. The US will likely officially enter the war before the 2024 US Presidential Election. Zelensky confidently stated that regardless of who wins our independent election, the leader of the free world (allegedly) will still support the war in Ukraine. He’s right! There are neocons on both sides of the aisle and no one will permit Trump to win even if the people elect him.

During Trump’s town hall meeting, the first-time people actually tuned in to CNN, he said that deaths on both sides could have been prevented. Everyone is talking about strategy and winning as if we are playing Battleship. Mothers are losing their sons every day, and human nature never changes. The Ukrainian mother mourns her son the same as the Russian mother, and neither had a say in this completely preventable conflict. DeSantis has also said that backing Ukraine is not a priority for the US. “We cannot prioritize intervention in an escalating foreign war over the defense of our own homeland,” DeSantis declared.

Trump ruffled feathers in Europe as president. He warned Germany that they were too dependent on Russian energy, and they laughed in his face. He threatened to exit NATO is other nations failed to pay their fair share. Trump is still standing firm on his position that the US has less to lose and has accused Europe on unfairly relying on the US. His former vice president disagrees, as Mike Pence, a potential candidate, as stated. “We support those who fight our enemies on their shores, so we will not have to fight them ourselves,” wrote Pence. UN Ambassador (the title gives it away) Nikki Haley also wants to continue fighting the proxy war in the US.

Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy is also against the war. Kennedy tweeted:

“In 2019 actor and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky ran as the peace candidate winning the Ukrainian presidency with 70% of the vote. As Benjamin Abelow observes in his brilliant book, “How the West Brought War to Ukraine,” Zelensky almost certainly could have avoided the 2022 war with Russia simply by uttering five words — “I will not join NATO.” But pressured by NeoCons in the Biden White House, and by violent fascist elements within the Ukrainian government, Zelensky integrated his army with NATO’s and allowed the U.S. to place nuclear-capable Aegis missile launchers along Ukraine’s 1,200-mile border with Russia. These were provocations that senior U.S. diplomats like post-WWII foreign policy architect George Kennan, former U.S. Defense Secretary Bill Perry, and former U.S. ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock had long described as “red lines” for Russian leadership. Let’s face it, the Neocons wanted this war with Russia, just as they wanted war with Iraq. Listen here to NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark describe how White House Neocons justified the Iraq invasion.”

I have posted the video he shared with this tweet at the top of this article. I have been criticized for analyzing Kennedy’s economic and environmentalist views, but I am not for or against anyone and would not write someone off simply because of their political party. I believe he is right in his views regarding Ukraine and COVID, although I may disagree with him on other items. Again, anyone against the establishment is going to have a rough time leading up to the election.

Everyone in the establishment craves war; hence, the machine will ensure that the US is positioned where they MUST enter the war. I wish I were wrong, but the computer has always been right. The War Cycle turned up in 2014 and only indicates a further escalation.

Oxford’s Protests Against 15-Minute Cities

Armstrong Economics Blog/WEF re-Posted May 15, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Those who see what is coming are beginning to resist the Great Reset. Ultimately, their plan to create a one-world government will fail but it will take firm resistance. As one reader mentioned, English residents of Oxford began protesting the 15-minute city concept in March. Thousands of people took to the streets to protest what they deemed a “Stalinist-style, closed city.”

Media agencies such as Politico are calling protestors far-right extremists. Yet thousands have joined the “Not Our Future” group to tell the global elite that they will not willingly surrender. Oxford’s city council agreed to implement these cities within the next 20 years. Reporter Mark Dolan said the “dystopian” city planning would create “”a surveillance culture that would make Pyongyang envious.” Tory MP Nick Fletcher called them an “international socialist concept” intended to “take away personal freedoms.”

Bloomberg News condemned the protestors as well, calling them “a case study in conspiracy paranoia.” They also called lockdowns a conspiracy before they happened. The plans for these cities are out in the open. Schwab clearly states his plan for the Great Reset in interviews, books, online writings, and conferences. He boasts about infiltrating cabinets across the globe. Every politician in recent years has had a big “BUILD BACK BETTER” logo on their podium. Everyone is suddenly pushing for the same non-existent issues such as creating legislation against naturally occurring weather patterns. It is in our faces, people. This is public information that the masses choose to ignore because it is upsetting.

As a reminder, here are some of the projections from the WEF for Agenda 2030:

  • All products will have become services
  • There is a global price on carbon
  • US dominance is over. We now have a handful of global powers
  • Virtual health assistants will replace human doctors
  • You will eat less meat
  • Refugees will be CEOs
  • The values that built the West will have been tested to the breaking point
  • Digital tech will close the gender and wealth gap
  • A global family of fun and functional cities
  • Technology in space underpins security on earth
  • You will own nothing and be happy

Again, this is all public information that can be found on the World Economic Forum’s website.

15-Minute Cities – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Armstrong Economics Blog/Real Estate Re-Posted May 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Let’s take a closer look at Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that have been proposed for 15-minute cities. These small units are typically under 1,000 sq ft and were once considered secondary structures on an existing residential lot. Think of what we once considered “in-law suites” or guest houses. There are numerous designs for ADUs, but 15-minute cities will seek to create connected units to house as many people as possible. The exact plans for ADUs within 15-minute cities are shrouded in mystery, but we can ascertain what they have planned based on other proposed policies.

“You will own nothing,” as these structures will be built upon government and/or privately owned land for the people to rent. The 15-minute city is marketed as a futuristic town where everyone will live within 15 minutes of essential services. Some may say that large cities already meet this criterion, but the difference is that people currently have the ability to own their properties. Excess will not be possible in ADUs due to size. The World Economic Forum is also proposing more “micro-housing units” or “plug-in houses” that will be no larger than 500 sq ft. Cars will be unnecessary in these sustainable cities, as reducing fossil fuels and sustainability is the top priority.

Senseable City Lab analyzed 40 million mobile devices to analyze how and where people travel. The study backed by MIT found that people tend to travel 7 miles for essentials, which is much further than what is being proposed for 15-minute cities. Hence, the ADUs proposed for the 15-minute cities will be connected, one on top of the other, for this to work logistically.

Regulations and zoning restrictions need to be altered or dismantled for these cities to work. Another issue is equity and eliminating our “unfair” capitalistic societies where some have more than others. The C40 Knowledge Hub explains this premise to “build back better” in detail throughout their writings.

“In a successful 15-minute city, everyone would have the opportunity to live in a 15-minute neighbourhood. It is vital that cities prioritise 15-minute city-style investments for lower-income neighbourhoods and those that are most underserved, informed by the baseline mapping of existing amenities in each neighbourhood. Just as critically, take steps to ensure that existing local populations in those neighbourhoods are not displaced through the process of gentrification, or feel excluded due to changes to local identity. Cities should also pursue opportunities to build affordable homes and diversify the mix of homes within neighbourhoods.”

Equality in this manner does not meet the dictionary definition, as equality is intended to “prioritize the most underserved neighbourhoods and disadvantaged groups.” Hence numerous policies are being brought forth that penalize the middle class with taxes, shrinking the group that was once the bulk of modernized societies.

Sustainability, equality, and going green are cited as the main reasons to “build back better” with these 15-minute cities. However, the real motive here is control and power. They are discussing controlling everything, including food productionThey are making it increasingly harder for the average person to obtain housing, whether it be rentals or owning. These AUDs will be brought forth as perhaps the only solution for permanent housing. Yet, they are making it clear that those dwelling in these structures will have landlords who may become overlords as the people relinquish all their freedoms to exist.

British Government has Lost its Mind

Armstrong Economics Blog/Gov’t Incompetence Re-Posted May 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: The rumor was that you were considering coming to London to hold a quick update WEC. Is there any chance of that?


ANSWER: You have good sources. Yes, I was considering that. Since the UK has insanely crossed Putin’s “red line” by sending Ukraine long-range “Storm Shadow” missiles to use in its fighting against Russia, I am not sure London is a viable place anymore.  Ukraine is NOT trustworthy. Why do they need long-range missiles unless they intend to attack Moscow? Germany sunk the Lusitania because the US was secretly sending arms on passenger ships to London. Britain has made that mistake with Ukraine.

Britain has just put its own national security and its citizens at risk all for what? This war would NEVER have taken place if the West did not lie and simply honored the Minsk Agreement and let those people in the Donbas, which are Russian, not Ukrainian, decide their own future. That was OK for Kiev, but not the Russians?

Those in the Donbas had a basic human right to vote on their own future. This is a war against Russia to conquer it. Handing these missiles to Ukraine will provoke Russia and would even justify attacking Britain according to the basic rules of war. They use these to attack Moscow, and Russia would be justified to attack London. This is a BS war that was to destroy Russia from the start.

The British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told lawmakers in the House of Commons that Storm Shadow missiles “are now going into or are in” Ukraine, but he did not say how many Britain was planning to send.

I love London. I miss it very much. But the British government is out of its mind putting all of Britain at risk for Ukraine? These people making these decisions are just Neocons who love war all the time.

Wars should be fought between leaders – not the people. Put them all in a room and let them sort it out and leave the people alone. But the truth is, your children are expendable. They risk NOTHING themselves. You mean less than nothing to these people. By their decisions, they prove we do NOT live in a democracy. For Wallace to unilaterally send those long-range missiles without the people’s approval shows he is not a trustworthy individual who should be in charge of even being a meter-maid for parking tickets.

So it does not look good for a WEC in London. I would have to ask my staff how they would feel.

Epic – Congressman Byron Donalds Drops the Atomic Sledgehammer of Truth on CNN Panel

May 11, 2023 | Sundance 

Congressman Byron Donalds represents Southwest Florida CD-19; he comes from good stock.   After the CNN attack townhall in New Hampshire last night, Donalds appeared on a CNN panel to discuss.

Prior to Donalds joining the panel, the six other panelists were echo-chambering their narrative talking points without rebuttal. Donalds put that nonsense to rest. However, beyond the epic pushback, notice how the panel reacts to having their narrative challenged; this should be very familiar to people.

Notice how when confronted by an opposing viewpoint the panel uses a familiar tactic. Instead of discussing the policy points, the issues at the heart of the policy positions, the panel instead begins to question the person confronting them.  “Do you want Ukraine to win,” is one question. “Do you accept the results of the 2020 election” is another.

The CNN panel approach is to make the person pushing back become the issue, because the points raised are antithetical to their belief system.  This method of distraction is straight from the Alinsky rulebook about debating opposition.  Byron Donalds succeeds because he doesn’t engage the nonsense. WATCH:


Ron DeSantis Spent $500,000,000.00 For This

Posted originally on the CTH on May 11, 2023 | Sundance 

The SuperPac supporting Ron DeSantis, called Never Back Down, has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the Wall Street, billionaire, Sea Island, multinational corporation and hedge fund donors.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is injecting another $85 million from his leadership pac in Florida.  All told, it is the largest single assembly of political cash in the history of presidential campaigning – estimated value well north of $500 million.

With all of that in mind, this is the best the communications team can come up with:

Now, please do not misconstrue what I am saying. I am not saying these people are just bad at their jobs. I am saying these are fundamentally stupid people.

This is the skillset of the professional Republican Party. This is what they are taught to do, study to do, sit around and spend millions in consultancy fees to come up with.

These are professional Republican operations…. They are also just idiots!  This is why some of the billionaire funders have also paused, reevaluated and stepped back from the DeSantis nonsense.  The DeSantis crew are sending out Instagram selfie-pics of their lunches while cheering for their team.

This is like the General Cornwallis version of political warfare.  They sit around in their echo-chambered rooms and might as well put a powdered wig on their candidate.  Everything is fake, pretense, manufactured and sold by the brightest consultants in the world as the stuff that “should work.”   It’s genuinely hilarious!

Meanwhile, MAGA is an insurgency running circles around them, ducking and weaving through their ranks, and they are totally oblivious to it.

This image right here is almost literally who the people behind Ron DeSantis are.  Not all of them, but overwhelmingly the majority of them are just like this disconnected insufferable bunch pictured above.

If that’s who they are, then WHO ARE WE?

We are scruffy, working class patriots engaged in the battle against them!

We are the workforce.

We are digital warriors, meme creators, artists, researchers, autists and ordinarily invisible people now considered dissidents in our own country.

We are the backbone of industry, the people who keep it all working, the builders, diggers and blue-collar workforce that keeps everything functioning. We are the people they will never fully control.  We speak in languages they do not understand, and we absorb targeted ridicule as fuel.

We are the movers of goods, the truckers, the farmers, the nameless people behind the skilled trades that keep what they call American society moving.

We are the people who grow the food, pick the food, transport the food, stock the food, cook the food and facilitate the life they live.  We are a visible, yet disregarded, insurgent force within their sphere of life that is never considered, yet we control the outcomes of every moment they value.

We pick up the trash, answer the phones, run cables to their devices, mow their lawns, solve their problems, control the flow of essential services and keep our heads below the radar.

We are the majority.

We are a self-reliant, freedom loving, normally peaceful and God-fearing assembly.

We drive them to their destination; we are comfortably out of mind until needed, and yet we are irreplaceable for the things they require.

We are armed with hammers, pens, rulers, mice, pickup trucks, laptops, post-it notes, stickers and alternate forms of messaging that circumvent the control mechanisms deployed to create our silence.

We are inside every facility, every institution, every meeting, every moment of their existence – and we notice everything.

We have eyes of eagles and ears of elephants.  We are there when they do not expect, and we melt away before they notice our appearance.

We are smart, strategic, highly intelligent and carry a brutally obvious and pragmatic common sense that finds optimal solutions to everything.

We identify our tribe immediately and without conversation.

We see what they hide, we hear what they whisper, we decipher their codes, and we understand the complexity they create in their effort to conceal.

We control the physical world that operates around every element of society, and we value real and tangible assets.

We do not sit around pontificating eloquently about philosophic nuances; we get shit done.

We are the people who facilitate their ability to take us for granted, and we do so without issue, resentment or desire for recognition.

We are optimistic, affable, kind, generous, friendly, loyal, warm and quietly spiritual in purpose.

We are polite, considerate and slow to anger.

We prefer to be left alone.  However, pushed entirely far enough, decisions are reached.  Right now, we are tenuously staring with deepened gaze.

We are increasingly pissed off…. Big Time!

In every town, village and hamlet we are encountering the same conversation.  On every porch, in every shop, at every event, the topic is the same.

Right now, we are taking this fury to the platforms of visibility where we hope to influence outcomes.  But if that effort fails, and/or if the command-and-control authorities make the mistake of thinking they can shut down our visibility and therefore control the dissent, there will be no quarter provided in the aftermath.

The two biggest mistakes they can make right now is not understanding why we have begun to bow our heads.

First, our heads are not bowed because we are subservient, cowering or accepting the current effort to control us….

….We are praying!

Their second mistake would be to ignore that we are not praying for us

….We are praying for those who trespass against us!

They may not like what follows, “Amen!

We are resolute and of common purpose.

We are MAGA!