Notice From Eric Trump – All First Person Trump Content, in Trump Voice or Surrogate Statement, is Banned From Facebook and Instagram

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 31, 2021 | Sundance | 251 Comments

Wow.  Big Tech is taking the censorship and deplatforming of President Donald J Trump to entirely new levels according to new information provided by Eric Trump.  In  a twitter message today, Eric Trump shares the following:


This is quite a stunning statement from Facebook; even considering the prior ideological position(s) of Big Tech.

If the message is accurate, anyone who speaks on behalf of Donald Trump, and/or anyone show shares communication, statements or official replies from the “voice” of Donald Trump, will have their content removed.  This applies to any/all campaign surrogates and spokespeople for President Trump.

This “guidance” is simply an outlandish position that only highlights how Big Tech views President Trump, and by extension his MAGA supporters, as a threat to advancing their political ideology.   Banning and removing content based on the origination of that content is a control effort on steroids.

Control is a reaction to fear, never forget that.

This approach is beyond fascism and far beyond socialism… this is totalitarianism.

I have never advocated for departure from any social media platform because I strongly believe we fight where the enemy is.  Retreat is not an option, fight them where they exist and do not pull-back from the ideological argument because MAGA is the message of the American majority.  Some may be inclined to withdraw from Facebook and Instagram based on this new “guidance” as expressed.  Fair enough…. However…..

If you have already made the decision to withdraw from the social media battlespace, let me propose another approach, MAKE THEM BAN YOU!

If mentally you have already made the decision to depart, there is nothing to lose.  Do not take your voice out of the fight, without making them target and remove your voice.  Proclaim your voice.  Proudly proclaim your position.  Do not just simply withdraw, make them deal with you as an insurgent or dissident voice in the ideological combat.

Taking this approach shows them our numbers.  Taking this approach forces them to see, forces them into engagement, and forces them to take action upon their chosen position.   Do not go quietly into that collectivist good-night.  Stand in the position of righteousness.   Stand defiantly and force them to remove you.  Do not just withdraw.

What approach that confrontation takes is entirely up to you.  However, one additional benefit is the community of your friends and family on those social media platforms will see what content their ideological hatred is opposed to.

Consider the example of CTH deplatforming.  By refusing to silence or moderate our voice with WordPress/Automattic we forced them to a position where they would have to take action to remove  that voice.  When WP/AutoMattic took that action they showed the world community what they were doing.  CTH had nothing to fear, we had done nothing wrong; we were transparent.  However, the audience who reviewed our analysis, and many of them are not in alignment with the CTH outlook, were stunned by the WordPress/Automattic decision.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Do not let the enemy succeed by walking away from the engagement.  Force them to surface.

If you have already chosen to disengage, you have nothing to lose.  Post pro-Trump content on your social media (FaceBook/Instagram), and share the Trump voice from him and surrogates as you would normally.  Do not voluntarily disengage.  Show them your voice, and by extention show them the size of our community.  Make them take the action.

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