This is How To Do It – President Trump Calls for Boycott of Major League Baseball

Posted originally on the Conservative tree House April 3, 2021 | Sundance | 200 Comments

This is exactly how to fight back against the insufferable leftist politics that is infecting everything.  Today President Trump has called for a boycott of Major League Baseball.

If these corporations realize their actions will cause 80 to 100 million people to stop using their products, they will feel the scale of their financial position being crushed.  Keep in mind MAGA supporters are the people who economically represent the largest audience with a greater percentage of their income available for recreational purchasing decisions.

If the America First middle-class stop purchasing all products generated by MLB, not just tickets but everything, then Major League Baseball will collapse financially.  The downstream consequences to the people inside MLB are exponential.  Good luck getting a lucrative employment contract amid a sport that starts declining….

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