Election Week Ground Reports – What’s Going on in Your Town, Neighborhood and Precinct?

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 7, 2022 | Sundance 

Through the years one of the things CTH has always emphasized is the accuracy of your election ‘sense’ ground reports when contrast against the national media narrative.

So, this thread is for you to share what the sense is around your community.  How motivated are the people in your neighborhood? What is the sense of this election cycle? If you have voted already, how was the turnout for early voting in/around your area?

Use this thread to share your own sense of how things look from your perspective.  If comfortable include the general region you are describing so that others can get a feel for your impression of the midterm election this year.

CTH will host several election day update and ground reports tomorrow as election day voting gets underway.  However, in the interim, what do you see and hear in the conversations around your town, hamlet, community or precinct?

Historically the sense of the election you share has been remarkably consistent with the outcome.  Are the people in your circle enthusiastic about removing Democrats from their seats?

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