Apple VP Fired for a Joke

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Posted Oct 1, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Apple’s VP of procurement, Tony Blevins, was fired for the video above. If anyone is familiar with Daniel Mac, his specialty is going up to people in expensive vehicles to inquire what they do for a living. He has a large following as people are always interested to see how others afford luxurious lifestyles.

Blevins’ quote is from an older movie called “Arthur.” It was a joke. He lost his job as a result of this video. Some may find it crude or in poor taste. The woman in his car was clearly laughing. This is just another example of woke culture going too far, as everyone must be politically correct at all times, on or off the clock.

Who Bombed The Pipeline? (Ep. 1861) – The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show Published originally on Rumble on September 28, 2022

The most likely Bomber is Joe Biden, in my opinion Centinel2012

Do You Feel Safe in America?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Sep 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Crime has been rampant across America over the last two years. The economic downturn hurt low-income communities the most, and some are turning to crime for quick money. The borders are open, and anyone can enter America from the south. Laws have been repealed to permit an assortment of crimes, sweetheart deals for violent offenders are common, and nearly every city has reported a sharp uptick in crime under the Biden Administration.

The Trafalgar Group conducted a study to ask Americans if they feel safe in the land of the free. An alarming 67.9% reported that they no longer feel safe in America compared to two years ago under the Trump Administration. Even 44.9% of Democrats admitted that they no longer feel safe, while 86.8% of Republicans cited fears.

Murders increased by 6% in 2021 across the nation but spiked 30% from 2019 to 2020. New Orleans, Louisiana, surpassed St. Louis as the murder capital of America with 52 homicides per 100,000 residents. Overall crime in New York City rose 37% this year alone – grand larceny is up 49%, auto theft rose 46.2%, robberies are up 39.2%, and assaults increased 18.6%. Crime in Chicago makes NYC look like Disneyland. Murders in Chicago are 5X higher than NYC and 2.5X higher than LA. Crime in Lightfoot’s Chicago rose 37% from 2021, and the police cannot do anything to help due to the law. Carjackings occur every five hours in that city. Homicides in Philadelphia reached a record high of 562 in 2021 and are on track to surpass that level in 2022. The full data for 2022 is not available, but crime is up everywhere you look.

Our Supreme Court cannot define “women,” but violence against the XX community is atrocious. One in five American women has been the victim of a rape or attempted rape. Around 43.6% of American women will experience sexual violence, and these figures are notoriously underreported.

I hope the 67.9% of Americans who no longer feel safe remember that when voting this November. The Democrats want to focus on guns, mainly taking them away from law-abiding citizens afraid of the rise in crime. There is no plan under the Biden Administration to curtail your chances of becoming a crime victim.

The Police State Is Here (Ep. 1850) – The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show Published originally on the conservative tree house on September 13, 2022

In this episode, I address the shocking new moves by the deep state to intimidate and frighten team Trump. I also show disturbing video about digital currencies and how they plan to use them.

The Head of Pfizer is a Veterinarian

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Sep 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Albert Bourla is a veterinarian and not a medical doctor who is making a fortune selling his vaccines, not for animals – but people. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer, after joining the company back in 1993. He use to be the chief operating officer.

He has COVID again. It seems that those who took the vaccine are developing immune deficiency to COVID like Biden who keeps getting it multiple times. I am not vaccinated, had it once, and that was it. When my daughter insisted I should go to Tampa Hospital to see the head of pulmonary, I said I was tested 5 times and it was always negative. He said the tests were not valid and they still think it was COVID. I went to a new doctor after my old one retired, when he asked if I was vaccinated and I said NO!, I was waiting for the propaganda. He said – Good!

Since this veterinarian tells the world we must be vaccinated, he seems to then listen to the CDC on how to take his own shit. When history is written about this period, I do not think it will be kind to this veterinarian handing out medical advice to people.

I would always make sure my kids were vaccinated. I would take the flu shot sometimes. Now, I will not take anything that comes from Pfizer. I would not trust this guy, especially with my dog. No wonder – he never had to take the Hippocratic Oath.

The History Books Will Prove This is an Industrial Example of The Great Pretending

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 24, 2022 | Sundance 

This is epic. This is like listening to Grandpa rail against the Federal Reserve and central banks without realizing the motive behind what the Federal Reserve and central banks are doing.   This is the best example to date of the misconception behind ‘The Great Pretending.’

U of Penn, Wharton Business School professor of finance, Jeremy Siegel, rails against Jerome Powell and the central bankers for raising interest rates into a collapsing western global economy.  Everything, everything he outlines, is essentially accurate about the damage being done to western economies. …. Except the biggest realization and acceptance is missing…. It’s being done by design.  The people he outlines are not making a mistake, they are doing it on purpose.  First, WATCH:

The U.S, EU, CA, AU and western economic central bankers did not respond sooner to the inflation crisis (2021) because the central banks were waiting for the politicians in their systems to establish the energy policy that their pre-planned action was intended to support.  [<- Reread that if needed].

Once the collective Build Back Better/Climate Change energy policy was established (2021), and after the resulting inflation created the justification for the central bank action, then -and only then- did the central bankers trigger the next phase of raising interest rates (2022) to reduce western economic activity and support the Build Back Better agenda.

All of this was by design.  None of this was by mistake.  The process, strategy and timing were all part of the Build Back Better agenda.  Purposefully created inflation, the result of the energy policy, was planned and used by the central banks to justify the rate increases.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy built into the Build Back Better roadmap.

Now these ‘bankers’ are trying to collapse the economy to meet the reduction in energy production.  The bankers are supporting the political motives of the politicians.  This is all intentional.  Jeremy Siegel misses this core and fundamental aspect.   However, some of the lesser ideological western leaders (politicians) are starting to get ‘cold feet.’

The U.S, EU, France, Canada and Australia/New Zealand are ‘all-in.’   Joe Biden (U.S.), Justin Trudeau (CA), Jacinda Ardern (NZ), Emmanuel Macron (FR) and Ursula von der Leyen (EU) are unwavering and all in.  All of their central bank control officers are also all-in, including Christine Legarde (EU).  These unflinching ideologues are not going to budge, but some of the politicians within their economic systems are starting to get cold feet.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was the first to express reservations about the collective goal to sink their economy.  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is also realizing he may not survive unless he cuts the cord tying him to the Build Back Better anchor of un-survivable renewable energy policy.  The recently installed British Prime Minister Liz Truss is also trying to untangle the knot tied by Boris Johnson, as her nation now suffers with double digit energy price increases.  These are the first fractures in the coalition since the Build Back Better agreement was made.

Jeremy Siegel is correct as to the outcome, but he -like almost all western financial pundits- are blind to the true motive.  Siegel is blaming it on incompetence, instead of going back to the original Build Back Better design as openly expressed by the central banks and politicians in 2020.   They were not hiding it.

The collective western leadership openly said this exact scenario was what they were going to do coming out of the useful COVID-19 pandemic.

The Western leaders openly stated they were going to use the time of lowered economic activity (created by the pandemic) as a gauge to measure and deploy a permanent change to the global system of energy development.  They were going to exit the pandemic with a new focus on climate change and new energy systems.

That pandemic “exit” was the gateway into the “economic transition” that all of the western leaders then began describing.

Throughout 2021 traditional oil, coal and natural gas exploitation was reduced by policy.  Inflation skyrocketed while the central bankers waited like kids playing double-dutch jump rope.  Wait,…. summer 2021…..  wait, fall 2021….. wait, winter 2021… wait, spring 2022…. and then, after the energy policy cemented,…   “NOW” run in and jump – Summer 2022, with the rate hikes.   The timing was by design.

Can you see it now?

Teen Killed Over Conservative Views – Killer Released on Bail

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Sep 23, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

In Biden’s America, you can walk free after killing people who oppose your liberal political views. A 41-year-old man by the name of Shannon Joseph Brandt of North Dakota murdered an innocent 18-year-old boy over “a political argument.” The murderer recently posted $50,000 bail and was released. As a reminder, those who simply protested on January 6 remain in jail. There is a chance that Brandt will walk free after the trial, depending on the judge and jury.

The circumstances around this case are atrocious. Brandt was driving a 2003 Ford Explorer SUV while intoxicated. He exchanged words with the teenage boy before running him over with his truck and fleeing the scene. He did not even check on the boy and left him to die in an alleyway. He later called the police to explain that he had to kill the boy. Brandt claimed the teenager was part of a Republican extremist group and felt threatened because he placed a call for reinforcements. In reality, the teenage boy called his mom because he was afraid of the drunken man chasing him in his truck. That was the last phone call he ever made.

Biden himself has made countless speeches about how MAGA Republican conservatives are the ultimate threat to America and democracy in general. Trump was blamed for every politically motivated protest or arrest under his presidency. I have yet to read one article blaming Biden for instigating violence against his political opponents. Civil unrest is on the rise. The leader of the “free world” is encouraging violence, and the legal system is turning a blind eye to the sharp rise in crime across the country. Politically motivated crimes will become more commonplace as we enter the mid-term elections as Biden has clearly defined and demonized the enemy — you.

Atwater Styled Shenanigans Surface in DeSantis National Political Campaign

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 22, 2022 | Sundance

For those who have followed the deep weeds of republican political games and schemes, the DeSantis flights from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard had a specific familiarity to them.

The transfer of Venezuelan migrants, illegal alien border crossers, from Texas to Massachusetts via Florida taxpayers and Ron DeSantis was/is, well, something republican strategist Lee Atwater would have come up with.  The protege’ to Atwater is a person more familiar to modern republican followers, Karl Rove.  Yes, the migrant transfer operation held all the political benefits of something very Rovian in its construct.

Take an issue like border security, central to the majority of republicans, add an element of targeted benefit and overlay an establishment playbook carried out by shadow constructs giving plausible deniability to the central planners in the backroom, and you get this type of operation.  However, there’s always a risk of taking things just too far and losing control.  An investigative article in the Miami Herald today has the elements of a looming backlash that needs to be avoided by the principle.

The Miami Herald is a notoriously left-wing super narrative machine, but when it comes to using their investigative resources to target a vulnerability in their opposition, they are akin to the New York Times in the sharpness of their attack.   If the story as outlined in the Miami Herald is even remotely accurate, the thirsty people behind DeSantis may have just set themselves up for a problem and created an ‘own goal‘ scenario.

Investigators are now picking up the first scent of blood in the water created by short-sighted DeSantis operators.  According to the lengthy outline, a contractor with intent to carry out the DeSantis operation has been identified by the media; she is known as “Perla.”  The outline of the operation now changes the national narrative, at least that’s the goal of the Herald, from Rovian political strategy into DeSantis using vulnerable migrants as political pawns.

Miami Herald – […] Ultimately, the migrants interviewed by the Herald were the butt of the joke. They thought they were going somewhere. Five days before she knocked on the door of their motel rooms, the woman, who never told them her name, had recruited the migrants to join a secret operation to transport asylum-seekers out of Texas. She had approached them outside San Antonio’s migrant resource center and said she worked for an organization that she did not name.

[…] The week before, contractors working for DeSantis, including a woman known only as “Perla,” had organized two charter flights to Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island, as part of a taxpayer-funded program to remove “unauthorized aliens” from Florida.

[…] DeSantis has said he’s recruiting migrants in Texas for the flights because it’s easier to find them traveling together at the border than spread out in his own state. Critics called it a cruel stunt — and a misuse of taxpayer money — aimed at promoting a governor expected to run for president.

[…] DeSantis’ office did not immediately respond Wednesday when asked if the state of Florida was behind the latest recruiting efforts, or whether it had arranged the planned charter flight from San Antonio to Delaware that never happened. When shown photos of various recruiters, migrants from the Martha’s Vineyard flights and the group that thought they were destined for Delaware both recognized one image, of an unidentified woman with black hair.

[…] Christina Pushaw, the DeSantis campaign’s rapid response director, would write on Twitter that news of the Delaware flight was “disinformation.” (Like the governor’s office, the DeSantis campaign did not respond to a request for comment.) After the flight was canceled, the recruiters organized a bus to take Escalona and most of the others back from La Quinta to the San Antonio migrant resource center. But some migrants were never told about the bus. They were stranded at the remote hotel roughly 10 miles from the resource center, where migrants can get aid and shelter for a maximum of three days.

[…] All of the migrants interviewed by the Herald told similar stories. They were recruited by a woman in a black vehicle driving around the migrant resource center and then taken to La Quinta to wait. Although the destination was uncertain, the plan appealed to people who had no resources after making the long journey north from Venezuela.

[…] There were conditions to staying at La Quinta as part of the program. The recruiters warned him not to give out any information or talk about what they were doing. It still would have been worth it, he said, had he gotten to a state that provided more resources to migrants. He just wanted to work, and the woman’s offer seemed to promise that opportunity. (In reality, asylum seekers are not allowed to work immediately, although they have legal status in the United States.) Deiker José’s plan vanished the moment the flight was canceled. “I want to cry because I feel hopeless. I have nothing. How do I work? How do I survive?” he said. (read more)

There is a fine line between making a political point and being viewed as exploiting the desperation of vulnerable migrants.

I have no doubt the Rovian people behind the DeSantis campaign saw an opportunity to score major national points, and when combined with the ferocity of the Pushaw eastern European mindset there was likely an echo-chambered snark-filled joy of willingness in the plan.

However, if you do not see how this has the likelihood to be viewed as tenuously ridiculing by the larger Latino community in Florida, you likely don’t recognize when a joke turns into the bloom falling from the ruse.

Overlay Florida taxpayer money being used to fund the DeSantis national political game and, well, you already see the grins in the Lawfare crowd.


The Charlie Kirk Show Published originally on Rumble on September 21, 2022

A very good discussion with a good idea!

Interview WORLD FIRST: The Plot to Seize Russia, War Propaganda, and More

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong in the Media Re-Posted Sep 22, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Listen to my latest interview with Maria from Zeee Media.

Description from Maria:

World renowned economist Martin Armstrong joins us to break the story of the several-decade long plan to seize Russia, detailing how he has obtained declassified documents from the Clinton Administration, and how he was previously targeted for possessing this knowledge – which he is finally able to release.

Martin takes us through his encounter with an alleged terrorist from 9/11 while he served in prison, who was actually a Pakistani Christian that was framed by the US Government. We also discuss world events, war propaganda, and Martin’s insight into where we are heading.