Arizona Judge Orders Kari Lake to Pay $33,000 in Witness Fees but No Legal Sanctions

Posted originally on the CTH on December 27, 2022 | Sundance

Arizona Judge Peter Thompson has ruled that Mrs. Kari Lake must pay witness costs associated with her civil election lawsuit against Maricopa County officials.  However, the judge denied hundreds-of-thousands in defense lawyer fees for Marc Elias and did not issue financial sanctions against Lake.

PHOENIX — A judge has ordered Kari Lake, the Republican who lost the Arizona governor’s race, to pay $33,000 in fees for witnesses who helped defend election officials against Lake’s failed challenge of her defeat to Democrat Katie Hobbs, but rejected a request for hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees for the attorneys who defended the officials.

In an order Tuesday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson declined to impose sanctions against Lake and her lawyers, saying Lake’s failure to prove her case doesn’t “equate to a finding that her claims were, or were not, groundless and presented in bad faith.”

Thompson, who was appointed by former Republican Gov. Jan Brewer, pointed to a statistical analysis by a pollster who had testified on behalf of Lake. The witness, who conducts public-opinion polls and is not an election worker, claimed technical problems at polling places on Election Day had disenfranchised enough voters that it would have changed the outcome of the race in Lake’s favor. (read more)

Mrs Lake appeared on the Steve Bannon Warroom podcast earlier today to talk about her intent to file an appeal to the decision. {Direct Rumble Link}

Kari Lake:We’re going to the appeals court this week.


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