If You Wonder What’s Wrong With Georgia – The Republican Lt Governor Appears on CNN to Tell Georgia Republicans Not to Vote for Hershel Walker

Posted originally on the CTH on December 1, 2022 | Sundance

People around the country are looking at the Georgia Senate runoff between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Hershel Walker.  Lots of people wondering what is going on.  Well, last night the Republican Party of Georgia gave an excellent example of what it means to be Republican in Georgia.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan appeared on CNN to share his opinion of Republican candidate Hershel Walker.  As Republican Duncan outlined during the interview, he stood in line for an hour, took a ballot at the polling location, and then decided he could just not vote for a Republican in Georgia, so he turned around and walked back out without voting.

Republican Geoff Duncan had no issue pushing this on CNN much to the smiles of the CNN producers, Democrats and the Warnock campaign.  This is what it means to be a Republican in Georgia.  WATCH (01:08 prompted 30 seconds)


The 2022 goal of the Republican Party of Georgia is in alignment with the 2022 Republican National Committee.   The goal of Mr. Duncan and others is to remove the populist movement within the RNC by destroying the Make America Great Again grassroots movement.

Was Duncan censured? No.  Was Duncan criticized by fellow Republicans? Again, no.   Was Duncan ostracized for promoting an election position against the interests of the Republican Party? Yet again, no.  Did RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel rebuke the effort to undermine Walker as carried out by Republican Geoff Duncan?  Rhetorical at this point, I know.

In the bigger or big pictures, Republican Lt Governor Geoff Duncan is doing what professional Republicans do.  He also knows there’s nothing to fear from it because he is operating on behalf of the majority Club interests who support his agenda.  However, somehow this will be President Trump’s fault.

President Trump Special Master Appointment Overturned by Appeals Court – If Secret Search Warrant is Valid, All Seizure Valid – But You are Not Allowed to See Search Warrant, Because National Security

Posted originally on CTH on December 1, 2022 | Sundance 

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals having previously ruled the special master cannot review classified documents, also ruled today against the special master having any involvement in the filtering of seized documents from Mar-a-Lago.  [Ruling Here]

Previously, the lower court appointed a special master to review the seized documents and ensure no privileged material was exploited by the DOJ.  However, the appellate court determined the DOJ can independently define a national security interest and classify documents with no legal basis for challenge, therefore the special master cannot filter classified documents.

Today the appeals court essentially said if the search warrant was legally predicated and legally valid, and if the search warrant was used legally, then all the seized documents are valid for the investigative purposes of the DOJ – regardless of their content.  The only way to fight the authority of the DOJ seizure is to challenge the legality of the search warrant.  However, here’s where things get weird.

President Trump’s lawyers have been: (1) blocked from receiving a non-redacted search warrant; (2) denied access to the underlying probable cause affidavit used to predicate the search warrant, and (3) denied the full contents of the documents that were seized as part of the warrant (they are not allowed to see).  Yet somewhere in this convoluted mess, we are supposed to believe a 4th amendment violation doesn’t exist.

Florida – […]  The ruling by the three-judge panel, including two Trump appointees, goes into effect in seven days, absent intervention by the full circuit court or the Supreme Court.

“The law is clear,” the judges found. “We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so.”

The order effectively eliminates what federal authorities had described as a major obstacle in their ongoing criminal investigation into whether Trump illegally retained highly classified records after leaving the presidency and obstructed efforts by the government to recover them. He denies wrongdoing.

The appellate judges had signaled in a hearing last week that they were likely to order an end to the special master’s review. They repeatedly expressed concern that the appointment of third-party judge Raymond Dearie by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida lacked any clear precedent. (read more)

As it stands right now, President Trump has not been permitted to see the documents that support the search warrant, nor the scope of the search warrant as issued (the DOJ is claiming national security interests).  The appeals court today is saying as long as the hidden search warrant is valid, all seized documents are valid.

How is President Trump supposed to challenge the legality of the seizure if the DOJ isn’t required to produce the legal basis for the warrant?

The legal challenge against the underlying warrant is the key issue.

In a recent court filing [Document Here], President Trump through his legal counsel has requested Judge Cannon to unredact and unseal the search warrant affidavit used as the predicate for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Apparently, the DOJ have yet to provide President Trump with the constitutionally required predicate documents to support their search.

While asking the court to provide the affidavit to the defense team, the lawyers for President Trump are noting the fourth amendment protects everyone against warrantless searches and seizures, and that same protection also guarantees the target the right to receive and review the claimed justification for the warrant.

The unredacted affidavit is obligated to be supplied so that it can be determined if the search warrant was legally valid and predicated.  General search warrants are not legally permitted.  The warrant must specify what is being searched and why.  The DOJ is fighting against this affidavit release.  The Trump lawyers are asking the judge to make a decision.

Mike Lindell Discusses More Details and Proposals for His RNC Chairman Bid

Posted originally on the CTH on December 1, 2022 | sundance

Having previously announced his intention to run for Chair of the Republican National Committee, Mike Lindell appears on a podcast with Jenna Ellis to discuss his specific proposals to reform the RNC and create a more effective election organization. {Direct Rumble Link}

In this interview Mr. Lindell discusses what he would do differently and the shakeup that he sees needed in order to realign the priority of the RNC. WATCH:


John Fredericks On The Ground, State of Georgia Senate Ballot Race – DNC Gathering Ballots, RNC Wasting Time Losing in Court

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 30, 2022 | Sundance

John Fredericks appears with Steve Bannon to discuss the current state of the Georgia Senate runoff.  Fredericks is on the ground in Georgia trying to help early ballot collection on behalf of Hershel Walker and gives a brutally honest assessment. {Direct Rumble Link}

According to Fredericks, the DNC wanted to start early voting last week and the RNC wanted to fight them in court.  The DNC started collecting ballots last week on Wednesday and Saturday in key Democrat areas while the RNC led by Ronna McDaniel and her legal team including Harmeet Dhillon had no plan other than the lawsuit.

The court ruled in favor of the DNC, Ronna McDaniel and Harmeet Dhillon lost.  However, worse still the DNC wasn’t waiting on the court decision and were already assisting with early ballot collection and entry, while the RNC was doing nothing – except waiting on the court.  That gave the DNC a 200,000-ballot immediate lead.   The RNC is now traveling throughout republican areas in Georgia promoting early voting and trying to catch up.  WATCH:

John Fredericks is strongly opposed to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel remaining in her position.

If you live in Georgia, I would love to hear your ground report on what is going on?

Mitch McConnell Uses Mar-a-Lago Ambush to Hit President Trump

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 29, 2022 | Sundance

As NBC has now outlined in detail, a trio of dubious characters leveraged President Trump’s previous support for troubled Kanye West as an opportunity for an intentional smear campaign construct by Milo Yiannopoulos, Nick Fuentes and Kanye West himself. [Details Here]  Mr. West, now known as Ye, intended to make trouble by bringing uninvited guests along to carry out the operation.

The media and political opposition gleefully latched on to the successful targeting operation, in an effort to smear Donald Trump.  In typical Alinsky fashion, the goal is to controversialize the operational target.  Senator Mitch McConnell followed up today with his own pile on supported by his Senate leadership.

Given Mitch’s well known use of fabricated political racism to attack Republicans who do not bend a knee to him, his statements are pure skullduggery.

CTH has been warning about the scheming conniving Mitch McConnell for well over a decade.

While no one except Donald Trump is at fault for trusting Kanye West, you can clearly see how the entire apparatus of DC politics is working in concert to retain power and remove the threat that President Trump represents.

Hired by the RNC, Harmeet Dhillon Teams Up with the Mitch McConnell Contracted Enforcer Who Destroyed the Tea Party

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 29, 2022 | Sundance

Obviously, the RNC Club realizes they have a problem.  They are majority funded by major billionaire donors who are opposed to the MAGA populist movement within the group.  People are awake to the dynamic.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is also facing scrutiny for her inept party efforts in previous elections. Specifically scrutinized for not having any action plan to combat ballot assembly and collection and being hopelessly outmatched by the organized DNC.

In a transparent effort at damage control, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has enlisted Harmeet Dhillon and Henry Barbour to lead an internal club effort under the auspices of performing a midterm autopsy. [Politico Article]  However, the larger picture of intent gains clarity when looking at the participants.

In the first of a series of Tweets earlier today, Harmeet Dhillon noted she had moved on from failed legal efforts in Arizona, to focus on Georgia:

Let’s be very clear about something here.  Henry Barbour is not just some political consultant to partner with.  Henry Barbour is the nephew of the notoriously corrupt former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, aka ‘Boss Hog‘.  Henry is also the attack dog hired by Mitch McConnell to use PACs to attack and destroy the Tea Party movement.

Henry Barbour was the architect of Mississippi attacks against Chris McDaniel on behalf of Mitch’s friend in the senate, Thad Cochran. {Citation}  Henry Barbour worked with Democrats in Mississippi and Georgia to construct racist attack ads against conservative Republican candidates {Citation}.

The entire Barbour clan, including Henry and Uncle Haley, have sketchy connections to various DC lobbying groups representing very dubious clients, including Amgen to help China {citation}, Qualcom to help China via Huwai {Citation} and BGR Government Affairs, a front group to help the Chinese Communist Party {Citation}.  As a bagman for corrupt political endeavors, Henry Barbour goes where the money is and attacks on behalf of his paid interests.

However, beyond the DC lobbying, Henry Barbour is a contract operative of Mitch McConnell, and as previously mentioned was instrumental in destroying the Tea Party movement in 2012 through 2014 as instructed and financed by Senate Leader McConnell.

(Clarion Ledger) – […] The Mississippi Conservatives PAC, under Barbour’s direction, funded (through illegal means) various operatives and organizations of dubious background to implement a deliberate and premeditated strategy of vicious race-baiting and fear mongering over issues of race during the runoff election between incumbent Thad Cochran and challenger Chris McDaniel. Henry Barbour deliberately chose to use well-known Democrat operatives and organizations in a character assassination scheme — the kind that the professional Left has perfected, and which Republicans abhor — in order to destroy the reputation of a loyal, fellow Republican, a current Mississippi state legislator in good standing and a Republican Party member since the age of 13, whose only offense was to announce and run for a Senate seat held by an incumbent Republican. (more)

Considering the 2022 MAGA populist movement is essentially in the same target field as the 2014 Tea Party; the billionaire donors to the RNC have admitted this goal; the open and willful alignment between Harmeet Dhillon and a character like Henry Barbour, with a known intent to maintain corporate establishment political priorities, sets off massive alarms.

That’s the initial takeaway from that first announcement by Dhillon earlier today.  More information from the Dhillon thread is below:

How could Harmeet Dhillon possibly claim representation for the grassroots (MAGA) activists, while teaming up with Henry Barbour who is the paid political operative intent on destroying those same grassroots (MAGA) activists?

It’s not an old ideology for Henry Barbour that he just dropped after the paid effort to destroy the Tea Party.  Henry Barbour carries that same anti-MAGA theme throughout all the years to today {citation}.

The alignment makes no sense at all.

No one with any goal of representing the “base voter” of the Republican Party would ever consider working with any Barbour, let alone Henry Barbour.

Questions were asked.

Then more sunlight appeared.

Harmeet Dhillon’s law firm partner is Ron Coleman who came immediately to her defense when questions started to be asked.

After a series of very obtuse statements, one of which implied that Henry Barbour was a client of the law firm, which was then denied by Coleman, then reversed to a position to present a Tweet that provides even more sunlight. {citation}

“Harmeet Dhillon and Henry Barbour are both members of the Republican National Committee. And yes, our firm represents the RNC.”

Harmeet Dhillon and Ron Coleman represent the RNC.  Now things start to take on a new dimension.

If you believe the interests of the RNC are to align and support the MAGA candidates, then this relationship would seem innocuous.  Harmeet Dhillon is under client contract with the RNC.  Dhillon works for the RNC, not the candidate.

However, if you accept that the interests of the RNC as a private club are *not* necessarily in alignment with supporting the MAGA candidates, then suddenly the weak legal defenses afforded to the grassroots candidates starts to take on a differing perspective.

With the diminished trust level of voters toward the RNC; combined with a pattern and history of weak legal defenses; then failing by intent starts to become part of the larger possibility.

Knowing that Mrs. Harmeet Dhillon is a lawyer representing the interests of Ronna McDaniel and the private RNC corporation, the lack of legal effort, vigor, and a pattern of consistent legal losses toward the MAGA Republican candidates starts to take on some clarity.

The RNC is in somewhat of the driver’s seat in this contested election dynamic.  Unless the candidate can afford on their own to fund the legal challenges to the situations they encounter, they are essentially dependent on the RNC to assist them legally.  If the RNC intentionally torpedoes the legal effort, the candidate is without a support mechanism.

Did that happen in Arizona?  Was MAGA candidate Kari Lake a victim of what Machiavelli called “lukewarm defenders?”  Has there been a seemingly transparent pattern of poor legal pushback and challenges from the RNC in recent elections?  You decide.

Regardless, Arizona has been abandoned by the RNC and, according to the priorities of Harmeet Dhillon, they have moved on to repeat the operational success in Georgia.  Perhaps in Georgia the RNC effort to support MAGA candidate Hershel Walker will be more effective than the RNC legal effort to support Kari Lake in Arizona.

Again, you decide what Georgia outcome is likely in the party interest.

For me, I find the sentiment by Steve Deace to be most in line with historic reference. “The GOP would rather lose to Democrats than lose control of the party to its base”, after all “that’s what electable means – someone they approve of.”

Additionally, standing back and looking at the bigger picture, what does become obvious from this Dhillon-RNC attorney-client relationship is the reason why Harmeet Dhillon would be teaming up with Henry Barbour.  They have both been selected by Ronna McDaniel to head up the creation of the next phase planning for the billionaire funded RNC.

Remember, post Citizens United, the RNC doesn’t need small donor contributions to run operations.  The RNC relies on massive corporate donations to fund their priorities.  By agreement, the RNC also gets a portion of the campaign funds raised by each of the respective Republican candidates.  If you are withholding direct contributions to the RNC, it means nothing to them.  Small dollar donations are only valuable to the club insofar as they politically hide the scale of the multinational donations when reports show average contributions.

Which brings me to the final point…

Knowing that attorney Harmeet Dhillon was hired by the RNC, specifically hired by Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, when Mrs. Dhillon says she will “take views to heart” when she votes next month at the RNC winter meeting for the next chairperson, do you really think she will vote against her client?

Iowa GOP Chair Proclaims Support for Ronna McDaniel – Everyone in the RNC Business Wants McDaniel, Except the Voters

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 26, 2022 | Sundance 

U.S. political parties operate as a business.  Both wings of the business are private corporations.  The professionals inside the industry have a vested financial interest in retaining the business model.  The needs of the corporation are the priority, voters are annoying.

Having spent his career inside the industry, the Iowa GOP Chairman puts it this way:

‘Imperative’ Ronna made lots of money for the business.  Consultants, advisors, offices, polling groups, analysts, data, technicians, meetings, catering and more, take lots of money.  The corporations of the RNC and DNC exist to serve their own interests.  Politics is the RNC and DNC business; however, the income stream -the financial aspects to the business- is what holds influence over the corporate priority.

Ideology is part of the equation, but control of the business and generating revenue is the main function of the corporation. Unfortunately, in the reality of the business model, election outcomes are downstream from those two priorities.

There are two private corporations representing Republicans and Democrats; they are most commonly referred to as political parties. There is no basis for the existence of private political parties in the United States constitution.  Both parties’ function from a position as private interests outside the framework of government.

What we commonly refer to as ‘politicians’ are selected representatives to the government from each of the corporations.  What we commonly refer to as ‘primary elections’ are suggestions to each of the corporations from citizens expressing their preference for the representative.   The corporation can individually choose to accept or decline the suggestion from the voters, and the only thing that binds the corporation to follow the suggestion are the corporate rules.

Without money, the corporate mission doesn’t operate.  Without money the RNC members -essentially board members- do not function, hold meetings, assemble, or participate in the organization.

Therefore, from the standpoint of the corporation, the business of politics (inputs) drives the activitynot election results (outputs).

This facet to U.S. politics is rarely discussed because the corporations and the people who run them do not want this process emphasized.  However, if voters do not comprehend this dynamic, they can fall victim to the fallacy of false representative choice.

The corporation is made up of members.  The members make the rules.  The members have preferences and ideological outlooks about the objective of the corporation as part of their position within it.  Inside this dynamic is where you see the changing of rules to benefit the preferences of the members; ultimately influencing outcomes.

It is easier to just sit back and discuss the consequences than it is to watch the officials inside the club make rule changes proactively.  However, it is by watching the rule changes that we can see the roadmaps of influence within game as played by both RNC and DNC corporations.

Any political commentary that does not take this private club dynamic into consideration, and/or explain the consequences from decisions within the club, is not serving the interests of the American electorate.

The winter meeting of the RNC is taking place January 25-27th, in Dana Point California at the Waldorf Astoria – Monarch Beach Resort.  There are 168 members who will be in attendance (3 from every state) along with various RNC officials and national republican leadership.

Some RNC members support MAGA, some do not.  Some RNC members support the Wall Street alignment, some do not.  Some members support the populist movement, others do not.  Some RNC members support a big tent approach to a working-class coalition, other RNC members regard the working-class as beneath their representative interests.

The key point is that it’s a private club making these decisions.

A private club that may or may not care about your opinion.

Insert vote, pull lever, get pellet and pat on head.  Next?!