Assassin Who Killed Shinzo Abe Cleared to Stand Trial

Posted originally on the CTH on December 29, 2022 | Sundance 

One of the greatest losses of 2022 was the assassination of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, a man beloved for his dedication to his country.  At the time of his murder Abe was leading a movement within government to reform the Japanese constitution and permit the assembly of a modern military as a bulwark against the rising influence of China.

During a rally to support reform candidates, Abe was assassinated by a young man named Yamagami Tetsuya.  Tetsuya was a former member of the maritime defense forces where he served for three years; he used a homemade black powder shotgun to kill Abe. After his capture Tetsuya was put through a psychological evaluation to determine his competency to stand trial.  After an evaluation investigators and prosecutors have determined Yamagami Tetsuya will face indictment for the murder of Shinzo Abe.

Japan – Investigative sources say Japanese prosecutors have decided to indict the suspect in the shooting death of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, based on the results of psychiatric evaluation.

Public prosecutors in Nara, western Japan, sent Yamagami Tetsuya to a detention house to determine whether he can be held criminally responsible, following his arrest in July.  The evaluation was conducted by interviewing the suspect about his family environment, his relationship with his mother and other matters.

Investigative sources say the prosecutors also determined that Yamagami is mentally fit to be tried, as he built handmade guns and carefully prepared for the attack by checking Abe’s campaign schedule.

The period of the suspect’s detention for mental evaluation will expire on January 10, and the prosecutors are expected to indict him by January 13, when his period of detention ends.

Yamagami fatally shot the former prime minister on July 8 during an election campaign speech in Nara.  The suspect reportedly told police that he was motivated by a grudge against the religious group widely known as the Unification Church. He says he shot Abe because he believed the former prime minister had close ties with the group. He also claimed his mother’s huge donations to the group left his family in financial ruin. (more)

Shinzo Abe’s leadership and influence in Japan is sorely missed.

1954 – 2022

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was a transformative figure in Japanese politics.  A devout nationalist with a humble demeanor, Abe shifted the national sentiment from post war apology toward an outlook of pride in Japanese culture, work ethic and traditional value.  He was beloved by conservatives and patriots in Japan and disliked by leftists and globalists.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Donald Trump were friends before Mr. Trump entered politics.  First lady Melania Trump and Mrs Akie Abe were also friends, and the two couples spent a great deal of time together before and during President Trump’s term in office.

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