Perfect – Arizona GOP Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Who Killed Election Reform Bill, Destroyed by Audience, Booed and Run Off Stage

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We need more of this!

Arizona Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita was one of two republicans who voted with Democrats to kill SB1241, an Arizona senate bill to reform election integrity.  Senator Ugenti was scheduled to speak to the audience at Turning Point USA today; however, when she attempted to give her speech, the audience absolutely destroyed her with boos and jeers.

Ms. Ugenti attempted to deliver her speech, but the crowd grew louder with every word until eventually she had to walk off stage completely humiliated.  Well done Arizona.  Senator Ugenti does not stand a chance in her vain attempt to become Secretary of State.  It was brutal.  It was awesome, WATCH:

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Huawei Technologies, China’s Quasi-Government Controlled Cell Phone Tech Company, Hires Democrat Lobbyist Tony Podesta

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China’s Huawei Tech was black-listed by President Trump’s administration due to the inherent national security risk from Chinese spyware being installed in the operating hardware of their cell phone technology.  The Biden administration has maintained that status.

However, despite the ban Hauwei ramped up lobbyist spending in the second quarter of this year. [Bloomberg] “Huawei spent $1.06 million in the second quarter of 2021, up from $180,000 in the first quarter this year, according to disclosures filed Tuesday. The company listed broadband and infrastructure bills as specific interests, as well as trade and a digital privacy measure.”

Today Politico is revealing that Tony Podesta, the infamous Democrat lobbyist who organized the money laundering system for the Clinton Foundation, has been hired as a lobbyist by Hauwei.

POLITICO – Huawei is hiring Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta as a consultant, according to two people familiar with the matter. Podesta will aim to help the controversial Chinese telecom giant warm relations with the Biden administration.

Podesta will work to advance a variety of the company’s goals in Washington, according to one of the people. He declined to comment. A spokesperson for Huawei also declined to comment. (read more)

The suspicious cats remain, well, suspicious…

China Works With Biden Administration to Target Former America-First Trump Team With Sanctions

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One of the most significant aspects to President Trump’s administration was the trade and economic team he assembled to drive the “America-First” Main Street resurgence we saw on display throughout the four years in office.  Readers will note, there was no turnover of personnel in the trade and economic team, because they were the priority, the fulcrum of the Trump Doctrine. One of the key people driving the America-First agenda was Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

President Trump’s trade and economic team were laser focused on bringing back domestic Main Street economics as the foundation of our economy.  That approach put Wall Street multinationals at a policy disadvantage.   No-one without an interest in U.S. economic security was allowed a seat at the Trump table.

Policies and practices that supported made in the USA domestic manufacturing and industry were the prism through which all actions taken by the Trump administration were viewed.  The massive growth in U.S. jobs and wages was a result.  We also had an unprecedented period of deflationary pricing.  Things were, well, economically astoundingly good for American workers.

As a direct consequence China, Europe and ASEAN partners who had their foothold in the U.S. economy were weakened.  This made the U.S. (Wall Street) multinational corporations -who rely on outsourcing, offshoring and raw material export- very angry.  The exfiltration of American wealth was halted by Trump.  There were trillions at stake, and many enemies were made because of the America-First agenda.

Those Wall Street enemies of Trump are essentially allies of Joe Biden policy.  Biden has not only re-instituted policies to make the U.S. dependent again, ie. a service-driven economy, he has driven up the prices of energy, raw materials and created massive inflation directly as an outcome of policy.

Today, just as the Biden administration continues using the DOJ to target former Trump officials, China announces they will target Wilbur Ross with sanctions.

Make no mistake about this, China is taking this action against the America-First team because they can.  They are, in essence, doing Biden’s bidding…..

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, July 23 (Reuters) – China said on Friday that it has imposed counter-sanctions on U.S. individuals including former U.S. commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in response to recent U.S. sanctions on Chinese officials in Hong Kong.

The sanctions are the first imposed by China under its new anti-foreign sanction law, passed in June, and come days before U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is due to visit China amid deeply strained ties.

China also imposed unspecified “reciprocal counter-sanctions” on current and former representatives of a range of organisations, including the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. (read more)

Brutal CfG Ad Hits Cheney For Operating Similar Personal Power Structure as Clinton

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Club for Growth (CfG), not exactly part of the MAGA community, is hitting Representative Liz Cheney in Wyoming with a pretty effective ad.  Essentially, the ad walks through a comparison between Hillary Clinton and Liz Cheney, highlighting the similarities.  WATCH:

Hey, whatever works.  As long as we can get rid of this warmongering DeceptiCon, who is more ideologically aligned with leftist democrats, I’m good with all attack angles.

New Rules !!

Day Five – The Fourth Branch of Government, The Intelligence Branch

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When we understand how the Fourth Branch works [See all Previous Outlines], questions about our dysfunctional U.S. modern government are answered. Additionally, the motives and intentions of people inside the institutions start to reconcile. However, before completing the final outline, there is a structural understanding needed about the global intelligence apparatus.

On a global scale – the modern intelligence gathering networks are now dependent on data collection to execute their intelligence missions.  In the digital age nations have been executing various methods to gather that data.   Digital surveillance has replaced other methods of interception.  Those surveillance efforts have resulted in a coalescing of regional data networks based on historic multi-national relationships.

We  have a recent frame of reference for the “U.S. data collection network” within the NSA.  Through the allied process the Five Eyes nations all rely on the NSA surveillance database (U.K, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and U.S.)   The NSA database provides the digital baseline for intelligence operations in defense of our allies.  The portals into the NSA database are essentially an assembly of allies in like-minded ideological connection to the United States.

Unfortunately, there have been some revelations about the NSA database being used to monitor our allies, like in the example of Germany and surveillance on Angela Merkel’s phone.  As long as “the good guys” are operating honorably, allies of the United States can feel confident about having protection from the NSA surveillance of global digital data.  We warn our friends if we detect something dangerous etc.

The U.S. has nodes on communication pipelines to intercept and extract data.  We have also launched hundreds, perhaps thousands, of satellites to conduct surveillance and gather up data.  All of this data is fed into the NSA database where it is monitored (presumably) as a national security mechanism, and in defense of our allies.

However, what about data collection or data networks that are outside the NSA database?  What do our enemies do?  The NSA database is just one intelligence operation of digital surveillance amid the entire world, and we do not allow access by adversaries we are monitoring.  So what do they do?  What do our allies do who might not trust the United States due to past inconsistencies, ie. the Middle-East?

The answers to those questions highlight other data collection networks.  So a brief review of the major players is needed.

♦ CHINA – China operates their own database.  They, like the NSA, scoop up data for their system.  Like us, China launches satellites and deploys other electronic data collection methods to download into their database.  This is why the issues of electronic devices manufactured in China becomes problematic.  Part of the Chinese data collection system involves the use of spyware, hacking and extraction.

Issues with Chinese communication company Huawei take on an added dimension when you consider the goal of the Chinese government to conduct surveillance and assemble a network of data to compete with the United States via the NSA.  Other Chinese methods of surveillance and data-collection are less subversive, as in the examples of TicTok and WeChat.  These are Chinese social media companies that are scraping data just like the NSA scrapes data from Facebook, Twitter and other Silicon Valley tech companies.  [ Remember, the Intelligence Branch is a public-private partnership. ]

♦ RUSSIA – It is very likely that Russia operates their own database.  We know Russia launches satellites, just like China and the USA, for the same purposes.  Russia is also very proficient at hacking into other databases and extracting information to store and utilize in their own network.  The difference between the U.S., China and Russia is likely that Russia spends more time on the hacking aspect because they do not generate actual technology systems as rapidly as the U.S. and China.

The most recent database creation is an outcome of an ally having to take action because they cannot rely on the ideology of the United States remaining consistent as the administrations ping-pong based on ideology….

 SAUDI ARABIA – Yes, in 2016 we discovered that Saudi Arabia was now operating their own intelligence data-gathering operation.  It would make sense, given the nature of the middle-east and the constant fluctuations in political support from the United States.   It is a lesson the allied Arab community and Gulf Cooperation Council learned quickly when President Obama went to Cairo in 2009 and launched the Islamist Spring (Arab Spring) upon them.

I have no doubt the creation of the Saudi intelligence network was specifically because the Obama administration started supporting radical Islamists within the Muslim Brotherhood, and threw fuel on the fires of extremism all over the Arab world.

Think about it., What would you do if you were Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, the UAE, Jordan, Oman or Yemen and you knew the United States could just trigger an internal uprising of al-Qaeda, ISIS and the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood to seek your destruction?

Without a doubt, those urgent lessons from 2009, 2010, 2011 triggered the formation of the Arab Intelligence Network as a network to defend itself with consistency.  They assembled the network and activated it in 2017 as pictured above.

 Israel – Along a similar outlook to the Arab network, no doubt Israel operates an independent data collection system as a method of protecting itself from ever-changing U.S. politics amid a region that is extremely hostile to its very existence.   Like the others, Israel launches proprietary satellites, and we can be sure they use covert methods to gather electronic data just like the U.S. and China.

As we have recently seen in the Pegasus story, Israel creates spyware programs that are able to track and monitor cell phone communications of targets.  The spyware would not work unless Israel had access to some network where the phone meta-data was actually stored.  So yeah, it makes sense for Israel to operate an independent intelligence database.

♦ Summary:  As we understand the United States Intelligence Branch of government as the superseding entity that controls the internal politics of our nation, we also must consider that multiple nations have the same issue.  There are major intelligence networks around the world beside the NSA “Five-Eyes” database.  China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel all operate proprietary databases deploying the same tools and techniques for assembly.

The geopolitical conflict that has always existed has now shifted into a digital battle-space.  The Intelligence Agencies from these regions are now operating as the backbone of the government that uses them, and has become dependent on them.  [<- Reread that].

Once you accept the digital-era intelligence apparatus of China, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, The United States and Israel, are now the primary national security mechanisms for stabilization of government; then you accept the importance of those intelligence operations.

Once you understand how foundational those modern intelligence operations have become for the stability and continuity of those governments…… then you begin to understand just how the United States intelligence community became more important than the government that created it.

What you have just read is the baseline for the next chapter in ¹our series of how the Intelligence Branch has become the superseding branch of the United States government.  This foundational understanding also explains why traditional intelligence “oversight”, which was never structured to end up as subservient to the intelligence system it was intended to oversee, has become useless in controlling or restraining this Intelligence Branch.

Fauci The Cornered Rat

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Fauci Gets Grilled By Senator Rand Paul

Dr. Fauci lied to Congress again when he claimed he never lied to Congress. The gnome of narcissism was visibly uncomfortable when Rand Paul cornered him. Instead of answering the Paul’s questions clearly, he dithered and insulted the senator. Fauci could not deny that he DID fund the Chinese Communist bioweapons lab, which helped them to achieve ‘gain of function’ with COVID-19.

Fauci is a hack for Bill Gates and the chief medical advisor to the Biden regime. He is the best-paid government employee. He has lately earned his money by flip flopping and lying to the American people. He claims to be the epitome of science, which enables him to say with glee…”You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The diminutive doctor should be arrested and imprisoned, but I predict he’ll go unpunished. Those that are part of the ruling cabal never face the consequences for their crime. Instead, they appear on and are praised by the mainstream lying media. Even Fox News joined the act. Neil Cavuto condemned the questioning of Dr. Fauci and referred to it as a ‘pile on.’ Fauci was then praised as glowing point of light in America.  At least Sean Hannity condemned Fauci, and even though Sean has pushed the gene therapy injections in the past, he doesn’t think they should be mandatory.

As for Dr. Fauci, LOCK HIM UP!

—Ben Garrison

Homeland Security Is Training People To Round Up And Quarantine Unvaxxed Rural Americans

“Are you Awake now?”

First published on BITCHUTE at 05:03 UTC on July 21st, 2021.

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Anyone Can Run for Speaker of the House in Congress

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Jul 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Most people do not know, but the Speaker of the House is just another political job that is subject to the vote of the members of Congress.  A Democrat has introduced a bill to limit that position to just members of Congress. Why? For months, there has been talking behind the curtain that Trump might run for Speaker against Pelosi. CNN would be ecstatic. Their ratings might rise again, for now, they keep just beating Trump because they have nobody else, and they have become such an anti-American news organization that is really just propaganda.

The Democrats seem to be so intent upon imposing a dictatorial economic view and are by no means ruling from the middle. Their extreme move to the left has only inspired the extreme right in the Republicans. As this food fight continues, the nation is being hurled toward 2032, where our computer models forecast the end of representative government as we have known it. The closer we get, the easier it is to see that the computer will be correct once again.

White House Colluding with BigTech for Censorship

Armstrong Economics Blog/BigTech Re-Posted Jul 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s recent admission that the administration is “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation” was legally a major development. She has admitted that Facebook is working with the White House to censor Americans so it is acting under color of law. This is a very critical point that legally amounts to Facebook being directed to censor what the White House is calling “misinformation” about COVID-19 that is effectively anything that contradicts of even questions the official narrative.

As I have stated before, the escape clause for BigTech is that the First Amendment only applies to government, not them. However, cooperating behind the curtain and for the White House to be telling Facebook to flag certain people or posts is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and a serious breach of what a free society is all ab out.

Biden himself is engaging in misinformation. Generally, about 50% of the people with this new Delta Variant have already been vaccinated. To claim that the only pandemic is among the unvaccinated and “they are killing people” but the lockdowns did not kill anyone. We really have to wonder if he is aware of what is really going on.

Dinesh D’Souza Highlights The Duplicitous Reason Why RNC Club President Ronna McDaniel Does Not Support Donald Trump or MAGA Movement

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In a recent podcast segment [Rumble Link Here], Dinesh D’Souza points out the duplicitous motives for the RNC club to be okay losing elections.  In essence, it comes down to politics as a business model, which we have discussed here often.

Ronna McDaniel is the typical GOPe operational head (Michael Steele and Reince Prebius preceeding).  McDaniel loves the cocktail and country club circuit that is essentially a life of indulgence amid the donor class.  As D’Souza notes the business of fundraising, which is the preferred activity of McDaniel, is better from the losing side of the political dynamic.   Not coincidentally, the same financial motives apply to Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

This is worth watching because it is certainly true from a modern historical perspective.  And keep in mind the RNC and DNC are private clubs, private organizations.  There is nothing in the constitutional framework about political parties.  These are private organizations who can make any rule they choose and operate their business in any manner they choose.

The one issue that frustrates me personally; amid the known deep weeds and moves of the RNC as a club and their vitriolic hatred for the Tea Party before and MAGA movement now; is why President Trump continues to express confidence in Ronna McDaniel.

Yes, there is always going to be intra-party factions within the Republican system as a whole. However, the (at best) 10 to 20% of the club establishment, the Wall Street Multinational faction, are toxic to the objectives of restorative Americanism. The club elites, and this includes current RNC head Ronna McDaniel, simply hate the vulgarian middle-class and the base of the movement. Yet, for some unknown reason Donald Trump allows this to continue.

McDaniel is working against the interests of the MAGA base. The head of the RNC does nothing to highlight demonstrable election fraud; she stands aside and watches as media frame an extremist narrative against the base of the party she is supposed to represent. McDaniel does nothing to support the legal alliance needed to push back against election fraud; and worse yet, she does nothing to support the recruitment of MAGA minded candidates to lead the middle-class working revolution against the corrupt political system. Yet, amid these brutally obvious realities, no one ever seems to call it out.

Eight years ago, CTH spent almost two years following, tracking and researching their RNC club moves.  We had sources and moles all around them in every meeting.

Six years ago, CTH outlined the playbook they use to control election outcomes, and we specifically mapped out the ‘splitter strategy‘ they would deploy, AGAIN, to execute their scheme.  In 2016 they triggered every single tripwire we predicted in the exact and specific sequence we outlined they would.   And I am telling you right now…

….the Club is at it again.