Pension Funds & the New Norm

Armstrong Economics Blog/Pension Crisis Re-Posted Aug 3, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Well Marty, it’s not so hard to figure out which pension funds are your clients. All we have to do is look at the ones cutting government bond holdings. All the top pensions in Japan were always at all your WEC events. I remember talking to the attendees of Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund. They just cut their holdings. Big surprise!

JF, Tokyo

ANSWER: Hope things are well for you there. Any pension fund that holds government debt in size and thinks it will return to normal is probably as delusional as those who think it will return to normal after 100% of the world is vaccinated with Gates’ magic potion #19. There will be endless streams of variants for the next 10 years and a virus will evolve to defeat vaccines. That is why they roll the dice each year with the flu shot. They are trying to anticipate the next variant. There will never be a return to normal. This is all about power. They have tasted the lure of power and will never relinquish that power willingly. That is why history is littered with revolutions against tyrants, and I believe Gates is the tyrant of the 21st century who history will remember not so fondly.

Berlin Protest August 1, 2021

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Aug 2, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

There was a massive protest with tens of thousands of people protesting the new lockdowns. The official press claimed there was only 600 and naturally labelled them as Nazis. The previous week, there was a Gay Pride demonstration and the police did nothing. Here the police were beating protestors and a  49-year-old man died after being detained by officers during the protest which the government was forced to admit on Monday.

The protestors have defied orders to disperse. Germany has now established roadblocks so people cannot enter Germany by car demanding proof of COVID vaccine. The police in Germany, as in Australia, are still supporting the tyranny and obviously are the real Nazis who, as in Nuremberg, made the excuse that they were just following orders. Do you really think beating women and children is morally OK as long as the government orders you to do so?

The resistance has not died and the scheme of this Great Reset will lead to violence. Schwab has the audacity to say that the violence will be because the people want his policies of equality. I think they want his policies to end and freedom restored.

Today most industrialized countries boast life expectancy figures of more than 75 years, according to comparisons compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Country Comparison: Life Expectancy at Birth. Updated 2017.) This is their real problem – overpopulation and we have enjoyed postwar the best living conditions in human history. They do not like that and want to revise the system not expand it.

Australian Government Begins Army Patrols to Keep Citizens in Lockdown Until Next Year

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Things are really super sketchy in Australia.  The covid restrictions have been getting increasingly more intense, as a result two weekends ago massive protests started.  However, this past weekend thousands of police were deployed in rings around metropolitan areas to stop people from assembling to protest.  At the same time this past weekend,  Google blocked Sky News from uploading news feed to their YouTube channel.

Check out this video report.  The Australian army have been dispatched to keep citizens compliant and locked-down.   The vaccination rate is approximately 20%, and the government intends to keep everyone locked down until the vaccination rate reaches 70%.  According to Prime Minister Morrison, that threshold *should be* achieved by the end of the year.  That means Australians will remain locked-down for the remainder of this year.

Nuts !

Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired by Fox News Following Sexual Harassment Claims by Young Male Staff

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Perhaps this explains the weird behavior by Napolitano during Spygate.  Initially, the Fox News analyst recognized the issues of the Obama FBI and intelligence apparatus spying on their political opposition. Then suddenly, Napolitano appeared to do an about face despite mounting evidence that highlighted the spying issue as accurate.

A lawsuit was filed [pdf available here] claiming that Judge Napolitano was sexually harassing young men at Fox News.  The news group did an internal investigation and fired Napolitano, which seems to indicate the harassment claims were grounded in fact.   It makes you wonder if sketchy Napolitano was under the cloud of blackmail for his sexual improprieties?

(Variety)  – Judge Andrew Napolitano, a legal contributor for Fox News, is no longer employed by the network following allegations of sexual harassment.

In a complaint filed on Monday, a 27-year-old Fox News associate producer alleged that Napolitano has “sexually harassed numerous young male employees during his tenure at Fox News.” The plaintiff, whose name is John Fawcett, claims that he reported Napolitano’s misconduct to Fox News’ human resources department but they did not take any immediate action against him.

In a statement to Variety, Fox News said that upon learning of the allegations, the network “immediately investigated the claims and addressed the matter with both parties.” Napolitano has not appeared on air at Fox News for several months. (read more)

I guess if we wait a little while longer we might find out, a similar pathway amid the career of Fox New’s two human cabbage patch dolls:  Brett Baier and Neil Cavuto.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Responds To Arizona Senate Subpoena – Go Spit, “It’s Time to Move On”

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Last week, the Arizona State Senate sent a subpoena to Maricopa County election officials asking for information and voting material the county previously refused to turn over [See Here].

Today, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors responded to the legislative subpoena:

Obviously given the nature of the court rulings that have sustained the position of the state senate, the Maricopa County BoS view the legislative subpoena as legally valid but unenforceable.  They appear to stand in open defiance of the state upper-chamber because the county board perceives no threat from any enforcement mechanism (law enforcement or state attorney).

White House Takes Aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Over Lack of COVID Restrictions

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I’m pretty sure everyone here could predict the White House would need to target any state or region that is not restricting freedom and applying ridiculous COVID rules and regulations.  States that do not force vaccinations, force masks, and generate mandates against their citizens are essentially enemies of the politically reliant dictators.

As a consequence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis allowing his state to remain open and operating as normal, without arbitrary rules, restrictions and mandates, stands in open defiance of the demanded federal overreaction.  The White House cannot have Florida functioning without panic and fear, and still sell their doom and gloom forecast; so DeSantis becomes the enemy.

This is where the David Plouffe messaging comes into the White House press briefing room as Press Secretary Jen Psaki takes direct aim at DeSantis earlier today.  (video prompted) WATCH:

Everything about that soundbite is bait.  This is typical political planning and strategy being deployed with the help of corporate media.  The White House wants to draw DeSantis into a direct conflict so they can use false claims in media to create a totally fabricated narrative.  DeSantis would be well advised not to take the bait.

The Associated Press is already framing the narrative about Ron DeSantis killing people [Article Here] in an effort to support the larger corporate media alignment with the White House and corrupt government agencies.   The alarmist narrative around ‘the delta variant’ is unrecognizable to people who live in the state.

Without the news showcasing doom, gloom and generating anxiety amid those who still don’t comprehend the scale of fake news stories, you’d never know that COVID even existed in the free state of Florida.  The reality destroys the narratives; that’s the reason why DeSantis must be attacked.  Florida is undermining the entire national narrative.

What is happening on a national scale surrounding COVID 2.0, is soviet level propaganda being pushed through the alliance of corporate media and Big Tech.  The really odd thing is how many people seem to believe it.

DeSantis, and any free-state governor that comes under the attack of the White House and media machine, needs to ignore the bait.  The only way to win at this scheme is not to play; to go on the attack; to continually point out how intensely political the motives are, then start applying massive amounts of ridicule upon the House Democrats.

Do not take the bait.  When asked to respond to the White House, the DeSantis team needs to hit back hard explaining WHY the White House needs COVID:

Ex: …”The Democrats are going to lose their seats because they hate this country, and every action they have taken shows how much they despise the people of our nation.  Take a look at the unsecured border; illegal aliens flowing through while Democrats claim to care about COVID spread?  Take a look at our schools in crisis; kids isolated, parents frustrated, the teachers union running the show and education collapsing. 

These Democrats hate the middle-class and ordinary Americans; need proof, take a look at your grocery bill. These people you call Democrats, focused on controlling your life, are entirely detached from you, me and the American people.  They hate the working class; just look at the prices you are paying at the gas pump.  Face it, they hate you, and the American electorate is going to show-up in massive numbers in 2022 and remove them.  Next question”…

This is a battle against multiple enemies.  It is frustrating to see politicians accept the fraudulent premise thereby putting themselves constantly on the defensive.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Asks Private Businesses to Start Vaccine Only Admission

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During a press conference today to push vaccines as the primary mitigation effort against COVID-19 ‘delta variant’ [full video here], New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told private businesses to start a vaccine-only admission practice.

Cuomo said he thinks implementing “vaccine-only admission” will help incentivize New Yorkers to get inoculated. “If you say to people, ‘Well, if you don’t have a vaccine, you can’t get into these establishments,’ then you will see a real incentive to get vaccinated,” he said. WATCH:

The Ugly New Yorker

The attitude displayed in this brief soundbite is exactly the reason why many people in the land of freedom have a horrible opinion of New Yorkers in general.  The self-centered arrogance and condescending tone on display is ugly to many people, myself included.  This attitude is why people don’t want New Yorker’s moving to their area.

My vaccination status is none of your business.  If you want to live in fear then stay home.  Your paranoia is not my concern.

Where to Live & The Population Crisis

Armstrong Economics Blog/World Economic Conference Re-Posted Aug 2, 2021 by Martin Armstrong


Are there any countries that will be safe from mandatory experimental vaccines?

Can you please cover where in the world is going to be safe to live at the next WEC.


ANSWER: I realize that is becoming the #1 question. I am working on the materials for the WEC now. I will do a report on that subject as well as the population crisis and where does the model point to the disease and plague cycles ahead.

The Big Capital Shift – Economic Future of Uncertainty

Armstrong Economics Blog/Capital Flow Re-Posted Aug 2, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Capital is flowing like never before. While governments are talking Great Reset and the IMF is pushing for abandoning paper money moving to a cryptocurrency in hopes that the next stage will be for the IMF version to replace the dollar as the reserve currency, the smart money is on the move. Everything from housing to collectibles has been soaring in prices. Local sources on real estate confirm that the majority of housing is being sold to out-of-state buyers moving to Florida, they are paying cash. Meanwhile, mortgage rates are declining because lenders would rather hold private loans than government bonds. Even the Fed is engaging in Reverse Repos because there is excess cash in the system that smart money is not interested in borrowing.

Governments are moving toward MMT because both Europe and Japan have wiped out their bond markets. Their central banks are buying the debt because they can’t really sell it anymore. What began as Quantitative Easing has become perpetual monetization and the end of government financing as we have known it.

Schwab’s World Economic Forum controls Europe and they have their tentacles deep into the Biden Administration. This infrastructure bill is insane, but worse still, unemployment is high when every place you look at has a sign out there that says help wanted.

The benefits for unemployment and the $300 bonus is maintaining the early stages of Guaranteed Basic Income. The real objective has been to end commuting so they can meet their goal of ZERO CO2.

With such a dramatic shift in the world economy, the greatest threat to everyone’s financial survival is the continued old-school analysis that is misinforming people of what is really the true global trend.

The Authoritarian Rule & The Post-2032 Hope

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Aug 2, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Based upon reports from inside several governments, the IMF has been directing all central banks to terminate paper money by 2022 and move to digital currencies. The real motive here is to terminate the underground economy and to ensure that everyone is 100% taxed as they determine. This has been the driving force behind the shift toward tangible assets with real estate, collectibles, and equities rising. This has been capital trying to get off the grid. One house on the beach I am personally aware of sold for $1.2 million in 1992 is up for sale now at $7.8 million.

Even Ukraine’s President has just signed a law allowing its Central Bank to issue a digital currency. People wrongly believe that those in power are actually intelligent – WRONG! Those who have attended our World Economic Conference have often met my son-in-law. He wanted to go to Capitol Hill with me and I warned him he would never look at government the same. We went in for a group meeting among many Congressmen and when we left, he turned to me and said: “They really do not know anything!”

These people have ZERO experience. It would be like putting me in charge of a hospital’s surgery unit.  I might be able to be an administrator, but I would have ZERO knowledge about how to carry out procedures. The people who hold these positions are typically lawyers. They have no idea of how the world economy truly functions. In their mind, they know how to write a law and they assume by writing that law all the people will have to obey.

Ending paper money is their dream. They then think they can collect EVERY penny of tax they ever dreamed about. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has stated that they will even be able to control what you are allowed to spend money on. The Bank of England was saying that parents will be able to control what their children spend money on. The problem is that the government will control what even we can spend money on. The BBC is selling this that debit cards are now available for children aged 6 to 18 years old and the government is there to help parents control the spending of their children that is obviously a national security risk.

The end goal here is to:

(1) capture every penny of tax they desire, (2) end the flight of international capital flows to avoid taxation, (3) eliminate the underground economy,

and (4) the elimination of “populism” = democracy

Goal #8 of the World Economic Forum & United Nations 2030 agenda is the elimination of “populism” where the people elected a non-politician like Trump. They want to eliminate all means of the people to change their leadership. Democracy must come to an end.

All of this is simply because the political economy is collapsing and everything is unfolding precisely as our computer has forecast over the last 10 years at every WEC event. Socialism from pensions to perpetual funding of debt is coming to an end. By lowering interest rates to negative in 2014, the ECB has destroyed the European bond market and rendered pension funds insolvent.

Politicians are smart enough to know that a default means that mob will be storming their castles and mounting their heads of spikes when they realize their future has been one major lie. The ONLY way for those in power to survive is to now move to an authoritarian state.

The closer we move toward 2024, all our forecasts people who have attended for decades can see for themselves what is now unfolding and becoming obvious. Nevertheless, this is a last-stand. They will FAIL and what lies ahead will be a new form of government and with that, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

This year’s WEC we don’t have to tell you what is coming. That is pretty obvious by now. We will start to look at the other side of 2032 and how to position ourselves for the end-game.