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Boomerang Kids

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Boomerang kids is a term for those who moved out of their parents’ home only to return. The number of young adults who were forced to move back home reached historic highs in 2020 when the pandemic began. In fact, three in ten Gen Zers (18-25) moved back home with their parents during the pandemic as school campuses closed down. Around 18% of younger millennials (26-34) and 17% of older millennials (35-41) also moved back in with mom and dad. However, a recent report shows that two-thirds of young adults in the US who moved back home during the pandemic have yet to leave the nest.

Housing and rental costs are at historic highs and continue to rise. Inflation is soaring, rates are rising, and the youth is struggling. The demographic that should be starting families is financially priced out of doing so. Around 31% of boomerang kids said their top focus is saving for a down payment on a home, and nearly 30% of those who did move out managed to purchase a home. Around 39% of those who moved back home said they were focused on paying off debt.

About 73% of those who did move out after the pandemic were only able to rent. Unsurprisingly, states with the highest cost of living host the largest number of boomerang kids. Around 21.6% of adult children live at home in Hawaii, followed by New Jersey and Florida, which host 20.7% and 20.1%, respectively.

Young adults can no longer afford the American dream. Nearly three years after the pandemic, most young adults who moved back home have been unable to leave. Housing costs are usually the biggest expense of any household, and the youth simply cannot afford to buy in this market. This is why the birth rate is steadily declining, and the future workforce will be limited.

New Interview: 2023 Will Be A Year Of Chaos and Big Challenges for the US

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Episode 1056: Holiday!

Revenge of the Cis Published originally on Rumble on September 1, 2022

– Gov. Greg Abbott sends busload of migrants from Texas to Chicago
– Reed Coverdale joins us

Teacher’s Union Calls to Fire White Teachers

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Sometimes going woke is just blatant racism against the majority. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) union proposed a deal with “educators of color protections.” Basically, in the event of reducing staff, white teachers must be the first to leave.

“Starting with the Spring 2023 Budget Tie-Out Cycle, if excessing a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population,” the agreement reads. Seniority is usually considered during teacher layoffs, but now they are blatantly discriminating against Caucasian teachers. This clearly violated the Constitutional protection for equal rights.

The same bleeding heart white liberals who agreed to this contract may think twice once they lose their jobs. Teacher’s unions are historically liberal. The two largest teacher’s unions in America are the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), with over 3 and 1.5 million members, respectively. These agencies are not only openly liberal, but they lobby for liberal candidates.

According to Open Secrets, the National Education Association spent $12,596,440 on political contributions and $2,610,000 on lobbying efforts in 2020. Around 98.22% of their funding for Congressional candidates went to the Democrats. The union supported 198 Democratic House members and only three Republicans. They even put money behind 27 Democratic Senators and just one Republican. These teachers’ unions are notoriously left and are far from impartial when teaching impressionable children.

The Fattish Man of Paralyzing Stupidity Has Been Cancelled by CNN Fake News

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In the 1990’s U.S. journalists were introduced to the concept of Baghdad Bob by a controlling state regime in Iraq.  It was not coincidental that the introduction of Bob coincided with the rise of a state media enterprise in the United States called CNN.  As we fast forward through the evolution, CNN and CNNi are now recognized domestically and internationally as media for U.S. Dept of State propaganda.

However, as with all pretenses that eventually collapse under the sunlight of reality, there comes a time when Baghdad Bob loses value for the regime.  Once people start openly mocking the propaganda, the clownish efforts of the regime to maintain the ruse become, well, irrelevant.  People start to ignore the messaging en masse.  The value of a fattish man of insufferable stupidity diminishes. Time moves along….

(Via Daily Beast) – Brian Stelter will depart CNN, multiple sources confirmed to The Daily Beast, as the network will cancel his weekly media show Reliable Sources.

As a close ally and friend to former CNN boss Jeff Zucker, Stelter has occasionally appeared to be at odds with the new era of CNN. (link)

And tomorrow is Friday…

Comment on Woke

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COMMENT: I went to sign up for a dating site. It asks only if you are interested in men or women. I am really confused since we do not know what a woman is anymore. I think it needs to be more clearly defined.

(1) Someone who identifies as a birthing person

(2) Someone who has been transformed into a birthing person for appearance’s sake

(2) Someone who has been transformed into a birthing person who can give birth

(4) Someone who is a natural birthing person

(5) Someone who is a retired natural birthing person

(6) Someone who is non-binary and identifies as whatever depending on the moment


REPLY: My question is after Harris identifies as a woman, which is now a debatable term, she then states what she is wearing. Maybe I’m too old. But I do not understand why someone would state what they are wearing unless they are saying they are not wearing a traditional dress. Why stop there? Should we now identify the type of underwear she is wearing? I have never gone to a meeting, ever, where you stated what you were wearing. Never in all my meetings with Maggie did she ever once state her gender.

You could tell with COVID their mental state depending if they wore a mask and demanded yours had to be over your nose. But this is far beyond that. This has all gone insane.

Facing Public Backlash Activist Manhattan DA Drops Murder Charges Against Bodega Owner Who Was Acting in Self Defense

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No doubt it was only the public pressure and ridicule against this activist Manhattan District Attorney that caused him to reverse course.

Facing intense public scrutiny for his ideological efforts, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has dropped charges against the 61-year-old Latino bodega owner who defended himself against a violent attack by the black boyfriend of an angry customer.

The entire episode, including the ridiculous charges against Jose Alba, was fraught with racist undertones from the district attorney’s office.

NEW YORK – After intense backlash from local bodega workers and city tabloids, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg on Tuesday dropped all charges against bodega clerk Jose Alba, who was allegedly acting in self-defense when he fatally stabbed a man who was attacking him.

The liberal DA’s decision comes after weeks of criticism of Bragg’s decision to send the 61-year-old to Riker’s Island and charge him with second-degree murder in the death of 35-year-old Austin Simon. Bragg first requested Alba’s bail be set at $500,000 before it was lowered to $50,000 in response to criticism from the community. He was later released on a $5,000 bail bond.

Video obtained by the New York Post seems to show Simon advancing on Alba at the bodega where Alba works and violently shoving him against a wall after his girlfriend’s credit card was rejected while trying to buy a bag of chips. Alba could be heard in the video trying to diffuse the situation as Simon walked behind the counter, saying, “Papa, I don’t want a problem, papa.”

While Alba initially tried to walk away from Simon after being shoved, video shows, a struggle between the two men ensued and Alba stabbed Simon repeatedly. The video seems to show Simon’s girlfriend pulling a knife from her purse and attempting to grab Alba’s arm as he stabbed her boyfriend. She then stabbed Alba.

Bragg’s office said Tuesday that “a homicide case against Alba could not be proven at trial beyond a reasonable doubt” after further investigation. (read more)

Starbucks Flees Crime-Ridden Cities

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People are less likely to splurge for their daily morning $6 coffee amid a looming recession, and Starbucks stock is down over 30% this year. However, another main problem facing Starbucks stores is crime. CEO Howard Schultz announced that the company is closing 16 stores with “many more” closures to come. While potential union busting cannot be counted out as a reason for store closures, there is no denying that crime is running rampant in America right now.

“It has shocked me that one of the primary concerns that our retail partners have is their own personal safety,” Schultz said in a leaked video. “America has become unsafe.” It is of no surprise that the store closures are occurring in Democratic cities such as Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Washington, D.C. The coffee giant is also considering banning the public from using its restrooms as safety issues grow. Employees are being trained on how to deescalate situations and, if needed, how to deal with an active shooter in the store.

In fact, stores are closing throughout the aforementioned cities as crime cannot be contained. Manzoor Chughtai, the president of the Franchise Owners Association of Philadelphia, said, “Right now we have a lot of problems with the city of Philadelphia. We are closing left and right. Robbers are coming in, they’re just robbing the place left and right.” Manzoor said that nobody wants to take over these stores as it has become very dangerous even to work in these areas. He estimates that the city has lost up to 20 stores already but will likely lose more solely due to crime.

Los Angeles has been forced to close countless stores after the Californian pro-crime government banned police from arresting shoplifters. I reported in April that the California Retailers Association (CRA) reported that San Francisco and Oakland alone lost $3.6 billion annually due to retail crime. As the economy continually turns down, we can expect crime to move in the opposite direction.