Cold logic on climate change policy

The basic question is why fix something that isn’t broken? And worse you had better fix what is really broken not something else. We know today that the GCM’s predictions of global temperature as not correlating with CO2 levels, in fact there are approaching .5 degrees C higher the the estimated global mean as published by NASA. This indicates that there is a problem in the logic programed into the GCM’s and that cast doubt on the impact of CO2 levels and their impact on climate. Without solid evidence that we know with very high probability how to forecast climate it would be insane to try to modify it! Richard has it 100% right there are way to many other issues that need to be solved that are real and not speculative.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Politically correct climate change orthodoxy has completely destroyed our ability to think rationally about the environment. – Richard Tol

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