Tipping Point USA

It is the Democrats who want to tell us what we can and cannot do, and what we can and cannot say. It is their arrogance that will cause this country to self-destruct

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Roger King —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 23, 2020

With the integrity of the 2020 elections in shambles, our country is at its tipping point.  Forget the notion that because the GOP won down ballots, they will come back strong in the next election.  If the results of this election stand, and the Democrats win the two Senatorial run-off elections in Georgia, fundamental changes will be made to our government and to our voting process that will ensure Democratic control of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court only to be rectified via a revolution or Civil War if you will.

Constant attacks on both Trump and his supporters, with the enthusiastic support of the mainstream media, Big Tech, Hollywood, businesses that want to have access to cheap goods from China

By the time the Biden and/or Harris term is over, not only will the election process have been changed to advantage Democrats, but they they will flood the country with immigrants who tend to vote Democratic, and they will add Washington DC and Puerto Rico as new states giving the Democrats four more Senate seats and, therefore, control of the Senate.  They will pack the Supreme Court with as many Justices as it takes to give them a majority.  With their long-term power ensured, they will exact revenge on Trump and his supporters.  They will do away with the Electoral College, transferring national power to the relatively few states that have cities with large urban populations.  The opinions of the millions of Americans in fly-over states won’t matter.  They will do away with the filibuster, making it impossible for the Republican minority to have any influence whatsoever in determining policy.  Hate speech will be redefined to include only conservative points of view and then it will be criminalized.  The liberal mob will register our guns, then it will tax them, and eventually it will find a way around the 2nd Amendment and confiscate them.  We are, without a doubt headed, toward a Marxist/Socialist one-party government, if the Democrats take control of the Executive and Legislative branches of our Federal government.

We have endured four years of constant attacks on both Trump and his supporters, with the enthusiastic support of the mainstream media, Big Tech, Hollywood, businesses that want to have access to cheap goods from China —American workers be damned, foreign countries that don’t like Trump’s America First policies and want a return to a more “generous” and “apologetic” United States, and the globalists who want to see the United States come under the control of an international governing body.  It is in every sense a liberal mob.  They embrace the “cancel culture” that tries to silence or destroy any person or entity that disagrees with their leftist points of view, making Americans and American institutions afraid to say what they really think.  And the social media giants Twitter and Facebook, along with Google, have become even more brazen in their censorship of conservative views.  They are not only silencing dissenting opinions, but they are driving a wedge between an already dangerously divided American public.

To Hell with the 1st Amendment; if they don’t like it, we can’t say it

Not content with the current level of censorship, many Democrats are calling for even more control over what people can say and what information they are allowed to receive. This includes Senators Dianne Feinstein, Chris Coons, Mazie Hirono, and many others, such as Richard Blumenthal who wants to put the heads of Trump’s people “on pikes”.  And people like Richard Stengel, who is on Biden’s transition team, want to punish people for what they perceive to be, and define as, hate speech.  To Hell with the 1st Amendment; if they don’t like it, we can’t say it.

Add to these things, increased taxes and regulations, the return to dependency on foreign oil and gas and the resulting loss of American jobs, the Great Reset,  which will bring America more and more under the control of foreign institutions such as the United Nations, and the belief that people don’t have the right to defend themselves or their property with legal firearms, as evidenced in St. Louis with Mark and Patricia McCloskey, and the divide between Americans will grow still wider.  Every crisis will be weaponized and used as an excuse to implement permanent changes to our way of life that will impinge upon our freedoms.  COVID-19 is the most recent example, but by no means the first.  The hysteria over global warming predated it by more than a decade and it is the “crisis”, albeit a faux one, that offers Democrats and globalists the best chance of turning America into a country that our parents wouldn’t recognize or like.

We’re not interested in trying to tell the liberal mob how to live their lives

Ever since Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss to Trump, Democrats and their consortium of self-serving supporters have gone all-in to destroy those who disagree with them and to obtain absolute power by any means necessary.  But the fact that roughly half the country does not support them or their agenda won’t go away.  And that half of the country is not going to sit by idly and allow their freedoms to be taken away by people who think they know what is best for them.  They are not going to tolerate the shows of force and attacks from groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  At some point, they will push back and they will push back hard.  The most likely catalyst will be when the liberal mob tries to register, then tax, and then mandate the buyback of our guns.  If/when this country gets to that point, it won’t be pretty.  There will be bloodshed and a lot of it, and it will all be on the liberal mob and their quest for power over a population that doesn’t want to give it to them.  Conservatives just want to be left alone.  We’re not interested in trying to tell the liberal mob how to live their lives.  It is the Democrats who want to tell us what we can and cannot do, and what we can and cannot say.  It is their arrogance that will cause this country to self-destruct.


Measures such as ending cash bail and removing discretion from elected judges to keep a community safe are not popular in our country, even in California, our most liberal state, and in New Orleans, one of our most liberal cities

Re-posted from The Canada Free Press By Jeff Crouere —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 22, 2020

In the2020 ELECTION SHOWED LIMITS OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORMIn the 2020 election, the far left failed miserably. At the presidential level, Donald Trump added 11 million votes to his 2016 total. In other races, the GOP had a particularly good Election Day as Republicans gained control of at least a dozen U.S. House seats, a governorship, three state legislative bodies and probably retained control of the U.S. Senate, although the answer will not be known until the outcome of the two Georgia races are decided in January.

“Defund the Police”

Some House Democrats were furious with the far-left “squad” gaining control of the airwaves and promoting such messages as “Defund the Police.” They believe this rhetoric cost the Democrats many of these contested congressional seats. In the wake of riots and out of control crime in many urban areas this year, voters are concerned and want law and order, even in liberal areas.

For example, earlier this year, New York had to scale back criminal justice reforms enacted in 2019. At that time, their state legislators passed a measure that eliminated all forms of cash bail for non-violent offenders and forced prosecutors to turn over all evidence within two weeks of arrest.

The result was predictable as repeat offenders released into the community committed horrific crimes. Not only prosecutors and police were upset, but the public as well. Eventually, the reforms were changed, and cash bail was returned for a variety of crimes, while prosecutors were given over a month to provide their evidence. The new rules went into effect in July of 2020.

In the most liberal state in the nation, California, voters passed a variety of criminal justice reform measures in November. Thus, funding will be shifted from police to social services, oversight of law enforcement will increase, sentences will not be increased for petty crimes and parolees will be given the right to vote.  However, on one important issue, the voters were clear, cash bail will stay.

In a lopsided vote, 56.4%, California voters rejected Proposition 25

In a lopsided vote, 56.4%, California voters rejected Proposition 25, which would have ended cash bail and replaced it with an algorithm threat assessment that would determine whether or not a defendant would be a flight risk or show up for court proceedings. This new process would have possibly cost the taxpayers of California hundreds of millions of dollars to implement. More importantly, it would have subjected the citizens to unnecessary danger as criminals would have taken advantage of a system that is not in use anywhere else in the country.

In New Orleans, Louisiana’s most liberal city, voters soundly rejected candidates running on a criminal justice reform platform promoted by a group called PAC for Justice. This is remarkable because Republicans only comprise 10% of the electorate in New Orleans.

The motto of these seven progressive candidates was to “Flip the Bench.” All the candidates were previously public defenders and supported a platform that included eliminating the bail system, removing discretion from judges to hold defendants pre-trial and ending any fees or fines paid by defendants who plead guilty or are convicted for their crimes. 

Of the seven candidates, only two were victorious, and it is entirely possible that the reason for their victory was not their affiliation with PAC for Justice, but the fact that they are African American females, which comprise 34% of the total New Orleans electorate. In the 2020 elections, African American female candidates were successful in a wide variety of races in New Orleans. A similar outcome occurred in Houston in 2018 when 17 African American females were elected to judgeship positions.

The candidates supported by the PAC for Justice lost

The candidates supported by the PAC for Justice lost even though they outspent their opponents by a wide margin.  The PAC for Justice was founded by a convicted murderer, Norris Henderson. Despite his controversial background, he was able to solicit massive donations from philanthropic groups and liberal activists from across the country.

Along with the PAC for Justice, two other progressive organizations, Working Families Together and NOLA Defenders for Equal Justice, lent their support to the seven “Flip the Bench” candidates. The groups financed slick mailers, billboards, and a coordinated media campaign for these candidates. On Election Day, paid workers distributed professional flyers at high traffic spots and near voting precincts.

Despite a huge financial advantage, five of the seven candidates running on this ticket lost, with a meager 37% average vote total. One reason for their defeat was the involvement of The Watchdog PAC, which highlighted the background of Norris Henderson in a series of social media ads, as well as television and radio commercials.

Another factor in the election was the rapidly rising crime rate in New Orleans

In their TV commercials, viewers were reminded that Henderson was found guilty of murdering a teenage girl while she was riding her bike to school. Instead of being wrongly convicted as he claimed, the ads emphasized that he was convicted twice of the crime and never exonerated. It asked voters to “remember the Flip the Bench candidates who have forgotten Henderson’s murder victim.”

Another factor in the election was the rapidly rising crime rate in New Orleans. The murder rate in 2020 will far exceed last year’s total. In fact, the 2019 murder rate was surpassed in September of this year. With crime on the increase, even the liberal voters of New Orleans did not want to support “Flip the Bench” candidates who they felt would not hold criminals accountable for their actions.

With such decisive results in New Orleans, California and other areas, voters have sent a clear message to future candidates. While voters want a justice system that is fair and constructive, they will not embrace an agenda that lacks accountability.

Measures such as ending cash bail and removing discretion from elected judges to keep a community safe are not popular in our country, even in California, our most liberal state, and in New Orleans, one of our most liberal cities.

Representative Devin Nunes Discusses The Danger of Big Tech Amid The Current Controlled Speech Dynamic…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 22, 2020 by sundance

House intelligence committee ranking member Devin Nunes discusses the danger of Big Tech controlling the public speech platforms.   “Big tech and corporate media played an out sized role in the 2020 election, says California Congressman and House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes. And based on how the Biden team is responding to evidence of election irregularities and potential fraud, former Vice President Biden does not seem confident in victory, Nunes says.

To actually get their ideas out to Americans, Nunes says conservatives should move to social media alternatives such as Parler and Rumble, ones that prioritize free speech and open discourse.”

Time to Show Courage & to Fight

Armstrong Economics Blog/Great Reset Re-Posted Nov 23, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Every day that I read your blog I tear myself down and rebuild myself up brick by brick. Every day I become a stronger structure from the day before. Thank you. W from Brampton Canada.


REPLY: This is not a time to be a coward. We must stand and fight for what we know is right and not just for ourselves, but for our families and posterity. I find it amazing how Klaus Schwab champions the 4th Industrial Revolution saying how Artificial Intelligence will change everything, yet we have THE ONLY fully function Artificial Intelligence computer in the world which is monitoring the global economy and writes over 1,000 reports every day without ANY human editing forecasting his demise.

They have imprisoned me in contempt for 7 years on an 18-month statute trying to force me to turn over the source code why? To rule the world? Or to prevent a system that has picked up their movement since August 2019 and warned that they will FAIL in their goal to conquer the world?

We need to stand our ground, fight and show we are not stupid sheep to be chopped and controlled. Another reader sent this message:Gates, the gatekeeper, on Bloomberg radio talking about vaccines and how they plan to push them out worldwide. Also saying that the next 6 months in the northern hemisphere is going to be very tough and how we will have to forgo restaurants, bars and other things for the next 5 month period.Booster shots will be needed. He mentioned the use of digital vaccination certificates for international travel and how they already tried to use that for yellow fever. The US rejoining WHO will help start the dialogue of what those digital certificates will look like. It’s quite obvious they need to remove Trump and his supporters.Listening to this little weasel talk with his wimpy voice makes my skin crawl. What a wuss, he’d get his ass kicked in the playground even by girls.Sent from my iPhone


Why America Faces a Civil War – There is no Alternative

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Nov 23, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

This election is unlike anything ever before. The Democrats lied to the people promising they will create jobs without mentioning that they are in league with the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset as is Canada for Agenda 2030 which has to first destroy as many jobs as possible. What the Democrats are doing engaging in politics as usual and it is not about raising your taxes 10%. This is all about changing the very foundation of the United States and terminating free speech and our democracy handing power to the United Nations.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum during which he asserted that a Great Reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism. They regard Trump was elected by “populism” so what he was saying was to suppress those who voted for Trump which is anti-Democratic. He is preaching totalitarianism because they are right and everyone else must therefore be wrong and dangerous.

Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement to push the Great Reset but added, that this was “not enough.”

The notion of a reset is more important than ever before” according to Kerry. He added: “I personally believe … we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.

Illegal Aliens Voting?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 23, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Besides dead voters and questionable voting machines in some states, the nonprofit research institute Just Facts has put out of study showing that illegal aliens have also been voting. In some states like New Jersey, there was enough to flip the election to Biden.

A new study estimates that presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden benefited from thousands of illegal votes by non-citizens, providing Trump’s legal team with yet another argument.  They looked at the election returns from seven battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They compared the U.S. Census numbers on non-citizens which totals 21.7 million running the correlations with each battleground state’s demographics and election results.

The problem with this entire election is that it has revealed just how corrupt the entire system really is. Despite being a federal election, there is nothing that is standardized nationally. Even the electoral college is not standard. Two states split their vote according to the popular vote. All others allocate 100% of their votes to the winner. They could even change that before the electoral college votes. So just how do we even have an honest election when countless dead people always vote in every election, not just this one, and states were mailing out ballots to anyone including illegal aliens and as one reader said, to his 14-year-old daughter.

In Texas, a woman was found registering mentally ill patients to vote without their signature. She has been charged with 134 felonies.

In all honesty, I seriously doubt that this election is ethically valid. But without some standardized rule that everything is uniform and voting machines, over which there are no regulations, should be owned ONLY by Americans or should be simply government property and not private.

The sad part about this nightmare is that neither side will accept a loss and that the Democrats should be prohibited from changing the structure of the country, hand any power whatsoever to the United States courtesy of Klaus Schwab, and Big Tech should be held accountable for subjecting the public to censorship. They should be stripped of any such power forthwith. What they have done is outrageous and this nonsense that they are private does not excuse them.

Then we have candidates that lie to get elected, promise one agenda, and then deliberately never intended to deliver that promise because they were committing fraud to get elected in the first place. We should have the right to impeach such a person and demand a special election.

This is the most corrupt election in American history and as a result, there will be blood in the streets. If Trump loses, he has vowed to run again in 2024 if there are still elections.

Tucker Starts to Question – At Last

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Nov 23, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Canada Wiping Out its Economy for the Great Reset

Armstrong Economics Blog/Canada Re-Posted Nov 22, 2020 by Martin Armstrong


The Resistance is Starting – Buffalo, NY Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders

Armstrong Economics Blog/Civil Unrest Re-Posted Nov 22, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Klaus Schwab is Not a Member of the Church of Satan

Armstrong Economics Blog/Great Reset Re-Posted Nov 22, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

This photo seems to be running around with claims that Schwab is a member of the Church of Satin. Sorry, but this may be a strange robe, but he was getting an honorary doctorate at the Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania.

This is where we have to check both sides. I am no fan of Schwab, but I do not think we need any wild theories that can easily be discredited, and then because this is discredited, they apply it to everything else. My concern is that a part of a deliberate plan to put out false information, one strategy is to do precisely this and then discredit everything else.

To the best of my knowledge, Klaus is NOT a member of the church of Satan. The motto on the podium is Latin “scientia ingenium virtus” which means Knowledge, ability, strength.