An Artist Looks At Joe Biden

Without the concerted efforts of a revitalized “Christian Conservatism” and the help of the real God in Heaven, this 2020 battle is over–and lost—before it starts

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 20, 2020

Joe Biden

Back in Bible days, when people were freaked out and wished to express shock (and, most often, indignation) at wrong things that were being done—things that went against the grain with God (what was then considered simply going against common sense)—the following behavioral ‘formula’ was how men of God made certain that their emotions and resolve were not hidden from the careless dummies around them. Here is just one of many examples found in Scripture. This is probably my favorite …

“When I heard this (stupid and/or blasphemous thing), I tore my tunic and cloak, pulled hair from my head and beard and sat down appalled” (Ezra 9:3 NIV). And the preceding debasing ritual was often followed by the donning of filthy rags (‘sackcloth’) for one’s clothing, and sprinkling ashes atop one’s head in an attempt to show even greater shame and humiliation.

‘Touchy-Feely’ Joe

In my heart, this is exactly where I find myself today as I write these words. I am in shock. I am in disbelief. I am incredulous. I am nauseated, [”… and my soul has been psychedelicized.” (Chambers Brothers, “Time Has Come Today” 1966).] Suffice it to say that this day everything is sufficiently crazy enough for me. I will begin to explain a little. Hope you will follow along.

Yesterday, on a huge and very popular social networking site, I saw a news piece featuring an awe-inspiring, absolutely riveting photograph of Joe Biden. Beneath that portrait of ‘Obiden’ was the announcement that national polls were suggesting that he had taken over Trump in a strong lead for the presidency in 2020. None of that headline really shocked me. After all, the source was naturally the lying-est former ‘news network’ of all the ‘big six’ liberal news media outlets out there. At any rate, they were—as they most usually do—brutally wresting reality into more momentum for their favored candidate, ‘touchy-feely’ Joe. Their declaring Joe the big leader was no surprise at all.

Besides writing articles like this, I am also a professional portrait artist—and not a bad one, if I do say so myself. I bring that up because a person’s face says everything to me. As I have said through the years in several interviews regarding my artwork, “The face is the body’s bottomless organ of expression. The face shows me what is going on inside a person’s heart.” And, “When I am doing a portrait of anyone, the painting or drawing is never done when the face ‘looks’ right. The piece is done when that face ‘FEELS’ right”—matching the heart and personality I have sensed in my meetings with those subjects.

The emerging communist Amerika

[One time, on one certain project, my client came in to pick up her family’s large and beautiful (I am humble as well.) painting. In that project I had done the senior couple (in their 70s). I had also painted their eight (four boys and four daughters-in-law) married children (in their late 30s – early 40s). And over a dozen grandchildren, youngsters of all ages, which filled up the houses of those families. I had painted all of the people casually standing and seated around my commissioner’s huge old, beautiful barn located on her high mountain ranch. As she was preparing to leave my studio with her treasure, I stopped her and asked, “What is wrong with this person, right here?” I pointed at one of the faces of the smiling crowd of children/grandchildren, and looked at her for an answer.

The woman’s eyes filled with tears and she asked, “What exactly do you mean?”  I told her, “I don’t really know. It’s just that every time I had to work on this face, my heart was breaking for that person.” My client sat down and began to weep. She began to explain her response. “That sweet person has some really deep psychological and spiritual problems, David. Currently and much of the time spent growing up, that dear one has never been too far away from committing suicide.” After that revealing exchange, we had some coffee, said some prayers, and she took her painting and went home. I have had similar experiences with a few of my clientele. It never fails. So why do I bring all that up? It is because I am offering you a bit of my qualifying credential as a judge of character.]

Since our 45th president has been in office, the rotten left—I can no longer dignify them by calling them ‘democrats’—has cast every sort of accusation and aspersion on the man, in an attempt to try to ruin his relationship with this great nation as well as furthering their ongoing efforts at demoralizing and undermining him personally. On occasion psychologists and psychiatrists have even been hired to down-judge President Trump simply through a supposed analysis of his various facial expressions and/or body language. It has been a shameless shuck, the way the emerging communist Amerika has gone after the best leader our nation has seen since Ronald Reagan (or maybe even Abraham Lincoln). I know that a lot of my liberal readers are right now entertained by my high marks for our president. And that is not because of much of anything else than the ridiculously insulting and critical picture the liberal media so constantly paints of him.

Joe’s lame attempt at looking like a man of integrity

Nevertheless, when I saw the almost reverend image of the reprobate Joe Biden, gracing that article yesterday, I truly wanted to rip at my hair, pluck my beard, rend my T-shirt, and dump ashes on my head. All my conservative Christian friends, most of them anyway, were busy posting recipes and jokes on their pages, respectively. And not one opposing comment had been registered – IN TWO DAYS – in response to ‘touchy-feely’ Joe’s lame attempt at looking like a man of integrity. And that is when everything began caving in, concerning my respect for the dummies around me who call themselves “Christian conservatives”.

I suddenly remembered that back in 2016, when I read the proud testimonies of the ‘Christian conservative’ morons who had actually voted for Hillary or had written in other preferences because their delicate sensitivities had prevented them from voting for “… that brash and rough mouthed Trump!” it was every bit as disgusting as the bumper stickers we had to stare at after Clinton was elected in 1992: “DON’T BLAME ME! I VOTED FOR ROSS!”

I remember listening to the story of the father, Charles Woods, who met his son Tyrone’s body – IN AN ALUMINUM BOX COMING HOME FROM BENGHAZI. Woods was standing there, silently hurting, when the stupid and classless Joe Biden came fumbling up behind him and asked, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?’’ Of course a liberal leaning Snopes rushes in to clean up as much damage as they can by labeling that story “UNDETERMINED”. But I saw Mr. Woods’ narrative in one of his interviews in a news clip. And that outraged father didn’t pause a moment in confirming numbskull Biden’s rude and disrespectful comment about his precious baby boy. That’s what made me even more amazed when the penetrating Joe Biden took issue with a reporter asking him (’ in front of God and everybody’) about Obiden’s son, Hunter’s problem with a young lady he apparently had impregnated and then purportedly abandoned. If memory serves – and it usually does – touchy-feely Joe told the inquiring journalist that he had no class in so heartlessly mentioning any of that at Joey’s precious little press conference. What a maroon. What an ultra-maroon.

When Biden is accused, Biden simply gets angry for being put on the spot

But here we are in an ugly 21st century. And right now the best a rotten DNC can offer a struggling America is what appears to be an anti-charismatic alleged pedophile who often doesn’t display enough mentality to power an autonomic nervous system. Joe Biden has given us volumes of the video showing him repeatedly violating personal spaces in the molestation and sniffing of innocent little girls – WHO VERY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT ENJOY HIS WANDERING FINGERS! And self-appointed kings and queens of morality—Pelosi, Clinton, Schiff, Schumer, etc., etc.—are currently lauding the man as a model of golden character.

Nancy Pelosi is obviously losing her mind. She said that president Trump is ‘morbidly obese.’ That statement in itself seriously calls into question Nancy’s powers of perception. Has she looked in a mirror lately? Because, again, as a portrait artist, Nancy looks morbidly ugly to me. I only mention that because her nonstop heartlessness has earned her the same sort of treatment coming back at her. She says she has no problem believing Joe’s denial of his alleged sexual abuse of Tara Reade. But she could not scream loud enough in attempting to ruin the life and career of one of our finest (our newest) Supreme Court Justices.

I saw the clip of Joe Biden’s kid-gloved interview on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, after he had been accused by Reade of sexual assault. I had to commend the first interviewer, ‘Mika’, who at times appeared to be holding Biden’s feet to the fire. She was trying to get Biden to at least admit the close comparisons of his most recent accuser’s insistence—that he sexually molested Tara Reade—to the accusations leveled toward Brett Kavanaugh by a completely different female accuser. Biden’s response was comedic. He visibly kept getting angry at Mika, huffing and sputtering as she was merely repeating Reade’s accusations. It got worse as Mika tried to understandably draw a comparison between where this was going with Biden and where it absolutely had gone in the merciless and fiery grilling that self-righteous Democrats gave Justice Kavanaugh.

It was interesting to note that while Justice Kavanaugh was tormented and vilified by democrats about an event that allegedly occurred while he was in high school, and about which no complaint was ever filed, Joe Biden is merely being questioned about an event that allegedly (I have to be fair here) occurred while he was a United States Senator and a fully mature man. The Biden incident was allegedly reported. Interestingly, had the allegations been true, and had Kavanaugh actually been charged with what was alleged, he would have been a minor, charged in juvenile court, and his record would have been sealed. With Biden the result would have been far different. But bottom line—when Kavanaugh was accused, Kavanaugh looked to bring forth evidence to vindicate himself. When Biden is accused, Biden simply gets angry for being put on the spot.

When I see Joe Biden’s posing to look like a saint, I see the insincerity of the devil himself.

But seriously, Americans: will you sit by this time, as you did during midterm elections and further allow our great nation to vaporize? Donald Trump needs our help like never before. America needs our help like never before. Will you rise to the occasion, and get Donald Trump safely past the devilish goblins of this coming election? You, conservative Christian, can you overlook some of his honest candor—some of his comparatively minor imperfections—and allow him to keep Western religion free? Will you humble yourself enough to reward his fight to save the unborn child?

When I look into Joe Biden’s face, I see the worst sort of evil dishonesty and carelessness fighting for his and his friends’ power and wealth. I see the sarcasm and denial needed in keeping alive the rankest sexism this nation will ever host. When I see Joe Biden’s posing to look like a saint, I see the insincerity of the devil himself. When I see Joe Biden, I see a constituency of ignorance deep enough to fully allow the worst sort of Trojan Horses to be pulled right into the very heart of this planet’s last bastion of hope and freedom. When I see Joe Biden, I see the unbridled power of a lying television and internet that have been used by the prince of darkness himself in order to dress up a slob like Biden, and take America down for its last gasp before it is forever silenced. When I see Biden’s face, I see nothing more than a conman.

When I see Donald Trump, I see the last brave shepherd boy we will ever find to stand before the giant now looking to destroy us. Trust this artist to know when this painting is truly finished. But without the concerted efforts of a revitalized “Christian Conservatism” and the help of the real God in Heaven, this 2020 battle is over—and lost—-before it starts.

Joe Biden

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