Uncertainty is the Mother of Volatility

QUESTION: Well you called this year the political year from hell. You got that one right again. Between trying to figure out the politics in the US, we have Britain in turmoil and Italy trying to figure out if they should stay or go. Hungary becoming more defiant and Sweden swinging to the right. You are the best at forecasting this sort of crazy stuff. You got BREXIT right and Trump’s victory. I can see your model looks at the economics and predicts a response that becomes political change. So what does this all mean?


ANSWER: Regardless of your political persuasion be it for or against any of these political issues, the importance is really the impact upon CONFIDENCE. If you are for or against Trump, we still have one thing in common. We just want stability and some sense of the future to bank on. For example, if Trump were to go down, the impact upon the world market could be very dramatic and how we then stage ourselves to survive this type of financial chaos is critical. It is the same situation in Europe. If Italy pulls the cord to get out, the Euro cannot survive. What I hear from Behind the Curtain is that the ECB may be forced to cut its bond purchases by 50% and there are even those demanding Quantitative Easing MUST end by the end of the year. Draghi has DESTROYED the bond markets in Europe. Stopping QE will result in interest rates going up dramatically.

As I have said, Trump is the Counter-Trend or FALSE move. I fear what comes afterward be it now or in 2020. My experience has been that the political machine will NOT reform or look at the crisis in motion economically REGARDLESS or who is in office. Be it Democrat or Republican, they will hunker down to support the status quo of the system and that is the bottom line.

All this chaos with Trump reflects how serious the situation has become. The career politicians are desperate to get control back but they will not reform or care about the country and I seriously doubt that Trump really understands the gravity of our situation right now. So welcome to the year from Political Hell because this undermines confidence and creates UNCERTAINTY and that is the moth of volatility. So, there is no point in getting all uptight for or against Trump, Theresa May, or any Juncker in Brussels. The computer does not show that ANYONE will be able to reverse the direction we are headed into. This is merely our fate.

Step back and look at politics as the source of the moves that await us. Getting rid of Trump will only add to the uncertainty sooner than later and we have nobody on either side of the aisle who has a clue of what needs to be done or what is coming around the corner. So, look at this objectively. This is about understanding what is behind the trading strategy. That’s it. Nothing more. Nobody can save the day. We have to save ourselves. The computer is objective. It does not vote. I trust its projections for it is detached emotionally

What Kind of System is Better? Parliaments or Fixed Term Republics?

QUESTION: hi martin just a quick question about government systems. Do you think the USA would be better served by adopting a parliamentary system of governance( like for example the UK) or do think it is better served by a presidential system?

Love to know your opinions

all the best a

ANSWER: Now. The Parliamentary System is inherently far more anti-democratic. It promotes small minorities to impose their will upon the majority in order to form governments. For example, while Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany and the real power behind Brussels for whatever Germany says, the rest of Europe must jump, when you look at who actually votes for Merkel you will notice that she draws well below 40% of the vote. That means she then remains Chancellor by cutting deals with minority parties to retain personal power. Hence, you have no idea what you are voting for because even if she told the truth about what she stands for, she will have to compromise that position to hold on to power.

The French system is better insofar as you can start with 10 different parties but there are run-offs until you get down to two. The people have to vote for one or the other.

The American system was based upon the Roman Republic, which collapsed because of pervasive internal corruption by career politicians. The office of Dictator would be a person appointed to simply cut through that inability to make decisions as we see today in the US Congress because each side will oppose the other to deprive them of any credit. A Roman dictator was a magistrate of the Roman Republic, to whom they entrusted the full authority of the state to deal with some emergency or to undertake a specific duty. Every other magistrate were subordinate to his rule. Even the right of the plebeian tribunes, who no one could touch and had the power to charge politicians, could not veto his actions and any right to appeal was extremely limited.

Nonetheless, they respected that there could be an inherent danger to take over the state. Therefore, to prevent the dictatorship from threatening the state, his powers were limited.  For example, a dictator could only act within his intended sphere of authority. This is something that Mueller is in serious violation of as Special Prosecutor. A Roman dictation could never roam freely and charge people with crimes outside of the purpose for which he was appointed. Additionally, a Roman dictator was obligated to resign his office once his appointed task had been completed. This too is something completely out of control today as with Mueller. He can remain in that position for 8 years as long as Trump could possibly be in office. A Roman dictator’s terms would require renewal every six months. There is no review of Mueller allowed.

The American system is far the superior political system. However, it lacks limitations to prevent oligarchies. There should be term limits for all politicians to prevent careers which lead to corruption and tyranny.

The term of office should be limited to ONE YEAR and out. They should serve as the supervisors of the bureaucracy. The power to indict must be taken away from the Department of Justice and that decision should be also presented to a panel of independent lawyers who make that decision, not a prosecutor. There should also be no prosecutorial immunity. I for want would require that everyone votes from a computer on each bill and the bill cannot be greater than two pages in length and it may not involve more than one subject matter.

Any law must be FIRST ruled on if it is Constitutional BEFORE it is enacted. Judges should be appointed by lawyers, not politicians, and they should serve for no more than two years. No criminal offenses should involve jail or prison EXCEPT for violence and political corruption. I am sure there are a few other safeguards we can add. This is not my manifest in total

Pentagon Warned President Bush Global Warming Was Bigger Threat Than Terrorism


A secret report by the US defense chiefs warned President Bush that Global Warming was such a great threat that it would destroy the United States and major European cities. They told the President that cities would sink beneath rising seas and Britain would be plunged into a “Siberian” climate by 2020. They warned that mega-droughts, famine, and widespread rioting will erupt across the world. The document warned that the planet would fall into anarchy and the nuclear threat would rise as countries then sought to defend themselves in the face of declining food, water, and energy supplies. Of course, the entire theory was that the ice caps melt and this the seas have to rise. NEVER did anyone ever do any historical investigation and they reduced everything to a single cause and effect. Evaporation or how ice ages were even created was NEVER a consideration.

I remember as a child going to Washington with my father when he would report at the Pentagon for some reason I never knew. I do remember walking down the halls with my father when I was less than 10 years old. I do remember people running around all serious with stacks of papers. After this report was leaked and published back in 2004 by the Guardian, it makes you wonder about how these people conduct long-range forecasts. I do not think London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Sydney will sink below the waves. It is just another example of how one-dimensional analysis is our doom. We are now only two-years from 2020 when Britain was supposed to be the new Siberia. Get going! Your behind schedule!

The Washington Post tells everyone Climate Change is real because of Hurricane Florence – a Category 1 event. You really have to wonder why these newspapers put out such propaganda and make no effort to do any research. The list of North Carolina hurricanes where Florence hit prior to 1900 yields a list of 139 tropical cyclones/hurricanes. In fact, North Carolina was hit by 7 storms during 1893 ALONE!!!!! During 1893, BEFORE the combustion engine, that remains the record for the most hurricanes to hit North Carolina in a single season. On August 27th, 1893, a major hurricane which came to be known as the Sea Islands Hurricane that hit Georgia turned up through North Caroline killing they believe around 2,000 people. There was the category 3 Charleston Hurricane of 1893 and it came ashore near McClellanville, SC with maximum sustained winds near 120 mph.

It really does not take much of an effort to report the truth just for once. The worst hurricane season on record still remains 1893 before Global Warming. The 1893 Atlantic hurricane season had 12 tropical storms of which 10 became hurricanes. Then of the 10 hurricanes, FIVE became major hurricanes. Two of those storms kill over 2,000 people each. The 1893 season remains the most deadly storm season in American history. The second season on the list was the 1998 Atlantic hurricane season, where there were 4 Atlantic hurricanes that were active on the same day. The hurricane season is at its peak in August to October. Records before 1851 are really spotty. We do know that the Spanish Treasure Fleet of 11 ships were sunk in a hurricane during 1715, which is believed to be a category 4+.

Running this data through our system revealed a 4.3-year cycle of intensity. In other words, where there were 4 or more major hurricanes in that season. Then the pattern which emerges shows that there are typically back to back years of intensity.This was the case for 1893-1894, 1915-1916, 1932-1933, 1995-1996, 2004-2005, 2010-2011, and 2016-2017. It does strangely forecast that worst back-to-back hurricane season will be 2031-2032. That lines up with the peak in the Economic Confidence Model. Hm?

In fact, one of the major theories that may explain the disappearance of Roanoke Colony points to a major hurricane that completely destroyed the village. There is no evidence to prove the theory. In 1587, Raleigh dispatched a new group of 115 colonists to establish a colony on the Chesapeake Bay. Some argued that they were massacred by the Indians, but no bodies were ever found. It may be that a major storm approached and they took shelter with the Indians. Nobody has ever solved this mystery

Trump Throws Hand Grenade into Russian Investigation


Well, it was only a matter of time. President Trump on Monday threw a  hand grenade into the center of the Russian investigation that was all started by Hillary blaming the leak of  Democratic Party emails on Russia and Trump colluded with them. The Democrats and Hillary then paid to create the infamous dossier and pretended it was not funded by the Democrats. They have managed to keep the country distracted and that has been the political objective all along – just politics.

Trump has now directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice to declassify a number of documents related to the Russia investigation which will be for our reading pleasure and bull the curtain back a little further on just how seriously bad things have gotten in the Washington Swamp. Already the Democrats are screaming say this will put people’s lives at risk. If I recall, the same thing was said about the IRS scandal when the Obama Administration was targeting the Tea Party using the IRS with the silent support of John McCain and John Boehner. They wanted to have Lois Lerner’s testimony sealed claiming death threats – she is still alive.

Trump also directed the release of unredacted versions of all text messages about the probe sent and received by multiple officials, including former FBI Director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe. He has also included the declassification of several pages of a June 2017 FISA renewal application for a warrant ultimately granted to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, along with all FBI interviews and reports connected to the Page FISA application. He has specified the selective declassification of the Page FISA warrant and the DOJ and FBI are to declassify pages 10 to 12 and 17 to 34 of the Page FISA application. He has obviously reviewed this mess. One of those sections appears to relate to the time period that Page worked on Trump’s campaign as a foreign policy adviser

Moreover, Trump also instructed the Justice Department to publicly release unredacted versions of all text messages related to the Russia probe of Comey, McCabe, Ohr, and FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, who were involved in both the Russia investigation and the probe into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state. The leaks we have seen so far have been showing that they turned a blind eye to Hillary and abused their power to target Trump.

Additionally, he requested that the agencies declassify all FBI reports of an interview with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr that were connected to the Russia probe. Now, this should get interesting. If you remember, Ohr is the person who communicated with former British spy Christopher Steele back in 2016 to compile that dossier of damaging allegations involving Trump and Russia which was used to justify this entire case. Trump wants released information about confidential sources that Steele used while compiling his dossier, as well as Steele’s own history as an FBI source.

This is clearly time for some transparency here yet as expected Democrats and DOJ prosecutors argue this is ‘risking the lives’ of confidential sources. This is clearly going to expose the internal corruption at the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI no different than we saw when they used the IRS.  The Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, called Trump’s move a “clear abuse of power” but ignores the abuse of power on every other level by the Deep State. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said this was a “desperate, dangerous, and deliberately misleading.” I find that withholding the truth also misleading and since the Democrats have made this the controversy on which they hope to retake the Hill in November, it is really partisan so let it all out and the people should judge. The Democrats are using this to fight in November. It is fair game to fight back.

An old saying comes to mind – people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. This entire Russian nonsense is absurd. Even if they did release the Democratic emails that Hillary blames for her loss, there has NEVER BEEN any allegation that they were fake or altered. So all we are talking about is emails that also revealed their internal corruption and how they conspired to make Hillary the candidate against Bernie Sanders. That is why when they gave California to Hillary rigging the votes against Bernie, he went to the White House and Obama told him to just accept his fate. Why not release all of that as well.

People have to realize that changing presidents or the head of any agency really does not change the system. The DEEP STATE is the bureaucracy and they remain in place regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. They hate Trump because he wants to drain the SWAMP – which is them.

The Real Difference Between Left & Right


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have worked with politicians worldwide and both sides. What is your opinion of the politics that has emerged post-Great Depression?


ANSWER: The major difference between the socialism supported by the Democrats/Labour in Western Society is that to them the individual has no value, it is the collective society, which they then elevate themselves to rule. Conservatives believe in the individual has rights and value and that the state is to serve the people. In the eyes of socialism, it is not the individual but the collective society which is the value and they are qualified to rule from above. The socialist always seeks to control others and in so doing, the individual is always sacrificed for the collective state. It is not what your country can do for you personally, it is the teaching that you as the individual are to be sacrificed for the greater good of the whole which is controlled by the politicians – i.e. former the Soviet Union.

Nevertheless, the socialist always pretend that they are on your side. They have flipping everything upside down. Your personal well being is only possible by surrendering your individuality to the state. It is what they have done with Death Insurance. The insurance companies could not sell Death Insurance, so the reversed it and called it Life Insurance. Like fire insurance protects against fire, life insurance does not protect you from living forever. They reversed the label to make you feel proud how much Death Insurance you own. Socialist did the exact same thing. They get people to surrender their individuality to the state and always blame the rich when your quality of life declines.

This to me is the ultimate struggle. We are talking about our freedom which the Founding Fathers made clear – it was to be We the People, not the people as economic slaves to support the state as the tax burden constantly always rises. You cannot pursue personal security and happiness when you are subservient to the State. Civilization was not created to make economic slaves out of the people to serve the state. This is why the Founding Father prohibited DIRECT TAXES, which the socialists in the rising era of Marxism embraced at the start of the 20th century.

Once they created the income tax, every individual was now required to account to the state what they possessed and what they did. Since then, all we have are laws that constantly remove our freedoms because they assume we are all hiding money. They constantly lower the definition of the “rich” from $5 million in 1940 to now $250,000 and made it total household income not even individual.

It is now money laundering to keep cash in a safe deposit box for the new interpretation is hiding money from the government is a crime even if you paid your tax. We have Australian boasting “Cash is for Criminals” and they now follow your children to school and interrogate the school how you pay for your children. All of these laws, including confiscating cash when you travel, are all justified because the collective society is more important than the individual.

I am glad I am personally closer to my expiration date for this life than my birth. I feel sorry for my family who I will leave behind because they will NEVER know the freedom that I grew up under. With each passing year, we lose more and more of our human rights and individual security. This can only end in civil war as it has always done throughout history when these two philosophies confront each other. One just wants to be left alone and the other cannot sleep at night if others have what they do not. Their interpretation of “We the People” is the collective state comes before the individual.

Political Uncertainty is the New Contagion?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I understand how the chaos with Trump is the wildcard for the stock market going forward which is something we need to follow here even from Europe. But we have chaos in Germany with Merkel who looks like a dictator who will only leave office if you drag her out by the hair. Then there is Theresa May and the chaos she has created with BREXIT. Italy is another wildcard and then we have Juncker and Draghi who will be leaving office next year. Which rock should we hide under?


ANSWER:  Among the rocks, occasionally there is a flower that manages to find the light. That is our task here. The worst thing about Trump crisis is the media. They are spinning such hatred it is unbelievable. That gives me fear because the computer has been projecting the upturn in civil unrest. Many people cannot stand Trump because of what he says or Tweets. They are unable to separate the person from the role of the president. That is a very dangerous situation for therein lies this hatred that is brewing over what they think is Trump, but in reality, it is the conflict between left and right that we are headed into. This is why the Financial Capital of the World will migrate to China after 2032. We are incapable of getting along with each other. One side wants to be left alone and the other blames all their own failure on people who have more.

This is the collapse of Socialism. Russia and China experience the collapse of Marxism in 1989. Add Pi (31 years) to that and we end up with 2020. It is also a Presidential election year. As I have stated, Trump is NOT the change in the long-term trend – he is the calm before the storm or the FALSE MOVE. In other words, he is the counter trend that attempts to bring the economy back in the opposite direction (i.e. tax reduction, trade to create domestic jobs, draining the swamp). But this is not a trend that will last. It is the FALSE MOVE before the Phase Transition.

We are witnessing the same trend throughout Europe. This is by no means limited to Trump and the USA. The economic system is crumbling and we are all yelling at each other over Trump, Merkel, May, etc, we are distracted from observing the big picture. Take down Trump, Merkel, or May, and you will create uncertainty and that is the secret ingredient for volatility.

The flower that will appear between the rocks is what emerges after the Crash & Burn. Hopefully, it will be freedom and not authoritarianism.

Knowing What We Know Now, We Must Remind Ourselves….

As we absorb the corrupt evidence within what the DOJ, FBI, CIA and intelligence community was willing to do to stop the Trump administration; as we absorb the totality of all methods deployed by the professional political establishment to destroy Donald J Trump; as we begin to quantify the scale of corruption within our political institutions, and continue bearing witness to the ongoing war against our the presidency; it is worthwhile revisiting a warning, a call to arms, from two-years-ago.

The lies, the severity of hatred and opposition, now make much more sense.

On October 13th 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered a speech that defines the MAGA movement within our nation’s history.  Perhaps he knew; however, most did not know the incredible truth within Trump’s statements.  Part of that speech has been put to a video. The entire transcript of that speech is below.


[ Transcript ] […] “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense.

The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself.”

“The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. As an example, just one single trade deal they’d like to pass, involves trillions of dollars controlled by many countries, corporations and lobbyists.

For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests they partner with, our campaign represents an existential threat.”

“This is not simply another 4-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not We The People reclaim control over our government.

The political establishment that is trying everything to stop us, is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled this country dry. The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs, as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries throughout the world. Our just-announced jobs numbers are anemic, and our gross domestic product, or GDP, is barely above one percent. Workers in the United States, were making less than they were almost 20 years ago – and yet they are working harder.

It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.

Just look at what this corrupt establishment has done to our cities like Detroit and Flint, Michigan – and rural towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and across our country. They have stripped these towns bare, and raided the wealth for themselves and taken away their jobs.

The Clinton Machine is at the center of this power structure. We’ve seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks documents in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers.

And, likewise, the emails show that the Clinton Machine is so closely and irrevocably tied to media organizations that she is given the questions and answers in advance of her debates. Clinton is also given approval and veto power over quotes written about her in the New York Times. And the emails show the reporters collaborate and conspire directly with the Clinton Campaign on helping her win the election.

With their control over our government at stake, with trillions of dollars on the line, the Clinton Machine is determined to achieve the destruction of our campaign, which has now become a movement the likes of which our country has never seen before – and we won’t let them do that.

The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media. Let’s be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They are a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity with an agenda. And their agenda is to elect the Clintons at any cost, at any price, no matter how many lives they destroy.

press we can actualFor them, it is a war – and for them, nothing is out of bounds.

This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. This election will determine whether we are a free nation, or whether we have only the illusion of Democracy but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system.

This is not just conspiracy but reality, and you and I know it.

The establishment and their media enablers wield control over this nation through means that are well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe and morally deformed. They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and reputation. And they will lie, lie and lie even more.

The Clintons are criminals. This is well-documented, and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover-up of widespread criminal activity at the State Department and Clinton Foundation in order to keep the Clintons in power. Never in history have we seen such a cover-up as this, one that includes the destruction of 33,000 emails, 13 phones, laptops, missing boxes of evidence, and on and on.

People who are capable of such crimes against our nation are capable of anything.

[…] But I take all of these slings and arrows for you. I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back. Our great civilization, here in America and across the civilized world, has come upon a moment of reckoning.

We’ve seen it in the United Kingdom, where they voted to liberate themselves from global government and global trade deals and global immigration deals that have destroyed their sovereignty.

But the central base of world political power is here in America, and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people.

Their financial resources are unlimited. Their political resources are unlimited. Their media resources are unlimited. And, most importantly, the depths of their immorality is unlimited.

Our political establishment has no soul. I knew these false attacks would come. I knew this day would arrive. And I knew the American people would rise above it and vote for the future they deserve.

The only thing that can stop the Corrupt Clinton Machine is you. The only force strong enough to save this country is you. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the American People.

They control the Department of Justice, and they even clandestinely meet with the Attorney General of the United States – in the back of her airplane, while on the runway – for 39 minutes – to most likely discuss her reappointment in a Clinton Administration just prior to the Attorney General making a decision over whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Likewise, they have corrupted the Director of the FBI to the point at which stories are already saying the great men and women who work for the FBI are embarrassed and ashamed to what he’s done to one of our great institutions. Hillary Clinton is guilty of all of the things that Director Comey stated at his press conference and Congressional hearings, and far more – and yet he let her off the hook, while others lives are being destroyed for far less.”

“This is a conspiracy against you, the American people.

This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization.

I didn’t need to do this. I built a great company, and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the benefits of years of successful business for myself and my family, instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions and malicious attacks. I’m doing it because this country has given me so much, and I feel strongly it was my turn to give back.

Some people warned me this campaign would be a journey to hell. But they are wrong, it will be a journey to heaven because we will help so many people.

In my former life, I was an insider as much as anybody else – and I know what’s like to be an insider. Now I am being punished for leaving their special club and revealing to you their great scam. Because I used to be part of the club, I’m the only one who can fix it. I’m doing this for the people, and this movement is just right – and we will take back this country for you and Make America Great Again.

The corrupt establishment knows that we are an existential threat to their criminal enterprise. They know, that if we win, their power is gone and returned to you. The clouds hanging over our government can be lifted, and replaced with a bright future – but it all depends on whether we let the New York Times decide our future, or whether we let the American people decide our future.

If this Clinton Campaign of Destruction is allowed to work, then no other highly successful person – which is what our country needs – will ever again run for this office.

I will not lie to you. These false attacks hurt. To be lied about, to be slandered, to be smeared so publicly and before your family, is painful.

What the Clinton Machine is doing to me, and my family, is egregious beyond words. It is reprehensible beyond description.

But I also know, it’s not about me – it’s about all of you. It’s about all of us, together, as a country.

It’s about the Veterans who need medical care, the mothers who’ve lost children to terrorism and crime, it’s about the inner cities and the border towns who desperately need our help, it’s about the millions of jobless Americans. This election is about the people being crushed by Obamacare, and it’s about defeating ISIS and appointing Supreme Court Justices who will defend our Constitution.”

“This election is also about the African-American and Hispanic communities whose communities have been plunged into crime, poverty and failing schools by the policies of Hillary Clinton. They’ve robbed these citizens of their future, and I will give them their hope, jobs and opportunities back. I will deliver.

This election is about every man, woman and child in our country who deserves to live in safety, prosperity and peace.

We will rise above the lies, the smears, and the ludicrous slanders from ludicrous reporters.

We will vote for the country we want.

We will vote for the future we want.

We will vote for the politics we want.

We will vote to put this corrupt government cartel out of business. We will remove from our politics the special interests who have betrayed our workers, our borders, our freedoms, and our sovereign rights as a nation. We will end the politics of profit, we will end the rule of special interests, we will put a stop to the raiding of our country – and the disenfranchisement of our people.

Our Independence Day is at hand, and it arrives, finally, on November 8th. Join me in taking back our country, and creating a bright and glorious new dawn for our people.”

~ Donald Trump

Play This Loud….


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry’s Intervention in Iran: “literally unprecedented”….

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press conference today reacting to how Obama administration officials were intentionally undermining current U.S. policy.  Those actions include former Secretary of State John Kerry traveling to various hostile nations, specifically Iran, and telling our adversaries to “wait out the Trump administration”.

There’s a bigger, biggger picture here, that few are paying attention to.  We shall outline that in greater detail.  However, for now here’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responding to John Kerry’s intervention(s).  WATCH:

Donald J. Trump


John Kerry had illegal meetings with the very hostile Iranian Regime, which can only serve to undercut our great work to the detriment of the American people. He told them to wait out the Trump Administration! Was he registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act? BAD!

This is in keeping with a pattern.  Obama instructed Trudeau (Canada) to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the mid-terms.  Obama officials have instructed China to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the mid-terms.  Now John Kerry is not only instructing Iran to wait-out mid-terms, he is instructing Europe to rebuke U.S. sanctions on Iran and wait out the mid-terms.  Hopefully, everyone can see what is happening here.

My advice to POTUS would be to review the legal processes to revoke former official’s passports; and use all tools available to monitor the communications of former officials who are engaged in conversations with foreign entities hostile to current U.S. policy.

More will follow on this…. This is beyond serious.

Leaked Google Video Shows Collective Ideology Behind Worlds Largest Internet Influence Agent…

Google is the primary hub through which 90% of all internet activity transpires.  Google controls 75% of on-line ad revenue.  Googles algorithms manipulate the way information travels within the internet; and in actuality, Google can stop and shut down information according to their ideological definition & approval therein.

With unlimited influence, and almost unlimited power over what you are able to see and hear on the internet, Google is ominous.   So when see the leadership of Google crying over their inability to influence the 2016 election; and when you hear them say they will double their efforts to make sure it doesn’t happen in 2018; everyone should be alarmed.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, CEO Sundar Pichai, Senior VP for Global Affairs, Kent Walker, CFO Ruth Porat and Eileen Naughton, VP of People Operations talk about their horror and sadness over the outcome of the 2016 election.  WATCH RECAP:


Below is the full video, which is also hosted on Brietbart.Com


Who is the Fool? Trump or Woodward?

According to CNBC, Bob Woodward reported that Trump told Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs/director of the National Economic Council to just print more money to reduce the national debt. Woodward reports this discussion:

Trump: “Just run the presses—print money.”

Cohn: “You don’t get to do it that way. We have huge deficits and they matter. The government doesn’t keep a balance sheet like that.”

Here is a chart of the US CPI not seasonally adjusted. It has begun its sharp advance since the Floating Rate System was adopted in 1971 with the fall of Bretton Woods. In spite of borrowing, inflation over time has actually advanced more aggressively than if we had just printed instead of borrowed.  Cohn has said the book “does not accurately portray” his experience of the White House. This claimed quote demonstrates that someone is seriously out of touch with economics.  Actually, Trump is correct. Now we have Quartz joining the media calling Trump an idiot confirming they too are clueless about debt and printing. In fact, if you did just print the money and retired the debt, it would be DEFLATIONARY and not INFLATIONARY from the budget perspective because these people are clueless themselves about how the national debt works.


Before 1971, the debt could not be used as collateral for loans such as Savings Bonds. If you needed the money, you were forced to cash them in.  Under this system, it was logically less inflationary to borrow than to print. However, post-1971, you buy T-Bills and post them as collateral to trade futures. The distinction between borrowing and printing has been turned upside down. A national debt is now worse than printing because itis money that now pays interest forever. Then there is no intention of ever paying off the national debt.



The truth is had we printed since 1971 instead of borrowing, there would be far less of an economic crisis compared to what we face today. If we simply printed to pay off the national debt, Social Security would suddenly become a Wealth Fund that actually made money instead of a Slush Fund for politicians. Now, Social Security can only invest 100% in US government debt and then the Fed lowers the interest rate to “stimulate” the economy and Social Security goes broke forcing higher taxes. Up to 70% of the national debt at times has been purely accumulated interest which never benefited anyone.  It competes with the private sector in what we call the “flight to quality” and it forms the bank reserves. What is never discussed is the fact that US debt is also the reserve currency of nations – not paper dollars. That means that the interest we pay is exported and it stimulates foreign economies – not domestic.

So who is crazy here? Trump or Woodward? To keep borrowing year after year is insane. To monetize the debt will be DEFLATIONARY from the perspective of government expenditure. In 2019, interest expenditures even at this low level of interest rates will EXCEED military expenditure.

Woodward is by no means qualified to criticize Trump on such an issue he clearly does not even understand. Trump should really address the nation and explain this problem very simply. I will be glad to supply the charts.