Europe’s Economic Death Spiral

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you said when you were here in Berlin that the EU Commission is about as incompetent as the US Congress. You also said Macron is trying to federalize Europe as the solution Could you elaborate on that comment?

ANSWER: The EU Commission at present is composed of 28 Commissioners, who must always ensure that they are dependent on the nomination from the home country mush as American congressmen who are supposed to represent their state. Every member of the Commission, therefore, has a personal self-interest in staying in office. The complexity of regulations and initiatives often have hidden agendas that are often far too difficult to identify. One of the proposals of Macron is to reduce the Commission to just 15 eliminating state representation and the priority would then, in theory, be given to the professional competence of the candidates rather than representing member states. This would be the FEDERALIZATION of Europe and totally eliminate and democratic process. The people would have no say in changing the direction of Europe.

Macron is proposing to create European politicians. To deal with the end of a democratic process, he has suggested that these 15 commissioners be elected by all EU citizens in the longer term. He has said that with BREXIT, the British vacancies should be the first to be open to elections of all remaining Europeans in the EU. When commissioners are elected by their own politicians, then Macron argues they are not being elected by a European choice of citizens.

In fact, a smaller Commission and a Parliament he hopes would portray Europe as a whole that would forge the EU as a single government at last. This is argued would end the current paralysis that the EU is unable to get out of the economic hole it finds itself in and the ECB has failed with its stimulation to end deflation for nearly 10 years of quantitative easing

Europe suffers from extremely high taxes, taxes and social security contributions combined, which account for around 50% of the business cost which has produced nothing but higher levels of unemployment. In the US and Asia, the comparative rates are between 30% and 40%. Europe just cannot compete in the world economy and is slowly dying.

Macron wants to unify the corporation tax of all EU states or at least the Eurozone members and to make them available to an EU for infrastructure investments. Macron still fails to see that higher taxes produce lower economic growth. Until politicians wake up and see themselves are the source of the problem, there is little hope in producing meaningful economic reform anywhere in the world.After all EU countries suffer from financial distress, the plan can only lead to even more taxes being collected and not less. This also limits the scope of the holdings.

The development of the internal market is constantly being discussed because Europe cannot really compete in the world economy with a high tax burden. However, the fundamental obstacle to creating the internal market within Europe they believed would be settled with a single currency. But that has not proven to be correct as it has merely imposed austerity upon Southern Europe after forcing their past debt to be redenominated in Euro, which then doubled in real value.

Companies operating across Europe are forced to have their own accounting system for each country and act as if they were companies in the country in which they are exporting. The cost of compliance with different rules and taxes in every member state defeats the entire idea of a single currency would solve everything.

Then there is the EU going after Apple and Amazon claiming they were given unfair tax advantages by Ireland and Luxembourg sho they should pay retroactively the difference to the higher tax rate in Europe.

In addition, a complex control system was used to make larger tax evasion responsive to even the smallest billing. There is no talk about these obstacles because each state believes that the existing regulation will generate more tax revenues. A uniform value-added tax and the distribution of revenues to all Member States have been rejected by the member states.

The different VAT tax rates among member states are illustrated here. There is no uniformity. sentences are only part of the problem.

Then there is the Pension Crisis. which is setting the stage where the public sector is facing an explosion of the deficits from 2018 onward.

The reduction of the tax burden MUST be the number one priority, yet that is never addressed. The European Central Bank will not be able to maintain zero and minus interest rates forever. As a result, the states will have to pay higher interest rates on outstanding debt and new debt, which will have an explosive impact on the deficits. We are coming to the point where this system of perpetually borrowing more and more every year will be impossible to maintain once the people begin to realize Europe is in an economic death spiral.

The core problem is never addressed. All of these proposals on how to end the European economic paralysis simply never consider the role of government and its leftist Marxism that failed in China and Russia. They will continue to raise the retirement age across Europe to try to survive another year. Europe has become an economic catastrophe of untold proportions. The high tax burden prevents a dynamic renewal of the economy reducing the standard of living for everyone and perpetuating high unemployment as twice that of the rest of the industrialized world.

The GDP Decline Post-2015.75

The economic decline that we are now in moving into really 2036, is significantly different than pre-2015.75. The confidence shifted and 2015.75 was the peak in confidence in government. This is the rising discontent which produced Trump, BREXIT, and the rising separatist movements around the globe. The old way of running the economy is what has been declining and even when the GDP growth rate is being reported as up, the levels of growth are substantially in a bear market.

Likewise, unemployment has decline the the USA while rising outside, but even this is misleading. The quality of jobs has declined and much of the rise is attributed to part-time employment while more than 60% of college graduates cannot find employment in the field in which they paid a lot of money for. The student loans imposed upon them by the Clinton saddle the youth with such burdens for worthless degrees they are forced to live at home with their parents into their 30s. It has been the drop-outs who are the real innovators. Ernst & Young has been one of the top graduate recruiters in the UK and USA. They have announced the firm will be removing the degree classification from its entry criteria, saying there is “no evidence” that success at university correlates with achievement in later life. The best education has ALWAYS been an apprenticeship – not some university course taught by someone who has never practiced what they teach.

The economic growth is distorted and not really what governments are reporting. But even if we use their numbers as is we can see that the 2007-2009 recession was the worst since World War II. The top chart is the Fed data showing gross dollars so it looks like the economy is rising. Now let us look at that data on an annual growth rate basis. We can see the peaks and valley in GDP growth rates much more clearly. The third chart is simply month over month growth rates, very short-term. Now you can see what the central banks are so concerned about. The growth rate is declining sharply. Since 2015.75, even the USA is having a very hard time to reach 2% and sustain it and the USA IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!
Because the US is the core economy in the world, I have been stating that the decline unfolds from the peripheral first and moves into the core. The trouble we see in Europe and the start of the Refugee Crisis began with 2015.75. We see the rising economic problems even in China no less Japan. Emerging market debt has exploded and will be ripe for default. Trump was elected because the average person sees they are losing ground, not gaining. The youth no longer believe in the American Dream.
The model is forecasting NOT a “recession” in the old terms, but an economic decline. This is why taxes keep rising for they need money to try to retain bower. This creates DEFLATION and not the HYPERINFLATION that so many falsely believe is the only way empires, nations, and city states crumble into the dust of history.
As far as unemployment is concerned, here too we have to pick up the rug. Even the Post Office is hiring part-time workers so they do not have to pay pensions. There has been a rise in part-time employment to escape the benefits of Obamacare. The definition of employment has also been altered. You are not unemployed unless you look for a job.
This is all part of the economic decline that began with 2015.75. Even the poverty rate in Europe, the great socialist economy, has risen to 16% and is still rising. This is part of the discontent. The youth unemployment in Europe is just astonishing. High taxes on the “rich” who create small businesses that employ 70% of the population has devastated Europe. But the politicians are so married to Marxism, they cannot see what they are doing is the same economic extinction that took place in China and Russia that forced political change.
The USA is holding everything up right now. But our growth rates have declined and we are looking at the USA turning more negative starting from 2018 onward.

The Coming One-World Currency


Bitcoin + Cryptocurrencies
Firstly, thank you – I’ve learned more from your blog and models that high-school would ever have hoped to teach me. And even after a year I am a still at the start-line of knowledge.
I am also been a follower and investor/gambler on crypto for over a year.
I concur with your findings that Govt’ will ultimately try to ban or regulate to tax crypto currencies. It really is all about tax. nothing else. I really don’t see how it can have anything to do with terrorist funding and the need to track all transactions, considering that as far back as 1996 the Federal Reserve that “ about $200 billion to $250 billion of U.S. currency was abroad at the end of 1995, or more than half the roughly $375 billion then in circulation outside of banks.” So how do the track this cash? or do they really care?
But what happens if the people just ignore the gov’t(s) attempt to ban crypto? What then?
Is it likely, or even remotely possible that most gov’ts would work jointly and simultaneously to ban crypto currencies?
Will there always be several countries that will ignore / not join this movement to benefit from the flow of currency – even if this inflow is crypto currency or not hard currency?
What will happy if the people just revolt and ignore the gov’’s efforts to tax crypto or ban it?
Some insight on how and what happened with previous alternative currencies who help shed some light on this. Could you also recommend some reading in this area.
Thanks again for your patience and skill in translating your work into digestible English so people like myself can benefit from your knowledge

ANSWER: This is a battle to the death.  A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. However, this idea has also falsely embraced the notion that a cryptocurrency will be a store of value and hence defeat inflation. That has proven to be absolute nonsense. The rise of cryptocurrency is a reflection that people do not trust government. Those in power know that and see this as unacceptable. Edward Snowden has pointed out that BitCoin is not as safe as everyone believes. He said:

“Obviously, Bitcoin by itself is flawed. The protocol has a lot of weaknesses and transaction sides and a lot of weaknesses that structurally make it vulnerable to people who are trying to own 50 percent of the network and so on and so forth.” … “Focusing too much on bitcoin, I think is a mistake. The real solution is again, how do we get to a point where you don’t have to have a direct link between your identity all of the time? You have personas. You have tokens that authenticate each person and when you want to be able to interact with people as your persona in your true name, you can do so.”

Zcash is far better than BitCoin for to remain equally interchangeable, units of Zcash are unlinked from their history so that one unit is as good as any other unit and this makes them really fungible in the to cryptocurrency world. They have unlinked shielded coins from their history on the blockchain. This means they can be used for tax avoidance and the government can use its Terrorist Card. They will not allow cryptocurrency to defeat taxes and BitCoin is not secure enough in that manner.

The rise in cryptocurrency has another side to it that is not being mentioned. Many of the people cheering BitCoin, are the dollar-haters who also tend to be the goldbugs. The interesting question that arises from this is very blunt. Has the introduction of cryptocurrency  been displacing gold as the alternative currency?

This is a subject that requires a lot more space for analysis than a blog post. We also have central banks looking at creating their own cryptocurrency  and that raises the possibility that private cryptocurrency will be banned.

There is absolutely no question that we are heading into a new Monetary System. The Monetary Crisis Cycle turns up next year. We saw what happened as soon as the ECM peaked in 2007 and we forecast new highs in the Dow back in 2010 (See Barrons), the War Cycle turned up in 2014 and our Political Cycle that pinpointed the political change in 2016 produced Trump, the ECM peak in 2015.75 marked the day of the Russian invasion of Syria that began the Refugee Crisis in Europe, our Models of Britain forecast BREXIT, and those on Catalonia forecast the separatist movement would rise 2 years in advance – just to mention a few.

We will issue a special report on the coming One World Currency. There is just too much to address in a blog post and this will be food for thought as we move forward through the end of this current cycle wave on the ECM.

Being Humble is Required for Trading

QUESTION: I have a personal question. You have said that what you know has been taught to you by your clients. People who attend your WEC say you are humble and not arrogant. Could you explain that?


ANSWER: Look. You cannot go to university to get a degree in trading or being a hedge fund manager. You have to be self-taught in this field. If you want to be a successful trader, you MUST be humble!!!!!! The market is the ONLY thing that is 100% infallible. So you better be humble and survive. If you want to be arrogant and try to dictate what the market should do, you will not survive very long. So I do not understand why that should be a surprise. This is about reading the markets and listening to what they are trying to tell us. This is NOT about being personally right or wrong. Your bank account will determine that. You can tell someone who will never survive because as soon as they start blaming other people for their own failures like Hillary Clinton, they should quit and save a lot of money for they will NEVER be a good trader.

Trading teaches you to be humble or you will not survive. The market is much bigger than you or even government. One primary trading tip I have perhaps been famous for saying is: Intelligence is not measured in the definitive knowledge that is never wrong. It is measured by the ability to see when you are wrong and quickly adapt to the new reality.

There are some people who could never do anything with respect to trading if they (1) cannot admit a mistake, and (2) be a dynamic thinker where you see everything around you.

I have been TRAINED by my clients. I was given a seminar in Zurich in the early ’80s. People were flying in from many different countries. This became the origin of the WEC events. Why are they so different? Because you have a very diverse audience. At that Zurich seminar, a client from Canada had asked about gold. I responded that it would be a short-term buy. The guy from Zurich quickly said that since I had said the Swiss franc would rise more than gold, he would lose money on that trade. Right then and there I began to realize that giving advice depended COMPLETELY upon your currency base.

Once I understood that I had to tailor advice and forecasts to the currency base of every client, that was the first step in understanding currency flows. From there, the world began to come into focus.

So if you define “humble” as being flexible to adapt to the changing trends, then you will survive.

What I Admire about Islam

Islam has many strengths that we need to learn from. For instance, Islam’s concept of civilizational war has no equal in the West. Muslims use a hijab as a weapon, for instance. Muslims have a perpetual optimism about winning. Muslims want to win; we want to tie. Muslims naturally form groups to advance their cause. They are a powerful political lobbying group.

We need to learn from Islam’s strengths so that we don’t lose.

Capital Flow Movements

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

You said that people and institutions from Europe send their cash to the US to get a higher yield. This makes a lot of sense. At the same time, the dollar has been falling. You have also stated that US institutional investors are sending money to developing markets to get a higher yield. Is more money leaving the US to emerging markets then flowing in from Europe?

Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom.

ANSWER: Yes. Here is our capital flow map, which is proprietary. Even central banks are using this. We are collecting the raw data globally and will be providing a breakdown in the future of volume and sector analysis we pick up in the flows. Nonetheless, there are diverse trends combining at all times. It is never everyone doing one thing for a single reason. The broader categories are three separate motives.

(1) the flow of capital from Europe to the USA is primarily institutional from (a) banks parking funds at the Fed rather than the ECB, and (b) playing the US equities which have been a boom since September in terms of Euros.

(2) You have US institutions who think the US sharemarket is overbought so then have shifted in any case up to 50% to overseas markets assuming they are not a frothy as the USA

(3) You then have American pension funds who have been buying high-yield third world debt to try to make up for the losses domestically with too low-interest rates.

Therefore, the net trend for the dollar has been down since February when the capital flows shifted. We will see this now beginning to shift reversing back into the dollar especially next year.

Taxes the Lynch-Pin of Civilization

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong: I find it disheartening the more I try to advance my family to build a better future for them, the more I realize that the harder I work we do not really get ahead. I agree that taxes just keep moving higher and I am now looking for a job in my field to leave California. A friend of mine from school left Illinois and moved to Texas. He said he feels much better and is gaining ground instead of losing it. Has taxes been the driving force to create migration in advanced civilization?


ANSWER: Absolutely. I have written how Rome fell and just mapping the population of Rome you can see the fate of Illinois – people sell and just leave. It is different this time because, under socialism, the government has become abusive. When it came to integration, they sought to implement it by sheer force.

You simply can’t legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. Jobs are created by the wealthy who become wealthy because of their innovation as a vision – i.e. Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and so on. Hemry Ford’s vision created the auto industry. Bill Gates in bringing DOS to life, created the personal computer industry as did Steve Jobs. How much employment did just those three men create? Far more than government.

Government creates nothing to advance society or to increase GDP in any positive manner. It is a natural human response not to pay taxes and this is why taxes have been the number one reason for civil war and revolution. It is always resentful to pay taxes whereas to give money to help someone is rewarding. Taxes tend to support politicians and their pensions which they exempt themselves from everything from Inside Trading to Obamacare. If they must sell some asset to take a government job, it is tax-free.

The great welfare state has produced a large segment of fraud and kept many people down since they would rather be taken care of than working to take care of themselves. Even in prison, many people are sentenced to 10 or 20 years and the first thing they do is commit a crime to get back in where they do not have to pay taxes and they are taken care of. You destroy people’s lives for such a long-period for non-violent crimes and then expect them to have a fulfilling life thereafter?

Clearly, New Zealand once had a program where if a woman was pregnant and she had no idea who the father was, the government provided everything right down to a free home. They ended up with the highest percentage of women who had no idea who the father of their child was. Naturally, they did and he would jump out the back window when the social worker visited. They got everything for free then.

Any of these types of programs divide and conquer. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government doesn’t first take from somebody else.  When you reach a state where 50% of the people depend upon the other 50% to pay their bills, you end up with class warfare and bitterness. The is the cycle where civilization rises, peaks, and then crashes when government becomes the enemy of the people.

The Death of Socialism – the Rise of Tyranny


I tend to agree with your view about the decline in socialism.  However, I fear it will be replaced with the other extreme. Doesn’t the pendulum usually swing from one extreme to another?



ANSWER: Absolutely. This is the ONLY reason I am doing what I do. The risk is that we turn more authoritarian and lose all our rights. This is the trend in motion. “Socialism” as far as benefiting the people has been a mere fraud and this is what people are rising up about without identifying in this exact manner.

Socialism gave government extraordinary power. They love that power. What you are witnessing in Spain is the real essence of this thirst for power and they will never hesitate for one second about killing the people. Marx handed government this whip of power. Millions have died ever since. When Shakespeare wrote “The first thing we do is kill all the lawyers” he was really speaking about government prosecutors. They care nothing about honor, dignity, morality, or ethics. Their job is to trash the constitution and maintain their 98.5%+ conviction rate. If the parents of these people knew the evil they inflict upon society, they would NEVER be proud of their children. I have NEVER met a prosecutor who has EVER been ethical. They are far worse than the people they prosecute and the court appointed lawyers who manage to lose every case are just as worthless individuals at the end of the day. This is all a symptom of the decline and fall of civilization.

We will have a brief shining moment to push the pendulum back in the opposite direction. My fear is what what comes after 2032 is another PUBLIC WAVE. We must be very careful that this battle for power does not extinguish everything worth living for.

People are writing in and asking why am I always right. All I have done is put the pieces together and it is not that hard to understand what makes everything move and shake when the computer monitors the world. God does not speak to me in the middle of the night. If he did, I would ask, can I go home now?

I have a family and if I were selfish, I would care less about them and only myself. I would not be writing this right now and I would be on some island waiting for the mushroom cloud on the horizon to signal it is all clear. But I have a family. Trust me, not even they want to look at what I see so I just do what I need to do and do not preach to them. They will see it when it smacks them in the face.

There are those of us who see. Just remember, you cannot force others to see what you see. The best you can do is soft-peddle and simply point out the trend and let the light go on in their own mind. So enjoy this gift of life while you can. Just keep one eye open fixed on the horizon. When it is time – you will know it.

So until it is time for Scotty to beam me up, I am trapped here, compelled to watch what I do not want to see and I cannot change the channel. History repeats because human motivation remains the same throughout all time and circumstance.

The Impact of Islam on Christianity

Hello. I’d like to talk to you about the effects of Islam upon Christianity. This is a subject that if you go to a seminary or any other school, you won’t be taught anything about, but it turns out that Islam has shaped Christianity in ways that very few people suspect or know.

When you look at the church today, it seems to be rather lost in terms of its political future. Example, here in Nashville, Tennessee, which is called the buckle on the Bible belt, and if that is the case, I say that the church’s pants are down around its ankles. The Muslim brotherhood finds the broadest door into our society to be the door of the church, churches do not resist or oppose Islam and, indeed they will go to family of Abraham religious dialogue events and sit there and smile as Muslims tell them how much they love Christians and then they turn right around and ignore the fact that Christians are being slaughtered on an everyday basis in Africa and in the Middle East.

We’re hearing a lot about Syrian refugees now. What we don’t hear anything about is that these Syrian refugees include Christians, so there’s no political pressure in America to bring persecuted Christians to America, only the Muslims. Now, the Muslims are very equipped for this political pressure because they operate as a unit. The 57 members of the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Corporation, are the ones who determine who comes to America. So the Muslims pick and choose who comes to America and the church just sits around and smile. Why is this? Well, it turns out there’s some reasons, some very ancient reasons that go back to the very beginning of Islam, and that’s what this talk is about, to explain to you how history has shaped the church today to the point where it has become timid and afraid.

How do you explain this map? How did Islam begin to dominate? We have to understand that North Africa used to be Christian, Iraq used to be Christian, Persia was half Christian, Egypt, so all of these countries used to be Christian and more, and yet they’re not today. How did this happen? Precisely, what had to happened for this to take place? This is what we’re going to learn in this lecture, because it is the creation of the Islamic lands that is what drives the church today to be what it is, timid, ignorant and unwilling to learn.

Now, you’ve heard it said that the Roman Empire collapsed because the German tribes had invaded and then some of the classical civilizations just began to disappear, but we can see here at this time, the Rome has collapsed, but that the Byzantine Empire, which is centered in Constantinople, and today what we call Turkey, was pulling together a political empire again.

This is a map that shows the conquest of Islam 25 years after the death of Mohammed.

In the next slide, slide five, we can once again see the heavy inroads that Islam is making into what was formerly a Christian world.

Here we see in this slide how much happened in 100 years. This is an amazing conquest. Let’s examen in it a little more detail. This whole talk is based upon a recent archeological work, and in particular a book about the rise of the European economy in which archeology is used to bring together history. This is archeology of beneath the waters of the Mediterranean, archeology on the land surrounding the Mediterranean, but then also another peculiar kind of archeology, which is the translation of old documents, so they’ve been put in a database format. It was this that intrigued me when I read this book and so I put together, not from the appendix, it had a lot of battles which I had never heard of, so this was the first part of my battle list. I then went to the web and completed the search and found 548 battles that Islam had fought against the Christian world, and the Buddhist world and the Hindu world in over 1200 years.

Now, we’re faced with a problem on how do we portray the information of 548 battles? So I created a concept, which I call a dynamic battle map, which allows us to see the spread of Islam as a measure of time.

Here we go. The red dots are past battles. The white dots are battles that are being fought in the current period. Now we’re going to compress 1,200 years of loss and grief into two minutes here. Notice how the spread heads out immediately across the waters of the Mediterranean. Usually, when we think of jihad in the classical days, we think of desert fighting, but here we can see that Islam has mastered the art of naval warfare and is using the Mediterranean to apply force throughout all of Europe. There’s going to be some 200 battles fought in Spain alone.

Now, why are these battles relentless? Why do they go on and on? Well, it is the way of Mohammed. In the last nine years of his life, Mohammed was involved in 100 different jihad events, and we can see how this constant ongoing jihad was part of the effort that brought down classical civilization.

Here we are in the final slide in which we can see the destruction of all classical civilization, Persian, Greek and Roman.
Now, then this dynamic battle map has showed you the quantity of warfare, but now then I would like to give you the quality of warfare. Here’s what we’re going to do, I’ve put together slides, which contain, as it were, the newspaper headlines, of course there were no newspapers then, but we can think of them as the headlines in the media of the day. We start off in seventh century, we have the destruction of the Jazima tribe by Khalid, then we have Khalid at the battle of Olayis, Iraq where many Christians were destroyed, we have the episode of his rapes, and then we have the episode of Umar’s conquest of Jerusalem, which made Christians and Jews, dhimmis.

Now, there’s one of these Khalid, the sword of Allah, there’s one of these rapes that I want to tell you about in detail because it illustrates the fact that rape was to come, as it had been on Mohammed’s day, on ongoing constant of jihad. After the battle, the chieftain of the losing side was brought in front of Khalid and his head was cut off, and the blood was allowed to soak into the ground. He then brought forth the captains, or the chieftain’s wife, and he raped her on the ground that held the blood of her husband. Now, before this, there had been, at the battle of Olayis that Khalid brought forth every defeated and captured soldier, put them in a dry stream bed and cut off their heads. It was said they cut off heads until blood actually ran down the dry stream bed.

Here Islam has turned to the east, and there’s an attack on Hindustan. 26,000 Hindus are slaughtered, in Armenia, the nobles are herded into a church in Bern, and in Ephesus, 7,000 Greeks were enslaved.

Now, you will notice here that this slide says Golden Age, keep up with this because, as you will see, the Golden Age was not so golden. Indeed, it was marked with the fact that Kafirs, non-Muslims, suffered in an ongoing way.
The ninth century Golden age. The caliph ordered all new churches destroyed, in Armenian, there are massive enslavement of Greeks, and then in the ninth century, under the Golden Age, the Egyptian Christians, the Cops, revolted over the gizia. Now, the gizia was the demi-taxes. Now, Muslims actually have the gaud to say that the Christians were delighted when they invaded Egypt, but isn’t it odd that these same people are so delighted of not having a riot over the payment of excessive taxation? 10th century, it’s still the Golden Age, in Thessalonica, 22,000 Christians are enslaved, in Seville, Spain, Christians are massacred, 30,000 churches are destroyed in Egypt and Syria. In the 11th century, and we’re still in the Golden Age, 6,000 Jews in Morocco are killed, hundreds of Jews in Cordoba are killed, 4,000 Jews in Granada are killed, and in Georgia and Armenian, they were invaded. In Hindustan, 15,000 were killed with a half million enslaved.

Now, notice this is still in the Golden Age. Moving to the next century, in Yemen, Jews were offered a conversion or death, the Christians of Granada were deported to Morocco, and in India many cities were destroyed and they were offered, convert or die. In one town alone, 20,000 Hindus are enslaved.

13th century, still the Golden Age, in India, 50,000 Hindu slaves are freed by conversion. These men, these Hindus, were able to gather their freedom only by converting to Islam first. You see, the slavery was a benefit to Islam because not only could they work you and get your labor, but if you wanted to be freed, the only way to be freed as a slave was to become a Muslim. So slavery was excellent for converting Catholics to Muslim. Buddhist monks were butchered, nuns were raped in what we now call Afghanistan. In Damascus and Safed, there was Christian mass murder, and the Jews of Marrakesh were massacred, in Tabriz there was forced conversion of Jews.

Now then, in the 14th century, and we’re still in the Golden age. Cairo riots, once again, the poor cops, churches are burned, the Jews of Tabriz are forced to convert, Tamerlane in India kills as many as 90,000 in one day, and in India 30,000 were massacred in cold blood and took 180,000 slaves.

This is the 14th century and still the Golden Age, notice how the coppers are treated. When I keep bringing up this Golden Age, remember, we’re told endlessly that the Golden Age was the high point of all human civilization, not so golden really, hey? Tamerlane in India devastates 700 villages, Tamerlane annihilated Nestorian and Jacobite Christians, and after 700 years of attacks, Islam captures and destroys Constantinople.

Now, we’re beginning to see here one of the effects of Islam. You’ve probably never heard of the Nestorian church nor have you heard of the Jacobite church, yet these were ancient churches in the Middle East and they were annihilated and destroyed by Islam. Islam is going to totally change Christianity.

17th century, the Jews of Yemen and Persia are forced to convert, forced conversions of re-Christians to Islam, and in Persia the Zoroastrian persecution has increased, and in India 600,000 Hindus are killed by Aurangzeb.
Now, before we move on to the 18th century, I want to mention to you about Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrian is a culture and a religion that has never gotten a fair shake in history, but it is about to be destroyed and annihilated within Persia. In the 18 century, Zoroastrian persecution was intense, the Jews of Jeddah and Arabia were expelled, the Jews in Morocco were massacred, and the Hindu persecution continues.

Forced conversion of Jews in Iran, this is the 19th century, Jews of Baghdad are massacred, nearly 250,000 Armenian Christians are slaughtered in Turkey, this is in the 19th century, and now the Zoroastrians are completely annihilated.

Now, we come to the 20th century, the century in which I was born in which there are a million Armenians who are going to be killed. How many Christians know about this? How many Christians know about the details of exactly how this happened? It was torturous death. Christians murdered simply because they were Christian.

Those are the deaths in the centuries, including that of the Golden Age. Now them, let’s take a look at the classical Mediterranean civilization. One of the things we have to do here is to point out that the Mediterranean was the center of civilization in the classical period. We think of continents and political domination, and that’s how we name things, but in these days, the Mediterranean was the glue that bonded everything together. Egypt, for instance, was not so much an African nation as it was a Mediterranean nation and in the same, the North Africa was part of the Mediterranean civilization as well. There were reasons for this, it took 10 days to sail from Carthage, North Africa to Italy, by land it took 140 days, shipping a ton of grain from Egypt to Rome costs the same amount of shipping at 75 miles by oxcart. Said, another way transportation on the Mediterranean was cheap and simple compared to that of hauling it overland.

Under the Roman rule, the sea was free of danger to trade and is an indication of how valuable Mediterranean trade was. There were as many as 500 boats in the harbor in Constantinople at one time.

Before Islam, when Rome wanted to communicate with France, it did so with a letter on a ship. However, after the Mediterranean became a dangerous place to be on a ship if you were a Kafir, they sent it instead, sent it over the Alps.
A plague that started in Iraq, took four years to get to Constantinople, but before Islam, it only took four months. Now, this, of course, is a repetitive sort of plaque. Ibn Khaldun – the Christians cannot float a plank on the inland sea that is the Mediterranean. Europe was impoverished economically and culturally isolated. Islam preyed upon all the Christian ships that are in the Mediterranean. This was not unusual. This is an economic form of warfare, and Mohammed always involved economic targets if he possibly could.

Now, the actual statistics are is that 90% of the Christian trade collapsed. I want you to imagine the city you’re living in and that the trucks and trains and planes that come in are reduced by 90% so that you have only 10% of the traffic. What would happen to the economy in your area? Well, of course it would collapse.

We’ve all heard of the dark ages, and they’re mysterious as to why they existed, it’s just Europeans suddenly lost the ability to read and write, but what we have is there are three dark ages, there’s a dark age in Europe, a dark age in Byzantine or Asia minor, what we call Turkey today, and then another dark age in North Africa. There are three dark ages, which is a clue because there’s a common cause.

Here we see a picture of an architectural ruin in North Africa. In Rome, the Roman buildings were slowly harvested of their marble, that is people live there and they use the ancient Roman structures for the source of new marble, but the invasion of North Africa was so rapid and so severe that the people were slaughtered to the degree where there was no one around to take and use the ancient buildings and so therefore they were preserved. This process of invasion of North Africa created the desert that we now know in North Africa. Before Islam, there was farming done by the Christians in North Africa, but when Islam invaded they were not farmers, they raised sheep and goats. They grazed on the Christian fields because they could and this destroyed the grass and crops, goats in particular will do this, but it’s more than that, since the invading Muslims were not big on farming, they really didn’t help to maintain the irrigation system. This process of desertification was so intense that there’s a layer of silt in the harbors in North Africa. This layer of silt comes from the erosion produced by the devastation of Islam invading North Africa.
Since 90% of the economy was destroyed, what economy was left? Well, it was the economy of furs, lumber, swords and slaves. This is pretty bare-bones living and this is not something that people want to brag about, that is Christians are not wanting to brag about the fact that their ancestors were forced to crude trade, including that of human life, but this was the necessity of the dark ages. The dark ages produced by Islamic invasion.

The establishment says that the loss of civilization Europe had nothing to do with Islam at all. It was those Romans who were invaded by the German tribes, but the German tribes wanted to become Roman. They weren’t there to destroy Rome. The establishment also tells us that Islam was a force for good because of its Golden Age and how it preserved Greek and Roman learning. Question, why do they need to preserve it? Oh, that’s right, they destroyed so much in Europe that they were not even capable of preserving their own writings. That which is viewed as a plus of Islam, actually what we’re looking at is a destructive force. The data shows us that the collapse of European civilization and the production of the dark ages was caused by Islam. This radical new way of thinking. Classical civilizations of the Greeks and Romans was annihilated by Jihad and replaced by Islamic civilization. Christianity was forever changed.

I now want to talk to you about another misunderstood aspect of European history, and that is the Crusades. In America, the crusades tend to be presented as rich French and European knights who decided to invade the Middle East for the purpose of power and money, but that is not the case at all. Islam had destroyed 30,000 churches under one caliph, Christians and Jews under Islamic rule were dhimmis, that is they were semi-slaves, we’ll talk about that more later, and many, many instances of brutality against Christians, including rape. Christians were leaving the Middle East, and the Byzantine Emperor pled for help to the Pope.

Now, this is the world that the Pope and Europeans looked out to see. All the invasion, which is now the … The Islam is the green area and all the battles that have been fought up to now, so it was possible if you were setting in Rome to imagine that all of Christianity would disappear and so therefore the crusades were called.

Now then, I want to make a direct comparison between the battles of the crusades in this next slideshow, and this is done in the same timeframe … Every tick of the clock is a 20 year period. What we can see is that, when we compare the battles of Jihad against the battles of the crusades, there’s hardly any comparison at all. The crusades were defensive and lasted 300 years, and they ended 800 years ago. Jihad was offensive and it lasted for 1,400 years and it’s active today. Somewhere, if you’re watching this video, someone died because they were a Kafir and the murderer was a Muslim. Now, so therefore, is this actually moral equivalence? I don’t think so at all.

Now, the history taught in our establishment University says that Islam was nothing but a force for good, that indeed it produced two golden ages, a Golden age in Baghdad and a Golden Age in Spain, or as they prefer to call it Andaluz.
Here, let’s take a look in this dynamic battle map of what is happening to Spain, which was a Christian nation. First off, you need to know that there were roughly 200 battles fought in Spain and these were all defensive because the Muslims had invaded in the year 711, so how golden is this? Not so much, I think. At least that much warfare … The other thing you have to yourself, the question is if being under the rule of Muslims in Spain was so wonderful, why is it that the Christians fought for 700 years to throw them out? Just ask yourself that question. Could it have been that good?

Is this a multicultural Golden Age or a reign of terror? There was no Islamic Golden Age in Spain, at least not the way we’re told about. Every Christian and every Jew was a dhimmi, that is a semi-slave, there was actual slavery, constant war. Now, the elites had it good. We know this from any invading army that there will be those in the country that’s invaded who are willing to serve the conquerors and they can live well for it, so there were flecks of gold in Spain. I’m not trying to say it was all negative, but there was so much negativity and pain and suffering that it’s really hard to call it a Golden Age. It was golden only for very few.

Now then, let’s deal with the Golden Age in Baghdad and let’s use the same thing, we’re going to use the dynamic battle map here, which you’re watching now, to see all of the attacks that went on during the age of the Golden Age of Baghdad. Why are we told this? Why is this much ongoing suffering war and Jihad told to us as though it’s a wonderful thing?

By the way, notice that most of this is directed to the Christians. Now, we have to hand the Muslims, they also attacked the Hindus and the Buddhist as well.

The Golden Age of Baghdad, Christians and Jews were semi-slaves, Christian women were used as sex slave, as a scientist, I’m telling you this was a disaster, Islamic philosophy denied the existence of physical laws and cause-and-effect. Islam destroyed about 90% of all classical work. You know how we’re told how wonderful it was that it preserved? It only preserved about 10%. The other 90% was destroyed. All of that translation work that we hear about, that was all done by Christians and Jews.

Here we see the Islamic world today and how it came about. The dynamic battle map only went to the year 1922, but Jihad did not stop in 1922. This information is a data base found in the and I have taken it and done quite a bit to work with it to bring out how these … How many thousand is this? 19,000 Jihad attacks since 9/11 2001. You can see they’re scattered all over the world but you can see where they’re centered. The closer you are to the Middle East, the more you are and have to suffer.

Here we have a plot of Jihad attacks versus time, and we notice it ebbs and flows, but there’s something of interest here, notice that there’s about twice as many Jihad attacks against other Muslims as there are against Christians, Buddhists, Jews and atheists. Now, why is this? Well, you see, there’s two kinds of Jihad, there’s Jihad against the Kafir and then there’s Jihad of purification. When the first caliph came about, Abu Bakr, the first thing he did was to declare war against the apostates, the people who wanted to leave Islam, or they were hypocrites, they were not strong Muslims. Therefore, there’s a kind of Jihad, which I call the Jihad of purification, and that’s what we’re seeing here. For every Kafir that dies, two Muslims have died ever since 9/11. We can see that Jihad is relentless, it’s against Kafirs and impure Muslims, and Jihad will adapt, but it will always be there.

I took the top four countries and plotted them up here, they’re Israel, India, Thailand and the Philippines, but although these were the top four countries, we need to go to the next slide to see the Jihad tax per hundred people. This means that we can compare India to Israel. But notice here what we find, we find that we have Jews, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus, who are all being attacked, therefore, the Jihad is not just against the Christians, but against all religions. By the way, there’s bad news for people who are secularist or atheist and think, “Well, we’re not involved in all this business of Jihad,” well, it turns out, the doctrine of Jihad is harder on the atheists than it is on Christians or Jews. So much for that.

The religion of peace, which by the way seems to be a term coined by George Bush, all of this data, 548 battles, 19,000 Jihad attacks, all follows the doctrine of Jihad. I’ve counted in the 1,400 years of Islam that there are 12 decades in 1,400 years that are Jihad free. Said another way, we could say that Islam is 91% violence and 9% peace. If you say Islam is a religion of peace, as George Bush did, you get a score of nine. Now, if you’re in my class, when I was a college professor, if you make nine on a quiz that’s 100 points, you fail. So, George Bush, you fail. Islam is not the religion of peace. Or, at least it’s 91% wrong.

Constant violence is normal. Why is this? We see that all of Islam is founded on Koran, Sira Hadith. Now, the Koran, everyone has heard about it even if they haven’t read it, the Sira is the biography of Mohammed, and the Hadith are his traditions. Mohammed is important because 91 verses in the Koran say that every Muslim is to imitate Mohammed in every detail, so therefore the biography and words of Mohammed are all sacred text. What we can see here is that Islam is this much Allah, 14%, and this much Mohammed, 86%, so this is the doctrine of Islam, these three books.

We see here the amount of text devoted to the Kafir, basically 51% of the doctrine of Islam is concerned with the Kafir. What this means is is Islam is primarily a political ideology, not a religion. Here’s how much is devoted to the concept of Jihad, and we can see that all three texts, Koran, Sira, Sarah and Hadith, all address Jihad, and by quite a bit. 31% of the total doctrine is Jihad.

Now, how important was Jihad in Mohammed’s day? Well, here we have a growth curve of Mohammed’s success, and he preached the religion for 13 years in Mecca and persuaded 150 Muslims to become Arab. He went to Medina where he averaged an event of Jihad once a month for the last nine years of his life, and this was very successful. When he died, every Arab in the Arabian Peninsula was a Muslim. What we see here was religion of Islam was not successful, but Jihad was overwhelmingly successful.

Now, we have one more chart. Notice we have something here, I call this the law of Islamic saturation, this is in Turkey. Turkey when Islam invaded was Christian, today it is only 0.3% Christian. This is what I call Islamic saturation. Notice that this curve takes centuries to fulfill, but in the end, once Islam has invaded Christianity, whatever religion is there, Buddhist or Hindu, will all disappear and it will all become Islamic. It just takes time. It takes centuries, but it always ends this way.

It’s interesting, but I’m the first person who’s ever asked this question, how many people died in the Jihad over 1,400 years? Well, these figures are approximate, but we can see here, in a table I call the tears of Jihad, we have 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists and 120 million Africans, and this does not include the Zoroastrians. This is what I call the tears of Jihad.

Now, why is it that Christians don’t teach themselves that 60 million of them died under Jihad? Why is this information almost forbidden to be known? I say that doctrine drives history and that history shows the true nature of political Islam, political Islam is the enemy of all Kafir civilizations and that political Islam is permanent and unchanging.

There are three great pivots to Christianity in which massive changes took place, once it became a Roman religion, then we have the invasion of Islam and then we have the Protestant Reformation in Europe. These are the three great pivots. Unfortunately, Islam is not taught, that I know of, in any school as being one of the great changes of Christianity. Islam subjugated the very heart of Christianity, the holy land, and the annihilated different forms of Christianity. Islam annihilated central government by Jihad, this meant that the Catholic Church was the only European organization left to educate and administrate across borders. Islam produced a politicized Catholic Church. This, once again, is not very well recognized.

Now, let’s see some other changes that Islam brought about. In the year 632, Islam had no images, a century later, the Greek Orthodox Church stopped the use of icons after repeated losses to Islam. The reasoning went like this, we’re losing, we’re doing something wrong, the Muslims forbid images, we’ll forbid images too to see if that will help us.

Witches and demons, early 11th century. Europeans went to Islamic Spain and studied sorcery, alchemy and astrological text, they became familiar with the Hadith, in 1487 the Catholic Church issues the doctrine of the Witch’s Hammer, so where did the Christians learn about witchcraft and all these things? Well, they learned it from the Muslims in Spain.

Now then, mass killing of Jews. In the year 624 there was mass murder of Jews by Mohammed. In 1011 mass murder in Córdoba by Islam, in 1033 mass murder in Fez by Islam and then after that, 1096, there was mass murder in Germany by Christians. Notice that I’m saying here that some very bad things had happened, their initial impetus was found in that of Islam.

The doctrine of war. In the year 623, the Jihad doctrine came about in Medina, in the year 650 Christians introduced holy war ideas but it was not until the year 1063 that the Catholic doctrine of Holy War was finalized. In the early seventh century, apostasy and heresy were made capital crimes in Islam. In the early 12th century, apostasy and heresy became capital crimes in Christianity. Then, we have the Inquisition. The first Islamic Inquisition was in the early 12th century. The Catholic Inquisition was in the late 12th century. What I’m saying here is that Islam influenced a greatly battered church in Europe.

Now, let’s see Islam in America today. Here in Nashville, Tennessee, liberal Christians love to go to family of Abraham dialogues in which they’re told that Muslims, Christians and Jews are all members of the family of Abraham, and they’re all basically, brothers and sisters. We found that there’s professional ignorance by church leaders, you cannot imagine how ignorant Christians are about the doctrine of Islam here in Nashville, and by the way, they’ll do everything they can to praise Islam. We have the movement of Chris-lam in which there are now Bibles being produced in which nothing that would offend Islam is being published, that is there are Christians who are willing to Islamisize the church and then declare happiness and peace. You’ll find Christians who will actually say, “Well, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God.” Really? Anyone who’s read the Koran who could say that, well, of course, they’ve not really read the Koran. Either that or they’re cowards and know the truth and they’re not willing to speak it. The establishment Christians are apologists. If it’s at a university, they don’t teach the truth of the destruction of the church by Islam.

ISNA is the Muslim brother organization. These are partners with ISNA, you can read them here, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Presbyterian Church, USA Union for Reformed Judaism, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, United Methodist Church and Unitarian Universalist Association. This comes from ISNA’s website.
What about our own intellectual history? Slide 76. For 1,400 years we never used Muslim or Islam, they’re called Arabs, Turks, Moors, Al Qaeda, Asian or Saracen, but never Muslim. The other thing that’s odd about our intellectual history is there’s no common knowledge. The knowledge of Islam has always been by specialists. I mean, who do you know that’s an expert on Islam? And yet I’ll bet you’ll know someone who’s a professional accountant, surgeon, dentist, lawyer, but how come we don’t know anyone who really knows about Islam? Have you noticed how little there is to be known amongst people? For 1,400 years we refused to study Islam, why don’t our schools teach Mohammed and the history of Jihad? How come Islam is always portrayed as the wonderful Golden Age of Islam which preserved all learning was the high point of civilization? Why is this? Why we remain ignorant and why are we still suffering?

Now, the modern denial is, well, PC sensitivity and people are afraid of being called a bigot and then there are those who are just afraid of being harmed. Well, let’s say we accept those as true, what about the previous 1,300 years? There was no political correctness then, but we are no more critical of Islam today than we were yesterday. Why is this?

My wife and I used to talk about this, and one night I said, “The church has become like an abused wife,” and my wife went in and did some research and came up with the YWCA handbook of rape and sexual abuse, it’s a counseling handbook, and we went through all the points and noticed how well these display the mind of the Christian today.
The traumatized mind, Kafirs accept violence and threats of Islam without protest, we deny the suffering caused by political Islam and accept political sharia. Violent molestation causes denial, the victim denies the attacks, the media reports very little about Jihad and never connects the dots, and the churches deny the suffering of Christians. To me, this is one of the most tragic.

Fear is the tool that the abuser uses to control the victims, today we’re always afraid about what Islam will do. This particular slide was put together when there was an amateur video made and it created a riot in North Africa. Guilt, the victim finds a way to blame himself or herself. This manifests in the form of, “Well, we just haven’t treated the Muslims well enough. We’ll treat them well while they’ll be kind and generous to us.” Branded, the victim does not want others to find out. What church today brags about the fact that Christian women have been made sex slaves? None. We cover up the damage done by Islam in order not to face it. The victim feels shamed and the abuse is hard to talk about. Well, how much do Christians want to talk about this dreadful slaughter over the centuries? Well, not at all, actually. Anger, anger turns inward.

Have you noticed since 9/11 here in America how politics has become personally vicious? People no longer talk about so much about ideas but assassinate character. This is what it’s done, for instance, for me, no one says that I’m wrong is him a bigot and a hater and a Islamophobe. American politics has been changed by the introduction of Islam. Now we have powerlessness, things will not get better, pessimism about Islam prevails. How many times have you heard people say negative things that are pessimistic about Islam? “Well, we can do nothing about it.”

Now, let’s look at the abuser. Denial, the abuser denies the abuse. For instance, Turkey absolutely denies the Armenian genocide. Inadequacy, abusers are arrogant and overly self-confident. Trust me with this one, if you deal with Muslims, you’ll discover that Islam is perfect, it is never wrong, it has never made a single mistake, everything with Islam is just hunky-dory and fabulous. Domination, while the very word Islam means submission and the abuser expects submission on the part of the abused, the kafir. For instance, when the Muslims went to the auditoriums at Georgetown University and told them that they didn’t like the crosses in the auditorium, they expected Georgetown to do exactly what it did, which was to take them down and to cover them up. They expected because that’s what they’re used to getting. Christians just don’t push back against Muslims, so anything they ask to do, it happens. Manipulation, the abuser wants to make the victim feel guilty. Notice after every Jihad attack, the Muslims says, “Oh, we’re concerned about blowback. Oh, we’re concerned now about people hating Muslims because Muslims have killed them.” Really?

After 1400 years of Jihad, brutality, enslavement, theft, deception, rape, annihilation and insults, the Kafir mind and the mind of the Christian has become identical with that of an abused victim. This has to change or our Christianity will be completely annihilated. You don’t think so? What happened to Christianity in Iraq? What happened to Christianity in North Africa? What happened to Christianity in Turkey? It’ll all go. The plan is under way, Islam is here.

Conclusion, Christians must face their shameful, brutal, degrading history under Islam. We must face our fears. Some things have to change, one of these is Christians must learn to stand up for the persecuted Christians. Right now we’re getting Muslims to come to America who are, they say, refugees from Syria, where are the Christians? Why are we bringing in Muslims [inaudible 00:42:12] Christians? Well, I’ll tell why, because the churches don’t raise a stink about it. Every candidate who runs for office, whether it’s [inaudible 00:42:20], our president needs to be asked, what are you going to do about keeping the persecuted Christians out of America? We seem to have a home for every Muslim who wants to come here, when will we find a home for the persecuted church? This has to change.
Something else that churches have to do, some Christians who are acquiescent to Islam, need to go to events like family of Abraham events and stand up and ask difficult questions of the Muslims. Don’t just smile and believe everything they say. Changes have to come about. Christians have to educate themselves as to how the church has been brutally transformed by Islam, Christians have a lot of work to do and it evolves around education. For instance, another thing that Christians have to face is that the great commission is not being used against Muslims much here in America.

Christians need to learn how to apply the great commission to Muslims, and it doesn’t start with preaching Jesus or the Gospels. Here’s why, it doesn’t work very well because, you see, every Muslim has already heard about Jesus because Jesus is in his Koran and Jesus is not the Jesus of the Christian, so when Christians start talking to Muslims about Jesus, the Muslims are like, “He wasn’t even the final prophet and he was just a prophet. That’s all he was. The Gospels? Well, the Gospels are corrupt because, you see, the Christians corrupted them because originally Jesus’s main purpose was to prophesy the coming of Mohammed.” Christians have to understand that to convert a Muslim, you must first take away his Mohammed and you must take away his Koran, not only reach and grab him, but I do mean that you have to become skillful in take thee own way by telling a Muslim what he is in those books because they don’t understand that.

I have a book written edited by [inaudible 00:44:03], and it’s about Call leaving Islam, and almost every case, the Muslim left Islam because of when they found out who Mohammed was and who Allah, so the churches have a lot of work to do and if they’re to become skillful, they have to master the knowledge of the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. Christians have to tend to their own, Christian women have to be told what a sharia marriage is, and so if you’re going to date a Muslim here’s what’s going to happen. Another thing that needs to happen is this, is that the churches must learn what the word dawah, D-A-W-A-H, means because, you see, Christian teenagers are being converted by Muslims because they have a way to do it, it’s called dawah. You can buy books on how to convert Christians. The churches must wise up and toughen up and smarten up because if we do not, what happened in Turkey will happen here in America. What can happen in America? Really … Thank you for listening.

Secretary Rex Tillerson Announces Travel to China Sept 28th – October 1st…

Well, well, well…. According to a breaking State Department release T-Rex will be headed to Beijing the day after tomorrow (Thursday) through Sunday.   Yup, everything proceeding swimmingly.  A very predictable plan, for an intensely smart geopolitical strategy.  Walking in a Winner Wonderland !

STATE DEPT – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Beijing September 28 – October 1 to meet with senior Chinese leaders. Secretary Tillerson will discuss a range of issues, including the President’s planned travel to the region, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and trade and investment. Secretary Tillerson’s visit to China reaffirms the Administration’s commitment to further broaden and enhance U.S. economic and security interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Follow Secretary Tillerson’s travel via @StateDept on Twitter and go to the Department’s Flickr account for the latest trip photos. Stay connected at, and keep track of all of the Secretary’s travels at (link)

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

China doesn’t want to own the DPRK outcome.  They want plausible deniability in any confrontation.  However, N-Korea is a de-facto economic province of China under the guiding control and authority of communist Beijing.

In order to create the outcome where China accepts ownership of the DPRK, and leads negotiations therein, there has to be a value for Beijing, a carrot, toward the larger international community.  Considering the decades-long Chinese obfuscation of that role and responsibility, Trump needs to keep narrowing the diplomatic space until China has no options.  That’s where the magnanimous panda strategy comes into play.

Trump will never use the U.S. military to solve this regional issue.

The “Trump Doctrine” national security strategy is based on economics and diplomacy.

President Trump’s words and rhetoric against Kim Jong-un, and the response from Jong-un in kind toward President Trump, creates the foundation of a need for magnanimous panda to step in.

This year Beijing is holding it’s communist party national referendum, the Communist Party Congress, mid October.   This ‘Old Guard’ meeting happens every five years.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – The Central Committee’s Political Bureau (Politburo) yesterday chose 18 October for the opening of the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress.

The 200-strong Central Committee is expected to ratify the date when it meets for its last plenum on 11 October.

“[The congress] will formulate an action plan and set out major policy direction that will meet the demands of the era,” the Politburo said in a statement.

The congress, which is held every five years, is expected to re-elect Xi Jinping as party general secretary for a second five-year term. Xi is likely to get his own political philosophy included in the party’s constitution, placing him on a par with Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and others. (read more)

It is widely anticipated that Xi Jinping will gain more control and power over the affairs of China on economics and domestic policy.

Remember, it would be against Trump’s interests if the entire global and geopolitical community understood what was happening, as he attempts to create an outcome where China takes responsibility for North Korea.

So the question becomes, how will we know when President Trump has won in the economic and national security challenge?   Well, first let’s look at the geopolitical landscape and the known and identified calendar to view the goal timeline:

♦We know President Trump is planning to attend an ASEAN meeting in November.

♦We also know that President Trump is planning to visit China later this year.  Most likely that trip will be part of the ASEAN engagement.

So it makes sense that President Trump would like to conclude the outline of the economic diplomacy by the time of the ASEAN and China visit – such that: A.) President Trump can outline the agreement and stroke the panda’s ego on his turf; and B.) President Xi Jinping can announce his magnanimous victory on behalf of great Panda’s incredible achievement in providing great security to the world.



Meanwhile, just prior to the ASEAN/China meetup, President Trump’s secret weapon, Ivanka, who happens to be the most beloved American in China, is deployed to India to capture the world’s attention with Narendra Modi hugs.

President Modi is the “Trump Card” in the geopolitical economic gamesmanship.  China is currently at odds with India’s rise to economic power; Ballywood is very hot in the U.S. right now; and a warm Modi – Trump economic relationship is a foil against China’s heavy-handed extortion of their economic partners.

Whoopsie sounds like the makings of a fork in China’s One Road/One Belt plan.


::::still smiling::::

So, if this strategy works, and there’s every indication everything is falling into place, we can safely predict that sometime in late fall, most likely before the ASEAN visit timeline in November, President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be engaged in a new round of Six Party Talks, initiated by request of the increasingly boxed-in China.

China will structure the DPRK talking points to set up the meetings.  This is a part of how China is allowed to save face, against a backdrop of Trump/Mnuchin economic pressure, and sets up the magnanimous Panda narrative.

The six party talks will be essentially a Marshall Plan of sorts for North Korea.

Japan, South Korea, The United States, China, Russia and North Korea will enter into a set of negotiations publicly sold as engaging in diplomacy and reducing tension.  That tension is what President Trump is currently stimulating to keep the pressure on Beijing ahead of the Communist Congress.

With success, President Trump (or T-Rex) will sit on the patio complimenting Xi Jinping (or deputy), and Russian, Japanese and South Korean emissaries.

Meanwhile, well behind the scenes, in the conference room, Secretary Wilbur Ross, USTR Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will play the role of Willy Wonka handing out the golden economic tickets to representatives who all line up with their requests for terms of economic discussion.

President Trump’s golf partner Shinzo Abe will already have his ticket, but he’ll play along.  South Korea and partnered ASEAN nations will also see a benefit. The only real negotiations will be between the U.S. Russia and China.  Russia will be negotiating for higher regional energy prices to get their GDP growing again (affluence) and increase their geopolitical influence; While China will be negotiating to retain as much of the $350 billion trade surplus as possible, and retain their one-road/one-belt viability.

The end result will be Kim Jong-un giving up his nuclear ambitions for good; China accepts responsibility to denuclearize under carefully negotiated terms, and against the backdrop of economic punishment for duplicity, and publicly Big Panda promises to the world to be the magnanimous insurance policy therein.

Everything between now and that outcome is optically chaff and countermeasures.

♦SHORT TERM – When the denuclearization terms are finalized; only then will President Trump outline the broad parameters of a U.S./China trade relationship based on new renegotiated trade policies.  The mood of that stage within the strategy will be based on the cooperative behavior of China in the next 60 days.

♦MEDIUM TERM – Also, when Trump gets to that latter stage, China will be facing a different global economic landscape because President Trump and India’s Prime-Minister Modi have already formulated the outlines of a joint economic partnership.

♦LONG TERM – Economic leverage against communist China to remove the larger geopolitical threat they represent to the U.S. (and the international community) is gained by positioning India as a replacement for U.S. trade/commerce, and ASEAN partners as continental benefactors, with favorable access to the U.S. market, within bi-lateral trade deals.

Readers will note this bi-lateral strategic approach, in economic depth and breadth, also significantly reduces the internal economic benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) amid partner nations.

That diluted regional trade outcome is not accidental.