Soap Opera Love-In Hits the Biden Campaign Trail

Meanwhile ‘Days of Our Lives’ is a much better Soap Opera than the Joey & Barry Show

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Soap Opera Love-In Hits the Biden Campaign Trail

It’s got to be the gooiest Soap Opera of all presidential campaigns—the first ever event with Joe Biden and Barack Obama teamed up on a split screen in the 2020 campaign.

“Love you Joe,” Mr. Obama signed off.

“Love you too, pal,” Mr. Biden said.

‘Hate you Mr. Trump’ was only felt—as it has been for the past four years—so didn’t have to be said directly.

With that kind of love will Biden, if elected 2020 president, allow Obama run the White House show by providing his former beloved boss his still coveted Third Term?

Nothing much to be seen on television during the long days and nights of government-mandated lockdowns,  and showmen Obama and Biden know that more than most.

“Former President Barack Obama and his vice president, Joseph R. Biden Jr., on Tuesday held their first joint event of the 2020 campaign, where Mr. Obama warned Democrats against becoming complacent about the presidential election and offered an unusually direct and detailed rebuke of President Trump.” (New York Times, June 23, Updated: July 23, 2020)

“The split-screen appearance of the presumptive Democratic nominee and his former boss came as Mr. Biden has enjoyed a run of strong fund-raising, while a spate of recent polls have shown him holding as much as a double-digit lead over Mr. Trump. Mr. Biden’s campaign announced Tuesday that the event had raised $7.6 million from 175,000 grass-roots contributors.

“But Mr. Obama instructed the 120,000 people who logged on to watch that they must not take the election for granted.

“We can’t be complacent or smug or sense that somehow it’s so obvious that this president hasn’t done a good job, because look, he won once,” Mr. Obama said.

“This is serious business,” he added. “Whatever you’ve done so far is not enough. And I hold myself and Michelle and our kids to that same standard.”

And God only knows that the Obamas always put themselves first.

Sneaky, covert Obama, who’s really been running for the 2020 election since the first day after Donald Trump’s Inauguration, has finally come out of hiding as “Resistance” leader out into the open.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa will see the return of Obama to the White House as poetic justice.

“Throughout their joint appearance, which ran a little over an hour, Mr. Obama — who speaks infrequently about Mr. Trump — praised Mr. Biden’s character and experience, and cast the president as a grave threat to the character and values of the nation. (NYT)

“He said that Mr. Trump exploited and amplified divisions, and expressed concerns about the example he was setting on the world stage, citing his “militarized response to peaceful demonstrators” and saying he “basically threatens and consistently impugns the free press.”

“Such an approach, he suggested, emboldened dictators around the world who may doubt they will be held to account by the United States.”

“Exploited and amplified divisions”? “militarized response to peaceful demonstrators”?

How’s that for Marxist Projection 101?

“As Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden assembled onscreen, campaigning virtually amid the coronavirus crisis, Mr. Trump was on the trail in Arizona, a few days after holding a rally in Tulsa, Okla., that drew widespread condemnation from public health officials. (NYT)

“Unlike our current president, we recognize that we have a public health crisis going on,” Mr. Obama said, acknowledging that campaign volunteering may look different during the coronavirus outbreak.”

The coronavirus outbreak is a perfect cover to run an election campaign in cyberspace.

“Chuckling incredulously, he invoked the nation’s top infectious disease expert. (NYT)

“Poor Dr. Fauci, who’s having to, you know, testify and then see his advice flouted by the person he’s working for,” Mr. Obama said.”

“In April, after Mr. Biden had effectively wrapped up the Democratic nomination, Mr. Obama released a video endorsing his former running mate, urging party unity around Mr. Biden’s candidacy and making overtures in particular to the younger, liberal supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

“On Tuesday, he spoke directly to younger Americans who are pressing for structural changes to address matters from racism to economic inequality to global warming.

“There is a “great awakening” among young people in particular, he said, who are “fed up with the shambolic, disorganized, mean-spirited approach” to governance in recent years, and want to tackle “some of the core challenges that have been facing this country for centuries.”

Don’t those centuries include the eight long years Obama was in the Oval Office but failed to deliver on his promise for ‘Hope and Change’?

Biden, who seems to be running his presidential race for the election of Barack Hussein Obama, already thinks his former boss is already president.

“Mr. Obama also headlined a smaller virtual gathering Tuesday for big donors that raised another $3.4 million. (NYT)

“Throughout the grass-roots event, Mr. Biden frequently expressed agreement with his former boss, whom he called “Mr. President,” as they discussed issues including health care access and foreign policy.

“They bantered some about Mr. Biden’s age — 77 — and the former vice president invoked the baseball player Satchel Paige. In Mr. Biden’s telling, Mr. Paige’s philosophy toward age was, “‘How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?’ I agree with Satchel Paige, I’m 50,” Mr. Biden said.

“He also spoke passionately about the need to fight racism and spoke expansively about the evolution of civil rights in America. In the 1960s, he said, white Americans saw shocking images of the police like Alabama’s Bull Connor attacking black Americans with fire hoses, “and they’re going, ‘Oh my God. It really is happening.’ They saw it in black and white, no pun intended, because that’s what most TVs were at the time.”

“In contrast to the 1960s, he said, when it comes to civil rights and civic engagement, “this time around there is a much broader participation.”

“That level of engagement gave both Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden hope, they said.”

The level of engagement may give both Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden hope—but it gives millions of Americans a chill down their spines.

This is one love fest aiming to put Obama back in the White House for a third term and seeking revenge for Hillary Clinton who never got over her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in 2016.

Meanwhile ‘Days of Our Lives’ is a much better Soap Opera than the Joey &  Barry Show.

President Obama and Vice President Biden: A Socially Distanced Conversation

The 15-minute video, posted online Thursday, is the latest effort to get the former president more involved in the 2020 campaign as his former vice president tries to rebuild Obama’s winning coalition. Obama has promised an active role on the campaign trail this fall.—WLOS,  July 23, 2020

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