The Delusional Demorats formerly the Democrats

Who You gonna believe? Your  lyin’ eyes or the Democrats?

Democrat Jerry Nadler recently claimed that Antifa violence was just a “myth”.  Is Nadless Nadler so out of touch with reality that fire bombs, statue toppling and entire downtowns engulfed in violence and riots don’t even register with him?

Maybe. But maybe, it is because the Democrat party agrees with their frothing at the mouth radical base, that America is racist and bad and the whole country should be burned to the ground.

Our Dumb Donkey friend just keeps repeating the talking points and will not hear the truth, his fingers are firmly planted in his ears.

Hillary won in 2016.

Barr is a Russian Agent of Evil.

Everything is racist.

Biden is firmly in the lead in all polls.

Orange Man Bad!

Would you give the control of the country to delusional Democrats? With Biden as President- Every city will be Portland or Seattle.

The silent majority is no longer silent.

Trump 2020 landslide.


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