Democrats Should Receive Billion Dollar Fine For Running Deranged Candidate

Both the US Constitution & Bill of Rights State Demented Candidates are Not Fit For Duty

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 9, 2020

Democrats Should Receive Billion Dollar Fine For Running Deranged Candidate

Petition Demanding Biden Brain Test

The timorous GOP is so bedeviled by fear they no longer reject figurative, or literal insanity. We see this in GOP refusal to call out Democrat’s madhouse power grab while their candidate sputters in obvious mental eclipse. This is why the Dem Party should be fined a billion dollars for attempts to scam the system with Joe Biden, their brain- addled candidate. It’s the world’s most shameless attempt to steal an empire wholly through Bait & Switch and Elder Abuse. Even college football gives fines for cheating and recruiting violations. The football “death penalty” ought to apply here. Diabolical Democrats involved in this must be forced from any future “public service.”


From Pillar to Post

Flogged from pillar to post by evil leftist schemes, like BLM’s “Free Riot Days” or idiotic claims all GOP are racists, we’ve lost our instincts for self-preservation. As the oldest rightSelf Defense is also a Christian Affirmative Duty which the GOP is now too craven to assert. As King Lear observes, “When we are born, we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.” So will Republicans simply take another jailhouse beating? Or will we battle to return Law, Order & Sanity when it’s only us & we whom can achieve this mission, and therefore save society?

Rome’s Founding Lesson
Rome’s founding fable explains how twin foundlings, Romulus & Remus were dragged from the River Tiber and suckled back to health by the Capitoline Wolf. Later they decided to found a great city. Yet after Romulus laid out the city walls, a laughing Remus leapt the trench, but was immediately struck down by his brother. Why? Because Remus disrespected Rome’s walls, which separated civilization from barbarism. In other words, carving civilization from nature was so important even family ties could not stop it, because life itself depends upon building a viable civilization in a perpetually dangerous world full of rapacious and violent barbarians.

King Lear
Shakespeare’s mad King Lear, who, like Biden, was undermined by his kid’s poor character. Like Lear, has Biden lost any ability to discern what’s happening around him? Yes. And would Joe have agreed to a scheme to foil the entire federal voting system to regain control for his power mad party? Indeed. Biden, even at his best, wronged Robert Bork; regularly offers racist pointsrepeatedly stole other’s ideasneeds to sniff and kiss women of all ages, but worst – enabled Obama’s ruthless, destructive, pompous and socialistic reign for 8 years.

Madness of Joe

Every day come astonishing new taped indignities from Joe, evidence he’s lost his mind. In the last week, Joe touted Hispanic society at the expense of Blacks. Why? This is after he claimed a person was not truly “Black” if they didn’t vote for him. Biden cursed a union member, threatening to slap him, then seconds later completely forgot the incident. He’s also responded to a request for a cognitive test by accusing the Black journalist of being a cocaine addict. Here, Joe scoffed at the idea he needed a brain health test, but finished his interview ironically stumbling thrice over the phrase “mental fitness.” Yet previously Joe claimed he was constantly tested for his brain function.  “Who is it that can tell me who I am?” – King Lear

Wasn’t it Trump who was supposed to be insulting? If Donald had done 1/4 of the denigration Joe has recently delivered, the GOP would be drafting a new candidate. We have a real emergency of state on our hands. First, Biden is clearly mentally unhinged. And it’s a crisis the Dems have tried to pull this off, which is why they need a Billion Dollar Fine – especially after their fake Russia Investigation. But it’s another crisis the GOP refuses to defend the American people from this outrage. Second, who will take Joe’s place? Dem evildoers will decide! Third, We the People must stand up for ourselves to defend civilization.

Therefore, please  sign: Petition Demanding Biden Brain Test!

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