Does Kamala Harris Have More Baggage Than Macy’s Has Luggage?

Her record in the U.S. Senate has been rated as being the most liberal senator of the 100 senators– Challenges her claim of being a moderate

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Does Kamala Harris Have More Baggage Than Macy's Has Luggage?

Well, the waiting is over, Joe Biden (or the Democrat insiders) has chosen Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate.  The question is, will she enhance the Biden ticket or will she be a dud and flame out like she did during the Democrat primary?

During the primary, she started off with a bang with an estimated 20,000 people rally in her hometown of Oakland, California.  But, as it turned out, it was just a flash in the pan introduction that went downhill from there.

Protegé of former San Francisco Mayor and Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown

As our headline implies, Kamala Harris has a lot baggage to haul around as a campaigner for Vice-President on the Joe Biden ticket.  Let’s see how she has gotten to the position where she finds herself today, and what is the baggage she is carrying around.

For starters, she was a protegé of former San Francisco Mayor and Speaker of the California Assembly, Willie Brown, who was also known as her paramour as she advanced up the political ladder in California.  She began her career as a deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California where she met Willie Brown.

Subsequently, she became part of the San Francisco Attorney’s Division of Families and children.  In 2003, she was elected as District Attorney of San Francisco. She held that office till 2011.

From there she was elected to be Attorney General of California.  She held that position from 2012 to 2017.  In 2016, she ran for the U.S. Senate seat of Barbara Boxer who stepped down.  She was elected as the junior senator of California from 2017 to the present.

Her position of senator, in the largest state in the union, catapulted her into throwing her hat into the ring to attempt to become the Democrat nominee as president for 2020.

Her major attraction as a candidate is that she is a minority woman (she’s half Asian and black) which today seems to be a plus in our race conscious society.

Her presidential campaign, after an early rush of enthusiasm, petered out as she couldn’t last in the primary field to make it to her own state’s primary.

Theatrics during the confirmation hearing of of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

She had few moments of fame in one of the debates when she went after (her now running mate) by implying that he was a racist by accusing him of being pals with segregationist fellow senators and by being against busing of minority school children.  As a counter to her rant, fellow candidate, Representative Tulsi Gabbert of Hawaii, accused Kamala Harris of being overly harsh on certain criminals while she was Attorney General.  From there it was downhill for her campaign.  She was only able to get 2% of the delegates which placed her 8th in the field of candidates.

In addition, her theatrics during the confirmation hearing of of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, brought many negative comments about how she used her law enforcement legal skills in her interrogation of Judge Kavanaugh.  She sided with Kavanaugh’s accuser before all the facts came out, and which later on, the accuser’s account was discredited by most people as being untrustworthy. She also, during an interview with a talk show host, laughed about using marijuana, when she was accused by her critics of being overly tough on marijuana users in her capacity as Attorney General.  She was accused of being a hypocrite and a phony.

Her record in the U.S. Senate has been rated as being the most liberal senator of the 100 senators, which sort of challenges her claim of being a moderate.

Her positions on the following issues, such as being a sponsor of the Green New Deal, her being in favor of “Sanctuary Cities”, her being in favor of giving illegal aliens health care and citizenship, her support of late term abortion, and her favoring of getting rid of the Trump tax cuts, are all policies that create a lot of the baggage that she carries with her as a Vice- President nominee.  Along with the change of policy positions of Joe Biden, as he tries to win over the Bernie Sanders supporters, she compliments him as being a far-left “Progressive”, instead of being the moderate that her friends in the media are trying to convince us into thinking she is.

So, in conclusion, we won’t know if the baggage Kamala Harris brings to the Biden ticket will help them or hurt them until we find out on election day.  I say it doesn’t really matter as I think President Trump will win in a landslide come November regardless.

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