Burn Your Masks

Re-Posted from GrrrGraphics on MAR 9, 2021 AT 10:02 AM

Burning Masks Bad, Burning Books Good!

I sometimes listen to CNN in the background while I’m working during the day. I tune in to hear what the socialist Democrats’ latest talking points are, but usually my disgust makes me quickly change the channel.

I happen to catch a segment on CNN concerning a big rally held in Idaho. Many citizens and their children there were tossing their slave masks into a flaming barrel.

One of the females on the broadcast—either the anchor or the guest—remarked that the burning reminded her of something that would happen in Nazi Germany. This made me laugh out loud, because the left is behind the modern book burning and ‘cancel culture.’ The Bolsheviks want American culture destroyed to make it easier for people to worship big government without distraction. They are using the virus to drum up fear, which keeps people submissive and willing to do any ridiculous thing to make the fear go away. It irks them to see citizens waking up to their scam. Therefore, they hurl names at them such as ’neanderthal,’ and ’Nazi!’

It was good to see people finally pushing back against the masks of compliance. (Let’s hope they don’t comply with mandatory vaccinations either). The masks are useless as proven by science, but the ruling caste still wants everyone continuing to wear them as a sign of submission–even after receiving several doses of dangerous, experimental vaccines.

More people need to speak up and stand up against the medical tyranny that is mask wearing. Burn ‘em if you got ‘em!

—Ben Garrison

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