Can They Put Fake Biden’s on to Address the Nation?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Mar 11, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

A number of people have asked will they create a double for Biden after his last address being so out of touch? The scenes from Mission Impossible where they have masks that make them look like different people are actually not so fantastic. There are companies that actually do make such masks, and they could certainly make one of Biden if it is required. So yes, they no longer need doubles. They can imitate his voice, use a mask, and as long as it is all on TV, nobody would know the difference.

Harris has no experience in foreign policy whatsoever. She has been going through a training course because Biden will not be able to travel for such meetings. There is no question that Biden will not run in 2024. We may see Harris take that spot rumor is that she may become president before then.

Whatever you think is real in Washington, you better think again. What is perceived to be real maybe something entirely different. Even all these executive orders are systematically reversing whatever Trump did are being written by operatives and Biden just signs them.

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