FBI Uses SWAT Tactical Team, Armored Vehicles and Armed Troops to Arrest Man Who Attended January 6 Capitol Hill Protest

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 14, 2021 | Sundance | 328 Comments

Just as the FBI used a heavily armed tactical SWAT team to arrest Roger Stone, the FBI deployed the same tactics in Naples, Florida to arrest a man who attended the January 6th DC protest march.  Military tactics, armored vehicles, automatic rifles and a no-knock raid.

Essentially the FBI continues to send a message to the larger electorate. They use these aggressive tactics against people based on their politics. There are no honorable “rank and file” in the modern FBI; the entire institution is compromised. This stuff is nuts.

Collier County, Florida – The FBI said it executed a search and arrest warrant on Stanhope Circle in Collier County for a man investigators say was involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. According to the FBI, Christopher Worrell faces charges related to the Capitol violence.

“Everyone is just shocked. Just shocked,” neighbor Lynn Elias said. “Because we never had anything like this in the neighborhood go on. This was a little too much when you see FBI and SWAT teams”

It was a startling morning for Elias and other neighbors when FBI investigators barricaded their street to raid a home. Law enforcement brought in armed men with helmets and a tanker truck.

“Whole outfits on like military and it was crazy,” Elias said. “There was like six or seven, the big black vehicles that follow like on [the Criminal Minds TV series] … They busted down the front door.” (link)

Every time I see stuff like this I am reminded of that very deliberate conversation with an official in Washington DC who warned me very deliberately and very forcefully: “under no circumstances should you ever engage the FBI in their main office; and all efforts should be made to avoid any/all lead agent FBI officers at all times.”  The intensity of the warning was something I shall never forget, from a comfortably and purposefully invisible career official working inside the institutions of our national security apparatus.

Boy howdy, was that guy ever spot on!

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