Military as a Tool – Democrats March Willing Military Troops into Capitol to Intimidate Civilian Representative

Posted Originally on the conservative tree house March 15, 2021 | Sundance | 232 Comments

Imagine for a moment that Senator Ted Cruz marched a contingent of the uniformed military into the offices of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to refute her points about Texas border detention camps…. The media headlines would be shouting: “Civilian Representative Threatened by Right Wing Manipulation and U.S. Military”, followed shortly by demands for resignations and court martial for the service members.

Alas, when the Democrats do exactly that, destroy the civilian/military oversight firewall, by weaponizing the military for political power through intimidation of a civilian representative, nothing but the sound of crickets.

Somewhere out there, someone on the leftist side of the political spectrum, thought it would be a good optic for the U.S. military to be seen marching into the congressional halls of a civilian representative.  Don’t forget, this is with the approval of General Russel L Honore’ who is in charge of all national guard troops at the Capitol complex.

Oh, I have a lot more to say on this subject…. later.

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