Woke Corporatism Expands – Major League Baseball Pulls All Star Game from Georgia Due to Voter Integrity Law

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 2, 2021 | Sundance | 362 Comments

This is another step on the continuum.  It is remarkable how many corporations; and yes, professional sports are corporations first and foremost; are willing to collapse their business model on behalf of wokeism and political ideology.   However, that said, this is a predictable step when you think about our earlier discussions of blue regions and red regions and how they would break-down in a soft civil war surrounding politics and freedom.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has announced they will not hold the All Star game in Georgia due to the recently passed law ensuring voting integrity.

If we are to follow the progression of this continuum, we will see further division of our nation based on leftist politics.  Eventually you get to a situation where the Red State -vs- Blue State issues (Red Region/Blue Region) will break down into liberty and freedom zones (red), and totalitarian control or communal zones (blue).

Exactly as we have been predicting for over a decade.

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