Sketchy Business – Maricopa Arizona County Board of Elections Holds Emergency Meeting Then Refuses to Allow Election Audit In Local Facility

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 2, 2021 | Sundance | 162 Comments

Folks, trust me on this one…  I have been researching these political machinations so long I know exactly what it looks like, a very familiar pattern, when sketchy politicians do sketchy things to cover their sketchy tracks.   This story has more alarms, bells and sirens attached than most sketchy business reveals.

If there was any doubt something fishy was happening in/around Phoenix Arizona in the 2020 election, those doubts can be eliminated.  Something sketchy is afoot.

A few weeks ago a judge agreed with the republican Arizona senate that an audit of Maricopa County ballots was justified.  The judge agreed with the Arizona Senate that subpoenas were validly presented, there was information that supported the suspicion behind that ballot audit request, and the state had authority to reach into the Maricopa county election system and audit everything, soup-to-nuts.

Then yesterday the Maricopa County election board held a closed-door emergency meeting as the Senate subpoena was about to be executed.

Again, if the board of elections  have nothing to fear, then the officials would not be opposed to a public hearing of their “emergency” concerns.  After all, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

However, the board result was to throw another impediment upon the pending audit by saying they would not facilitate the use of their Maricopa tabulations center for the audit.

In a legally obtuse letter [pdf here], from the legal representatives of the board to the State senate, the board of elections said they would deliver the ballots to another venue, but they would not permit the ballots -or the electronic tabulation machines- to be audited in their current physical location.

It does not take a deep weeds political observer, or anyone who has experience with these political machinations, to identify the motive.  The board of elections is attempting to create a plausible deniability situation where they can refute the outcome of the audit.  Their motive in the movement of the ballots is to create a situation where the evidence is physically removed, and in that movement they can claim a compromise of the ballot audit result itself.  Their motive is to create “reasonable suspicion” and protect themselves personally from the outcome of the ballot audit itself.

I am confident in my proclamation of this legal motive.  This is how the leftists work when they know what risk is present in their surroundings. Combine the board’s conduct with the media portrayal of the board’s conduct [SEE HERE]; which is an outcome of the board building a proactive defense narrative to that media; and you can see a very familiar pattern developing.

If I was not sure there was ballot fraud before, their action now to protect themselves from the outcome of fraud, increases the likelihood of that fraud exponentially.

ARIZONA – […]  “The Arizona Senate has authorized a full forensic audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County. If the audit is likely to show fraud, the Senate could request a new election,” tweeted Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti.  

He added: “Mike Lindell said Trump will be back in August. Maybe he wasn’t wrong at all,” reviving hope for the millions of Americans who have been deeply disappointed with the 2020 presidential election results. (link)

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