Europe Argues with Itself About Allowing Developing Countries to Make Their Own Fertilizer, EU Climate Agenda Does Not Align with Food Needs of Third-World

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 27, 2022 | Sundance

Watch how this plays out in the global cleaving.  Watch closely…

The stresses of retaining climate ideology are beginning to surface in the EU and ‘western nations.’  The developing world needs fertilizer quickly, or their twice annual harvests will not produce enough to feed their population.  However, the EU does not want the developing world to create their own fertilizer because it would mean using an energy source the EU no longer supports.

The result within the G7, G20, World Economic Forum, multinational corporations and EU government, is a debate over whether it is better for people to starve, or to allow developing countries to manufacture fertilizer to feed themselves.   Some in the EU and western alliance say let the people die, climate is more important.  Others, seem to be saying if they allow mass starvation just to retain their climate ideology, they may lose influence in the world.  The debate rages on.

(Reuters) – The European Union is divided on how to help poorer nations fight a growing food crisis and address shortages of fertilizers caused by the war in Ukraine, with some fearing a plan to invest in plants in Africa would clash with EU green goals.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted a global food crisis and fears of worse to come because of a drop in grain exports from Ukraine and a spike in prices of chemical fertilizers, of which Russia and Belarus are major producers.  [SD NOTE: This is false.  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not create a global food crisis, the Western Alliance & NATO sanctions did – Important distinction

The EU has for weeks tried to help its poorer neighbours in Africa and the Middle East to weather the crisis by offering them fresh funds, while trying to convince them EU sanctions against Moscow and Minsk are not to be blamed for the food emergency.

At a summit of EU leaders later this week, the EU was planning a new initiative that would structurally decrease poorer nations’ reliance on Russian fertilisers by helping them develop their own fertiliser plants.

But at a meeting with EU envoys last week, the EU Commission explicitly opposed the text, warning that supporting fertiliser production in developing nations would be inconsistent with the EU energy and environment policies, officials said.

The production of chemical fertilisers has a big impact on the environment and requires large amounts of energy. However, they are crucially effective in boosting agriculture output.  (read more)

This is globalism and elitism in its full glory.  Western politicians, along with multinational corporations, in control of global trade and finance are deciding who lives and who dies according to their climate change ideology.   This is how important their carbon trading scheme is to them.

Liberalism or modern totalitarian leftism is on display as the great global cleaving continues.

The elites in western government think they still have the power to control the rest of the world.  However, it is the absence of food that changes things.  People are starting to realize that western ideology, as manifest in modern globalism, is dangerous.  The Davos crowd is willing to kill millions if that is what it takes to retain their climate change ideology.

Keep watching this closely.  The multinational U.S. media will eventually bury the issue and try to protect the ruling class.

For me personally, the most frustrating part of this global dynamic -and this specific moment in history- is the absence of any opposition voice in the United States who can articulate these issues loudly in their arguments.

The absence of any political leader using this atomic sledgehammer to attack and destroy the ideology of the professional political left is blood-boiling.   Where are the leaders of nationalism who can call out the hypocrisy of the globalists?

The elite and self-described ruling class have never been as vulnerable as they are right now.  This is the moment to hit them hard and destroy their toxic ideology for generations.  Where is the articulate political opposition?

Where is the voice that can call these insufferable elites to task, using their own words and policy against them?

I digress…

Consider what is happening against this 15-year-old reminder:

All starts getting clearer, no?

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