Military Surveillance Critics During COVID

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Evidence is surfacing that the military was engaged in domestic surveillance in Britain as well as Canada of anyone who was a critic of the COVID lockdowns. It is very clear that there was no historic precedent whatsoever for locking down all of society for a virus that was not even lethal beyond the normal flu virus. All the data coming out on the fatalities and injuries surrounding the vaccines is another issue altogether.

There, the conspiracy theories have suggested that Pfizer has been behind a plot to actually reduce the population which has been a pet project of Bill Gates. It certainly does not do well for society as a whole when our fearless leaders hand absolute immunity to Pfizer to actually kill or maim as many people as they desire all because they did not take the time to really test their vaccines. I choose not to be vaccinated simply because once the government got involved by mandating, there was something seriously wrong and I have spent enough time behind the curtain I know politicians earn a couple hundred grand a year but manage to retire as multi-millionaires. Once the government gets involved, never trust anything. They do not prosecute themselves.

As far as the surveillance is concerned, they have no doubt assembled lists of those of us who resist the tyrannical decrees of the government. Those who resist being mindless drones are a threat to the survivability of the government. Hence, the lockdowns were a perfect way to sort out those who have a brain, and others who are just gullible and think the government is the adult version of Santa Claus. We are all on some secret list, that much we can count on. It has never been a Government of the People, but a Government Against the People as history has always shown for 6,000 years. It’s just all part of 2032.

The Good News Nuclear War Will Save the Planet

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Posted Jan 24, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

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Most of these people like Al Gore, Kerry, the mainstream media, Rhinos, democrats, and Bill Gates seem to actually believe in climate change for they are displaying the most stupid form of analysis invented by the lowest possible intelligence level of society. Hey, it’s warmer today than when I was a kid so we must be causing it. There has been ZERO research into climate on any of their parts to even test their theory. They all project that we are headed toward an environmental Armageddon if mankind does not immediately end fossil fuels. Not a single one has bothered to even consider that switching to electricity curiously makes society extremely vulnerable. If I were China looking to take down the West, I would be pushing this agenda at light speed. The first thing you do is take down the power grid and society will crumble in less than 72 hours. Using digital currency would mean you could not buy anything. Without an electric car you would be forced to walk to a store that then could not sell you anything without electricity and no new supply of anything would be able to move so there goes the supply chain – again.

The GOOD NEWS is you can then just nuke your opponent and actually save the planet all at the same time. Without electricity, your opponent could not even make a phone call to launch a response. But if we look at Chornobyl, the nuclear disaster restored the region which became a sanctuary for animals void of humans.

Bikini Atoll 70 years after nuclear tests is thriving. On July 24, 1946, Baker Test shrouded its formidable height over the U.S. Navy’s test fleet. The United States dropped 23 nuclear bombs on the island, including a device in 1954 that was 1,100 times larger than the Hiroshima atom bomb. Now a team of scientists from Stanford University has been stunned. They discovered an abundance of marine life apparently thriving in the crater of Bikini Atoll, which was declared a nuclear wasteland after the bombings.

Strangely enough, the same has been found at Chernobyl in Ukraine. It is starting to emerge that even setting off every nuclear bomb will not destroy the planet or turn Earth into space rocks. We can alter our environment by doing so and ridding the planet of humanity as the dominant species, but Earth will heal itself and life will adapt exactly as scientists have discovered in Ukraine at the site of Chernobyl. Wildlife has thrived because it sent humans running.

This new evidence emerging from Chernobyl and Bikini Atoll is demonstrating that we just may not be as smart as we think we are no less all-powerful. Obviously, the WEF and world leaders who are all pushing for World War III, are obvious far smarter than we are. They are really trying to save the planet from us. Exterminate humanity and we can save the bugs and crickets from becoming our next food source.

Interview: Why The Great Reset Will Fail

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Check out the video above or click here for part IV of my interview with Ryan McCormick of Outer Limits.

Davos 2023 – the A Threat to the Entire World?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Jan 13, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty, I think Schwab’s great reset is all about your 2032. He seems to be a Socrates subscriber and is just trying to manipulate the outcome in his direction. What do you think?


ANSWER: I know, Many people have noticed this trend. This is coming up more and more. Back in 1983/1984, a major player there in Geneva was trying to buy my name to start Armstrong Brokerage. I was offered $5 million and told I did not have to do anything. It did not smell right. I declined. But they put on a huge party in Geneve to honor me which was really about trying to impress me with how powerful they were.

Back then, Geneva was like one masquerade party. You never knew who anyone really was. I ended up managing money TWICE for Muammar al-Qaddafi. Even Aristotle Onasis was a client. When Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos fled the Philippines with the February 1986 revolution, that is when the FBI came to me asking me where Marcos had taken the $5 billion in gold reserves. I said I did not know Marcos. It turned out he was a partner with Qaddafi and they were part of the group behind trying to use my name for a brokerage house.

It was October 1985, when the Bank of England and the Monetary Institute of Luxembourg (Luxembourg’s bank regulator) ordered BCCI to change to a single accountant after they became alarmed at reported BCCI losses on the commodities and financial markets. They ended up coming to us for they lost a fortune with the turn of the ECM in 1985 and the Plaza Accord’s desire to manipulate the dollar lower. Geneva has always been a magnet for interesting conspiracies and the WEF appears to be in the middle of interesting times.

The Swiss government has sent in 5,000 troops to protect DAVOS. That is interesting and it does reflect the rising security problem that is surfacing because of Klaus Schwab’s insane authoritarian proposals. I have been told people will often have his photo up in gun target ranges.  The lies are staggering. Zelenskyy told the Golden Globes audience: “There will be no third world war.” Back in March 2022, he said that World War III may have already begun. Then in June 2022, he was saying that Russia would invade Europe within a year. He manipulated audiences all the time. That is what he is good at. Some believe he is also in league with Schwab.

The report released ahead of the WEF’s annual conference was based on interviews with 1,200 members of the WEF including academia, business, and politics. They provided their views regarding major short- and long-term risks facing the world in the decade ahead. Naturally, they think that they can be activists to avoid these risks. They include the rising cost of living created by COVID and Russian sanctions, slow economic growth which cannot be solved with rising taxation, and tight global food and energy supplies which they are creating between the Russian sanctions and their anti-fertilizer war for climate change. They focused mainly on an ecological crisis. Some are calling this a ‘polycrisis’ which is defined as a cluster of related global risks with compounding effects.

The WEF report made the same case that while global cooperation is normally a “guardrail” against global risks, geopolitical dynamics in the first half of the 2020s stemming from U.S.-China tensions and the Ukraine war threaten to weaken international ties to tackle climate change and global development when they are most needed.

The WEF concluded:

“In the years to come, as continued, concurrent crises embed structural changes to the economic and geopolitical landscape, they accelerate the other risks that we face.” 

It is an idea of Schwab’s that we even have the power to manipulate the future when in fact, it has been these very manipulations that are causing the problem. You have people already experimenting with shooting particles into the atmosphere to cool the planet. The company is named Make Sunset. It is experimenting on its own without any supervision or regulation that can screw up the entire planet all for climate change. What if this entire idea of manmade climate change is wrong? The New Yorker warned we are moving toward using particles to block the sun last November. We can be destroying civilization and sending the earth into an Ice Age with just a couple of volcanoes. Thank you Schwab for making your insanity worldwide acceptance.

I do not know if Schwab’s “Great Rest” is rebranding our 2032 ECM. Perhaps, since whatever I do he seems to copy. But the difference is he sees this as an opportunity to force the resolution into his world of authoritarianism. I believe the solution is to try Democracy just once and end career politicians. He is trying to train and install politicians everywhere to force his ideas upon the world. The one thing that is certain is that 2032 will mark the end of Republic forms of government – the most corrupt in human history.

Will a modern-day Caesar emerge to cross the Rubicon to defend the people and end our corrupt republics all over again? Will the elite assassinate him as they did to Caesar as this coin boasts of Brutus that he killed Caesar on EID MAR (Ides of March, 15th, 44BC)?

Stirring the Pot For War

Armstrong Economics Blog/War Re-Posted Jan 9, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

Many people have written in and asked why have I been unable to convince governments to avoid war. Quite frankly, they think they can win and more importantly, they need this because the entire socialistic system is collapsing. They rely on people buying their bonds year after year with no intention of paying anything back. This is just our time to collapse the same as communism collapsed in 1989 in China and Russia. We have run our course and the clock is running out of time. This is the 34th year since 1989. Socialism will collapse. It has no other choice here in 2023.

I have received videos from Ukrainian soldiers who are threatening to go after Zelensky. I was not given permission to post them so I do not want to get anyone in trouble. They are dying in far greater numbers than the rigged press is reporting and they are freezing.

Strategically, the US is attempting to create the Asian version of NATO aligning with Japan and the Philippines to rely on their soldiers to fight China. Meanwhile, in China, there is absolutely no question that they are preparing to take Taiwan and I believe this was accelerated by the Biden Administration (1) abandoning the one-China policy maintained since Nixon and allowing Pelosi to fly to Taiwan just ahead of the elections in China which was an absolute brain dead stunt. Consequently, China is gearing up for military action to take control of Taiwan because the Biden Administration has actually called their bluff. President Xi Jinping secured a historic third term last year and has made it clear he plans to retake Taiwan. Pay attention in May.

Meanwhile, with respect to North Korea, we would have to take into account their 1.2 million-man Korean People’s Army, which is organized into nineteen corps-sized units, including nine infantry corps, four mechanized corps, one armored corps, one artillery corps, the Pyongyang Defense Command, Missile Guidance Bureau and Light Infantry Instruction Guidance Bureau. More than half of these forces, particularly the mechanized, armor, and artillery forces are located near the DMZ, making an early cross-border assault unattractive. Kim and Putin have come to an agreement and will support each other. On the 72-year anniversary of the Koren War when they prevailed against the United States, Kim condemned “aggression moves” by Washington and Seoul, vowing to take revenge at a time of rising tension on the Korean Peninsula. Here too, it appears that Kim is preparing for war against at least the South and possibly expanding into Japan – a hated enemy.

The Middle East is heating up with Iran preparing for war against Saudi Arabia. This has prompted even Israel and Saudi Arabia to consider a joint defense agreement. Meanwhile, Iran and Russia have come together to also form an alliance. We may also expect that Syria will join on the side of Russia in the Middle East.

Looking at Iran just from the 1979 confrontation taking American hostages, the turning points for the last three waves, which are always the most intense, lined up with the 2014 turn on the Global War Model. The next wave was November 3rd, 2022 and here we see widespread civil unrest. In fact, the United Nations called it a critical situation on November 22nd, 2022.

The world is dumbfounded as to why in the hell we have world leader cheering war on every continent. I put forth a solution, some did not like it, but there is no other way out of this other than Schwab’s “Great Reset” which is really all about defaulting on all the national debts, the end of socialism, and the push for a one world government to end democracy so government retains power. Under my solution, the government would relinquish power. They did not like that. Schwab’s way leaves it necessary to create World War III, reduce the population escapes the pension liabilities, and start over with a new Bretton Woods II.

In 2008, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown joined French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in calling for better regulation of global financial markets.

“We urgently need what you might call the ‘new Bretton Woods,’ so that we can restore confidence in the system while dealing with the areas that have been exposed in recent weeks.”

I posted this video 5 years ago. It has only gotten worse.

War Against Conservatives


Posted Jan 10, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

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People are leaving Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and were moving to Parlar. Google and Apple removed the Parlar APP and then Amazon kicked then off of AWS. This is a complete purge going on of all conservatives. We are in the midst of nothing short of a real live Russian version of a revolution. Cheer up – you get to see what it was like to live history in a major confrontation between left and right. But make no mistake about it, the super-rich remains in power just behind the curtain. They own the press and social media while they use the virus to prevent people from gathering or organizing. It is their way or no way. Their motto: Resistance is Futile!

The SciFi Verison of Communism

Are the Immigrants Part of the Decline & Fall?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Migraction Re-Posted Jan 3, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

The invasion of migrants, both in Europe and the United States, is evolving into a major crime wave not seen in decades. In Germany, Berlin looked like a war zone. There were 3,943 incidents, but when recuse workers arrived, they were deliberately attacked. Some 15 firefighters and 18 police officers were injured. The Bild newspaper has reported that these incidents were “particularly bad attacks in the hotspot neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln with a high proportion of migrants.” They were setting up barricades, setting them on fire, and when the firefighters arrived, they were attacked by some 200 men. There were even attacking an ambulance, hurling objects inside the vehicle’s open rear doors.

I have been getting emails from people shocked here in the United States from towns that never had any homeless are suddenly inundated. This mass migration into Europe and the United States is reminiscent of the barbarian invasions into Rome. Rome officially fell in 476AD with the last emperor named Romulus Augustus (475-476AD).

The barbarians effectively took over and even issued coins pretending to be Roman. They imitated the Roman Coinage. There had even been laws passed insisting you only marry a Latin. Even to this very day, in Italy, they do not consider those in Sicily Italians in some parts. I had gone into a bakery in Rome and asked for a cannoli. The owner wanted to pull a knife on me yelling that’s not “Italian, it’s Sigii” meaning from Sicily.

These migrations are all part of the decline and fall. Just like in Rome, once that process began, there was no turning back. They bring a different culture that undermined the traditions that held society together creating a civilization that will no longer be. The migration of the 19th century from Europe to America did not take place because of welfare programs. People came to America for the land of opportunity to work and to buy property. They did not come looking for free money and then wage war and violence to out of frustration demanding every more free money.

Neil Oliver, Leaders Bringing Groundhog Day This New Year

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Neil Oliver looks at the current media headlines as the New Year approaches, noticing it’s Groundhog Day all over again.  The video is available on the GB News Website Here and the transcript is below:

[Video Here]

[Transcript] –  New Year incoming – and still we are being beaten around the head with the same old stories.

In a few hours, we welcome 2023, but as far as our leaders and their lackeys are concerned it might as well be Groundhog Day.

I look at the headlines on this last day of 2022 and what do I see? Covid, Ukraine and Climate Change. Folk nuttier than anything found in a selection box are talking about bringing back face masks. God help us. Let’s remind everyone for the umpteenth time that Covid is now no more dangerous to most than the common cold. But still, the talk is of the pandemic, same old, same old.

I speak to people every day and hear real stories about real struggles. At first, when asked, “How’re things?” most smile and say they’re fine. Spend a few minutes in conversation though and the stories come.

Real fears about making ends meet, keeping jobs, keeping homes, and businesses. The dreadful emotional toll on children, and so much of the suffering on account of our leaders prioritising everyone other than the people born and bred and living here today.

Uncounted numbers of the people of Great Britain are cold and hungry in their homes, without access to GP and hospital appointments, while billions of pounds are sent out of the country.

Workers of all sorts are striking for better pay and being pilloried by the same media that just as enthusiastically held them up as saints.

The very people we were encouraged to regard as heroes five minutes ago – nurses, delivery drivers, postal workers, supermarket workers and others who remained at the coal face of working life while millions were told to stay at home in their pyjamas – are now being maligned as virtual enemies of the state for having the temerity to ask for better pay and conditions.

All of it in the midst of a cost of lockdown crisis created and inflicted by politicians more interested in the bankers, the markets and the corporations than the plight of the very people they are elected to serve.

A blatant exercise in dividing the population yet further, keeping us at each other’s throats and too distracted to raise our heads and see the travesty of leadership all around.

If they can’t split us up on the grounds of race, or sex, then they seek to sow division among the working people.

Divide and rule, another story so old the pages are falling out of the book, while the real stories are largely ignored.

Uncounted numbers of the put-upon people of Great Britain – young and old, fit and infirm – are dying of causes unrelated to Covid. When deaths could be attributed to Covid, the death toll was counted daily. Those numbers were the foundation of the fear-porn concocted by government nudge units. It was a tolling bell of death to keep us apart from one another while the economy was ruthlessly trashed, the wealth shovelled upwards into the pockets of the already rich.

More recently the inconvenient public have been dying of something else, in greater numbers than during the pandemic. This is undeniable, based on ONS figures of excess deaths.

But hardly anyone in authority or in the media seems willing to mention this, far less to openly discuss what might be causing blood clots in veins and arteries, hearts abruptly stopping beating, strokes, all manner of fit young people face-planting on the field of play or dying in their beds.

Scores of us have said all of this over and over again, asked the same questions until we are blue in the face, and still no meaningful answers come, far less acknowledgement of wrongdoing.

The elephant has been in the room so long now, if it’s not careful it might die soon too – presumably of blood clots, or a swollen heart, or just the cold and the hunger.

A paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics has found that booster vaccine mandates are causing more harm than good for younger people and has called for the halting of the roll-out, and for payment of compensation to those who have suffered serious consequences. The authors describe,

“… a profound lack of transparency in scientific and regulatory policy making”.

The suspension of the roll-out and compensation for those injured or dead is needed, according to the authors,

To begin what will be a long process of rebuilding trust in public health.”

“… to begin what will be a long process of rebuilding trust in public health.”

Trust in public health? Too many are looking at that notion as it shrinks to a dot in the rear-view mirror.

And yet what do we see? Only the continued push for more jabs – for Covid, for flu and for God knows what next. Imminently anyone arriving from China must be tested for Covid – presumably using those same PCR tests that don’t actually find Covid – or else be fully vaccinated, whatever that even means these days. Have we learned nothing? Apparently not.

As I say, Groundhog Day.

And then there’s the so-called climate crisis, as 2022 draws to a close they’re calling it the hottest year on record. These claims are made by the government’s own researchers. The challenges from esteemed scientists disputing that orthodoxy fall on deaf ears, are silenced and ridiculed along with all the other voices the powers that be would prefer did not exist.

Studies estimate that 5 five million people die every year on account of climate – 500,000 from the heat and 4.5 million from the cold. Are we to assume the so-called experts would prefer 2022 to have been the coldest year on record?

I am sick and tired of the whole damned thing. On Hogmanay of all days, I only wish I could put the old news behind me and look ahead. And yet how can I? How can any of us that are wide awake to the evil madness around us – and I use the word “evil” deliberately.

I have said before that we are in an abusive relationship with our government, and so it goes on as far as I’m concerned.

I honestly feel the relentless push to keep us down, with fear of pestilence, fear of war, fear of the ending of the world, is the equivalent of a sustained beating designed, once and for all, to knock the last of the spirit out of us so that finally we shut up and do as we’re told.

But here’s the thing: that spirit is not vanquished. Instead, and on the contrary, in the hearts and minds of enough of us, that spirit has been ignited into flame.

I often mention the letters I receive from all over the world – but only because every one of them reminds me of all those whose lives have been turned upside down, and yet still remember what it means to be free people, and to have faith.

Yesterday alone I received 35 cards and letters from all over the world. From the state of Victoria, in Australia, Alannah wrote:

“It is difficult to express my frustration that there is no political leader who has the fortitude or will to stand up for what is right and to free us from the shackles I fear are getting tighter on our lives. My dear Mum passed away 4 months ago, and I am glad she is no longer here to bear witness to what is happening in this once-great country. I lost two years of Mum’s life before she passed away because she was locked up in a nursing home. She bore 7 children was married 52 years to our late dear Dad.

I will never, ever erase from my memory hearing her cry on the phone, wondering why we weren’t visiting her. Her mental capacity declined rapidly due to her isolation. However, my Mum was an astute lady and could see Marxism creeping into our schools 30 years ago. She saw this coming long ago. She instilled in us a deep faith in God, so I pray that things will be put right in this world. To the world, she was but one, but to us, she WAS the world. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas that brings light and hope for the New Year …”

Light and hope – that’s what the New Year, every new year, should be about.

The more each of us speaks to out in the world, the better. The more we share, the more reassurance we provide one another, and the stronger we are. That’s where the hope lies, and the promise of brighter days sooner or later.

Amanda from London wrote,

“Here I am, another one writing to someone I’ve never met but hope to one day … We will win, of that I feel quite sure. Good always triumphs over evil in the end. It’s funny … I’ve never used the word “evil” in my 64 years but find myself using it lately …”

Over and over the letters echo one another – talk of sensing evil, of light and dark and good and bad. One after another declares defiance over the years too.

Joan from Birmingham writes,

“I really hope you get this letter, Neil. We, as a family took no notice of lockdown rules and remained close. Nothing and nobody was going to keep us from our children and grandchildren. It was so heartbreaking to watch other families follow the so-called science … We are winning, Neil. The light is flooding the Earth each day. The truth will out …”

So many of us on this journey of waking up have described drifting apart from old acquaintances but making contact with a whole new tribe.

The Sims Family, from Canada, upped sticks all together in search of freedom – finding a new home in the state of Alberta.

“It’s great living in a freedom-loving province,” they wrote.

This is what gives me hope for the year ahead – because this whole bizarre experience has brought me into contact with people I would otherwise never have met. I am invited to share all manner of family news and so reminded that while we might be separated by thousands of miles, we are close in the ways that matter.

“We can go to restaurants and swimming pools and life is almost normal,” say the Sims family.

Imagine. That people in Canada have had to leave one home in search of another so that they might feel free, I can honestly say I never thought I’d live to see such times.

The Sims also sent me a postcard with a quote from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The books and movies have been dear to MY family for years. We visited New Zealand together several times – back in the days when NZ was a free country – and saw locations used for the filming. Our kids talk about them all the time. The quote is from The Fellowship of the Ring.

The Hobbit Frodo Baggins feels all but overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead of him and tells the wizard Gandalf,

“I wish it need not have happened in my time.”

“So do I,” replies Gandalf. “And so do all who live to see such times. But it is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Happy New Year, to all dear friends and fellow travelers.

{Transcript Link}

Beyond Hubris – European Bank President Lagarde Says Policy Efforts Must Be Taken to Stop Wage Growth

Posted originally on the CTH on December 31, 2022 | sundance

The ideology of these elitist minded control officers is really remarkable.  The president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, has given several statements to media saying policy measures must be put into place in order to stop wage growth from fueling inflation.

Think about this in the most practical of terms.  Western politicians have created massive inflation through their collective ‘Build Back Better’ energy policy.  The central banks have raised interest rates, an effort to shrink the economy by lowering energy demand, to offset the skyrocketing costs of the energy problem the politicians created.

With workers demanding pay raises to help afford the skyrocketing costs of energy, the central EU bank is now worried that wage increases will fuel inflation.

There’s a truckload of pretending needed to avoid seeing the insufferable dynamic of reality.

Political policy drives up energy costs. Central banks try to drive down energy demand.  Workers unable to afford the energy prices created by politicians, are then blamed for the inflation the political policy creates.

Sooner or later ordinary people are going to figure out this abusive cycle.

(Via Reuters) – Euro zone wages are growing quicker than earlier thought and the European Central Bank must prevent this from adding to already high inflation, ECB President Christine Lagarde told a Croatian newspaper.

The ECB has raised interest rates by a total of 2.5 percentage points since July in a bid to arrest a historic surge in inflation and has promised even more policy tightening over its next several meetings as longer-term price growth expectations have started moving above its 2% target.

“We know wages are increasing, probably at a faster pace than expected,” Croatian newspaper Jutarnji list quoted Lagarde as saying on Saturday. “We must not allow inflationary expectations to become de-anchored or wages to have an inflationary effect.”

[…] Lagarde added that the bloc’s expected winter recession, induced by soaring energy costs, is likely to be short and shallow, provided there are no additional shocks. (read more)

That last line is just beyond infuriating.

This era of economic pretending, and the disconnect in the mindset of the self-proclaimed elitist rulers, is just jaw dropping in scale and scope.


Interview: The Great Reset Will FAIL & EVERY Government will Collapse by 2032

Armstrong Economics Blog/Armstrong in the Media Re-Posted Dec 10, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Watch my latest interview on the Man in America podcast: The Great Reset Will FAIL & EVERY Government will Collapse by 2032