Nevada Poll: Breadline Bernie Holds Commanding Lead – Picks Up Coveted de Blasio Endorsement…

It looks like Bernie Sanders is going to win his third straight Democrat primary given the current polling from Nevada.   The Las Vegas Review Journal conducted a poll of likely caucus attendees (Tuesday through Thursday) shows Bernie Sanders with 25% of the vote.


With the ‘Never Bernie’ vote split five ways, and with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg not on the Nevada ballot, it looks like Bernie is going to win another primary contest.

The Club has been using establishment allies to take shots at Bernie, but the Antifa mob behind his socialist race are swarming and blasting anyone who targets their lightbringer of free stuff.   The Bernie-AOC wing have formed an impenetrable protective membrane around their candidate and most mainstream Democrats do not want to become their targets.  It’s a remarkable dynamic.

Accepting the foregone conclusion, today New York Mayor Bill de Blasio attempts to increase his progressive credentials by proclaiming his support for Bernie.

Daniel Marans


In a statement, he makes the case for Bernie’s electability vis-a-vis Trump.

“Bernie is the candidate to take him on and take him down.”

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However, there are a few hitches…. Bernie’s socialized government takeover of healthcare is not sitting well with the Nevada unions.  This might foretell a problem in the future.  The union members do not want to lose their top-tier healthcare plans, and as a consequence they are withholding their endorsement:

NEVADA – Nevada’s culinary union, an influential force in the state’s upcoming caucuses, just fired a shot across the bow of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. In flyers, emails, and text messages, the union warned its members that Sanders’s “Medicare for all” plan would “end Culinary Healthcare.”

The culinary union has good reason to oppose Sanders’s plan. It provides top-tier benefits to 130,000 workers and their families. “Medicare for all” would destroy these benefits and saddle union members with far worse coverage.

Unions across the country have negotiated hard to provide generous health coverage to their members. In 2018, three-quarters of union members had access to dental benefits, compared with just half of nonunion workers. Some unions have even negotiated premium-free health benefits.

Sanders’s “Medicare for all” proposal would invalidate union health plans and force all their members into the same government-run plan as every other person.

In Nevada, that would mean the end of the Culinary Health Fund, which provides some of the best coverage in the state. Benefits include access to a members-only clinic that provides 24/7 urgent care, along with dental, vision, and pediatric care. Union clinics like this tend to offer high-quality care and have helped members save hundreds of dollars a month. (read more)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


If this reporting is correct, then there needs to be accountability at the @DNC.

Even if the DNC’s access to the tool was “solely for security testing” as they claim, ProPublica found major hackable vulnerabilities almost immediately – which means they didn’t do their job. 

Yashar Ali 🐘


New: Documents reveal DNC was ‘intimately involved’ with Iowa caucus app @hunterw reports 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Candidate preferences aside, the integrity of our primaries are incredibly serious. We cannot afford to be pointing fingers- we need to pinpoint solutions.

If the DNC was responsible for security and there were security failures, we need to address that. 

The Iowa Caucuses App Had Another Problem: It Could Have Been Hacked — ProPublica

While there is no evidence hackers intercepted or tampered with the results, a security firm consulted by ProPublica found that the app lacks key safeguards.

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Biden Loses His Marbles!

Well. Joe’s marbles are not in New Hampshire…

Joe Biden is done. Stick a fork in him. Kaput!

It’s just a matter of time before sleepy, creepy Joe falls back asleep and dreams of running barefoot through Ukraine cash with Hunter by his side.

The piss-poor performance at the New Hampshire primary confirmed what everyone was thinking, but were afraid to say out loud, Joe Biden will NEVER be the nominee and NEVER be President.

We almost, and we mean ALMOST, feel sorry for Biden. Every time Joe ran for the nomination he lost. The Fake News wanted us to believe that he could beat Trump. After all, Biden was Barack Hussein Obama’s Vice President! It would be the third perfect term of Obama and the end of the anomaly called Trump.

They were wrong.


Biden came in 5th place in New Hampshire. In fact, he didn’t even show up on primary night, scurrying off to South Carolina before the results were final.

When reporters asked about the bloodbath in NH, all Biden could say was,

“I’m not giving up on New Hampshire! And don’t poke that in my face, okay buddy?”

It’s over Joe.

Who will drop out first? Biden or Warren?




The 2020 Elections & the Coming Violence

Democracy is dying and it just looks like we have to go into the crash and burn. President Trump won more votes than any incumbent ever in history in New Hampshire. His rallies attract more people than any other and in most cases, all others combined. The Democrats have adopted such a left-wing agenda that it is truly scaring the “silent majority” who most often are never represented in the polls. In the Democratic camp, Bernie supporters realize that the game is rigged.

There are fears emerging among Bernie supporters that his nomination will be stolen like the last time. They fear that party-bosses claim that they have rewritten the nomination rules after the nasty 2016 primary race to quell a backlash from Sanders’ supporters, that will not matter here in 2020 – watch! Last time, the influence of the “superdelegates” backed Hillary which was not represented by any democratic vote. That is how the party can ignore the primaries when they do not like the result. They are absolutely correct – they will never allow Bernie to represent the party in November.

Even Bloomberg is acting very left-wing and many see him with resentment. The common complaint is that he made all his money and now wants to oppress the small business owners with his insane environmental regulations. He thinks he can just buy the presidency and vows to outspend Trump. Hillary outspent Trump by 10:1 so 2016 showed that money was not the deciding factor. Bloomberg is a very dangerous guy for his decision on the stop-and-frisk illustrates that his claim that crime was just too high and he had to do something demonstrates he has no respect for constitutional rights. This is not a dictatorship and many see his Napoleon Complex a very dangerous. Bloomberg News will, of course, pitch him to the world just like CNN will oppose Trump regardless of who the Democratic candidate will be. My bet is on Hillary still – (OPINION).

The real problem to emerge is interesting. When Obama was elected, we did not hear Republicans claiming “he’s not my president!” Something has seriously changed. Historically, everyone who voted for the losing candidate simply moved on and that was the end of the contest. This time, the left is hell-bent on oppressing the right and this is not what civilization is supposed to be about. No matter who wins in 2020, either side will just not accept a loss. This will lead to violence this time far more than people realize.

This is just not going to end well and it is part of the collapse in confidence in the bond market and governments. CNN and the rest of the biased media are fueling this divide. They just do not care what they are doing to the nation. We are no longer a democracy or a viable civilization that benefitsLIBERTY. It is all about suppressing the opponent.

This is why the backlash is becoming evidence from both sides. If the winner is not respected as the president, then what is the purpose of even having a unified country? The United States becomes the Free-For-All of States. We have New York declaring it is a “sanctuary” state issuing IDs to illegal aliens who then do not pay taxes or are ineligible to vote legally? So they defend people who cannot even vote or pay taxes? Very strange thinking indeed

Pete-Amy Mash-Up Candidate Would Have Killed Bernie in His Own Backyard

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Get on over to The Patriot Post: America’s News Digest, if you love Bill Whittle —– While the media anoints Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner coming out of New Hampshire, the numbers show that moderates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar combined clobbered the avowed socialist. In other words, a Pete-Amy mash-up candidate would have killed Bernie in his own backyard. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren seem headed for the exits. Will Black voters rescue Joe from his destiny as the most electable presidential candidate never to win a primary? Join our Members and help produce this show Come with Bill Whittle on a Caribbean cruise. Deadline fast approaches:

The Plight of the Democrats – Hillary to the Rescue?


COMMENT: I was raised a Democrat. Your forecast that the Democrats would split by 2020 which you made more than 10 years ago I did not believe at the time. Flash forward, Joe Biden, who the Democrats wanted to impeach Trump for influencing the election against him, has been proven to be a joke. Biden came in fourth in Iowa behind a professed communist, an open Gay guy, and a fake Indian. In New Hampshire, he even came in fifth behind Amy Klobuchar who is a lawyer. I now concede that the Democratic party has no choice but to split. I never thought I would say this, but Trump looks normal against this crowd.


REPLY: With each passing day, the Democrats appear to be collapsing into the abyss. My father was also a Democrat. That was the thing coming out of the Great Depression. But those days are gone. The Democrats, behind the curtain, realize now that they are incapable of defeating President Trump as he emerges from his impeachment proceedings stronger than he was before. His polls have risen to a 49% approval rating — the highest to date since taking office.

Democratic Party leaders are frustrated that there are still too many running for the post of president and their traditional hopeful is off the top list — Joe Biden. Even Bernie Sanders can beat Joe Biden. Activists remain uncertain about how to beat Trump and have become deeply concerned about a nominating race that remains crowded and is growing more acrimonious. Therein lies the conspiracy to draft Hillary at the convention.

The Democrats see Trump as a corrosive figure who beat Hillary, despite the fact that she outspent him during the election 10-1. Yet, while vilifying Trump for his tweets, they too all have their own Twitter platforms. This time, they see that Trump is well-funded for his campaign and he is tailoring a reelection bid around the strong economy and visceral appeals to his ardent supporters. His supporters see the Democrats as insane Socialists and environmentalists who are out to destroy their way of life by taxing them to death under the excuse of saving the planet.

Michael Bloomberg thinks he can simply buy the election and vows to outspend Trump. Many see Bloomberg as having a Napoleon Complex, but he claims that he understands the science behind climate change and will shut down coal plants. He shows commuters driving their cars to work in his campaign without mentioning that he would do to America what Greenpeace has done to Europe. Bloomberg also was very against the black community. Tapes have surfaced about his comments with respect to blacks.

Bloomberg ordered the police to stop and search anyone at any time, disregarding their constitutional rights. That was taken to Federal Court. In Floyd v. City of New York on August 12, 2013, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that stop-and-frisks had been used in an unconstitutional manner and directed the police to adopt a written policy to specify where such stops were authorized. And Bloomberg thinks he is qualified to be president?

I think anyone should realize that police cannot stop and search people on the street without reason. It took a federal judge to tell him you can’t do that? He had to admit publicly he was wrong. My problem with that attitude is his decision making. Anyone would know that was illegal, but he did it anyway. That is just one of the incidents that many use to cite him as having a Napoleon complex. To me, that shows he is NOT qualified to be president. An apology is not sufficient. You might as well say throwing people in prison without trials is also legal until a judge has to rule stop!

Impeaching Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate Biden’s involvement in ordering the shut down of any investigation into the corruption of the company that hired his son was too in your face and hypocritical for the average person. Biden himself interfered in Ukraine in the same precise manner they accused Trump of doing. Trump’s strong political standing has vindicated him because of the Democrat’s stupid approach to use impeachment in an attempt to manipulate the 2020 election.

Pete Buttigieg, the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, which is a city with a population of only 102,000, is just not seen as someone capable of handling the office on a grand international scale. The Democrats themselves do not want him, for they see he has never held an elected federal office. So, like Trump, they do not see him as one of them. They fear that he remains unknown to the majority of Americans, and despite his magical rise to the top of the slate, what they fail to grasp is that in a field of Socialists and corrupt politicians like Biden, he may be the only normal person standing up these days. They are also concerned that his fundraising is coming from corporates who fear Warren and Sanders.

All of this is adding up to Hillary for President. She is waiting patiently in the wings far from the arrows of fellow Democrats. She wants to rise to the stage as a heroine who the nation turns to for survival. The one thing we can say about Hillary, she has always been for sale to the highest bidder. You can rest assured that the bankers will be on top. She stole the nomination from Bernie the last time. She will do the same this time

South Carolina Primary: Warren Cuts Advertising Spend – Biden’s Last Stand?…

Joe Biden is staking out Nevada and South Carolina for his re-launch strategy; in a sad attempt to give the impression of viability where none exists.

Meanwhile having suffered a terrible defeat, coming in fourth place in her backyard state of New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren is recognizing the voters are just not buying her pandering wokeness any more.

As many expected the inauthentic nature of Warren is a big part of the problem; the other issue is her constant fibbing and creepy phoniness.  It also didn’t help when Senator Warren announced a nine-year-old transgender kid would be picking her cabinet.

The collapse of the two weakest remaining candidates, aptly named “Injun-Joe’, is a slow-motion train wreck with a foregone conclusion.  Absent of an influx of cash, after the South Carolina primary on Feb 29th both Warren and Biden will likely suspend their campaigns.

Bernie Sanders remains the favorite to collect most delegates before the convention.  Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are second and third.  Most pundits estimate when Biden drops-out his support will likely split between Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Similarly when Warren drops out half of her support will follow Buttigieg and Klobuchar and the other half will break-off and go with Sanders.

As long as Buttigieg and Klobuchar remain in the race – Bernie is in position to win the nomination with around 30 to 40 percent of the total vote. However, Mike Bloomberg is the wild card.  The DNC supports mini-mike as an emergency in case no-one can stop Bernie Sanders.

That’s the way it looks heading into Nevada, and there will likely be new polling dropping on Thursday and Friday.

UPDATE: Sanders Wins – New Hampshire Primary Results – Open Discussion Thread – 8:00pm Polls Closed

The polls closed at 8:00pm ET in the New Hampshire primary race for the 2020 nomination for President.   With the race wide-open and the fiasco that took place during the Iowa caucus, tonight is important to the top five candidates.

Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Kloubuchar, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden are the top-tier contenders for New Hampshire.  A fifth place finish for Biden could likely end his campaign ahead of the Nevada caucus.  Buttigieg and Kloubuchar are leading the ‘Never Bernie’ coalition.

UPDATE:  The race has been called for Bernie Sanders. However, unlike 2016 Bernie did not win by as much.  Pete Buttigieg was right on his tail, and Amy Kloubuchar performed much better than MSM previously expected.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren did terrible considering this is her back-yard; and the dog-faced pony soldiers took Joe Biden to the woodshed.

New York Times Election Results Here

CNN Election Results Here

WMUR Election Results Here

Bloomberg Jumps to Third Place (Really Second) Nationally as New Hampshire Prepares to Vote…

Instead of running the ’15/’16 splitter plan that worked in 2012 for Mitt Romney; if the GOP Club had planned with Jeb in the 2016 cycle to hang back until Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could launch attacks against Donald Trump – then enter the race in March for the Florida splash… that would be somewhat analogous to what we are seeing within the revised plan currently underway within the 2020 DNC Club.

Right now, in the entry primaries, the DNC priority is ‘Never Bernie’; and toward that end Pete Buttigieg is the tool. However, in the background the DNC Club is positioning Bloomberg to save the day, and that is becoming visible in new national polling.

(Quinnipiac Poll Link)

Forget Biden.  Joe Biden’s current “national polling position” is merely a reflection of months of media narrative building on behalf of the former VP.  As voters tune-in Biden is not in the picture. Sleepy Joe is dissolving daily & that shows up in these early primaries.  So on a national scale just remove Biden and reassess.   Now we see Bloomberg coming in.

That’s the plan visible within the narrative construction.  Warren is inauthentic; the media and Club organizers gave her a shot and it didn’t work.  Right now Warren’s value is in keeping Sanders from gaining more far-left momentum as many, likely most, Warren progressives’ will go to Sanders.  Remember, national delegates are proportional.

Joe Biden will keep dropping and Buttigieg will benefit; however, the Club knows Buttigieg cannot survive the bright spotlight…. but Bloomberg can scoop up Buttigieg’s delegates at a convention, at least that’s the Club’s visible outlook.

With proportional delegates the key for the Club to defeat Bernie is to keep his early delegate count as low as possible and stem any left-wing momentum.  It also helps that Bernies’ 2020 support level, based on early state polling, is significantly lower than it was in 2016…. This helps the Club sell their unelectable Bernie narrative.

Watch tomorrows results in New Hampshire.  Pete Buttigieg will likely do much better than expected; there is even a strong possibility he could win.  Buttigieg has been getting a massive lift from favorable corporate media coverage and Wall Street is assisting.

Regardless of a win or close second place.  The national media message coming out of New Hampshire will be heavily weighted toward favoring Pete Buttigieg.

The end goal is Bloomberg.

Bernie Sanders knows the Club objective is ‘not Bernie’; however, Bernie is not confronting the end goal of Bloomberg; that implies Bernie is preserving his sell-out option for maximum financial benefit.

We keep watching…

More Fun Than a Barrel of Democrats: Raucus Iowa Caucus Roundup

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Our week-long celebration of the Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses strays into consideration of Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” wagon train, an MSNBC personality blaming low-turnout on children in cages, and a Buttigieg supporter’s surprise and alarm at learning that her favorite candidate is homosexual. Right Angle is a production of our Members, who are, nevertheless, not responsible for this carnival of absurdity. Join them, and find your people at If you’d like to laugh along with us on a Bahamas cruise in May, book your cabin today:

Candidate Biden to New Hampshire Woman: “You’re a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier”…

During a townhall today a young lady introduced herself as Madison, an econ student at Mercer University in New Hampshire. Ms. Madison asked Joe Biden why he did so poorly in Iowa considering he carries the highest profile of all Democrat candidates.

The former Vice-President replied by asking the lady if she has ever attended a caucus.  She replies, yes.  Then things get weird as Biden says:

…”No, you haven’t.. you’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier”…



Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

Katie Glueck


The Biden bus pulls over after the press bus breaks down (we’re now following in staff vans)

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