Muslim teen repeated #BlackLivesMatter 100 times on his Stanford application — and got in

The Demorats fill the universities with trash blocking out the qualified creating a society with no ability to use critical thinking. Which then allows them to control thought.

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By Pamela Geller

Mic and its hard-left allies are thrilled by this, but in reality it is a stunning indictment of Stanford University and further indication of how our nation’s universities are no longer centers for intellectual exploration, but only radioactive deserts of leftist recruitment and indoctrination. If Ziad Ahmed, with exactly the same grades and other records, had worked for Donald Trump and gotten his picture taken with him, and had written #BlueLivesMatter in support of the police on his Stanford application, would he have gotten in? Of course not.

No rational person can succeed in so toxic a marketplace.

The age of evil.

“Meet the Muslim teen who repeated #BlackLivesMatter on his Stanford application and got in,” by Sarah A. Harvard, Mic, April 3, 2017:

When Ziad Ahmed was asked “What matters to you, and why?” on his Stanford University application, only one thing came to mind:…

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