Divorce & Collapse of Socialism

COMMENT: Your article about the IRS invalidating your passport is correct….and more. I was working contract for our US DOS as an advisor a few years back in Colombia (2006-2009). My best friend and work with was summoned to the Bogata Embassy and his passport was confiscated, employment terminated and he was given a US DOS one time entry papers into the US because his ex-wife living in California falsely filed child support nonpayment papers with the State of California. He lost his job and his US Passport. He hired a lawyer ( $8,000) and showed them he was paying his support monthly by check on time. He still does not have his US passport back, but his ex-wife drug overdosed and he finally got his boy back….

Still no passport.


REPLY: That actually makes sense because child support is a court order rather than a private dispute. It is also one of the reasons why marriage is on the decline. The financial burden becomes insane and the lawyers make a killing. The decline in marriages because of such horror stories is unbelievable. In 2016, only 9% of 18-to-24-year-olds in the U.S. were married, compared to 45% in 1960. Adding to this trend is that the census shows an alarming increase in adult children in their 30s still living at home. The US census showed that one-third of children over 30 were still living with their parents. This is also taking place in Britain. There are greater odds of your children living with you until they are 35. The real shocking number is that 40% of millennials are still dependent on mom and dad. The excuses seem endless. This is what I mean that the high cost of socialism is destroying everything. Government employees milk pensions, thereby raising taxes to pay them. On top of that they are replaced, causing the price of government to rise exponentially.

If you end up divorced and have a revengeful or hateful spouse, it can turn life into a living hell. In fact, divorce or thinking about divorce places people at a much greater risk for suicide. I have had friends who felt trapped and financially harassed to the point they would talk about suicide. Society has changed remarkably.  It’s going to be hard to put it all back together. Even in Russia, they are paying people to have children. Japan has also joined in paying people to have children. China is considering to now pay people to have two children after the one-child policy seriously disrupted the gender mix. In fact, some Chinese are paying American girls to be a surrogate mother offering $200,000. It previously was typical for Americans to go to China to adopt girls – I know a couple who adopted two. Things have changed with the global economy.


Latin American Revolutions Building Against Marxist Socialism

Nicaragua is in crisis and keeps spiraling toward a much more profound bloodier conflict and revolution. President Daniel Ortega is fighting intensely against the rising civil unrest and has lost control of the streets. We are witnessing how “confidence” is the most critical factor in holding governments in power.  Once the people lose that confidence in the management of the government both socially and economically, we see the inevitable rise of civil unrest which can evolve into revolution. José Daniel Ortega Saavedra (born November 11, 1945) has been serving as President since 2007. Previously, he was the leader of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990, and he was first the Coordinator of the Junta of National Reconstruction (1979–1985) and then became President (1985–1990). As the leader in the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Ortega’s policies in government were Marxist reforms across Nicaragua.

Hundreds of people have died, including a one-year-old baby, and thousands have been injured since anti-government protests began six weeks ago. The government simply opened fire on a Mother’s Day march led by the mothers of victims last week. This demonstrates that far too often the military will kill their own people and never think twice. Officials are blaming “criminal gangs” but that is rejected by the people who argue the violence is one-sided. The police and paramilitary gangs have been using live ammunition against peaceful demonstrators. The victims included a journalist shot as he live-streamed protest events.

For those unfamiliar with the background of Nicaragua,  President Daniel Ortega first came to power as a Marxist guerrilla when the Sandinistas overthrew the president Anastasio Somoza (1925-1980) back in 1979. Somoza was a Nicaraguan politician and officially the 73rd and 76th President of Nicaragua from 1967 to 1972 and then again from 1974 to July 17th, 1979. He was the last member of the Somoza family to be President, ending a dynasty that had been in power since 1936. After being overthrown, Somoza fled Nicaragua but they eventually assassinated him while in exile in Paraguay.

Ortega’s relationship with the United States post-revolution Nicaragua was reasonable so they provided the country with tens of millions of dollars in economic aid. Relations eventually broke down when Ortega began supplying weapons to leftist El Salvadoran rebels. The USA then funded the Contras in a vicious civil war during the Reagan administration. The USA sponsored a peace agreement back in July 1987, which won Costa Rican President Óscar Arias the Nobel Peace Prize for that event. It was this civil war that led to free elections in Nicaragua when Ortega was defeated by Violeta Chamorro in the 1990 presidential election. Nevertheless, Ortega had acquired a taste of power and remained as the opposition leader in politics. It seems once someone has a taste of power, they are always drawn back into it in one way or another just to be relevant again. As the economy did better, Ortega was compelled to gradually moderate his Marxist beliefs to try to gain power again. He publicly created the image of abandoning his Marxism–Leninism philosophy and embracing democratic socialism.

Ortega was an unsuccessful candidate for president in 1996 and 2001. After some 16 years, Ortega won power once again after forging new relationships with the Catholic church and backing a total ban on abortion in addition to soliciting business leaders offering tax exemptions from a Marxist. He took power in 2007 following the 2006 presidential election. But the collapse of the economy in Nicaragua’s key ally Venezuela based upon Marxism combined with the economic crash from 2007 has helped to reveal the brittleness of Ortega’s rule and created the appearance that he does not intend to relinquish power again. Ortega, faced with a collapsing economy, instituted the policy of social security changes requiring more payments and offering lower payouts. This was the beginning of protesters reappearing for once again it was a tax increase to support socialism.

There has been a clear trend toward corruption and authoritarianism that seems to be the hallmark of Marxist regimes. Their economic philosophies do not work so they always turn to authoritarianism to force their dream of Marxist/socialist utopia. Ortega seized control of institutions and eliminated term limits for what was becoming a pretended democratic government. The elections since 2008 were plagued by irregularities that made it appear the election was rigged. The opposition was reduced and rivals were suppressed. Protesters began to openly shout that “Ortega and Somoza are the same thing.”

Today, the dominant view in Nicaragua is that Ortega will voluntarily step down and a revolution is brewing as we are witnessing in Venezuela. When we look at the currency, the dollar has been in a bull market for the past 13 years relentlessly. The next presidential election is due in 2021. Many are demanding it should be moved forward. Unfortunately, the army and police appear to be supporting Ortega and that leads only to bloodshed. Ortega only pretended to have surrendered his Marxist philosophies. Once in office, Ortega once again made alliances with fellow Latin American socialists, particularly Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Nicaragua also joined the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas which is a leftist organization with the view of a utopian society by force of arms. Up until June 2009, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas was a regional bloc, organized in 2004, with the goal for creating a socialist political and economic integration within Latin America and the Caribbean. This was conceived by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and was created jointly by Venezuela and Cuba as an alternative to the NAFTA Free Trade arangement. The member countries are Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuela. As civil unrest has been rising in Venezuela and now in Nicaragua, the socialist agenda is being exposed as suppressing economy advancement in Latin America.

As of April 19, 2018, Amnesty International and the IACHR of the Organization of American States claim that Ortega has engaged in a violent oppression campaign against protesters. Of course, Ortega has replaced Somoza and as they say, the king is dead, long live the king reflects that revolutionaries typically become the very people they claim to be overthrowing. The Nicaraguan Government officials and Government-owned media have denied these claims. We are witnessing the collapse of socialism around the globe. Nevertheless, as I have stated many times, all violence seems to come from leftists who employ it when their dream of socialism is threatened by the business cycle and its anti-human approach to deny economic freedom.

Boris Johnson Resigns in Disgust Over Prime Minister May’s Insufferable Brexit Failure and Acquiescence To EU Globalism….

There is trouble ahead for Great Britain as the leaders of the British exit from the European Union (Brexit) quit in disgust over Prime Minister Theresa May’s abhorrent acquiescence to multinational corporations and the EU globalists.  British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson quit today.

Western Media are quick to come to the defense of Prime Minister May due to their financial and ideological alignment with the multinational media organizations and corporations who pull the strings.

EU Council President Donald Tusk quickly raises the idea that Brexit might be called off. “Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain,” he tweeted.  Ultimately, this has been the goal of the multinationals’ all along.  The EU constructed the Brexit negotiations around the basic premise there would be no substantive change to the relationship.  Prime Minister May went along with the corrupocrat scheme, and now the primary voices behind the Brexit negotiation have quit.

(Via Reuters) […]  May’s office said it had accepted Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s resignation on Monday, hours after Brexit minister David Davis, in charge of exit negotiations with the bloc, quit on Sunday night.

The two departures shatter May’s own proclamation of cabinet unity last Friday, when she believed she had, after two years of wrangling, secured agreement on Britain’s biggest foreign and trading policy shift in almost half a century.  (read more)

What an elitist jerk !!

As an outcome, the UniParty British Parliament (Labour and Conservatives) are thrilled as the voices of the British people are dismissed.  Elitism within the ‘we know better’ crowd rears its ugly head once again.

There’s a familiarity, an almost parallel construct, taking place within the United States congress over international trade negotiations etc.   The U.S. UniParty, filled with politicians who are purchased by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street and the multinationals, are fighting against President Trump the same way the U.K. politicians are fighting against the British people.

American ‘Deplorables’ find common cause and understanding with the British ‘commoners’; both groups fighting against a political class that sees themselves as better than the group they are supposed to represent.   Sickening elitism and globalism on display in both countries.  Underpinning it all is the root of all evil, money.

The timing is interesting.  U.S. President Trump is scheduled to arrive in the U.K on Thursday.  President Trump fully supports the sovereign right of the British people to get out of the European Union; and he supports Brexit.  Conversely Prime Minister Theresa May is aligned with the ruling class against the majority will of her constituents.  There is a prime opportunity for President Trump to speak in support of Brexit and dispatch the elitist sensibilities of the British ruling class.

No doubt the politicians within the U.K. are concerned about the optics of a U.S. President Trump outlining freedom and the voice of the people while the elite ruling class are forced to listen….. This could get very interesting.


Victor D. Hanson: The 4 Groups that Benefit from Illegal Immigration

Published on Jun 19, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson is an American classicist, military historian, columnist, and farmer. He has been a commentator on modern and ancient warfare and contemporary politics for National Review, The Washington Times and other media outlets. He is a professor emeritus of classics at California State University, Fresno, and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. In this clip, he talks about the beneficiaries of illegal immigration in the U.S. Full talk, from Oct, 2007, quoted under fair use: https://www.c-span.org/video/?202127-… — This channel aims at extracting central points of presentations into short clips. If you like the content, subscribe to the channel!

More of Maxine’s People – Another Democrat Arrested For Death Threats Against Republican Congressman…

Another democrat was arrested earlier today after following the advice of Maxine Waters and threatening political violence against a member of congress.   The target was the campaign staff and office of republican lawmaker Lee Zeldin (NY-1).

New York – Suffolk County Police today arrested a Nesconset man for making a terroristic threat against a campaign worker at Lee Zeldin’s Congressional Campaign Headquarters in Nesconset this morning.

Martin Astrof was arrested after he threatened to kill supporters of Congressman Lee Zeldin and President Donald Trump. Astrof went to the campaign headquarters of Congressman Zeldin and became irate with a campaign worker at approximately 11:15 a.m. After threatening to kill the campaign worker and other supporters, Astrof backed his car up in an aggressive manner nearly striking the worker.

Astrof fled the scene and was arrested a short time later in front of his home in Nesconset.

Astrof, 75, of 7 Meryl Lane, was charged with Making a Terroristic Threat, a felony, and Reckless Endangerment 2nd Degree. (more)

In another incident a few days ago, Capitol Hill Police issued an arrest warrant for another Maxine Waters follower who threatened to chop up Senator Rand Paul’s family with an axe.

The threat of political violence from authentic democrats continues with greater frequency.


Viral Video Assault Suspect Kino Jimenez Arrested in San Antonio…

According to San Antonio media: 30-year-old Kino Jimenez was located by robbery task force detectives last night and arrested.

Jimenez assaulted a 16-year-old at a Whataburger restaurant for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

TEXAS – An arrest has been made in connection with a viral video in which a teenager’s Make America Great Again hat was torn off by a stranger at a San Antonio Whataburger.

30-year-old Kino Jimenez was located by robbery task force detectives in Universal City, police said, and taken into custody on a warrant for theft of person. (read more)

Passports & 6 Month Rule

COMMENT: Just to chime in, I discovered the 6 month rule when I tried to fly from Toronto to LA. They would not let me on the plane.

REPLY: It appears that if you are Canadian and drive across the border that seems to be OK. But if you fly, then they do all the checks and the airlines tend to be the enforcers. You should always have an address where you are staying no matter what the country. So make sure you have the hotel name and address. A friend of mine in Montreal was sending his daughter and her friend to Philadelphia to visit the sites. He asked if I would make sure they were OK and got to the hotel. I said no problem. I went to the airport to pick them up. She spoke broken English and did not know the hotel or address. Her father booked it and she knew I would be there to take them to the hotel. When confronted by border guards, she could not answer that question and handed the guard her phone and told him to call me. My phone rang and it was the guard. He acted surprised that I was actually there. He then bluntly asked how was I going to communicate with them. I responded in French, asking him if he spoke French. Of course he did not. I explained I knew her father and asked what was the big deal, they were Canadian. He was nasty and replied that they were still aliens. He let them pass and I was shocked that he at least called me instead of just putting them on the next plane back at the government’s expense. Generally, over 200,000 people are denied access at the border each year.


Right Angle – CALEXIT: Promises, Promises….

Published on Jul 24, 2017

Artists create a comic book in which California enters a war for its independence against an ever-oppressing federal government. The left thinks Bill, Steve, and Scott would respond by calling the artists snowflakes. But Bill sums it up: “Welcome to the Club.” If the left had not given so much power to the federal government, there would be no reason to fight a revolution against it. Bill Whittle, Steve Green, and Scott Ott talk CALEXIT

Worst PSA Ever

Published on Jul 5, 2018

LA mayor Eric Garcetti tries to discourage people from setting off fireworks by showing…. an awesome video of a firework. Better luck next time? Want even more Right Angle each week? Become a member at BillWhittle.com! https://www.billwhittle.com/subscribe Right Angle is brought to you by the paying members of BillWhittle.com and by donations from viewers like you! Show your support by making a donation at: https://www.billwhittle.com/donate

Victor Davis Hanson 2018 – The New Dark Age Mind

Published on May 28, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson 2018 – The New Dark Age Mind