“The Clinton Dossier”…

Time, further questioning, and a host of inherent contradictions will eventually bring more sunlight upon the authorship of “The Dossier”.  Additionally, how it was used by the DOJ/FBI in gaining FISA-702 query and upstream data surveillance approvals, what the media calls “FISA Warrants”, is soon to reach sunlight.  It’s unavoidable.

In addition to the absurd claims debunked within the dossier, a significantly under-discussed aspect is the actual authorship.  Fusion GPS claims Christopher Steele wrote the memos which were assembled into the “Clinton Dossier”. However, there are numerous mistakes within the documents which no intelligence expert would ever make; including the repeated misspelling of the Russian “Alfa” bank.

Here’s the 35 page assembly of dated memos that media calls the “Steele Dossier”. However, Christopher Steele has never claimed authorship – and the proprietary ownership has always been Fusion-GPS.  Even John McCain had to get his copy from Fusion GPS, not Christopher Steele; so CTH calls it the “Clinton Dossier”.



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