Ron DeSantis Plots Politics with Chris Sununu in New Hampshire

May 20, 2023 | Sundance 

The upcoming week or two should provide more clarity on 2024 candidate field as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are all likely to make their enlistment official.  Of course, most eyes will be on the Jeb! lane for 2024 which is currently occupied by Ron DeSantis.

Current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, another approved Republican, is in a holding pattern above the race in the event that DeSantis does a big stupid.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is now pushing himself into the foray, while simultaneously meeting with DeSantis to talk shop.

Things are starting to become clearer as we look at the approved Republican field and the intents of the people who control the real dynamic in GOPe politics, the BIG CLUB donors.   Remember, GOPe politics is all about money, not ideology.  The ideological framework of republican politics is a false front, where ‘social issues’ are used as the retained illusion inside the theater keeping the audience distracted, while the people who construct the performance take the loot from the coat check room out the back door.

Once you understand the real baseline of corporation run party politics inside the USA, all of the moves – past and present – make sense, and the ‘ah-ha’ moments just keep flooding in. {GO DEEP}

The boardroom of the Democrat private corporation (DNC) wants power. The boardroom of the Republican private corporation (RNC) wants money.  The Democrats use money to get power, ultimately control over people; while the Republicans use power to get money, whatever happens to the people is irrelevant.

The DNC wants fundamental change; the RNC wants to be paid and control wealth while it happens.  The core issue to understand republican politics is to look at how the people in control, the billionaires and multinational corporations, position for wealth.  This is why the DNC weaponize voting systems (policy outcomes), while the RNC just want to be paid off while it takes place.

The focus on money is why we do not see policy at the forefront. Inside the internecine system of modern republican politics, the focus is always on the money.

The billionaires, multinational corporations, Wall Street hedge fund managers, and institutional wealth systems create the ‘acceptable republican‘ system, and as an outcome create the illusion of choice; however, each candidate delivers the same outcome to the people behind them – except Donald Trump and his America First agenda.  That’s also why the entire assembly of GOPe candidates are against ‘MAGAnomics’.

The GOPe club know the illusion of choice begins with control over the first set of Republican states during the primary.  Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are important and highly visible not because those states magnanimously represent the interest of the national assembly, but rather as an outcome of the 2024 primary calendar.

For the 2024 primary, we are starting to get a clearer perspective on the ‘illusion of choice’ roadmap.  Asa Hutchinson and Mike Pence are considered important to the Iowa caucus system and the ‘evangelical’ values angle in the club dynamic.  Keeping Ron DeSantis in a top tier outcome is the goal of all other non-Trump candidates.

The RGA is very important this cycle.  Current Republican Governors Association (RGA) chairwoman, Kim Reynolds, is not accidentally also the Iowa Governor.  Ron DeSantis 2024 is filling the role of Jeb Bush in 2016, with club modifications using the RGA to –more than slightly– change the controlled approach.

The RGA is going to play a big role in 2024.  CTH could see this modified 2024 approach starting to map out last year; now we are gaining clarity.

Chris Sununu and Ron DeSantis mapping out New Hampshire success is a no brainer.  Again, if those who control the Potemkin Village in Washington DC (the people in control of money), cannot take out Trump through a weaponized legal system, they need overwhelming strategic placements to break apart the voting blocs.   New Hampshire and South Carolina become critical as the sequential #2 and #3 primary.

(Via NBC) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu in the first primary state Friday afternoon in Concord, Sununu’s office confirmed.

“Governor Sununu is ready and willing to meet with all potential candidates who come to New Hampshire, and was happy to meet with Governor DeSantis for an hour today at his office in the State House, where they discussed a wide range of issues, including how to do well in the New Hampshire primary,” Sununu spokesman Ben Vihstadt told NBC News in a statement. (more)

For South Carolina, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott become important to those donors who control the RGA and RNC.   We now see the Stop-Trump constructs assembling in real time.  At the end of all the illusions is a total field supporting Ron DeSantis who was selected a long time ago as the best hope for the Stop-Trump agenda.

[Sidebar – Remember, for those who control Republican politics, stopping Trump is the objective – not winning the 2024 election.  The status of the financial class will remain untouched if the Democrat wing of the corporate apparatus succeeds.  As long as Trump is not the President, the club wins regardless of whose flag is atop the spire.]

The same people funding the Stop-Trump candidates are the same people funding the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Republican Governors Association (RGA).  These are institutions of influence within the corporate controlled political system.  The candidates, RNC and RGA, are all funded by the same people. This is the root of their commonality.

When the people behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used the influence of the office to create legislative policy for the Florida lawmakers, you might have heard about the ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) confrontation.   DeSantis confronted ESG investments by leveraging Florida taxpayer funds and pension plans.

Florida pension money was shifted out of Blackrock type financial institutions and spread around “non-ESG” smaller investment groups.  Those non-ESG financial groups then increased their financial donations to the Republican Governors Association (RGA).   The RGA then turned around and put $21 million extra money in the DeSantis political fund.  Can you see the convenience of the financial laundry?

DeSantis gets anti-wokeism credit for confronting ESG investment, and simultaneously DeSantis gets more donations as an outcome of the state money he diverted from ESG investments.  [Good Article on the process here]  This is an example of how the ‘illusion of choice’ aligns with the best interests of the Sea Island Billionaires, and it’s a pretty smart approach, confirming a process of how the RGA will be used this cycle.

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to that moment in the performance when you did not see them.  While we have awakened many people to the ‘illusion of choice’ system by predicting the moves in advance, the enemy is cunning, and they know how to weaponize the feeling of desperation.

We are in an abusive relationship with our government, and that cycle of abuse is created by the background financial institutions who control government.

[We Shall Keep Watching]

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“And To The Republic, For Which It Stands”…

Posted originally on the CTH on May 19, 2023 | Sundance 

This is not a photoshop.   This is the United States Senate in 2023, as they intentionally present themselves publicly to the American people.

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“What Can I Do?” – Stop Pretending, Start Confronting – Make the Debt Ceiling Being Raised Contingent on Border Being Closed…

May 14, 2023 | Sundance 

There is a great deal of frustration, righteous frustration about the seriously destabilizing constructs happening around us, combined with almost no corrective action from people in power or influence that can do anything, something, about it.

This leads to the #1 question people ask, “What can I do about it?”  The answer is not complex, and consists of two obvious elements:

First, stop pretending.

Second, confront those who rely on our pretending.

OK, great, but what does that look like?  I’ll give you some examples. 

♦EXAMPLE – Millions of illegal aliens are pouring through the southern border. They don’t impeach Joe Biden over his failure to do his job and “preserve, protect and defend the United States.”  Why not?   It’s too difficult they say.  Well, ok, but here’s an easy approach.

The debt ceiling needs to be raised.  Tell the White House the debt ceiling isn’t going to be raised until the border is closed, secured, done!   Shut up, and/or just keep repeating that line.  When the border is secure, we will raise the debt limit.  DONE!

OMG!  Horrible Republicans the media cry. Who cares? Don’t move. Response: when the border is secure, we will raise the debt limit!

Then make Biden own the debt default in order to keep the border open.

Well over 70% of the country wants the border secured.  Everyone sees the massive influx of illegal aliens.  Not even Democrat constituencies want more illegal aliens flooding into their neighborhoods (see Chicago).  So, make the debt ceiling conditional on the border closing.  PERIOD.  Just stop pretending.

Keep it simple.  When Customs and Border Patrol tells you the border is secure, then raise the debt ceiling.   How frigging hard is this?

It’s not hard.  So, stop pretending it is.

See how this works?

♦EXAMPLE – Ron DeSantis walks into a shop, or holds an event.  Ask him the big picture questions:  Governor, when did you decide to run for the presidency?  When all these billionaires and multinational corporations are giving you hundreds of millions of dollars, what do they expect from you?  How much did Rupert Murdoch pay you for the advance on your recent book deal?  Why was it important for you to seal your travel records?  Why did you need the Florida legislature to change the ‘resign to run laws’?

Anticipate the reply, focus the follow-up on a foundational truth.  These are not difficult questions, but you never see them asked. Why not?  BECAUSE THE PEOPLE HE IS IN CONTACT WITH ARE PRETENDING.

DeSantis is relying on the maintenance of that pretending.  Just stop.

♦EXAMPLE – Senator Rubio holds a townhall meeting.  Again, ask him the big picture questions:  Senator, you are the vice-chairman of the Senate Intel Committee; you are a member of the gang-of-eight.  We know from court documents that former Senate Security Director James Wolfe leaked a top secret FISA application, likely at the direction of your chairman Mark Warner.  Why have you never called this out?  Why do you protect him?  Why was James Wolfe never prosecuted for the FISA leak?

You watched FBI Director James Comey testify in March 2017 that he never informed the gang of eight about his previous 11-month investigation of the presidential candidate who was the political opposition of the sitting president; why didn’t you do anything about it?

Why didn’t you ever allow a single recess appointment by President Donald Trump?  Why did you go along with Mitch McConnell to block a Republican president?

Again, Marco Rubio sits next to Mark Warner, calls him his “friend across the aisle”, and yet that “friend” is part of the system to destroy our country. Stop letting him pretend, start confronting him.   The same applies to all other senators, in all other townhalls.

Start making their lives uncomfortable by asking the obvious questions.

We are in an abusive relationship with government.  If you want to stop government from abusing us, then act like they are abusing us!

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, Fox News, conservative pundits, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, conservative websites and political talkers writ large, all of them are continuing this game of pretending.  Most of them are all connected to the same financial mechanisms.   None of these groups are going to ask any of the obvious questions or hold anyone to account.  They all maintain the game of pretending.

There are only a few people, maybe a handful, who are not.

Look at the obvious stuff, this is not complex politics.

Those who trade in the art of deception will always find an audience willing to be deceived.   Quit looking for someone else to do the job, start putting yourself in the position to challenge them with obvious questions.

Stay out of the weeds, there’s no reason to be in them, and just ask the obvious questions; there are dozens of them ….And for the love of all that is good and righteous in this world….

…Quit pretending!

A Stunned Maria Bartiromo Discovers the Chaff and Countermeasures Committee

May 14, 2023 | Sundance 

Mrs. Maria Bartiromo is good at pretending, very good. However, CTH has never pretended or played the game of pretending and we can spot a pretender a mile away.

The game of pretending is needed in order to retain the illusion of the Potemkin Village of DC.  A construct manufactured by the power structure that exists behind the puppet show, with the full intention to distract us.  Pretending is what gives rise to a Florida governor on a ‘book tour’ run for 2024. Pretending is what kicks the can of accountability away until it can be buried.

Pretending is needed in order to say Republicans will make a difference, or the black eye doesn’t hurt, and look he bought me flowers.  Perhaps some reminders and clarifications of the real game inside DC politics are needed.  After all, I am this close > < to going back into that mess to destroy some silos.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, hereafter called the House Oversight Committee or HOC, has a very specific function in DC circles that too few understand.  Once again, let us be clear while trying to explain decades of false information founded upon arcane legislative outlooks.

Understanding the DC game of Chaff and Countermeasures…. A “Countermeasure” is a measure or action taken to counter or offset a preceding one.

Politically speaking, the deployment of countermeasures is a well-used tactic by professional politicians in Washington DC to counter incoming public inquiry and protect themselves from anger expressed by the electorate.  The Republican leadership are very skilled in the management of “chaff” (outrage), and “countermeasures” (the distraction).

Within Washington DC, the HOC has a very specific and unique function.  What Fox News is to corporate conservative punditry, so too is the HOC to the same DC system of pretending.  The House Oversight Committee is the “Chaff and Countermeasures” committee.  The HOC operates for both parties with the same mission.

The House Oversight Committee was/is created by the House legislative leadership to make money for the party in control of the Chair.  When the House Speaker is notified of a DC corruption issue, inside his/her office they will often be heard saying, “give it to oversight.”  The intent of that instruction is to give the issue to the HOC, so they can hold hearings, create soundbites and fundraise from the issue.

Making money for the party in control of the Chair is the primary function of the House Oversight Committee.  The HOC does not exist to create accountability or oversight; the HOC exists to exploit the issue for fundraising and satiate the base voters of the party in control of the Chair.

The HOC presents the illusion of accountability by constructing soundbites and member performances which are then broadcast on television for appearances to the voting audience.  It is essentially theater.

The HOC is a “general oversight’ committee, not a committee of “specific jurisdiction.”  Thus, the HOC is the vehicle where Democrats and Republicans publicly display their political initiatives, frame their narratives and then broadcast them on MSNBC, CNN (Democrats) or FOX NEWS (Republicans).

Depending on the issues at hand, the HOC committee members are generally those performance actors best known to the audience of both parties.  This is not accidental; this is by design.  Again, for emphasis, I am only talking about the HOC, a “generalized oversight” committee. Only this specific committee has this specific mission.

A hot button topic enters the committee ecosphere. Specifically trained staffers and performance artists, uniquely qualified to put on theatrical productions (both parties), are then deployed to assist the representatives in creating the soundbites that hopefully will go viral and assist them with fundraising and opportunities to say, “here’s what we are doing.”   Outlining this construct is not an exhibition in cynicism; this is the reality of what the HOC is designed and created to do.

When you see the HOC performing at their best, you will see lots of soundbites created.

The Chair of the HOC is always part of the House Speaker’s close inner circle.  From that association you will discover by training, by habit, and by consequence, the HOC framework is developed to sustain the process itself as an end result.   The questioning is the sum total of all accountabilities.  The performance is the interview; the conversation is the point; the smoke is the fire.

Oversight, in the HOC framework of narrative creation, has evolved into reveling in the endless process (a fundraising proposition) and, as a consequence, it completely ignores the end point, misses the bottom line, doesn’t actually SEE the subject matter, and never actually applies accountability toward what might be discovered.  This is why you end up with high blood pressure, frustrated with the questions not asked, and throwing bricks at the screen or monitors when viewing.

The point of HOC hearings is to create what are now described as “viral moments” that can be used to generate money.   The second, and lesser objective, is to give the illusion of accountability while not actually ever holding anyone or anything accountable.  See prior HOC reference points like Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, Benghazi, the Twitter File review or the current Joe/Hunter Biden crime syndicate investigation.

If you watch the HOC through the prism of expecting some form of accountability for the violations of law, you will be frustrated and disappointed.   However, if you watch the HOC through the prism of how well the members will do at raising money from their performances, then you can evaluate the effectiveness – the proverbial winning and losing.

The HOC is designed by House leadership to perform the same basic function for both Democrats and Republicans.  The HOC committee assignments are selected based on the theatrical skills of each representative.  This is not to say the motives of the members are sullied or impure, it is simply to point out the motive of the committee itself is to generate fundraising from the skillsets of the members on the committee.

Once you fully grasp what the intent of the House Oversight Committee is about, and once you drop the expectation that any accountability in oversight is the intent, then you can watch the performances through the entertainment prism of partisan politics and genuinely enjoy them – or hate them.

The HOC is called the “Chaff and Countermeasures” Committee, because that’s essentially what the committee does.  It gives the appearance of targeting, steering the target to a controlled destination, and then distracting the audience from the outcome of accountability.

If sunlight is achieved, meaning the Mainstream Media cannot ignore the issue as presented and questioned, and if the general public become more familiar with the controversial subject matter or topic at hand, and if the party of the Chair can fundraise from the issue, then the committee has succeeded.  However, if you are looking for something to change as an outcome of any HOC investigation or hearing, you will be perpetually disappointed.

There seems to be a willful blindness on the part of the American people, a chosen refusal to acknowledge the implications of the unAmerican and unConstititional behaviors, actions and outcomes we are being served on a daily basis.

It can no longer be presumed to be a matter of “I can’t see what’s happening”, because a whole lot of normal Americans really are clean and articulate.

I can’t see it” just doesn’t cut it.

NONSENSE!  Most people can see it.  Most are just choosing to reconcile the irreconcilable because it is more comforting to ignore the truth of it.  Just be honest, for many people avoidance has become a survival mechanism.

It’s more along the lines of “I see what’s happening, but it’s scary and complicated and confusing, and if I admit that I see it, I will become responsible in a way that I am not if I keep pretending I can’t see it or hear it or maybe I don’t understand it.”

McCarthy’s Lucy has unlimited footballs.

Admit it or keep pretending.

The choices are ours.

Personally, I will not pretend.

If we all stop pretending, eventually the DC house of cards collapses.

I think we need to change things…

… more later!

Sunday Talks, James Comer Says 9 out of 10 Biden Crime Witnesses are in Jail, Court or Missing

May 14, 2023 | Sundance 

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer reappears with Maria Bartiromo today to update on the status of the Biden crime family investigation. {Direct Rumble Link Here}

During the interview Chairman Comer informs Ms Bartiromo that nine out of ten people that would be considered material witnesses for the intent of the committee investigation are either in jail, in court, or missing.  Additionally, Comer states those who do have information are intimidated and fear for their lives. WATCH:

James Comer: 9 of the 10 Biden corruption witnesses are in court, in jail, or missing.

As They Attempt to Deny Their Trespass, Let Us NEVER FORGET – “The Unvaccinated Are Scum”, Compilation Video

May 14, 2023 | Sundance 

As the politicians and their pretorian guard media attempt desperately to rewrite COVID-19 history (more coming on this issue) it is worth remembering exactly what the situation was in the prior two years.

This excellent compilation video from Tom Elliot reminds us who they were, and how significant the hatred was.  WATCH and share:


Strange “Democracy” – Govt of Turkey Demands Twitter Remove Political Opposition, Elon Musk Agrees

Posted originally on the CTH on May 13, 2023 | Sundance 

The authoritarian government of Turkish President Recep Erdogan, a man of notoriously manipulative and unstable disposition intent on recreating the Ottoman empire, demanded that in advance of their elections Twitter remove the voice of the opposition party.  Elon Musk complied:

This decision is interesting because it shows that despite his questions about the need to defend democracy and free speech, Twitter owner Elon Musk is willing to support the removal of opposition political parties during elections.

Musk justifies this decision by saying the choice was between shutting down a political viewpoint or shutting down all of Turkish Twitter access.  Musk chose to simply eliminate one set of voices in opposition to the existing government in Turkey.

When Rumble was faced with a similar threat from France, Rumble stood with the principle of freedom and refused to block content the administration of Emmanuel Macron did not like.  Rumble left France rather than comply with authoritarian censorship demands.  Twitter remains operational in Turkey, willing to support the authoritarian censorship demands.  An interesting contrast.

I have fielded many calls in the past few days about this seemingly 180° reversal from Elon Musk in his ‘speech’ positions.  The hiring of Linda Yaccarino was one massive datapoint that seemed to indicate the priorities of Musk had changed.  The acquiescent to Turkish government requests less than 24 hours later is another datapoint.

The general questions all fall in the spectrum of what has changed’?

I will answer here, what I have answered privately.

When I published my thesis on the background of Twitter called Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop, the essential outline contained two basic cornerstones.

First, the United States government was operating to control the information on the Twitter platform with direct access to the content.  Second, the USG was subsidizing it.

Two years ago, people thought I was nuts about government control over content.  However, in the last several months the information from within Twitter, specifically the Twitter Files outlining the DHS influence and control, has verified exactly the issue CTH noted in the very first outline of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.

However, it is the second aspect behind the platform that people have yet to recognize.  When the fulsome story is told in hindsight, you will see that I am correct.

The second aspect is that Twitter cannot financially exist as a viable communication platform without government subsidy.

As it is currently structured, including the AWS cloud-based services for data processing, the costs associated with handling 30 million active simultaneous users (24/7) exceeds the business model for self-sufficiency.  It simply costs too much without ownership of the metal.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other cloud-based services (Microsoft etc), are efficient for platforms who do not then need to employ as many engineers to keep the data processing operational; but they are very costly.

Data processing for 30 million simultaneously active users engaging with the platform is extremely expensive.  Every engagement feature makes this issue worse. It is simply an issue of scale.  Unfortunately, unlike traditional business models, the per user costs do not decrease as the number of simultaneous users increase.

There is no viable business model for a ‘free’ or low-cost user-based platform that requires data processing for this scale of simultaneous users without a massive amount of money to create the actual servers (metal-based operations).  A cloud service (AWS) is expensive, and Musk is on the hook for every penny in data processing cost.

There have also been many reports that AWS is technically an endpoint U.S. government operation. Meaning the actual data processing is done by systems attached to U.S. government operations.  While staying away from the granular tech on this issue, it remains most likely that government subsidy underpins the ability of Twitter to exist and function as a platform.

The motive behind the public-private partnership is symbiotic and long precedes Musk purchasing the platform.

The evolution of Twitter from a private to a quasi-public institution under the control of DHS took place over a decade.  Essentially from 2012 (Arab Spring), and the first requests of the U.S. government for assistance, to the present day.  As the public-private partnership relationship grew, Twitter was viewed as beneficial to the interests of the U.S. government as a controlled communication platform, and the financial subsidy to retain the viability of the platform was predictable as an outcome.

As with all things connected to the deep state IC, over time controlling content on the platform became increasingly obvious.  The Twitter files reveal the scale of this issue as it was available to understand via internal communication correspondence. However, as admitted by the journalists requesting the searches of the Twitter database, they really don’t know the full scale and scope of the government involvement in Twitter.  My personal suspicions of govt scale greatly exceed those journalistic reviews, driven in part by my experience as a target of the background actors.

Which brings me back to the question that everyone asks me about the motive for Musk’s ideological reversal.   Surprise, it’s the money!

There is only one force more powerful than the firmly committed and espoused ideology of an altruistic mind, ECONOMICS.

The economics of the thing always supersedes and overpowers the other issues related to the thing.   If the U.S. government wanted to shift the full scale of cost to operate Twitter onto the shoulders of Musk, the platform would not survive.

Tap Musk on the shoulder, or allow Musk to discover this financial dependency organically, and suddenly the reality of the thing changes. Nothing changes espoused opinion faster than money, just ask Steve Cortes.

It is a simple truth in everything: if you see a person change opinion quickly and radically, look at the money behind them.

There are two vectors for economics to change things.  First, the gain of money as an enticement. Ex. you do this, you get paid. The second vector is more powerful, the removal of money as an enticement. Ex. you do this, or the existing payment stops.

If you look at the financial background of an abrupt change, almost every time you will find the answer to the motive that puzzles you.

Big Picture – Elon Musk Confirms Hiring DEI Advocate Linda Yaccarino as Twitter CEO

Posted originally of the CTH on May 13, 2023 | Sundance 

Twitter platform owner Elon Musk has confirmed the hiring of Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter. Many reactions are happening, but CTH analysis generally likes to stay ahead of the reactions and more into the future of what each datapoint means.  That said, here’s some context.

The general or more common logic, completely understandable, is to look at the hiring of Yaccarino as binary.  Either Musk was previously lying about everything he believed in, or the revenue situation is at a critical mass. Otherwise, it really doesn’t make sense to bring in Linda Yaccarino.

Before going deeper, it is critical to know just how ideological Linda Yaccarino is.  The former head of NBCUniversal is the apex voice in the system of promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) from an advertising perspective.   I’m not talking about a little bit ideological, I mean the full dna-level, metastatic, this is the core essence of what makes Yaccarino believe she has purpose in life.

Changing social culture by leveraging commercial enterprise is Yaccarino’s life work.

Literally Linda Yaccarino believes that advertisers should determine the product being sold. This is not a spoof, exaggeration, hyperbole or a spin on her outlook. Yaccarino believes marketing and advertising executives should be able to control the physical content, the actual stuff, created by the publisher they pay to advertise their product.

A traditional example might be Ford Motor Company telling Motor Trend magazine what positions to place ads for competitors in the auto industry as a contingency for their ad spend.  A modern example might be Disney telling Fox News what content may be discussed by Tucker Carlson.  This is the origin of DEI ideology controlling platform content.

To understand how this mindset applies to Twitter and Elon Musk, watch a few minutes of this previous interview between Yaccarino and Musk at a convention of advertisers. This is an example of how the NBCUniversal executive thinks.  WATCH (prompted):

You can see in the back and forth, how Musk tries to stick to his core principles about “free speech” while Yaccarino uses terms like “partnership”, “collaboration”, and “mutual benefits” to leverage her advertising team’s agenda.

It is important to understand the views expressed by Musk and Yaccarino are mutually exclusive.  There is no free speech when the advertisers are permitted to determine the content of that speech.  Musk tries to negotiate a nuance, but the core of the dynamic is in conflict.

Any good, stable and even-tempered corporate executive will tell you the marketing team is consistently the least valuable mindset at the corporate table.

Factually, most of the people who fail out of business schools fail down into the humanities dept.  However, sometimes those emotionally driven ideologues simply move into the marketing and advertising fields within the business majors.  The outcome of this truism is Alissa Heinersheid and her destruction of the Bud Light brand through marketing.

Linda Yaccarino is the apex voice in the system that has allowed advertisers to determine content.  She would be the ideal candidate within an organization like Google, but she is oil in the water of Twitter.  So, what gives?

Why would Elon Musk hire Linda Yaccarino as the CEO of Twitter?  We return to the binary issue…. Either Musk really doesn’t believe in what he previously advocated, or Musk has hit a wall of acceptance and generating revenue is now more important than the platform itself?   For the latter, essentially the economics of the thing is determining the outcome of the thing.

There is a third alternative; a less familiar dynamic that has surfaced in the past and does provide a reference.  This is what I call the “ino” hiring process within large institutions and organizations; “ino” stands for In Name Only.

An executive is hired to represent the division/organization, in name only.  They have no actual control, influence or power.  They are simply figureheads installed to create the optics needed for the institution to continue operations.

The ino practice is also visible with ‘diversity hires’.  A person is hired not to drive the mission of the organization, but to deflect opposition away from the achievement of the organizational mission.  However, all ‘in name only’ (ino) hires always end up in the exact same conversation within the organization.

When the ino realizes they are essentially irrelevant to the function of the organization, that means their opinions and recommendations are never part of the organizational outcome, there is always a conversation with the following words: “then why did you hire me?”  This conversation always happens, it is the one constant in an ever-changing business world.

So, there’s three basic dynamics:

Elon Musk was not as committed to ‘Free Speech’ as he originally defined it.

Priorities have changed and now Revenue is more vital than Free Speech.

Musk is still committed but needs to create the illusion of DEI acceptance.

In considering the last element, Mrs. Yaccarino does not present herself as an ino-person who will accept a position and then not deliver on the intent of her mission.

So, what does this tell us about the future of Twitter content?

I think we all know the answer….

This just happened today ~


Because the now-restricted Twitter Account created THIS:

The CNN Town Hall Massacre

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The Insanity of Illegal Aliens & the Plot of the Democrats Nobody Will Talk About

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted May 12, 2023 by Martin Armstrong

I have worked advising governments around the world for over 40 years. In the process, I have learned all their tricks. The Democrats are using the RACE CARD to fool the public and destroy the United States. All of this total nonsense that the Republicans demanding ID to vote are racists because poor blacks have no ID is just total bullshit and not a single Mainstream Press has the guts to report the truth. When my children were born, you have to file to get them their social security number. There is NOT a single real American who does not have ID. You cannot get welfare, food stamps, or any social benefit without an ID no less enter a hospital. I would be in prison if I was hiring illegal aliens and paying cash under the table. Nobody can get on a plane or a train without ID no less get a job. How do you even get a driver’s license or buy a car without ID?

In our company, we have every race including blacks. I hired the first black Financial Analyst who unfortunately died – Robert Howe. To say that blacks are too stupid and do not have ID is so insulting the black community should be rising up against the Democrats who were originally the slave owners and have done nothing but exploit them ever since. LBJ was said to have told Democrats to vote for the Civil Rights Act saying: “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” What has been confirmed was that he always used the N-Word when he referred to them generally. Many want to claim Lydon Johnson never said that, but they cannot deny those were the words he would typically use. LBJ did tell a Journalist, Bill Moyers who did report what he said:

‘Well, I think we may have lost the south for your lifetime – and mine.’

The Hong Kong government knew I also knew the Australian government. They asked me if I could negotiate to buy land from Australia to allow Hong Kong to move before it would be handed back to China in 1998. I met with Prime Minister Paul Keating, then head of the Treasury at the time. No matter what I proposed the answer was NO. I even said I had a blank check and could pay off their national debt. The answer was still NO. Out of frustration I finally asked: Is this a RACIST issue? He responded NO. They were fleeing Communism and they would come to Australia and vote CONSERVATIVE. Keating was Labour.  It was all about Labour losing power if they let the people in from Hong Kong.

This is precisely what is going on and NOBODY in the press has the courage to report the truth. Blacks are not stupid and lack even ID. The ONLY people without ID to vote are all the illegal aliens Biden is letting in. As soon as they have a child, then the child is American, and then the parents can claim status as a family member.

The Democrats are flooding the United States with illegal aliens to change the demographics and assume all of these people will vote Democrat so they can harass and exploit all real Americans who have been born here and work for a living. This to me is not just insulting, it is treason! There is NO WAY an illegal alien can come to the USA and even get a real job. Employers will be prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens paying cash under the table since they will not have a Social Security number.

This is the plot to marginalize ALL Americans to impose by FRAUD their Marxist views where you will own nothing and live in a 15-minute city denied the freedom to even travel. This will not just lead to the destruction of the United States, but it will lead to civil unrest where the Democrats will rely on the army to gun down real Americans all for their Marxist agenda and absolute power. Our only hope is that someone will stand on the tanks and persuade the military to defend the people, not plow them down as Yeltsin did during the 1991 Russian coup.

These illegal aliens are housed at the border. What happens when they are released? If they cannot work, do they then start robbing people to survive? You cannot impose draconian taxation and enforce laws that employers must only hire people and collect taxes and then allow 20% of the population to be illegal aliens and then hire 87,000 IRS agents with guns and search eBay for people who sold a used bike for $600. Americans are being targeted while illegal aliens are flooding the country. Then they want to outlaw guns so we cannot even defend ourselves if people start storming houses looking for food and money. So many policies are just contradictory. Threaten our security but outlaw guns? You can’t reasonably have it both ways.

When I try to bring in staff from overseas, I am told NO, I should be hiring Americans. I have to spend countless thousands on legal fees for staff simply because we are an international company. I tell them just put on a sombrero and walk across the board and say they will vote for Biden in every state and they will let them in.

I have had a front-row seat in how governments around the world will always exploit the people for their own personal gain. Only a fool believes governments actually really care. They are only interested in maintaining their power. This is a Private Wave and they know they are losing control. They are now diminishing the black community using them as the excuse to usher in voting without ID as the cover for illegal aliens to repay the Democrats by voting to exploit real Americans so they can retain power. This is all part of the cycle and the end of the United States as we have known it. There will be nothing to leave our children and grandchildren but political chaos and insecurity. I wish we could stop it, but the mainstream press is so leftist, they are blind to their own destruction.

Former Disinformation Governance Czar Nina Jankowicz Sues Fox News for Defamation

May 12, 2023 | Sundance 

Whether you believe Fox News intentionally created this opening, or whether it was just a disastrous mistake on behalf of a multi-billion corporation with a full suite of lawyers they chose not to use, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corp created a problem in the Dominion settlement that is only going to get worse.

Once you expose yourself to the vulnerabilities of Lawfare, the leftists will pour through the opening like Central American aliens in Texas.  Funded by allies in the cultural and political battle, former DHS Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz is now suing Fox News for defamation of her character and reputational harm.

NEW YORK – The head of the short-lived Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disinformation board has launched a defamation suit against Fox News, alleging the network published false reports about her that endangered her life.

Nina Jankowicz was tapped to lead DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board, and though the board never held a meeting, it was heavily criticized by the GOP and was regularly covered by Fox News.

The purpose of the board was to coordinate disinformation efforts at DHS across topics ranging from migration to addressing plots from Russia and Iran.

The Republican National Committee dubbed it the “Ministry of Truth” in a nod to George Orwell’s novel “1984” and couched disinformation as “any speech we don’t like.”

Fox News mentioned Jankowicz and her role leading the board more than 300 times in its resulting coverage, with hosts and commentators asserting she planned to censor speech with nicknames like “disinfo overlord,” “disinformation czaress,” and “minister of truth.” 

[…] Jankowicz’s suit alleges the outlet appeared to personally target her given that the coverage extended well past her resignation.

“Fox’s defamatory coverage has caused Jankowicz and her family immense suffering. Jankowicz has been doxed, threatened, harassed relentlessly, and even cyberstalked,” the suit says.

“Fox enfolded these lies in ugly language that could have no other purpose than to denigrate Jankowicz’s character and professional reputation, particularly since they continued long after Jankowicz’s resignation from government.”  (read more)

Personally, I believe the bigger picture behind all this we will find the successful DEI approach by activists toward all advertisers.  Fox News had the #1 viewer rating, but struggled with advertisers due to the boycotts, activists and controversies that enmesh the political battle space.  Essentially, demonetization by activism.

What we are witnessing at Fox News is what we might call a self-fulfilling prophecy; when the people in charge of the institution do not align with the content or product the institution is creating.  The result is a corporate flippant and cavalier approach toward the collapse of the enterprise.  The Lawfare operatives are moving in to clean the bones of the carcass.