House Intel Releases Transcript from Glenn Simpson Testimony…

The House Intelligence Committee, chaired by Representative Devin Nunes, released the 165 page transcript of Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s November testimony to the committee [Full Pdf Below].

Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) was hired by the Clinton campaign to conduct opposition research against candidate Donald Trump. Simpson then contracted with Nellie Ohr to facilitate the project. Nellie Ohr is the spouse of a DOJ Deputy Attorney, Bruce Ohr, who was demoted for having secret meetings with Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS.

Exhaustive research, and forthcoming evidence collected by various congressional committees, is highlighting a 2016 scheme where FBI and DOJ officials aligned with Hillary Clinton conducted a wide-scale surveillance effort against the Trump campaign partly by using unauthorized FISA-702 “search queries”.  The National Security Division within the DOJ and Counterintelligence units within FBI were weaponized against the campaign of Donald Trump.

Nellie Ohr, working for Simpson, received and coordinated the distribution of material gained by unlawful DOJ/FBI surveillance upon the campaign officials of Donald Trump. The intelligence distribution included sharing unlawful FISA-702 search results with a retired British MI6 Agent and head of U.K’s Russia House, Christopher Steele.

Christopher Steele then passed along a collection of memos, written around -and to include- the FISA-702 surveillance documents, back to Fusion GPS. This was essentially a circle of intelligence laundering returning the unlawfully gained FISA-702 search material back to Fusion GPS and DOJ/FBI officials.

DOJ and FBI officials then used their collaboratively laundered intelligence product “The Steele/Clinton Dossier” to gain lawful FISA-702 warrants against the Trump campaign so they could legalize their surveillance efforts.

This entire operation against Donald Trump has been called: “The Big Ugly”.

Here’s the Glenn Simpson testimony:

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