Sunday Talks: Trey Gowdy Commiserates With Margaret Brennan…

After announcing an intent to retire from congress & find a role for himself within the Justice System, congressman Trey Gowdy waxes philosophically about politics having  infected the highest ranks of that system.  In this role Gowdy is attempting to forward-position himself as the heir apparent to Robert Mueller. The positioning is transparent: The Institutions Must Be saved.

Gowdy has, as a survival instinct, split himself away from accepting what those institutions represent today – and how they have been manipulated. Instead Mr. Gowdy replaces current reality by projecting his vision of the institutional intent as formed by his own moral compass. Unfortunately, corruption is fully metastasized within the upper-ranks.  Curative approaches will not work; culling is needed.

The FBI FISA abuses are symptomatic; they are not the disease itself. Chairman Nunes, Chairman Goodlatte and Chairman Grassley have accepted the pathology reports (Horowitz) and are working on a curative treatment. Gowdy cannot bring himself to believe the scope of the pathology within his beloved institutions.  Mueller is of the same ideological mind as Gowdy from the position of having created the system that must now be deconstructed and rebuilt anew.


If we look upon this Gowdy interview, and his framework of Robert Mueller, from the perspective of Alec Guinness in Bridge On The River Kwai things make sense.

As a prisoner of war, Guinness builds a bridge for the Japanese enemy. He doesn’t want to help the enemy, but he’s proud of the purpose the bridge building has given to his men. He is a proud man and if he builds a good bridge his men will be treated better.

WATCH: (In this scene, Guinness splits)


While building the bridge, Guinness allows himself to forget the fact it will be used by the enemy to advance against his own interests; the bridge means something to Guinness that causes him to lose sight of its intended purpose. WATCH:


Gowdy/Mueller are essentially Major Guinness and the corrupted political Justice system is the bridge.

No amount of moral intention will stop the bridge from being used for Machiavellian purpose so long as the bridge is allowed to remain available and operational for the enemy.

Eventually, at the very last minute, Major Guinness realizes that…



Hopefully, in time, Gowdy will realize the err in his view.  It’s not his fault, he’s never had a father role and he’s latching on to institutions as stability mechanisms.

A very well-centered kitchen counsel appears to know they need to keep wobbly Gowdy away from the most important discussions and plans.

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