Sharyl Attkisson Discusses DOJ/FBI Corruption and Congressional Roles and Responsibilities…

Sharyl Attkisson does a great job staying at a high-level and focusing on the big picture of how the DOJ and FBI are subordinate to the oversight of congress.   The intelligence apparatus is not a 4th branch of government, they a part of the Executive Branch and subject to the oversight of the Legislative Branch (Intelligence Committee and Judiciary Committee in this example).


Focusing on the FISA “Title 1” surveillance application, and the use of the “Clinton-Steele Dossier”, is much more important than most media are willing to outline. Attkisson knows how many more relevant implications and discoveries are within that application.

The FBI corrupt use of FISA surveillance authority, writ large, is also why Chairman Nunes began with the FISA “Title 1” application; and why Grassley is enhancing the HPSCI investigative memo with more validation and details. The FISA surveillance application against Carter Page, and the combination of the Clinton-Steele Dossier therein, is how all of that gets exposed.

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