Sunday Talks – Representative Adam Schiff Interviewed by Major Garrett…

There are many people who wonder why any Democrat, particularly Adam Schiff, would continue clinging to a narrative despite all contrary evidence that disproves it.  The answer is really quite simple; there’s nothing to lose.  Much like the bank robber killing a police officer, once that initial capital felony is committed there is no greater punishment for all subsequent actions.

The foundational lies are of such significance there is no punitive, or political, down-side to dissuade further lying built upon the originating falsehood.  Twice in this interview Major Garrett asks the ranking member of the HPSCI if he is certain the DOJ and FBI followed proper procedures, and presented proper evidence, in gaining a FISA court “Title-1” surveillance warrant over Carter Page.  WATCH:


Note how Adam Schiff is in California (Friday night appearing on Bill Mahr), and maximizing the political benefit of his narrative construction; instead of actually working to clear up his memo construct and release it. It’s not the memo that is important to him, it’s the political narrative he’s created.

Also, don’t be naive not to accept that Major Garrett doesn’t know what Schiff is up to, he does.  Garrett is simply falling back upon the increasingly overused use of the ‘Mamet Principle’, pretending not to know some things (ie. motives and intents).

Garrett’s emotional tribal credibility is in conflict with his intellectual professional responsibility; Garrett knows exactly what decisions he’s making, and so should we.

Ultimately this is one of the saddest outcomes of this entire fiasco.  Much like Joe Manchin inherently wanting to applaud during the State of the Union, but then catching himself mentally as he weighed the pro’s-and con’s, Garrett knows he could deconstruct this Shiff presentation with minimal effort – yet he makes a conscious decision to give up part of his own intellectual honesty in order to remain in the tribe.

It’s pathetic really.

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