Gun Control & What’s Wrong


The entire problem with control has been focused upon if someone is a criminal. While they have tried to paint him as a racist against blacks and Muslims, he killed indiscriminately. Such stories do little to prevent something like this in the future. So what is the real core issue being exposed here?

Classmates said Cruz was strange and a “loner.” His adopted father died several years before and his adopted moth died last Thanksgiving. Cruz was an orphaned teenager who had been adopted along with his biological brother. The two boys had then moved in with a family friend.

His attack on Valentine’s Day was intentional. The Public defenders representing Cruz told the court that he had brain development issues, as well as mental illness. He was in a mental health program but stopped going. The court-appointed lawyers described Cruz as deeply “saddened by the loss of these children” in the shooting,” and called him “a broken child.”  Cruz did not shoot it out with police.

The gun was purchased legally in February 2017. Background checks as to criminal records are rather pointless since professional criminals are out for profit and do not tend to engage in mass shooting nor do they buy their guns legally.

The problem in this type of crime we are usually dealing with someone who has mental issuers. They are not the classic criminal who tends to act for a profit such as robbing a bank.

Therefore, this case illustrates that there were many incidents that were markers with respect to mental health issues. Checking for criminal backgrounds is not really helpful in this type of incident. The background check must focus on mental health. There should be a note from the physician who attends to this person that there are no mental issues. There should be a profile regarding the family. Has there been any mental illness? All of these types of checks are far more important.

We must come to realize that this is not the normal “criminal” act since criminals are engaged in events for profit. Such events of mass shootings are always involving some mental issue. The only exception has been terrorism that is religiously based yet again not for profit.

There needs to be more than a criminal background check. Google can direct advertisement’s to you based on your surfing. Why cannot we have a mental profile that someone must pass to buy a gun? That is the only way to stop the crazy people since it is not criminal who engage in these type of acts.

One comment on “Gun Control & What’s Wrong

  1. Gun control only achieves one thing.
    It disarms the law abiding.
    The UK boasts about having the most stringent guns laws in Europe.
    It’s also where criminals have no bother buying the firearms and ammunition the law abiding are forbidden to own.
    Who suffers the most from this? The law abiding.


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