Brit Hume Discusses Possible Push for Gun Control Legislation…

If Nikolas Cruz had been arrested for his prior criminal behavior he would not have passed a background check for a firearm purchase.  The issue was/is not the background check; the issue was/is the lack of a prior arrest.  Hence, the Broward County school and law enforcement policy is ultimately what failed.


I don’t say this lightly, but the lawyers have the easiest case for ‘wrongful death’ lawsuits in the history of this type of litigation. The county policy constructed by public officials (School Board and Superintendent), and the county law enforcement policy that was specifically and intentionally designed to ignore unlawful behavior (Broward Sheriff), is the very definition of intentional gross negligence.

Gross negligence requires a pre-disposition to create a system that is inherently dangerous. That is exactly what happened in Broward County, Florida.

Despite specific warnings that unstable and/or violent students would likely slip through the system as a result of intentional ‘willful blindness’; and despite specific warnings by police officers that these policies were dangerous; community leaders, district school administration and local police officials executed those policies anyway.

The resulting loss of life was entirely predictable; and it was predicted.

It will be very important for the families to screen out the lawyers carefully.  Many of the top lawyers are aligned with high-ranking political Democrats.  Political lawyers like John Morgan (Morgan and Morgan) are part of the ideological alignment (with Democrat politicians) that created the system of policies – that led to the deaths of the students.  Morgan would be a terrible lawyer for the families because he, along with many others would hold conflicts.

In my humble opinion, the victim families need to get good lawyers who are not part of the political system within the state of Florida; and must not -EVER- hire Democrats.  There will be massive political pressure around the entire issue with all those who constructed the schemes being protected by the same system that needs to protect former President Obama.

ps. My apologies but my experience in trying to stop this years ago was met with hostility and the most intense political hate imaginable.  As a result, I dislike the characters and officials around this story immensely.  The Sheriff, the School Superintendent and every member of the Broward County School Board are complicit.  They deserve no quarter.

My prayers are for the victims, their families and those who are hostage to these policies.

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