Karma-Kamala Chameleon

Kamala Harris locked up thousands of powerless marijuana smokers even after she said she inhaled the Jamaican weed deeply. President Trump helped get those low-level drug offenders released.

She said health care should be a right to every American and indeed, everyone ‘round the world who comes here. Medicare for all was pushed by her, at least for a while. Then, perhaps due to Hillary’s pressure, she changed her mind. She now wants to see private insurance preserved.

This is just one of her flip flops. Like Hillary, Harris will change her colors to suit whatever pleases donors and the Deep State. Is she moderate or progressive? Well, the progressives think she’s a moderate, but the moderates think she’s a progressive.

Like Hillary, Kamala will tell any lie or change any conviction if it helps bring her power. It’s pathological. Let’s hope Kamala continues to follow the Hillary template and will lose the election in November.

—Ben Garrison

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