Death By Idea!

There was a recent ‘patriot rally’ in Denver. Early reports claim Matthew Dolloff was hired as a security guard for a Denver TV station that was covering the event. An altercation took place between Dolloff and a Trump supporter. My guess is they exchanged some cross words and it escalated to a slap and a shove, followed by the victim spraying mace at Dolloff. Nearly in the same instant, Dolloff pulled a pistol and shot his adversary dead on the spot. Dolloff wasn’t wearing a guard uniform, nor was it obvious he was packing.

As it turns out, Dolloff was neither licensed nor qualified to be a security guard. He probably wasn’t licensed for concealed carry. We saw that Dolloff was sporting a ‘Space Invaders’ tattoo on his right wrist. Such a marking is associated with Antifa. He was a Bernie supporter and registered Democrat Socialist. The leftist mass media came out and said Dolloff was not associated with Antifa, but we’re now learning this may not be true. The lying media jumps to too many conclusions that align with their political agenda. For example, they blamed Trump for inspiring the conspirators who wanted to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, when several in the conspiracy did not support the president and sympathized with the radical left.

Joe Biden does not want to lose his progressive, far-left Antifa supporters. He recently deflected criticism aimed at the Antifa and said it was an idea and not an organization. It is indeed an organization, if loosely-knit, and many of its followers are not afraid to commit acts of violence. The corrupt mass media continually gives them a pass and refers to them as ‘peaceful protestors.’ It will be difficult for them to justify the shooting of someone on the right, but they’ll try. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dolloff is released. One has to wonder what would be happening right now had Dolloff been a Trump supporter and his victim a black ‘BLM’ member.

FBI Director Chris Wray also stated that antifa is an ideology, not an organization…thereby contradicting President Trump who wanted it designated as a terrorist organization. Wray is a Deep State operative and should be fired.

As for Biden, he needs to be defeated.

—Ben Garrison

The Debate Is Over About The Biased Commission

Moderators are biased, distracting, and unnecessary. After the disastrous results of the 2020 debates, this kind of unwelcome interference can no longer be tolerated. The Republican presidential candidates deserve better, but, more importantly, so do

Jeff Crouere image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Jeff Crouere —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 11, 2020

Commission on Presidential DebatesEver since the formation of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) in 1987, there has been incredible bias against Republican candidates. The moderators and format have always favored the Democratic presidential candidates. Thus, it has been incredibly foolish for GOP presidential candidates to agree to participate in such an unfair process.

Once again, this year, the Trump campaign allowed the CPD to schedule and organize four debates, three involving the presidential candidates and one featuring the vice-presidential candidates. Not surprisingly, all the moderators selected were unabashed liberals.

The first presidential debate was a fiasco

The first presidential debate was a fiasco. It was moderated by the long-time liberal Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. He embarrassed himself with a stunningly biased performance. He interrupted President Donald Trump 76 times, as opposed to only 15 interruptions of former Vice President Joe Biden. The questions were slanted towards Biden and the only tough questions were directed at President Trump.

llace interjected almost every talking point for the Democrats. He asked about old issues such as the 2017 Charlottesville, VA rally and demanded that the President once again condemn white supremacists. Even though all the riots in 2020 were led by radical leftist organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Wallace was uninterested in discussing it.

Instead, he wanted to explore issues such as Covid-19, climate change, and anything that could possibly be detrimental to President Trump. Of course, Biden received a pass on his son’s questionable consulting contracts, his interference in prosecutions in Ukraine, his friendship with white supremacist Democrats in the United States Senate, his “manifesto” with radical socialists in the Democratic Party, his constant flip-flopping, his lack of law enforcement endorsements and his delay in condemning the Antifa riots.

The vice-presidential debate was not much better as liberal moderator Susan Page of USA Today showed her bias with her questions and her treatment of the two candidates.

The next presidential debate was supposed to be moderated by liberal Steve Scully of C-SPAN. Yet, his ideological preferences are easy to determine by looking at his resume. Scully once served as an intern to Biden when he was a U.S. Senator representing Delaware and was a staff assistant to former U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Clearly, his work for two liberal United States Senators shows that Scully is not impartial.

Thankfully, the second Trump-Biden debate has been canceled

He also was pictured at the “Biden Beach Bash ‘16” with his arm around the former Vice President, tweeting “Gotta love the @VP.” This week, it was reported that Scully sent a tweet to Trump hater Anthony Scaramucci asking him how to respond to the President. While Scully claimed his Twitter account was hacked, an FBI investigation is not needed to determine his clear bias.

Thankfully, the second Trump-Biden debate has been canceled. The President rightfully declined to participate in a virtual debate, which was unilaterally announced by the CPD without consultation with either candidate. The CPD was supposedly worried about exposing the debate audience and the staff to President Trump, who has recovered from Covid-19. Despite the President’s doctors clearing the President to participate in events and his lack of symptoms, the CPD wanted to force a virtual debate on the American people.

Such a debate would have been a joke. Biden would have had a teleprompter with coaching from his aides. The President would have had his microphone easily turned off and it would have been difficult to connect with a town hall audience.

Currently, there is one more Trump-Biden debate scheduled on October 22 in Nashville. Another liberal reporter, Kristen Welker of NBC News, was selected to serve as moderator. To prevent embarrassment, Welker has already erased her Twitter account, undoubtedly, to prevent her liberal tweets from being uncovered. If the debate occurs, she will show her bias against Trump with her questions and treatment of the candidates.

The President should probably participate because it will be an opportunity to reach a large group of voters. The first debate achieved an audience of 73.1 million Americans. The final debate may reach an even greater audience. In addition, the President is accustomed to battling multiple foes at one time. He did it during the 2016 debates and he does it every time he conducts a press conference.

Going forward, the problem with the CPD must be addressed. While it is advertised as being impartial, it is composed of Democrats and Trump-hating Republicans. This week, 1996 GOP presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator Bob Dole (R-KS), identified the real problem with the CPD. He tweeted, “The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds. I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine. I am concerned that none of them support @realDonaldTrump. A biased Debate Commission is unfair.”

Well done Bob Dole! The CPD is totally unfair and should be scrapped. If it refuses to disband, the GOP should disavow any future affiliation and withdraw from working with the CPD, a total sham of an organization.

Future presidential debates do not need a liberal moderator pretending to be fair, but truly working in a feverish manner to help the Democratic nominee. Both candidates should participate in a Lincoln/Douglas style debate with equal time for each of them.

Moderators are biased, distracting, and unnecessary. After the disastrous results of the 2020 debates, this kind of unwelcome interference can no longer be tolerated. The Republican presidential candidates deserve better, but, more importantly, so do the voters of America.

Alarm bells sounding for Biden, Schumer and Pelosi

The messages being delivered by the voters are sounding the alarm bells for Biden, Schumer and Pelosi but they are apparently not listening

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By David Singer —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 11, 2020

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Alarm bells sounding for Biden, Schumer and PelosiBeware those polls predicting a Biden win and the Democrats gaining control of the Congress—rather than those polls seeking answers to specific issues which indicate a Trump win and Republican control of the Congress more likely.

The responses to three questions asked in the September 14-28 Gallup poll should concern Biden.

Gallup Poll

  • On the question of “personality and leadership qualities a president should have”:

    Not unexpected.

    President Trump is a businessman and a deal maker—not a career politician like his opponent Joe Biden. Trump runs the country like a big business. The speed and frequency of his decisions contrast with the slow and ponderous ways of the Washington bureaucracy and previous Presidents.

    Two examples: 
    1. Closing America’s borders on January 31, 2020 to flights emanating from China—to arrest the spread of Covid 19—Biden accusing Trump that same day of “hysterical xenophobia—and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.”
    2. Opening the American Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018—when all Presidents before him failed to do so after the Jerusalem Embassy Act 1995—adopted by the Senate (93–5), and the House (374–37)—had specifically given them that authority.  
  • On the question of “agree or disagree with (Donald Trump/Joe Biden) on the issues that matter to you most”:

    This result is bad news for Biden/ Democratic Party camp. 

    Trump’s lack of personality and leadership qualities as a president has not stopped a majority of the responders acknowledging Trump has handled issues of concern to them to their satisfaction. Voters will forgive Trump’s personal Presidential failings because he cares more about their issues than a Presidential-looking Biden.

A Biden win looks increasingly unlikely after voters were asked: “Whether They’re Better Or Worse Off Than Four Years Ago”. (See following window)

Gallup Poll
  • 56% consider themselves better off in 2020 than in 2016—after Biden had then been their Vice President for the previous 8 years. 
  • The responders had lived through the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic for nine months that had threatened to destroy their own hopes and dreams of being better off than four years ago. 

Statista’s poll has ominous consequences for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi regarding the elections for Congress—the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Statista puts the disapproval rating of the United States Congress at 80%—the highest disapproval rating in the past 12 months (See following Window):


It should be noted this 80% disapproval rate:

  • increased from 68% in December 2019—when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was still considering whether to impeach President Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction—to 74% in February 2020 after Trump had been found not guilty by the Senate
  • is likely to shoot even higher as: 
    1. the Senate begins its confirmation hearings into appointing Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court—which the Democrats will oppose 
    2. Pelosi moves to establish a process to effectively give Congress a say in removing a president from office under the 25th Amendment of the Constitution—which the Republicans will oppose 
    3. Trumps’ offer of $1.8 trillion in a renewed search for an economic relief deal is being rejected by Pelosi
    4. Senate Minority leader Schumer threatens to replace the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court and create two new states Puerto Rico and Washington DC. 

Biden’s accomplishments over 47 years—8 as Vice President—pale in comparison to what Trump has achieved in 4 years

The messages being delivered by the voters are sounding the alarm bells for Biden, Schumer and Pelosi but they are apparently not listening. 

Interesting Biden Campaign Video from Arizona – Something is Curiously Absent…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree house on October 11, 2020 by sundance

That something is supporters.

As you watch this local media report of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaigning in Arizona most are focused on the complete absence of any support for the candidates; indeed, that is a rather weird fact.  However, additionally watch in the video how the campaign staff has placed markers on the ground as visible cues for Biden, Harris and McCain to walk with social distancing; and pay particular attention to how Biden attempts to navigate his proximity responsibility therein.  


Apparently this big push using Cindy McCain fell exceptionally flat. No-one cares… but the scale of the campaign being managed by poll-testers and control agents is really something; even beyond what we witnessed in 2016.

Short Tempered Joe Biden Says “Voters Don’t Deserve To Know” His Position on Supreme Court…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on October 10, 2020 by sundance

In a remarkable exchange between candidate Joe Biden and KTNV Las Vegas journalist Matt Dimattei, the intemperate democrat candidate says that voters are not allowed to know his position on packing the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dimattei: “Don’t the voters deserve to know?”

Biden: “No, they don’t deserve to know”..

Just below the surface of Joe Biden is the aged persona of a very angry, unstable, often confused and intemperate, life-long politician. Essentially Biden’s #1 talking point is: you have to vote for me to find out what those who control me have in mind for me…

President Trump Delivers White House Remarks at Peaceful Protest for Law and Order – 2:00pm Livestream

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on October 10, 2020 by sundance

President Trump is scheduled to deliver remarks today from the White House supporting national law enforcement.  Anticipated start time 2:00pm EDT:


[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. And keep that enthusiasm going. Get out and vote. We got to vote. We got to vote these people into oblivion. (Applause.) Vote them into oblivion. Got to get rid of them. So bad for our country.

First of all, I’m feeling great. I don’t know about you. How’s everyone feeling? Good? (Applause.)

And I’m honored to welcome — we call this a “peaceful protest” — to the White House in support of the incredible men and women of law enforcement and all of the people that work so well with us. And I have to tell you, our black community, our Hispanic community, thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)

But before going any further, I want to thank all of you for your prayers. I know you’ve been praying, and I was — (applause) — in that hospital. I was watching down over so many people. And I went out to say hello to those people, and I took a little heat for it, but I’d do it again, let me tell you. I’d do it again. (Applause.)

And on behalf of myself and the First Lady, it just has been really an incredible outpouring. And we’re starting very, very big with our rallies and with our everything, because we cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation. (Applause.) We cannot let that happen. And that’s what would happen — or worse. By the way, or worse.

I want you to know our nation is going to defeat this terrible China virus, as we call it. (Applause.) And we’re producing powerful therapies and drugs, and we’re healing the sick, and we’re going to recover. And the vaccine is coming out very, very quickly, in record time, as you know. It’s coming out very, very soon. We have great, great companies doing it, and they’ll be distributing it, and we will — through our military — very, very rapidly.

Through the power of the American — the American spirit, I think more than anything else, science, medicine will eradicate the China virus once and for all. We’ll get rid of it. All over the world, you see big flare-ups in Europe, big flare-ups in Canada — a very big flare-up in Canada; you saw that today. A lot of flare-ups. But it’s going to disappear; it is disappearing. And vaccines are going to help, and the therapeutics are going to help a lot.

I just want to thank everyone this afternoon. What beautiful colors. Where did you get that color, Candace? (Applause.) Where did that come from? That’s — what a beautiful color. I want to get one of them. I want to put one of them on instead of a white shirt. I want to thank you, though, seriously.

Every day, more black and Latino Americans are leaving behind left-wing politicians and their failed ideology. (Applause.) That’s what they are. They failed for many years and many, many decades.

Democrats have run nearly every inner city in America — and I mean for a hundred years — and their policies have delivered nothing but calamity, poverty, and trouble. Sleepy Joe Biden has betrayed black and Latino Americans. If you think he can run this country, you’re wrong.


THE PRESIDENT: For half a century — shipping your jobs to China. That’s what they’ve been doing. We’re bringing the jobs back. We’ve been bringing them back. (Applause.) We’ve been charging China a lot of money too, with the tariffs. A lot of money. Billions and billions of dollars.

Opening your borders to mass illegal immigration. The wall is now 380 miles long; it’ll soon be finished. (Applause.) Trapping us in endless foreign wars — these ridiculous foreign wars that last for 19 years. Our people are coming back home. You know that.

And selling you out to the rich, globalist Wall Street donors. They have the Wall Street donors. They want the Wall Street donors. Someday, somebody is going to have to write a little story about that.

Black and Latino Americans are rejecting the radical socialist left, and they’re embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police — we want law and order; we have to have law and order — and pro-American agenda.

I want to thank the BLEXIT Foundation for organizing this event. (Applause.) Thank you very much. Thank you. And especially your two founders, two friends of mine, great people: Candace Owens and former Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum. Thank you both. (Applause.) Great job. What a great job. Two really brilliant, smart, young people. Great. And thank you very much for being here. We really appreciate it.

So you just marched to the White House because you understand, to protect the lives of black Americans and all Americans, you have to have your police support you. You have to have that. (Applause.)

If the left gains power, they’ll launch a nationwide crusade against law enforcement. And they’ve already done that. And you see them; they’re doing that at a level that nobody has ever seen before.

The other day, in the debate, Biden couldn’t even use the words “law enforcement.” I said, “Say ‘law enforcement.’ Say ‘law enforcement.’” And he was bailed out by the anchor. Then I said — then I said, very simply — I said, “Name one law enforcement group that’s supporting you.” He couldn’t do it. But he was bailed out by the anchor. Second time bailed. He got bailed out by that anchor a lot.

Taking their funds away, their firearms, their fundamental authorities — taking everything away, including your freedom. Joe Biden even said, when you call 911, a therapist should answer the call. That doesn’t work. That doesn’t work. But this is the people telling him what, because he doesn’t say. He’s told what to say.

You saw what they introduced today. They’ve gone through a period of years: “No fracking, no fracking, no fracking.” All of a sudden, he gets the nomination and he says there’s going to be fracking. For Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, all of you, there will be — if it happens, all of those jobs are gone; your energy jobs are gone, if they get in. Just remember I said it. Okay? Just remember.

Biden —

AUDIENCE MEMBER: It’s not going to happen!

THE PRESIDENT: I don’t think so either. (Applause.)
There’s been — and I have to say, there’s been more enthusiasm — we have had more enthusiasm right now, right now, this year, than we had four years ago by a factor of three times. (Applause.) And we had a lot. And they had none. They have no enthusiasm.

AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

THE PRESIDENT: They have no enthusiasm. In fact, the gap is so incredible, and a poll just came out. I think it said 56 percent of the people prefer their position now in the midst of a pandemic than they did four years ago. Think of what that means — 56. And it’s a Gallup poll, and it’s the highest poll ever recorded — 56 percent. Now, tell me about that.

No, we had it going, and we really had it going, and then the plague came in from China, but we’re getting rid of that, and we’re rebuilding it, and it’s going to be better than it was even before. (Applause.)

But the homes and churches and businesses of black and Hispanic Americans have been looted; you know that. They’ve been vandalized and burned by left-wing fanatics. Total bad people. They know what they’re doing. Yet Biden likes to call them “peaceful protesters.” You see people —


THE PRESIDENT: You see anchors from a couple of the very bad, very corrupt networks standing, and behind them, the cities are burning and they’re saying these are peaceful protests. And you look, and everything is on fire.

And I want to thank our law enforcement, and I want to thank everybody in the community and the community drives who are working with law enforcement. I want to thank them. (Applause.) I think we probably have the support of every law enforcement group in this country, practically. I don’t know of any that I don’t. Maybe there must be some; there must be one. They’ll find one tonight. They’ll say, “No, he misrepresented.”

But we have a level of support the likes of which nobody has I don’t think ever seen before. I don’t think so. And you’re going to see that. And you see how many crooked ballots are being found and turned back in and fraudulent? Just what I said. Then they’ll say, “He doesn’t believe in freedom.” I totally believe in freedom. That’s called “freedom.” What we’re doing is freedom. (Applause.)

Tremendous problems with the ballots. Fifty thousand in Ohio. Twenty-five thousand — you have to see it. I mean, every day, there’s a story about ballots. Some thrown out; they happen to have the name “Trump.” Military ballots were thrown out with the name “Trump” on them. Okay?


THE PRESIDENT: But I think we’re to swamp them by so much. Hopefully it’s not going to matter. And we have law enforcement watching. We have law enforcement watching all those ballots. They’re being found for a reason.

Left-wing politicians like Kamala Harris, who really did not do very well the other night —


THE PRESIDENT: By the way, did our Vice President do a good job, Candace? Did he? (Applause.) That was — that was easy for him.

No, he did a great job, because we’re on the side of right. We really are. We’re on the side of right. And, by the way, we are, and it’s true. And I say it, and I say it all the time now, more and more: We are draining the swamp like nobody in history has ever drained the swamp. (Applause.) Nobody in history has ever drained.

We’re here today to deliver a united message to police officers all across our great land that American — and I mean every American, every race and color, we love you. Every race, color, creed, we support you, we honor you. It’s a dangerous profession. They’ve been doing an incredible job, and I just want to thank them on behalf of everybody here today, because that’s why we’re safe. (Applause.)

In contrast, the Democrats’ socialist program and platform — and it really is more than socialist. It’s not just socialist; it’s beyond socialism.


THE PRESIDENT: (Laughs.) He says “communist.” That’s — yeah, that’s about right.

But I recently announced my plan to deliver more opportunity, security, fairness, and prosperity to the black community, to the Hispanic community. (Applause.) And you know what it is — I don’t have to go over it — but it’s the Platinum Plan, and it’s going to bring back new jobs, like at a level that you’ve never seen before. And we’ve done a lot. We’ve done a lot.

But increase capital. It’s going to increase money coming into the black community, to the Hispanic community, where it’s been very much shut out. In advance, very much homeownership and wealth building. And it’s already taken place, and it’s taken place at a level. And had we not been hit by the pandemic, you would have seen numbers like you’ve never seen before. But those numbers are already rebuilding again. (Applause.)

We’re going to build up a peaceful and safer neighborhood program, like — like you haven’t seen, with the highest standards of policing. We’ll create a healthcare system that delivers better care at a lower cost. Obamacare is a disaster. We want to terminate it, we want to get great healthcare, and that’s what we’re doing: great healthcare. And we’ll always take care of preexisting conditions, always. (Applause.)

And I think we’re at a point where we’re getting. And right now, if you look at what we’ve done in healthcare — people don’t talk about it; we’ve done an incredible job. Less expensive healthcare at a much, much — much better healthcare at a much less expensive price. You can’t do better than that. And it’s happening, and it’s happening fast.

Another thing is school choice. (Applause.) You have to have school choice. Charter schools, school choice.

So I make this statement every once in a while, and people think it’s a little bit on the bold side, but we’ve achieved a historic reduction in violent crime. We signed a landmark criminal justice reform bill that nobody thought was possible to even think about. (Applause.) I did that. I did that. I got that done. And I worked with a lot of people, but we got it done. The Obama administration couldn’t get it done. Biden couldn’t even think about it. He doesn’t even know what it is. (Laughter.)

We have a — we have prison reform. We achieved the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment rate in the history of our country. (Applause.) The black youth unemployment rate reached the lowest ever, again, in the history of our country.

And last year, black and Hispanic American poverty reached the lowest ever in the history of our country. It’s all building back up so quickly. (Applause.)

And if you look at what we’ve done with criminal justice reform, if you look at what we’ve done with historically black colleges and universities, where we funded them; they couldn’t get funded. Nobody was funding them. For years and years and decades, nobody was funding them.

And if you look at what we’ve done with Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, Opportunity Zones and the jobs created — and I’ve said it very strongly, and perhaps — I don’t know, criminal justice reform, people say maybe that’s the best of all, but the fact is they’re all great. Every one of them is great. And I say the fact is that I’ve done more for the black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln. I say it. Nobody can dispute it. (Applause.) Nobody can dispute it. It’s true. Nobody can dispute it.

So we are now beginning the fastest economic recovery in history. We created a record 11.4 million jobs just in the last four months. That’s the fastest ever. The U.S. has seen the smallest economic contraction of any major nation anywhere in the world. So we’ve seen the smallest going down. If you look at it, that’s an incredible statement.

Our opponents will crush the comeback with unscientific lockdowns. They want to lock everything down. Here we go again. They want to lock it down. No.


THE PRESIDENT: We’re not going to let it happen. We’re not going to let it happen. So important you get out and vote. You got to get out and vote.

So we got a great poll in Florida, got a great poll in North Carolina, got a great poll in Arizona. (Applause.) Got a great poll in Nevada. Actually got it. Just got a great poll in Nevada. I think we’re doing really well. I mean, this is in addition to states that we’re going to win. Georgia is looking fantastic. Texas is looking fantastic. (Applause.)

Well, think about Texas: They have no oil. They don’t want oil, they don’t want guns, they don’t want religion. I don’t think you’re going to win Texas very well. (Applause.)

No, we got a great poll in Texas. We’re getting great polls all over the place, and they understand it. It’s driving them crazy. And you know why though? And, Candace, it is — it’s because of the spirit. There’s a spirit the likes of which this country hasn’t seen in a very, very long time.

So I just want to thank you all for being on the White House lawn, this beautiful great lawn. (Applause.) And I’m very proud of this country. I’m very, very proud.

I want to thank all of the doctors and labs and scientists and all of the people that are working so hard, because we’re way ahead of everybody. But I just want to thank most particularly you, because you people come out and you come out, and you cheer and you love your country, and you get it. You’re way, way ahead of many, many people in this country.

But the country is getting it. The country is seeing something now.

AUDIENCE: We love you! We love you! We love you!

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. I love you too. Thank you.

AUDIENCE: We love you! We love you! We love you!

THE PRESIDENT: The people of our country — and the whole world is watching — are seeing things now that they haven’t seen in this country for decades. They’re seeing a spirit and a resilience like they haven’t seen.

I just want to thank you. And get out and vote. We got to make this bigger than even four years ago. It’s more important. This is the most important election we’ve ever had. This is more important than even four years ago. I used to say “the most important,” and it was true at the time. This is the single-most important election in the history of our country.

Get out and vote. And I love you. Thank you. Thank you very much. (Applause.)

Thank you. Thank you, Candace.

END 2:17 P.M. EDT

WH Livestream Link – RSBN Livestream Link – PBS Livestream – FBN Livestream





Biden says elect him to find out what he believes

The same technology that allows an incredible new level of free expression of our ideas also creates the potential for new levels of suppression and manipulation of information

Rolf Yungclas image

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Rolf Yungclas —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 9, 2020

Biden says elect him to find out what he believesThe Joe Biden campaign and the media giants that try to pose as sole arbiters of reality are now, in a de facto way, pushing their propagandizing to a new level.

By quiet acceptance of the Biden assertion that he’ll tell us his views on court-packing and Supreme Court AFTER he is elected, his supportive media are in effect telling us that we should only question and vet non-Democrats because Democrats are the only and always acceptable political leaders, beyond questioning or criticizing.

Out of control media propagandists

We’re seeing the out of control media propagandists assuming on us a new level of trust for them, in their continuing efforts to have us all believe that the only “truth” is the Democrat-created and perpetrated “reality” they prepare for us.

Accompanying their believe-only-us approach to media is the corresponding implication that anything contrary to the dominant liberal media is fake news and derived from bogus conspiracy theories.

A growing number of disaffected journalists are leaving the Democrat-approved corporate media to find other ways, digitally (on social media and their own websites/portals) and in print.

That leaves a tremendous responsibility to the non-indoctrinated rest of us. While there will always be purveyors of false news we need to avoid, it’s important to support and promote the legitimate up-and-coming media that arose from a rejection of the Democrat propaganda approach to news and information as modeled by the New York Times, Washington Post (Amazon), CNN (AT&T), NBC family (Comcast), ABC/Disney/ESPN, and CBS owned networks.

And while multimillion dollar social media and online media corporations continue to try new and more effective ways to control (censor) what we see, we need to confront them and their biased manipulations whenever possible.

The same technology that allows an incredible new level of free expression of our ideas also creates the potential for new levels of suppression and manipulation of information by those who would misuse the technology. We must continue to resist those who would misuse it, and see that a free press and freedom of expression remain in our nation for many generations to come.

Good Catholic Joe Biden Vows to Trounce Little Sisters of the Poor

Exclusive Interview with Hugh Betcha, Ace Reporter

William Kevin Stoos image

Re-Posted from The Canada Free Press By William Kevin Stoos —— Bio and Archivesctober 9, 2020

Good Catholic Joe Biden Vows to Trounce Little Sisters of the PoorSatire
For over 150 years an international group of Catholic nuns and other religious have taken a vow to minister to the elderly poor in dozens of countries around the world. They believe in the worth and sanctity of every person including, most of all, those who are considered by others to be weak and worthless. However these godly and humble women who devoted their whole lives to providing love, comfort and support to the poor elderly whom they serve are, unfortunately, politically incorrect. They believe in the sanctity of life from the womb to the grave. And they do not believe in abortion or contraception. Because of their deeply held religious convictions they have been subjected to years of litigation simply because they do not want to abide by a Federal contraceptive mandate that required employers to offer a plan for their employees which provides at no cost, abortion services, abortifacients and counseling thereof. In short, because they believed in the sanctity of life and because they sought an exemption from the contraceptive mandate, they were harassed by federal and state governments and subjected to potential fines and financial ruin. 

“C’mon man, I am a good Catholic”

Luckily, however, the Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas, writing, upheld a regulatory exemption which allowed the Sisters to “continue their noble work without violating their sincerely held religious beliefs.”  Put simply, the organization would no longer be forced to obey the earlier Federal contraceptive mandate which would force them to provide abortion services, abortion drugs and counselling to its employees. 

Brad Pitt’s Daughter Is Probably The Prettiest Girl Alive

However, as the “good Catholic” Joe Biden stated, he was disappointed with the ruling. He recently sought out Ace Reporter Hugh Betcha to discuss the sisters and the recent Supreme Court ruling.

Brad Pitt’s Daughter Is Probably The Prettiest Girl Alive

“Given that you are a good Catholic and you profess to admire nuns and respect religious beliefs how can you possibly be disappointed with the decision that exempts the Little Sisters from providing abortion services against their will?” Hugh asked.

“C’mon man,” Joe replied, “I have stated repeatedly that I admire the nuns and they were important in forming the person I am today. I have met with some nuns in the past and have even met with the Pope before. I am a good Catholic.”

“Are you disappointed in Justice Thomas’s opinion in this case, holding that the regulation allowing the nuns an exemption against the contraception mandate is valid and allows these wonderful women to do their noble work without violating their religious beliefs?”

Yes, I am” stated the former Vice President curtly, “and I vow to use the full force and resources of the Federal government to fight these Little Sisters and force them to toe the line and provide abortion services to all their employees.”

“I gotta go kick a puppy”

“How can you force these good women to violate their religious beliefs and why would you want to spend another several years relitigating this whole issue once you are elected?”

“Because the Federal Government knows what is best for the people,” he replied, “and the right of women to kill babies simply outweighs a nun’s right to object to it.” 

“So if you are elected President you will pursue these wonderful, sweet and kind women of conscience for years in court and punish them with ceaseless litigation, expense, and harassment?”

“They cannot be allowed to defy the Almighty Government and me as President. We will grind them down until they submit,” Biden stated as he began to walk away.

“Are we done here? ” Hugh asked, surprised by the abrupt termination of the interview.

“Yeah,” Biden replied, “I gotta go kick a puppy.”

Nutty Nancy Pelosi Goes Completely ‘COUP-COUP’

Pelosi and Raskin are out there with media support trying to get rid of President Trump in COUP-COUP land

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Nutty Nancy Pelosi Goes Completely “COUP-COUP’Today’s New York Post headline is hilariously dead-on: Nancy Pelosi’s “COUP-COUP”!

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says her team is “going to be talking about the 25th Amendment” on Friday — the latest in a long line of nutty Democratic fantasies of getting rid of President Trump. (NY Post, Oct. 8, 2020)

“Pelosi, who hasn’t actually talked to the prez in months, claims to think he’s mentally off thanks to his COVID-19 treatments (or something). Yet she’s only exposing (again) Democrats’ own Trump Derangement Syndrome, because this potential coup is an obvious non-starter.

Unfortunately, Pelosi is not the only nutty Dem in public office

“Trump’s “disassociation from reality would be funny if it weren’t so deadly,” she claimed — just because he’s made his usual fast-changing threats and offers over the relief bill that Democrats have stalled in Congress.

“The 25th Amendment allows for temporary ouster of a disabled president, but it requires the active participation of a majority of his cabinet — or the Republican Senate’s assent to setting up some other body to rule on his fitness. The prez just gave an hour-long interview to Maria Bartiromo — pretty compelling proof that he’s clicking on all cylinders. And there is no provision for removing a president just because Pelosi is offended by his existence.”

At this morning’s press conference, she wore a blue and white face mask matching her electric blue dress.

Yet when she showed up at a local beauty salon for a dye job earlier this month, she wore a bare face.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Jamie Raskin are introducing a bill on Friday to form a commission that would rule on the president’s fitness for office in order to “enable Congress to help ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership” in the presidency. (CBS, Oct. 9, 2020)

“This panel, called the Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office, would be “the body and process called for in the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” Pelosi and Raskin’s offices said in a statement on Thursday.”

These days there’s a Commission on Presidential Everything—including a Commission on Presidential Debates that yesterday saw debate monitor Steve Scully checking in with former White House Director of Communications Anthony ‘Scare-a-Moochie’ to see whether he should respond to a Tweet by President Trump.

In his press conference with Pelosi today, Raskin used the term “government actors” the president could possibly infect with the Coronavirus.

Raskin was right.  There’s a lot of government actors running at large out there.

“At the press conference announcing the bill on Friday morning, Pelosi insisted that the bill was not intended to determine President Trump’s fitness of office.

“This is not about President Trump. He will face the judgment of voters. But he shows the need to create a process for future presidents,” Pelosi said.

“The 25th Amendment provides the procedure for the vice president to take over the duties of president in case of his death, resignation or inability to perform his duties. The amendment says that when the vice president and a majority either of Cabinet officials “or of such other body as Congress may by law provide” determine that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” then the vice president shall take over the duties of president.”  (CBS)

Surely Pelosi, Raskin and Company are confusing the spitfire president with Joe Biden and the necessity of having to replace him with vice president Kamala Harris if the mail-in vote works and he is elected?

“The 25th Amendment is all about the stability of the presidency and the continuity of the office,” Raskin said in the conference announcing the bill, noting that it was ratified on a bipartisan basis after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. (CBS)

WHOA, how did assassination get into the picture?!

“In the age of COVID-19, which has killed more than 210,000 Americans and now ravaged the White House staff, the wisdom of the 25th Amendment is clear,” Raskin continued, referring to the multiple White House officials who have tested positive for the virus. Raskin noted that the commission would be bipartisan, with members chosen by both Republicans and Democrats, and could only act in concert with the vice president. (CBS)

Sure, Congressman Raskin.

“Pelosi and Raskin’s introduction of the bill comes after President Trump was hospitalized over the weekend after testing positive for COVID-19, raising concerns about presidential succession. The White House said that Mr. Trump remained on the job even while he was at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and that there were no plans for Vice President Mike Pence to assume presidential authority. Mr. Trump returned to the White House on Monday, and returned to work at the Oval Office on Wednesday. (CBS)

“Raskin previously introduced a similar bill in 2017 to impanel a group of physicians and retired public officials to determine whether the president was mentally and physically fit for office.

“The 25th Amendment was adopted 50 years ago, but Congress has never set up the body it calls for to determine presidential fitness in the event of physical or psychological incapacity. Now is the time to do it,” Raskin said in a statement introducing the initial bill in May 2017.”

“Mr. Trump retweeted several posts on Thursday evening criticizing Pelosi for appearing to consider implementation of the 25th Amendment.”

The Dems are no longer “appearing” to consider implementation of the 25th Amendment, it’s now on the books. 

Meanwhile, Pelosi and Raskin are out there with media support trying to get rid of President Trump in COUP-COUP land.

Fantastic Research – Presidential Debate Commission Ideology Exposed – Chairman Connected to Soros, Color Revolution and Steele Dossier Group…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 9, 2020 by sundance

Put this in the ‘things that make other things make sense‘ file, and give full credit to Revolver News for the research and citation assembly.

You might have seen Presidential Debate Commission Co-Founder Frank Fahrenkopf on Fox News last night trying desperately to explain and justify why the presidential debates were randomly modified to be a virtual format.

However, a terrific deep investigative dive into the background of Fahrenkopf and the people who make up the debate commission reveals a scale and scope of ideology that is almost jaw-dropping in sunlight; and that research completely explains how and why this group has supported far leftist candidates for decades.

“The nominally Republican Chairman of Presidential Debate Commission, Frank Fahrenkopf, is both a co-founder and current board member of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a top “Color Revolution” propaganda outfit. The IRI was run by Never Trump neoconservative John McCain for decades. It is closely linked to the thoroughly discredited Steele Dossier at the center of the Russia Hoax.”

 ~ Read Full Expose ~

You will want to bookmark that research. Suffice to say, after reading the background of the organization, the Presidential Debate Commission should no longer be considered a valid enterprise.  Unreal…

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