‘Socialist Convention’: Rage, Hatred and Histrionics On Full Display

The Dog and Pony Show has Started:

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 17, 2020

Socialist Convention

Thanks to the Democrat convention, which kicks off today,  voters won’t have to wait until after the 2020 election to see what Socialism’s all about, they will be able to see through it all—starting tonight.

Giddy with the prospect of getting rid of Donald Trump now that giddy Kamala Harris is on the Biden election ticket, the DNCC show will be what President Donald Trump calls, “a socialist convention”.

Rather than taking the opportunity to appease the electorate that they’re not really on board with the socialist ‘Squad’ members under Senator Bernie Sanders’ tutelage, they’re appeasing Sanders as a main convention speaker.

Fearful of antagonizing Bernie and his coat-tail, ever squabbling Squad Sisters

Fearful of antagonizing Bernie and his coat-tail, ever squabbling Squad Sisters, (as if they could really do anything about it) the DNC is giving Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) a 60-second prerecorded sound bite at the socialist convention.

Don’t know what’s more laughable, Sanders accepting marquee speaker time, or the Democrats pretending that they are lording it over someone, who, in fact, has long lorded it over them!

Old party standbys like former first lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry will take to the floor trying to whip up enthusiasm to flog the dead horse called the Democrat Party—live streaming it for anyone who wants to watch.

“With no hint of irony, Democrats have titled their event, “Uniting America.”  How will they unite America when they can’t even bring their own party together? (Fox News, Aug. 17, 2020)

And when, over the next four days, they will spew nothing but hatred and vitriol about President Donald Trump, who is supported by roughly 45% of the nation?

“Democrats and their partners in the liberal media will pretend their party is enthusiastically unified behind their ticket. They are not. Young Black voters, in particular, are not on board with Joe Biden.

“Overall, Pew reports that only 42% of Democrats are “very” or “fairly” satisfied with the choice of candidates this year; that’s lower than when Hillary Clinton ran in 2016.”

Blinded by their obsessive hatred of Trump

The same polls that predicted that Hillary’s win was inevitable in 2016 are now claiming that Biden is points ahead of Trump.

But the only reality Democrats choose to see is their overriding vengeance to get even with Trump supporters in Election 2020.

“Democrats can’t really bridge the gap between the Biden Left and Sanders Far-Left. Instead, they plan to unify their party by spending the hours between now and Thursday night lambasting President Donald Trump as a terrible, terrible person and even worse president. (Fox News)

Blinded by their obsessive hatred of Trump,  defiant Dems can’t see it is the main reason why they will lose the election—unless they outright steal it with the Obama-pushed universal Mail-In-Vote.

“Polling shows Democrats are much more excited to oust Trump than elect his opponent; a recent Pew survey shows 56% of Biden supporters say their top reason for voting for the former VP is “He is not Trump.” That sentiment will not drive turnout. (Fox News)

“Meanwhile, Biden’s announcement that Sen. Kamala Harris of California would join his ticket appears to have provided at best a fractional boost to his lead over President Trump.

“The biggest challenge for Democrats, though, is that the tide is moving in Trump’s favor.

Democrats remain mum about the horrific crime wave that is driving residents to flee some of our biggest cities

“Democrats remain mum about the horrific crime wave that is driving residents to flee some of our biggest cities.

…”Last week also saw COVID cases declining 4% and unemployment claims tumbling below one million for the first time since March, raising hopes that the dire impact of the virus is beginning to fade. Housing is accelerating and June real retail sales rose 0.5% from June, indicating a quarter-to-quarter 50% annualized gain in the third quarter, economists say.

“More and more, to the horror of Democrats, it looks like the country is recovering at a faster rate than expected from the virus shutdown. An indication of how powerfully the media is trying to scuttle this message comes from a recent survey in which 62% of Americans say the economy is poor, while at the same time 65% say that their own personal finances are good. That only makes sense if the press is overstating the gloom, which they are.

“Meanwhile, Democrats remain mum about the horrific crime wave that is driving residents to flee some of our biggest cities. Democrats and their liberal media allies may not care about the increased looting and gunplay that are making our streets and neighborhoods unsafe, but most Americans do, and so does President Trump.

“That’s why New York’s Police Benevolent Association, which represents about 24,000 rank-and-file officers, endorsed the president’s reelection bid last week. The head of the union, who stated that their members were under attack, said he could not remember another time in the past 36 years that the union had endorsed a candidate for president, and praised the president for being “one strong voice speaking up in our defense.” This, while Democrats on the Left push to “defund the police” even in cities like Minneapolis where crime has surged.

Millions see Dozy Dems’ “HATE TRUMP” mantra as despicable and after four years running as downright B-O-R-I-N-G

“Then there was the announcement that Harris would be Biden’s running mate, a choice so fraught with issues that nervous Democrat-aligned groups felt obliged to instruct the media on how to report on the candidate.

“Lastly, we have Joe Biden, who spent yet another week literally hiding from voters while his wife and surrogates met with donors, and who continues to decline any meaningful interviews for fear he will reveal … what? That he is actually suffering dementia or that he doesn’t believe in the progressive agenda he has endorsed to please the Bernie Sanders crowd?”

Dozy Dems seem totally unaware that millions not only see their “HATE TRUMP” mantra as despicable but after four years running as downright B-O-R-I-N-G.

Any of those who tune in to the Trump campaign’s nightly recap of the Democrat Convention highlighting the “radical socialism” of the left will find it anything but.

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