When Barack Obama Went Low, Trump’s Numbers Went Higher

Obama tried to get down and dirty in a desperate attempt to stay relevant with young, far left socialistic party activists

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 20, 2020

When Barack Obama Went Low, Trump’s Numbers Went Higher

Former President Obama faced a major challenge last night on the third night of the Democratic Convention, in trying to persuade the American people that he sincerely believed his former Vice President Biden was truly up to the task of being president. Recall Obama passed over his VP Biden of eight years in 2016 to support his preferred candidate Hillary Clinton. So obviously Obama did not think that highly of Biden’s political skills at that time in preserving his (Obama’s) political legacy.

Obama also was lukewarm to Biden running for president in 2020. Obama withheld his endorsement until Biden was literally the last man standing.  Or stumbling as the case may be. Clearly, Obama would have preferred someone younger like Senator Booker or Senator Harris or more vibrant and policy-oriented as Senator Warren to preserve his historical legacy.

This was probably Obama’s worst speech of his political career

Let us not forget as reported by Politico, that fairly recently Obama advised a Democratic adviser, “that Biden could still f***eff it up.”

So in light of these known challenges and obstacles, did Obama rise above his realistic concerns about the viability of the Biden candidacy and give the speech of his political life in favor of his former loyal vice president? Interestingly, in Obama’s long 15-minute speech, he devoted relatively little time to speaking in favor of Joe Biden.

Clearly, this was not President Obama’s best speech.  This was probably Obama’s worst speech of his political career.

Firstly, this speech was mostly about Obama and his vision and his supposed oratorical skills, than about persuading people to vote for Biden.

Initially, Obama, talked glowingly about the founders of America, of the US and of US democracy. But it struck me, that as rioters and looters in American cities were tearing down statutes of Jefferson and Washington and throwing the statute of Christopher Columbus in the water and burning police stations and court buildings ( the pillar of American justice) and looting Best Buy for new TVs (Big Screen Smart TVs Matter), Obama stood silent and said nothing.

In fact in his speech, he said nothing of the looting, rioting, and killings in American cities of LA, Portland, Seattle, NY, Baltimore, Detroit and especially his home town of Chicago. He referred to these looters, killers and violent rioters as good young men and women peaceably demonstrating for justice.

Obama also talked about President Trump not being interested in the presidency. What he meant was Trump was not interested in preserving Obama’s horrible policies and legacy.

Trump campaigned on tearing up or withdrawing from NAFTA which trade agreement destroyed thousands of American jobs in middle America. Trump fought for and won a much improved pro America NAFTA 2 or known as the USMCA.

Obama demonstrated the epitome of mendacity and hypocrisy

Remember when Obama pursued the TransPacific trade agreement which Trump, Sanders and even Hillary Clinton opposed.

Obama ignored how China was eating America’s lunch in terms of taking thousands of American jobs and stealing its technology. Trump at least has stood up to China.

Obama’s Iran nuclear deal was a betrayal of American allies in the Mideast including Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia which all opposed Obama’s tilt to the terrorist-funding Iran which was the true enemy of these American allies in the Mideast.

So when Obama talked last night about Trump betraying American allies, no matter how dulcet Obama’s fake words were, Obama demonstrated the epitome of mendacity and hypocrisy.

When Obama waxed eloquent on the freedom of the press, don’t you remember that he weaponized the DOJ and FBI to spy on those in the American press who had the temerity to question and oppose Obama’ views?

One of the foundations of democracy is the peaceful transfer of power. Obama violated that by permitting the weaponizing of the FBI and DOJ to illegally spy on Trump, the democratically elected opposition leader and his presidential campaign and then to illegally spy on President-elect Trump and his Administration in transition.

Last night Obama was not a brilliant orator at the top of his game. Obama was a sad pathetic political hack and also- ran, who should have left the public sphere when he was on top.

Instead, Obama tried to get down and dirty in a desperate attempt to stay relevant with young, far left socialistic party activists, who view this grey-haired Obama as tone-deaf and an old, irrelevant has-been and yesterday’s man.

Last night we just watched Obama dig his own political grave with the absolutely worst political speech of his career. My prediction, to paraphrase, Michelle Obama, when Barack Obama, went low in the gutter, Trump’s popularity went high and higher.

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