Leftist Radiation: Without Propaganda, Trump’s Popularity Would Soar for Certain Reelection

Judge Coney Barrett Will Too Experience Kavanaugh Sewage Treatment by Lib Propagandists

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Re-Posted from the Canada free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 27, 2020


Leftist Radiation: Without Propaganda, Trump's Popularity Would Soar for Certain Reelection

INTRO: Propaganda Cocktails
There is a figure in Catholicism, Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travels, etc. After many years of veneration, some historians doubt his existence. Entertaining, of course—but it’s no different than the treatment Donald Trump received. His opponents were so sure he would spoil their racket and expose their real identities – and scams, graft and power-grabbing. This included Republicans who also hated Trump. So his foes built an astonishing fake history to poison minds of the credulous before they could find out who Trump was through actions. This was all achieved through propaganda.


What is Truth to those who only seek power? Technically there is no ‘truth’ to progressives, as victim of the enlightenment. This explains why so many leftist pursuits are driven by false narratives, such as Norma Covey, aka Jane Roe – in  Roe v Wade, whose abortion case was based upon a false rape claim. Again, Donald Trump’s “Russia Collusion” investigation was entirely fabricated.

Lie-Based Public Policy
But why always lie? Because a leftist does not think drafting a white lie is deception if supporting a larger truth. So, “abortion” is more meaningful than a fake story. Their model is the “Hive,” where the ‘facts of the day’ are all dependent upon the needs of the moment, drafted by a leftist drone. So the group produces official positions which they all then ape. Marx himself did not really address truth, while still implying his ideas  as ‘true’. Liberal Frank Knight, in Ethics of Liberalism, states:

“There can be no truth which is not open to question” under liberalism, which must exercise great discretion over “what questions are raised & discussed; for human individual attention is very limited & the possible scope for discussion is enormously more limited still.”

Talking Points & Fallacies

This is why Talking Points are so crucial to Leftists, as they establish appearance of consensus. What many progressives believe would seem ludicrous to most people. Their entire worldview is based upon false support which works to create credibility. And so they feel forced to battle by fallacy. Their method is personal attack, changing subjects, claiming opposition is always wrong, etc.


Propaganda: “The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.” It’s the conscious use of written, verbal and symbolic means to mislead. This is how Leftism normally establishes its ideas as they are either riddled with falsehoods or abhorrent to the average person. Intellectual John Dewey fought to have US education simplified using  progressive methods forcing children to self-teach. This is why folks today struggle with logic and make easy pawns for false narratives, emotion and manipulation. Contra J Finnis:   Natural Law, Natural Rights


What would Trump’s approval numbers be if Democrats had not orchestrated a gigantic hoax before inauguration, and constantly slandered him through willing idiot reporters? It would be a sea-change. The left was correct to fear Trump and his restless upgrades. Hopefully he can overcome the worst POTUS treatment ever, and still whistle past slumberin’ Joe Biden’s political grave for an easy victory.

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