CTH 2.0 Site Maintenance Complete – Mission Accomplished…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree house on December 1, 2020 by Sundance

Data Engineers Have Optimal Solution To Restore Comment Function:

Success !!

It appears we have a workable solution achieved.  Excellent….

….Welcome Back Gang… let’s test drive this thing.

Run it hard, use this thread to try out the stuff you are familiar doing. Let’s see what we need to tweek modify or adjust to get back to peak operational condition.  Share your issues and ideas in comments.

We are no longer on Automattic/WordPress servers and despite the extremely tight forced eviction timeline we have achieved a safe rebuild ten hours ahead of deadline.  Quite an accomplishment considering the scale of the task at hand, and a holiday in the middle of it.

There are a few random reports of regional DNS issues and here’s a few tips we are discovering from users:

♦ Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser software.   Reports of Mac not reaching through to new site, but when OS “Big Sur” is added things improve.

♦ Make sure your cookies and cache are not returning you to old site activity.  I apologize for this issue because clearing your browsing history is always a mess and can often require you to re-enter all saved passwords, but that’s one of the unavoidable issues with an entirely new set of servers and new DNS targeting.

♦ All regional Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), responses for queries and bookmarks launched by users, should be aimed toward our new servers now.  Some of them took a long time to update, and there is a familiar pattern to it (discussion for another day).

♦ Remember, while we are using WordPress open source code/software, we are not operating inside the WordPress/Automattic platform.  Some proprietary functions of WP/Automattic will not be available.  I think the notification bell is one of those functions.

♦ There will be a new email-notification program initiated later today that will allow you to sign up for email notifications of new articles and updates. [In the works] In the interim Twitter users can use the notification function and all articles will cross-post to Twitter.

There are going to be features and site enhancements to come along later.  Right now the priority was to keep everything as identical and familiar as possible.  We will likely be doing some cool site changes now that we have full proprietary control and ownership of the site.

Thanks again for bearing with us as we work through some technical issues, search for optimal solutions, and fiercely retain the original values and mission priority of the Treehouse.  The Truth Has No Agenda

Please be patient if you get hung up in a moderation cue. It may take time to release some comments if they are hung up in moderation. The site admins do a great job with comment moderation and release so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue; and quite frankly, there are likely to be benefits from not having WordPress/Automattic software filtering through the comments as they post. Spam removal will be a priority.

Thank you for your support and fellowship. We will always work diligently to deserve it.

As word spreads… the voices of the rebel alliance are arriving now.  The best open-source researchers in the world are firing up their laptops and preparing for the most critical moments in the battle to save our nation.   The CTH printing presses are rebuilt, oiled,  and the deep rumble of the machinery is slowly building to a deafening roar.

We are extraordinarily thankful… and itching to get FREE VOICES back into this fight.

Love to all,

~ Sundance

Mainstream Media Remains in Denial About Voter Fraud

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Dec 1, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Democrats are like zebra, they change their stripes according to self-interest whereas the Republicans can become white elephants when required. In this case, the mainstream media and governors swear the vote was real. However, Biden received more votes in only the swing states, beating Obama and Hillary, which is really astonishing. But the truth has been that people have been warning for a very long time that the American voting machines have been vulnerable and nobody has addressed the issue. In fact, the American voting system VIOLATES the Equal Protection Clause because there is absolutely no standard nationally for a federal election. In some states, anyone charged with any crime loses their right to vote and the governor has to restore it while in other states they can vote. This is no different than saying people of color are not allowed to vote in some states or anyone who belongs to a particular religion. Then not all states allocate electoral votes on a winner takes all method. Two states allocate electors according to the popular vote.

Can the election be a do-over? No, there is no time. The only solution is that the election should be ruled null and void by the Supreme Court and it should be thrown into the House of Representatives. The allegations of fraud are massive. I seriously doubt that 25% of the people voted for Biden because they really thought he was competent. The rest voted for Biden because they hated Trump. The computer has been correct far beyond what even I suspected was possible. Yes, it forecast that this would end in the most violent election since the ’60s. We have Antifa sill protesting and they want to overthrow the United States, capitalism, and colonialism. Besides tearing down whatever they can get their hands on, what is their solution? If the land was stolen from the Indians, then the right thing to do is not tear down statues of Columbus, but get on the next plane and go back to their original country. You can’t have it both ways.

UPDATE: CTH 2.0 Site Challenges on Launch – Apologies to Readers and Users…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house 2.0 on November 30, 2020 by Sundance

“Glitches” seems like an easy catch-phrase to explain encountered problems in the world of technology; but “glitches” doesn’t reconcile the real human frustration people encounter when they engage with a system that is experiencing a rather unique challenge.

I won’t say we are experiencing a glitch…. CTH 2.0 is experiencing a challenge that has actual emotional consequences…  Here’s the issue in as much non-technical wording as I can muster.

SIDEBAR: For other websites with considerable scale, and considering the deplatforming issue underway, this might also serve as a guide.  Additionally, for site users in any website this might explain some background decision-making on commenting functions that is often left unsaid outside of closed-door meetings.

First, my sincere apologies for the trouble everyone had, and is having, as we launched CTH 2.0 with new host servers.  As you know, our commenting community is our #1 priority and we have years of relationship and trust together.  The challenge before us today is considerable.

When we were told we had to leave WordPress/Automattic platform it was important to us to retain the entire site library that includes over 56,000 published articles and over 7.2 million comments.

Some articles carry up to several hundred citations and the average amount of content within the 7.2 million comment file alone exceeds 40 million lines of metadata.

All of that CTH data took approximately 60 hours to export and transfer (import) to a new site and eventually new host servers. The data was first uploaded to a test site to gauge the scale of data and time.  After that initial transfer timeline was determined the data was then imported to new host servers, CTH and CTH 2.0 were mirrored, and fully migrated away from WordPress/Automattic servers.

The CTH 2.0 site was reviewed, some adjustments made to ensure user friendly systems were carried over, and we were ready to switch the site. That is called a DNS switchover.

As the domain name shifts from WordPress/Automattic to our new platform host the worldwide system of interconnected data networks needs to identify and promulgate searches for “TheConservativeTreehouse.Com” with the new site destination, the new servers.  This process takes place in every country around the world, each with a different refresh rate for DNS activation.

At approximately 7:30pm ET last evening that process was initiated.  CTH search results switched from final destinations at WordPress/Automattic servers to our new server host.

Regionally as each Internet Service Provider (ISP) updated it’s DNS mapping, users were directed to new CTH servers.  CTH 2.0 slowly showed up in every city, state and town as the regions came on-line with updated directories.  The process executed as expected.

We anticipated a significant data pull from initial users that would hit the server network, so we purchased a secondary “cache” service, Cloudfare, to help offset the scale of the data load by hosting the static or older library files.  It’s a weird system but the data starts to promulgate two data-systems simultaneously.  The load on the servers is offset by the ability of CloudFare to host and direct users to older content.

However, in the change to new servers there is no pre-existing room of old “cached” files that don’t need to be responsive to the user.  The entire CTH archive library is essentially being pulled from the Host Servers as the promulgation continues and a new set of cache files is being created that will eventually take some of the load away.

Depending on the library size – for the first 24 hours the new servers are carrying all the load and the data capacity is stressed.  The server host anticipates this heavy load and has a system in place called “autoscale” that activates to allow more server capacity during the DNS switch.

That is one initial load on the servers that improves in time.  Time allows the servers to fully promulgate and get better at working with secondary cache services who take some of the burden.  But in the first hours all of the data load is on the host server.

The secondary issue is where our problem rests.  As each provider gained access to and directed customers to the new servers, many of the inbound users, our community, started commenting.  The scale of our community is significant, we are proud of it.

The CTH 2.0 site content was promulgating new pathways (the DNS changeover) at the same time users started to engage with it.  The cache service was also promulgating. However, the commenting function is a live-time engagement, so the secondary “cache” host doesn’t interact at all with the commenting data-load.

When you write a comment it creates a metadata file. Each comment is a unique url.  Your unique id is part of that metadata, your gravatar or avatar is part of that metadata, the content of your comment (what you write) is part of that metadata and any article links, citations, pictures, gifs, or tweets -each carrying a unique url- is part of that metadata.

The average number of lines of unique metadata in one comment is six to ten lines of code, regardless of the length of your comment.  Your comment creates a mini data-file with its own unique id (the url).  The library of pre-existing comments is 7.2 million.  Multiply that by the lines of metadata and you get well over 40 million lines of code in the pre-existing comment file alone.

♦ Here’s the issue. Whenever you write a unique comment the pre-existing library is searched by a software program to match you to your commenting history.  This avoids duplication (if you hit send/submit more than once), and it also looks for spam or bot signatures.

Because we are using new servers the library of 7.2 million comments (each with 6 to 10 lines of metadata) has to be searched by the same software built into the system to avoid comment duplication.  In essence as you hit submit/send the search goes through the entire library of 40 million lines of metadata looking for your unique id and then responds back to allow the comment to go through.

With only a few people reaching the site it’s not a problem.  However as more and more people are both drawing from the host library of posted content; and simultaneously writing comments that have to go through searching 40 million lines of metadata; the servers get overloaded.

Put 1,000 people on the site at the same time and you get 1,000 x 40,000,000 lines of metadata being searched and queried at the same time.

With one thousand users the servers are trying to: (1) return library results on 11 years of archived posts; and (2) search through 40 billion lines of comment metadata and respond simultaneously.  That’s the data load for 1,000 users.

[On an average day at CTH we hold 25k users/hr simultaneously and a peak avg around 35k to 50 thousand around 9pm ET.]

Last night, typical for CTH, as word spread we had 30,000 simultaneous users return to the website.  Do the math: 30,000 users x 40 million lines of metadata in the comment library search and the servers overloaded…. “504” and “524” notifications were the result on your browser searches.

That’s what happened.

It’s not an excuse for what happened; that’s just what happened.

As the DNS promulgates more fully the servers will be less taxed on the article data retrieval and older files will shift to the cache service.  The weight of the site data will lessen as the cache can step-in, and the servers will be less taxed.  That part is not a problem.

The problem is the sheer scale of the comment library.   Every comment submitted draws a search amid 40 million lines of metadata.   Over time that will also improve, but the comment library is going to take much longer to promulgate; and it doesn’t help that Google search engines are simultaneously crawling through the entire site, including the totality of the comment library, to re-index their search results by pulling data from the new site servers.

One quick solution from the engineering side was to just get rid of every comment older than 90 days so the comment library shrinks to a manageable searchable size.

Another solution to regain the site was to shut down commenting again thereby stopping the search function associated with each unique user posting a comment.

The latter approach would buy time to find another solution that might avoid deleting the comment library.  That is the approach we have chosen right now.  We didn’t really have an option.

When I was asked “why not just drop the old comments” we run into a conversation that is personal for our CTH community.

There’s a few reasons why I wanted the total import of the comment files, one of them I never wanted to discuss…. but to explain to those here today who might also just say get rid of the older comments… I need to share something very important.

Our comment library holds 11 years of prayer request threads.  It was the first function we added to this little hideout.  You may not know it but the admins and I spend a lot of time reading those prayer requests; and yes, we pray for those who write.

Those prayer requests and replies are from real people, our people, our CTH community of people and they are the source of our compass heading.   More importantly, we have lost friends who asked for prayers for themselves and/or their loved ones.  We have held the hands of those people and we have at times had no words other than just to sit still and let them know we are there.

Many of those friends left us and they are in God’s hands now.  Additionally, whether you know it or not the families left behind visit those prayer threads, read the words, and remember the voices of those who are no longer with us.   If we were to delete old comments we would be losing many of those prayer threads, and that would just be too high a price to pay.  It would feel like we were breaking a promise, I cannot do it.

So the tech team has been told deleting comments by date is not an option.  If I need to pay a service to host an archive of those prayer threads, so we can put a link to them, then that’s doable.  But we are not deleting them, period.

The tech guys are looking at other options for how to turn-on comments while at the same time lessening the burden on comment data by reducing the library.   There has to be a way to do it and that’s the challenge.

I apologize unreservedly for this issue.

I apologize that you cannot comment right now.

This issue within the launch of CTH 2.0 is entirely on me.

The tech people who worked on this massive export and import of data have done outstanding work.  I am the person who wouldn’t budge on retention and transfer of the entire CTH data library to include every comment by this community.  This 11-year labor of love will not be taken apart.

There’s a solution out there and we are sharp enough to figure it out.

Warmest love and deepest appreciation for your understanding,

~ Sundance…

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UPDATE: “Liberty One Has Landed” – DNS Server Switch Activated – Welcome to CTH 2.0

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House 2.0 on November 29, 2020 by Sundance

Liberty One to Ground Control: “New site reassembly complete” … “Activate DNS server switch” … “Transmitting new CTH 2.0 beacon” …  “Message in 3… 2… 1″….

…. “Welcome Back Everyone, We Sure Missed You Guys!

Hello everyone, we made it.  Hopefully it looks awfully familiar around here. Pull up a comfy rock, sit back around the campfire…. Lets have a talk, because it’s time to get back to business.

Clear your computer “cache and cookies”, search or use your bookmarks for CTH again, and your browser should redirect you to the correct website on brand new servers.

Hi !  Please Check-in…

A total of 69 chronologically distributed files containing massive terabytes of CTH library data (increasing exponentially by date) have been transferred.  The library is intact.

Trillions of ‘ones and naughts’ traveled through digital space in electromagnetic time and then landed thousands of miles from their point of origin…. reassembling by falling into the exact and precise sequence needed to re-emerge.  Quite remarkable.

The only thing lost was the comments during switchover from November 27 (11pm ET) to now.  All other content transferred seamlessly thanks to the incredible people who ran point on the tech transfer for the past week.   We are so very thankful.

Love to all, and a big wide smile….  Hello again.

UPDATE: Mission CTH Liberty Underway…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 28, 2020 by sundance

Ground Control to Liberty One: ..”We have main engine separation, next stop – Freedom”…

As the CTH community is aware, WordPress/Automattic has demanded our voice leave their platform. Effective this moment, “Operation CTH Liberty” is underway, and we are separating from main host web servers. {Go Deep} During this transitional phase we are in, we will have a controlled comment blackout until the site migration is complete to new host servers. You may or may not be able to comment. The anticipated transit time is 30 hours to new host.

By taking this painstaking approach, we are ensuring that all internal links do not result in a “404” dead link notification. Meaning the library will remain intact, and all external links that lead to the CTH library will be able to find them. Additionally, and/all citations within the CTH library will be retained, and people will be able to use all the embed links; and also importantly, all prior links to your previous comments are retained.

During the transition and data transfer, we will need to shut down commenting function for CTH (WordPress) until CTH 2.0 launches. The mirroring of the site during this process will take (based on the test run) approximately 30 hours +/-. As a result, it is highly likely comments will be closed for around two days. Unfortunately, there is no other way to pull this off; it is simply a matter of volume and scale.

We will continue to post new articles and you will be able to see them, you just might not be able to comment on them until the full data transfer to Treehouse 2.0 is complete.

[Remember, the articles from CTH/CTH 2.0 cross-post onto Twitter, and you can also comment there. Or use the Twitter link to return to the CTH 2.0 article when live]

♦ The domain name will remain the same: “TheConservativeTreehouse.com”, and should be seamless in transition to the new website.  However, after CTH 2.0 launch you may need to clear your browser “cookies” and “cache” so that your search or bookmark reaches the new servers accurately.

How you can tell – If you find yourself only finding older articles when you visit CTH Sunday(ish) this will be the problem.  Clear your “cache and cookies”, search or use your bookmarks for CTH again, and your browser should redirect you to the correct website.

When the comments go live again, please be patient if you get hung up in a moderation cue. One of our challenges will be the absence of Askimet spam filtering. It may take time to release some comments if they are hung up in moderation. The site admins do a great job with comment moderation and release so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue; and quite frankly, there are likely to be benefits from not having the WordPress software filtering through the comments as they post. Spam removal will be a priority.

Please bear with us as we work through some of the challenges of comment moderation in our new platform. It should be seamless, but just in case… well, patience is appreciated. Be assured we will work diligently during this go-live phase to deal with any comment issues as rapidly as possible.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, WordPress/Automattic disabled CTH’s ability to filter, review or disable vulgar content on our site. Given the unwarranted, pre-textual de-platforming of CTH by the pro-censorship board of Automattic, CTH cannot ignore that such manipulation is to maliciously interfere and damage the reputation of CTH.

Because of Automattic’s purposeful actions, we have been forced to monitor every site comment in real time for appropriate content over the past 48 hours and remove content that seems purposefully targeted to tarnish our reputation and public image. CTH expects to be Back to normal functionality in 30 hours. Thanks for bearing with us, and thank you for your first hand witness of the tactics of deplatforming and censorship in America.

We are chomping-at-the-bit to get back in this fight for our nation; and do not think for one moment we are not aware our specific targeting was purposefully timed to disrupt our research ability.  We know exactly what Big Tech and the left-wing political operatives executed.  They know that we know; and when we know – YOU KNOW.

Myself and the incredibly hardworking site admins consider ourselves stewards to this community.  YOU are what matters, so another important part of Treehouse 2.0 is to ensure your ability to analyze, discuss and provide your comments on the subject matter.  We will NEVER remove a commenting function from our website.  In fact, it is the crowd-sourcing work we have done as a community that has been the most thrilling and brilliant part of our work together. I will never lose that focus.

The key to Treehouse 2.0 is recognizing we are building something within a system that wants to see us removed. Being proactive about that will hopefully make us better stewards for our conversation. Remember, YOU are the important part.

Without you CTH doesn’t really have a purpose. I could stand outside shouting at trees with no impact; but together, sitting on the figurative porch, the conversation is rich with unique skill-sets, subject matter experts and life-long experiences that make discussion so much more valuable. Myself and the CTH admin team cherish the value you represent.

Over the next roughly 30 hours we will transfer the data from a decade of research into our new home.  We will transfer massive bytes of data across the space between our old home and our new servers, but the key ingredient will always be missing until we are united with our commenting community.  We are a little sad, yet nervous and exited to take this step; and there’s no community we would rather share this journey with, than you.

Thank you for your support and fellowship.  We will always work diligently to deserve it.

The rebel alliance will reassemble with comments as soon as possible.   We shall meet at the Old Mill and ride again…

Love to all,

~ Sundance

The Media is So Corrupt a Used Car Salesman Looks Far More Honest

Armstrong Economics Blog/Press Re-Posted Nov 5, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Proof that the media has become so corrupt is that Nigel Farage has formed a new party, the Reform Party, to try to save Britain. Mainstream media is refusing to cover anything because it is anti-lockdown. These journalists are committing crimes against humanity, for they are refusing to tell the truth. In the process, they are advocating the overthrow of democracy and the installation of a totalitarian state.

Social Media & Press are No Longer Trust Worthy

Armstrong Economics Blog/BigTech Posted Nov 4, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty, do you trust fact check?


ANSWER: Absolutely not! They admit they work with Facebook. I do not think you can trust any fact-checking organization associated with any of the Social Media organizations. The Pollsters have all been WRONG again claiming there would be a big Blue Sweep. This election has proven beyond a question of doubt that everything that is precious to us being our liberty is under full-blown attack by all the mainstream media, social media/BigTech, and the pollsters, along with the claimed fact-checkers.

That is also why you will NEVER read any piece in any major newspaper simply reporting there is a computer that has beat the pollsters every time. This election is under siege. They are making a major effort to steal this election and turn the country into Communism 3.0 precisely as the world leaders are doing in Australia, Britain, Germany, France, and Italy just to mention a few. Not one American press organization will dare report on what Boris Johnson has done to Britain. These people have shut down thanksgiving, robbed students of proms and graduations, and they will outlaw Christmas next.

Pelosi has stated they will “crush this virus” which will be lockdowns to destroy small business, force major loss of jobs, and then had the people 80% of their pay precisely as Boris Johnson is doing in Britain. If they “crush” our economy, there is no rebuilding it, and they then will impose restraints once they have the people totally dependent upon welfare which will include vaccines that will be mandatory. They will pack the Supreme Court to ensure their dictates will be given their blessing. They have become the enemy within.

Media Titans Subvert Reality About Biden/Ukraine Profiteering

Re-Posted from JUST FACTS Daily originally posted By James D. Agresti on October 26, 2020


After big tech companies suppressed a New York Post article exposing written evidence that Joe Biden “spent some time together” with a top executive of a corrupt Ukrainian energy firm that was enriching his son, media titans are misleading the public about the central facts of this explosive affair.

Twitter, for a prime example, pinned a post to the top of its home page claiming that Biden “played no role in pressuring Ukraine officials into firing the prosecutor” at the core of this case.

That is flatly disproven by the words of Biden himself, who stated on video that he told Ukraine’s president and its prime minister that he would withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid from their nation unless they removed the prosecutor. “If the prosecutor is not fired,” warned Biden, “you’re not getting the money.” Biden then added, “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.”

Twitter’s brazen falsehood only scratches the surface of media misinformation about this matter. In addition to spreading outright fictions, media outlets are failing to present key verified facts that are necessary to see the big picture. These facts—which are documented in the following bullet points—build upon each other and implicate Joe Biden in a web of corruption that involves bribery, extortion, and obstruction of justice:

  • In April 2014, while Joe Biden was vice president, he traveled to Ukraine and promised its parliament that the U.S. would help the nation increase its fossil fuel production to make it less dependent on Russian energy. In that same month:
  • In February 2015, the U.S. State Department and the FBI learned that Hunter’s oligarch benefactor allegedly bribed Ukrainian prosecutors to shut down investigations of him. Thus, the government of Ukraine replaced the chief prosecutor with a new one that would be fired one year later at the insistence of Joe Biden.
  • Both Bidens claimed that they never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with each other, but a corroborated trove of emails shows that a top executive of the energy company thanked Hunter in April 2015 for “inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together.”
  • In November 2015, the same top executive wrote an email to Hunter and his partner in which he:
    • criticized a proposal they recently sent to him because it was “lacking concrete tangible results that we set out to achieve in the first place” and did not “offer any names of top US officials” or “Ukrainian officials” to help the oligarch improve “his situation in Ukraine.”
    • stated that if they left these names out of their proposal “to be on the safe and cautious side, I can understand the rationale.”
    • instructed them to “proceed immediately” with enlisting “high-ranking US officials” to visit Ukraine and persuade “the highest level of decision makers here in Ukraine” to “close down” all “cases/pursuits against” the oligarch.
  • The next month in December 2015, Joe Biden acted in accord with the instructions of the energy company executive by visiting Ukraine and telling its president and its prime minister: “If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.”
  • On February 2, 2016, the chief prosecutor secured a court order to seize property of the oligarch, including his land, houses, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.
  • Two weeks later on February 16, the president of Ukraine forced the chief prosecutor to resign. White House phone logs show that Joe Biden talked to the president of Ukraine at least three times in the week surrounding the firing. The phone log for the last of these calls states: “The Vice President also commended President Poroshenko’s decision to replace Prosecutor General Shokin, which paves the way for needed reform of the prosecutorial service.”
  • Contrary to Biden’s claim that the prosecutor stood in the way of reform, when the president of Ukraine announced the firing, he complimented the prosecutor for implementing reforms that his predecessors had “been opposing for decades” and then listed the specific reforms. The president then said that he only asked the prosecutor to resign because he “failed to gain society’s trust.”
  • Two months later in May 2016, Ukraine’s parliament approved the president’s appointee for a new chief prosecutor who was:
    • the best man of the president who appointed him.
    • sentenced to prison in 2012 for embezzlement and abuse of office.
    • convicted in a separate 2012 case for illegal surveillance.
    • pardoned by the previous president and released from jail in 2013.
  • Six months later on November 1, 2016, this new chief prosecutor, who Biden later described as “solid,” dropped all criminal charges against the oligarch. The prosecutor then applauded these actions as a “success” because the oligarch paid $7.46 million in back taxes and penalties as part of the settlement. Far from being a prosecutorial victory, the oligarch praised these outcomes and stated that they would allow his corporation to increase production and “attract international companies to Ukraine.”
  • Two weeks later on November 16, the energy company made its last documented payment to Hunter. In addition to the recent closure of all criminal cases against the oligarch, Donald Trump had just won an upset victory in the U.S. presidential election. This left Joe Biden incapable of using U.S. taxpayer funds to influence Ukrainian officials.
  • In March 2019, the Ukrainian president who followed Biden’s order to remove the chief prosecutor lost his bid for reelection.
  • The next month in April 2019, Hunter resigned from the board of the energy company.
  • Five months later in August 2019, the prosecutor who Biden praised as “solid” resigned under pressure from the new president after failing to prosecute anyone of note during his three-year tenure.
  • In June 2020, the oligarch tried to bribe other prosecutors who began to investigate him, and police seized the bribe money. The payoff was six million U.S. dollars, the largest bribery seizure in the history of Ukraine.

In the face of all of these incriminating facts, NPR’s Public Editor posted a Tweet saying that NPR is not reporting on “the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story” because “we don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

The Prosecutor Was Actively Investigating the Oligarch and Hunter

One of the more outlandish falsehoods about this affair comes from the Washington Post’s lead “Fact Checker,” Glenn Kessler. He claims that the chief prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) who was sacked at the behest of Biden “was not investigating” the oligarch’s company (Burisma) at the time.” As proof of this, he asserts:

In September 2015, then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt publicly criticized Shokin’s office for thwarting a British money-laundering probe into Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky.

In reality, however, the U.S. ambassador was not criticizing Shokin but his predecessor, Vitaliy Yarema. This is proven by the fact that the British money laundering probe cited by the ambassador ended on January 21, 2015, and Shokin was not appointed chief prosecutor until the next month in February 2015. The London Guardian, the Financial Times, and the New York Times all reported that the probe ended in January, raising the question of how Kessler could honestly botch this fact.

In a related article, Kessler scales up the rhetoric and claims that the ambassador “blasted Shokin for ‘openly and aggressively undermining reform’ and having ‘undermined prosecutors working on legitimate corruption cases’.” However, the ambassador stated that “corrupt actors within the Prosecutor General’s office” did this, not Shokin.

Furthermore, in the very same speech that Kessler misquoted twice, the ambassador began speaking about the present and said: “We want to work with Prosecutor General Shokin” and help him lead “the fight against corruption.” This further demonstrates that Shokin is not the person who the ambassador castigated.

Twitter, in turn, invoked Kessler’s bogus fact check to insist that the “prosecutor was not investigating Burisma at that time.”

Like Kessler, articles by CNN and Bloomberg take the ambassador’s words out of context to make it seem like he was lambasting Shokin instead of his predecessor.

In contrast to those false reports—court records, first-hand sworn testimony, and the words of a top executive of the oligarch’s energy company show that Shokin was, in fact, investigating the oligarch and also Hunter at the time Joe Biden forced the firing of the prosecutor.

Just two weeks before he was fired, the Prosecutor General’s Office, which was led by Shokin, obtained a court order to seize property of the oligarch, including his land, houses, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

In 2019, Shokin signed a sworn affidavit stating:

  • “The truth is that I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm active in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the Board of Directors.”
  • The president of Ukraine “was emphatic that I should cease my investigations regarding Burisma. When I did not, he said that the US (via Biden) were refusing to release the USD $1 billion promised to Ukraine. He said that he had no choice, therefore, but to ask me to resign.”

Shokin also wrote to reporter John Solomon that his “specific plans” for the investigation “included interrogations and other crime-investigation procedures into all members of the executive board, including Hunter Biden.”

Three months before Shokin was fired, a top executive of the oligarch’s energy company sent an email to Hunter and his partner urging them to get “high-ranking US officials” to persuade “the highest level of decision makers here in Ukraine” to “close down” all “cases/pursuits against” the oligarch. In this email, he identified the “Prosecutor General” as one of his “key targets.”

Authenticity of the Laptop’s Content

A common media refrain is that the content published by the NY Post from Hunter’s laptop is not authenticated or verified. Leslie Stahl of CBS’s 60 Minutes went as far as to say that it “can’t be verified.” Such claims are belied by the fact that key aspects of it have already been verified.

For example, the listed recipient of one of the most damming emails released thus far has confirmed that he received the email. Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter’s, issued a public statement that he is “the recipient of the email” and that the “email is genuine.”

The email lays out how the “equity” of a business venture with “CEFC” (a Chinese energy company) will be “distributed.” It does this by using the initials of the people copied on the email and numbers that add up to 100 percent. The last one of these says “10 held by H for the big guy?” According to Bobulinski, “the big guy” is “in fact a reference to Joe Biden,” as “Hunter Biden called his dad ‘the Big Guy’ or ‘my Chairman’.”

Beyond such first-hand testimony, the NY Post points out that it has published an array of pictures and emails from the laptop that “contain an extraordinary level of detail,” “most of which have nothing to do with Ukraine or China.” These include, for example, a picture of Hunter in a bathtub and a picture of a Biden family meal, along with emails to friends and family all bearing dates and times. On their own and collectively, these confirmable details corroborate that these are Hunter’s communications.

Moreover, if any of these communications were fictitious, it would be easy to prove this by showing that other people copied on the emails and texts received something different. Yet, no one has even claimed this is the case, much less presented proof of it.

While ignoring all of the evidence that supports the authenticity of the laptop’s contents, Joe BidenAdam Schiff (Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee), and a group of government intelligence officials led by James Clapper (Obama’s Director of National Intelligence) are claiming that the contents of the laptop could be or definitely are Russian “information.”

Yet, as Clapper and company admit, “we do not have evidence of Russian involvement—just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.”

That same group of people who are now invoking Russia previously spread demonstrable falsehoods that Trump and his team colluded with Russia in the 2016 election. These rampant accusations were disproven by a 2-year$32 million investigation by an independent counsel which “did not establish” or “identify evidence” that members of the “Trump Campaign” or “any U.S. persons” “conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Furthermore, the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice (an Obama appointee) “identified at least 17 significant errors or omissions” in warrant applications that the Obama administration used to surveil people associated with the Trump campaign for their Russia collusion investigation. The Inspector General also reported that he “did not receive satisfactory explanations” for these misleading warrant applications.

Nevertheless, a range of broadcasts and publications by NBC, the Daily Beast, the New York TimesBusiness Insider, and Vox have given more airtime and credence to politically opportune speculation from partisans who previously spread misinformation about Russian collusion than to the verifiable facts of this matter.

Biden’s “Official Schedules”

Another common media canard is the uncritical parroting of this statement from the Biden campaign: “We have reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedules from the time and no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place.” That talking point is effectively meaningless because Biden’s official schedules are not comprehensive, and after Politico pressed the campaign about this matter, it reported:

Biden’s campaign would not rule out the possibility that the former VP had some kind of informal interaction with Pozharskyi (the energy company exec), which wouldn’t appear on Biden’s official schedule. But they said any encounter would have been cursory.

Even that admission is deceptive because Biden’s official schedules are so incomplete that they are even missing White House meetings. A prime example is an Oval Office meeting on January 5, 2017 in which Biden, Obama, and other administration officials discussed prosecuting Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor (H/T Joel Pollak).

The Meeting Occurred

Yet another media falsehood is the claim that the email isn’t clear about whether Joe Biden actually met with the energy executive. The Associated Press, for instance, reported that “the wording” of the email “makes it unclear if he actually met Joe Biden.” That is refuted by carefully reading the email, which states:

Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It’s realty an honor and pleasure. As we spoke yesterday evening, would be great to meet today for a quick coffee. What do you think? I could come to you office somewhere around noon or so, before or on my way to the airport.

Given room for the language barrier, even if the executive meant “spend some time together” when he wrote “spent some time together,” he still used the word “pleasure,” which is not the kind of thing one would say if he merely had an unfulfilled opportunity to meet the VP. Also, the fact that the executive was flying out on the same day begs the question of why he would be thanking Hunter for inviting him from Ukraine to DC for a meeting with the VP that never occurred.


The documented facts of Joe Biden’s dealings in Ukraine show that the following events unquestionably took place:

  • In the very same month that Biden promised Ukrainian legislators that the U.S. would help Ukraine increase its fossil fuel production, his son Hunter began a lucrative deal with a Ukrainian natural gas company owned by a notoriously corrupt oligarch who had just fled to Russia.
  • Both Bidens claimed that they never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with each other, but a corroborated trove of emails shows that Hunter brokered a meeting between his father and one of the gas company’s top executives.
  • A month after the same top executive ordered Hunter to get “high-ranking US officials” to visit Ukraine and persuade “the highest level of decision makers” to “close down” all cases against the oligarch, Joe Biden visited Ukraine and told its president and its prime minster that they must fire the nation’s chief prosecutor or he would withhold U.S. aid to Ukraine.
  • Two weeks after the chief prosecutor secured a court order to seize property of the oligarch, the president of Ukraine fired the prosecutor amidst multiple phone calls with Joe Biden.
  • The Ukrainian president then appointed a new chief prosecutor who was recently let out of jail and who quickly dropped all criminal cases against Hunter’s oligarch benefactor. Joe Biden later called this prosecutor “solid.”
  • Two weeks after the criminal cases against the oligarch were dropped, the energy company made its last known payment to Hunter.
  • After Biden’s “solid” prosecutor failed to prosecute anyone of note during his three-year tenure, he was replaced with a new prosecutor who began to investigate the oligarch. The oligarch then attempted to bribe people in the prosecutor’s office with $6 million.

While failing to report those key facts that illuminate this affair, major media outlets are spreading conspiracy theories, half-truths, and brazen falsehoods that hide what occurred. This includes but is not limited to claims that:

  • the chief prosecutor who was sacked at the insistence of Biden was not investigating the oligarch or his company at the time.
  • the contents of the laptop are not verified.
  • Biden’s official schedules don’t show the meeting.
  • the email isn’t clear about whether Joe Biden actually met with the energy executive.
  • the Russian government is behind all of this.

No evidence has yet emerged that Joe Biden voiced illicit intentions about his dealings in Ukraine, but the verified facts about his actions align with textbook definitions of nepotismbriberyextortion, and obstruction of justice.

Moreover, grossly misleading coverage of this matter by Twitter, the Washington Post, NPR, Bloomberg, CNN, CBS, the New York Times, and the Associated Press is consistent with recent academic research that finds large corporate media outlets “play a significant and important role in the dissemination of fake news.” In turn, scientific surveys show that a large portion of the public harbors critical misconceptions that have been spread by these outlets.

Appendix of Names

Biden family and associates:

Ukrainian energy company:

Ukrainian government:

Tucker Carlson: Bobulinski Documents Intercepted and Removed From Overnight Package….

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 28, 2020 by sundance

Tucker Carlson revealed this evening that someone intercepted an envelope containing documents of evidence supporting the claims by Tony Bobulinski.  The documents were mailed by a “well known overnight transport” company and mysteriously were removed in transit from New York to LA.  I have a hunch what happened…. but first, WATCH:

I review this story from a position that I cannot fully explain. However, I have personal experience -recent experience- with a similar and rather unusual situation that cannot be explained by any method other than DHS surveillance. So here’s what I think took place.

The package, likely a Fed-X delivery, was intercepted by FBI agents using mechanisms for tracking and surveillance that open targeting through portals connected to DHS.

As an outcome of the U.S. Patriot Act, the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security has an agreement in place with mail shipping companies, public/private services, that essentially allows them a portal to track all in-state and interstate mail deliveries.

The FBI has access to this data network in the same way the FBI has access to federal transportation records. Just like when you book a flight and DHS portals are open that allow FBI to track your movements domestically. This type of portal is also accessed in private company transportation like Uber, Lyft etc. DHS, and as a consequence the FBI, can easily track your whereabouts.

Without much hesitation I will bet the FBI was monitoring the communication of Bobulinski, and by extension the entire Tucker Carlson production network. Once the shipment was known to be taking place, the DHS portals are opened; the package is tracked; and the FBI moves in to intercept the delivery.

The transport company doesn’t need to be participating because they are essentially unneeded. Their system network is connected to the FBI.

That’s the likely scenario.

Wanna bet?

Another Lie Exposed – Anonymous Source for NYT Op-Ed Revealed as Low Level Policy Advisor for Dept. of Homeland Security…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 28, 2020 by sundance

The New York Times constantly claimed the anonymous source for their op-ed against the Trump administration was a “high level administration official.”  However, today the actual person behind the “anonymous” claim is now revealed.

Miles Taylor was a low level policy advisor within the Department of Homeland Security when he wrote the op-ed for The NY Times; he later became spokesman for DHS under Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.  A DHS “policy advisor” is a long way from a “Senior Administration Official…. and even the far-left loons are now left rolling their eyes at the revelation.

The Anonymous op-ed, and the resistance claims constructed therein by the newspaper, was a complete snow-job by the New York Times in an effort to intentionally frame a false narrative against the Trump administration.

Knowing the truth of their false presentation is now stark and admitted, what does that say about all of the New York Times reporting using anonymous sources?

Taylor wasn’t even “chief of staff”, he was a simple policy adviser.